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  1. While we're at it, aircraft shouldn't be able to spot through landmass either, nor should you be able to proximity spot through land, but hey you can.
  2. Ranked is driving me crazy

    This statement makes both of us show our ages. Firstly because I don't understand what you mean making me young, and secondly you've got to have about 20 years on me, I had to ask my dad who Lionel Richie is.... :/ I may be way off base on that though.
  3. But World of Warships...
  4. SCHARNHORST - Lift A Siege

    But they're the same ship...
  5. RN Be a Game Changer.

    No reason to be uncivilized.
  6. RN Be a Game Changer.

    More like I didn't see it. I neither have the time nor the inclination to dig for every last scrap of news. If that is the case my whole post is invalid and will freely admit it.
  7. RN Be a Game Changer.

    Touche, the Pope has spoken.
  8. RN Be a Game Changer.

    The reason they sit is because they can tank damage with their bows and are at the whim of RNG at long range. Torp walls are not really a thing anymore since Shima was nerfed, American and Russian gun boats are king. To sit while someone burns you to the ground is lunacy. There are a few ships that can do it already, Khab, Zao, etc. The introduction of more HE spamming ships will encourage Battleship drivers to move more.
  9. RN Be a Game Changer.

    Recently, especially since the release of the German BBs, I've noticed a ton of crying as to how the game has become World of Battleships. I agree there are more battleships in the games; but I've also noticed a big resurgence in CV players capitalizing on easy targets, and DDs doing the same thing. That brings me to my point, the upcoming release of the British CL line is going to be a game changer. It will bring balance to the force as it were. It will fill the queue with cruisers and bring an influx of players who've been waiting for the RN since CB. I really believe that the guns on these cruisers will be a meta changer as well, hopefully having fire breathers all the way up to tier X will encourage BB drivers not to sit still for fear of being easy fire targets. Just a few thoughts.
  10. How Long Left? Dragon Flags

    The real question is why does she know? If my wife knew how much I'd spent on this game she'd probably die of an aneurysm. Keep that on the down low bruh
  11. SCHARNHORST - Lift A Siege

    The only ship I enjoy more than Shiny Horse is my Gremy, she's the best premium I've ever bought.
  12. Ahhh makes sense now. She went through a bow reconstruction in 1939 after storm damage.
  13. Gneisenau and Sharnhorst are the same class of ship yet the models in game are a different size? Why? I guess it may reflect the bow reconstruction Gneisenau underwent in late 1939 after significant storm damage. Though I cant find any information on her being lengthened by 20-30 feet.