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  1. I have always liked the RN line. I think that WOW should add some more Premium cruisers for the line...seeing there is only one (HMS Belfast) and WOW removed her. Now WOW is putting in the HMS Exeter which I was hoping they would do. I think another light cruiser, the HMS Enterprise would be nice. A tier 5 sister to HMS Emerald. HMS Enterprise would have HE and its last modification prior to WW2. Which she should have a turret forward with 2, 6" inch guns. Another RN light cruiser would be the HMS Dido. HMS Dido could be the Royal Navy's version of USS Atlanta. Dido would not have radar, but she should have HE,smoke & hydro. Then to introduce another Heavy Cruiser...lets get a commonwealth ship in there. It been awhile for the commonwealth line. The Australian Navy's HMAS Canberra, a County class heavy cruiser.