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  1. crazyrom


    it's because they fire forever at 1st thing they spot. So if you were dark and they spotted someone else, they will not shoot you. When you want PD, you need to start running toward them and fire to draw attention.
  2. you are missing the point ENTIRELY.
  3. hmm that's an idea. No need to tie the setup to ranked/random, just call them names like "secondary", "main", "lighthouse", etc. And for each setup we have to buy a new set of modules, so every setup will cost additional almost 7 million credits". How about this? And we can have multiple captains for the ship, this is already allowed.
  4. the actual EASY way is to use Public Test Server (PTS), but that is for experimenting. Some of us actually want to have always-ready copies to instantly pick one and play them right away.
  5. well, currently we can make 2 different captains and swap them on the same ship, no sucking occurs. The problem is actually with the ship, we can't have 2 different. Also even for those who don't mind paying all the costs, it's super annoying to reconfigure the ship and the captain all the time, since the interface is slow and transaction-based. So, "transform your GK into main gun build now for clan battles" takes like 10 minutes, and you have to have backup and screenshots to remember the exact build. Then after more waste of time and resources, transform it back to secondary (the one you normally use in, say, randoms).
  6. Those are 1) impossible to buy right now 2) expensive because of their skins. I want to buy a second copy of ANY ship.
  7. In some cases, multiple copies of a ship would be helpful. Sometimes it's the build, in other cases it's the captain or both. For example: - Henri Lighthouse and Henri normal - German BBs secondary or Main guns Build (also Napoli) - DDs torp or Gun build (like Gearing). of course, we would have to pay the price again, or maybe half the price (coal or credits for sure, idk about steel). I know the "unlock" game architecture will probably not help this at all, but it would be nice and also a kind of resource sink for more resourceful players.
  8. crazyrom


    zero idea how you do that. My coop battles last 5 min and stupid bots rarely see me or fire at me (unless I don't want them to hahaha) Just not enough time to get all those 2-2.5M potential, bots just die way before that. There is always some dd that yoloes and torps them all, or cruiser with torps.
  9. crazyrom

    Down Periscope

    I did not say I dislike the way they are now. Nor did I said I like it. Me and other players wanted subs. Somehow. We got them. Some expectations are fulfilled, some are not, but we got the subs we wanted.
  10. crazyrom

    Down Periscope

    don't speak for everyone. I wanted subs. Not necessarily the exact whay they are now, but I wanted subs. And they seem to be more or less okay, now that people are getting used to them.
  11. 2 options: 1) if smoker has hydro or radar, it can see the non-smoked (or even smoked) dd and murder it while unseen. 2) dds have a slight difference in "visibility after shot in smoke". Most light ones have it at 2.5km, but some heavier dds have it at 2.7 or 3.0km or a bit more. So, if 2 dds have this parameter at 2.5 and 3km, after they exchange initial shots, the 2.5km smokes, and they are at 2.8km from each other, the smoked guy can see the other one from inside his smoke, and shoot it, but the non-smoked guy reveals himself if he shoots, because his smoke penalty is 3km and he is 2.8km away form the smoked guy. Smoked guy's smoke firing penalty is just 2.5 and since he is 2.8km away forom non-smoked, he can fire unseen. But this difference is pretty slim and non-smoked guy can rush into smoke soon entering the 2.5km range revealing the smoked guy (if smoked guy keeps shooting)
  12. crazyrom

    Got new Dakka

    try it in ranked. smoke farming makes ANYONE turn away and run, ANY BB. Even dds, because you have hydro.
  13. crazyrom

    Lighthouse auction?

    coal worth FXP. practically any amount of FXP.
  14. crazyrom

    6000 Community Tokens Queen

    Either you gather it from weekly containers or missions (on Twitch streams) for many weeks, or just play on the Public Test Server (PTS) when it is active (best option). every patch they make 2 PTS sessions, they announce them in the launcher. To play PTS you need to make another game installation (~60GB), they also explain how to, just google "wows how to pts", pretty easy. In a few hours you get like 2000-4000 tokens, depending on what missions they are giving in that session.
  15. crazyrom

    Brisbane Campaign Missions Full List

    as I wrote in the other thread, for the Potential: take fast French DD, tier 9 or 10 (so the shells falling around you are high tier high damage), go into BOT games (COOP), rush middle of the map full speed full boost, and start firing right away to draw attention. Bots pursue the 1st ship they see until they un-see it. Don't go dark, and you will have most bots firing at you constantly, your 50kts preventing most damage. You get 600k-1M potential per 5 min game.