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  1. crazyrom

    The best value Santa crates

    only if you have all ships from all lists.
  2. crazyrom

    Help Recommending a Ship Line

    - Russian BBs are great - very powerful, raw power. - Japanese BBs - very fast (almost battlecruisers) and huge firing distance. While US suffer at 14-16km, at same tier Japs do 18-20km. - European DDs - German DDs (a bit harder because u have more stuff to worry about, like smoke, hydro, etc) - Russian DDs - fun pew pew from far away, almost no torp usage. Works best with at least 10pt captain (need to buy extended range skill to be effective) - Russian Cruisers - powerful and quite forgiving. Long radar. - Brit BBs - the higher the tier, the higher fire chance.
  3. crazyrom

    PTS 0.10.11 pt.2 Bug Reports

    I am not at home to check, but it's the most standard default profile, I never changed it. @Boggzy So just confirming - sound is Standard, 1st item of the list.
  4. crazyrom

    Isn't that the way it always goes.

    Best way is to pick up a superior BB and beat the crap out of red team to get Confederate or Main Caliber (normally yo uend up getting both). For this mission, I went in Giulio Cesare and got both achievement in the 1st battle. Make sure you understand now those ach. work, what they are given for so you know what to do in battle. Previous likewise mission I did in Yamato, but on 2nd try I think, TX is harder.
  5. crazyrom

    For got how fast you can grind!

    that FXP you get every single win in Clan Battles if you put all possible flags (and dragon too). last Sunday we won 9 CBs, I got around 200k FXP in 1 day.
  6. crazyrom

    For got how fast you can grind!

    and put shitload of flags xD
  7. crazyrom

    For got how fast you can grind!

    I got following TXs in less than 2 months, playing only til 1st victory each every day (some days some ships not even that). Nevsky, Petropavlosk, Halland, Colombo, Venezia, Kremlin, Shimakaze, GK, Hindenburg, Z-52, Daring and Goliath before I started, the lines were at tiers 6-7-8, 2 or 3 were 9s. Most cases (especially 8 and 9) using some XP camo, the worst ones - +50%, +75%. At t9 normally some +100% (but not +FXP, those are for CBs). At t9 (and sometimes t8) +50% xp flag only, no dragons. around half the ships had permacamo which is +50% xp.
  8. crazyrom

    Is Loyang B worth the dubs?

    anyway, 400 dubs is like 50 cents...
  9. crazyrom

    Regarding Preußen and Delny

    no. so make sure you sell GK & Khabarovsk, you still get them free after this, but at least u compensate 50% of the credits by selling them.
  10. crazyrom

    The game just became a little fun again

    it's not worth to rank OUT, but it's worth to get free steel and gold. If you have skill and some patience, get to silver and get more steel and gold for the rest of the season. But god forbid us from trying to reach Silver 1 or higher, no no no, just stay in whatever silver and get your prizes for 15 victories.
  11. crazyrom

    Curious about containers, and openings.

    it does not matter. Opening all saves time and stress, so better open all.
  12. crazyrom

    Hi I dont know what to do

    Don't buy Yoshi or Pommern, those are coal ships, get them for free (for coal you earn for free) Don't buy Saipan, planes are strong but you run out of them very soon, not worth it. Tirpitz is a great BB. Kaga is an awesome and cheap CV. Awesome ships to aim for: - Alaska - Massachussets - Asashio - Atago if you have nothing, maybe it's best to buy some 10-20 containers (the PREMIUM ones that look like sea mines!! Not the barrel looking ones) and hope for the best, because the best ships can't be bought, they only come from the container. Chance of a ship from each container is 12%, and if you get lucky, a one of the following ships is randomly selected: Almost forgot: if ~5000 dubs will not hurt your doublon wallet very hard, buy the entire Dunquerque chain. The ship you get ends up being cheaper than just buying Dunq, and adds some nice prizes like Premium Black Friday containers (from which I got myself a T9 Jean Bart Black), travel container (which dropped me Crocodile Montana camo), some steel, coal, prem time, don't remember every reward but they are nice.
  13. crazyrom

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    why on Earth are you using 3090 at full power in WOWs? My 3080 Ti runs WOWs at 40% power limit, still full ultra max settings at 4K 60 fps...
  14. I yet have to try this. When I got to Vermont, I reset both US BB lines, so now I don't have vermont, again. It is accurate and has insane range, like 30km is normal, but it is pretty squishy, every hit is a pen on Vermont. AND, insane reload times, shiki can basically fire twice when Vermont just fires 1 salvo. Vermont is like artillery in WOT - stay away and just pump damage, this only seems to work in randoms, does not look very good in competitive, right?
  15. Funny you mentioned that, we are in struggle for Storm (will probably play it today), but I never saw a Shiki in this season, i think. In which league there are Shikis? I hope you say hurricane and Typhoon, that would be good sign that good players prefer Siki heheh