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  1. I can remember when Transformers came out and I had a few I liked but one has always stuck with me and that one was the Panther that changed into a cassette tape I would like to see that one for a DD like my Kamakazi R .
  2. vallmier

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    First of all I don't mind new ships in game but when the other ship that have been in the game from start left out some things wrong. I have the T-10 Gearing and it used to be one of the best DDs in the game, now it isn't worth a darn. I just got done getting the personal mission to get the Hull upgrade and find it is totally worthless. I mean longer torpedo reload (as if the reload isn't already bad enough) and gun reload is is slower. so how does the Hull upgrade mean all that? The ship at this point is nothing more than a paper weight in the water. And let me add the stupid dmg the rocket planes do OMG not only would I lose half hit points on the first pass but be killed off on the second pass and at times killed on the first pass. I understand the ship has some pos. aspects but when your dead or close to death it doesn't seem fun any more. One guy said the problem is , is that all DDs after Gearing that got put into the game were given better stats and the Gearing was never touched so in the end the Gearing became useless. I agree. So I ask WG developers when do you plan on adjusting older ships in the game not just the Gearing but all the older ship that have been in the game as long. oh and reduce dmg the rocket planes do...
  3. vallmier

    ST, Armory mobile version

    I would like to ask a question please. I have over 600 million in credits and nothing to spend them on, I was wondering if I paid 500 million would you guys give me the Japanese Battle ship Shikashima ( hope the name spelling is right) you know the BIG gun BB please oh please.
  4. Honor our fallen.

    Hey folks lets come together and start a thread were we post can share the names of our fallen Capt. who have passed away in RL. I wanted to start this because I myself have lost a fellow player in RL who I would play with every day and find it hard to full get back into the game and wanted to some how honor him and this was the only thing I could think of to show not just my loss but to also others to share as well. 

    Fare well and RIP to all our fallen you will be missed and Never forgotten. 07

    DECLORATION Jan, 28 2020 ( Brother)