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  1. HMCS_Hamilton

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Im really pleased to see our very own PVE section here and feel that it's fitting that one of our long time Coop advocates gets the first pinned article.
  2. HMCS_Hamilton

    Anyone know when +200% xp ends?

    Hehe, I suspect it will last until the 8.0 complaints slow down.
  3. I certainly won't argue against that. I scratch my head a lot lately as I wonder if WarGrief does these things to push away its player base or do they truly believe that they will improve their profits?
  4. It will be interesting to see what happens if it continues. Maybe WG is banking on people topping up the acct with a credit card?
  5. I've noticed this as well. I'm a coop player though and even games with 3+ kills and 100k+ damage (along with the 5k dubloon camo) have ended with loses anywhere from 6k to 45k. Have had games where a profit was made with less damage/kills but I can't see what made those games earn more than the others yet.
  6. I went to give you a "cool" but WG suddenly developed emoji problems
  7. HMCS_Hamilton

    Hindenburg Camo

    Hello WG, Probably heard this before but the Hindy camo is kind of, ugly... What would be the chances of getting something very similar to the Prinz Eugen? (No, not that eagle stuff) As a customer I would lay down another 5k gold for that. I guess that's it, thank you.
  8. Hello all, Ive had a number of instances in game now where I've had the pleasure of playing with members of the American Military. A large majority of these games usually start off with them saying hello based on my name HMCS. Its been explained that in the U.S Navy and Marine Corps this is an abbreviation for a medical specialty and they assume I'm "Doc". I then spend a minute explaining this isn't the case, all the while dodging shots so I thought I would just post this. The HMCS stands for "Her Majesty's Canadian Ship" here in Canada and its just meant as a fun nautical name, like U.S.S Enterprise would in America. At no time would I, or did I intend to try to pass myself off as an American serviceman and I am confused as anything when you guys start using military jargon. I enjoy your company on the digital battlefield but I'm a Canadian Electrician and know nothing more than basic first aid To all those that I've met in game already and in the future, you have my respect and my heartfelt thanks for your service and bravery. HMCS Hamilton
  9. Noticed this as well and I agree with what you've written here. I do (overall) enjoy the increased difficulty and challenge but agree that the same level of rewards are a bit lacking.
  10. HMCS_Hamilton

    Thinks It's a Battleship

    Great shot and amazing damage OP. The most impressive numbers though are your 400+ FPS, what the heck are you running to get that? I need a new machine...
  11. HMCS_Hamilton

    Please fix auto pilot.

    Agreed, this shouldn't be an issue. Co-op bots can dodge everything but a simple course correction seems impossible on a player ship. WG is busting chops.
  12. HMCS_Hamilton

    now Canadian can stop moaning about HCMS Haida

    OP its HMCS. You get an Eh for effort though.
  13. HMCS_Hamilton

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Melted the barrels on this one.
  14. HMCS_Hamilton

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I swear that friendly cruiser wasn't there earlier... -hah, Khaenn35 got in before me- -Lazer eyed Ninja stealing my slot!-