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  1. Well, started recording stuff. Perhaps will make a youtube video at some point..

  2. Hmmm.... not much going on. I hope the hangout thread keeps going. :/

    1. Flieger56


      It's on its last legs Pilot...I just hope it departs honourably...

  3. Hmmm.. An interesting Christmas to say the least. ^.^ But Kako-chan's gift was the best by far.

  4. Why is everything suddenly on fire? >.>

    1. _Sarcasticat_


      Because you looked away from that Gearing for one damned second...

    2. AnIcePhoenix


      those damn gearings! Being all continuous fire and stuff >.>

  5. Hmmm.... It appears that I have more mechs than the Crisis suit. I dont remember Talon giving me a mech. xD

  6. Well did a full write of my Submarine. I thought it was decent. What are your guys thoughts? (Check the RP profile.)

    1. khaenn35


      Your ship is a bowfighter apparently :P

      So about the sub: It can be bigger and you won't be breaching anything, also, Tomahawks are not specialised for Anti-ship duties, I advise Trident/Harpoon Missiles and a missile with Barrage abilities :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Submarine-launched_ballistic_missile \^_^ Is the Pump-Jet engine a Turbofan-esque engine, Empoleon has those :P You should sacrifice more armor (Shields will do well) and use more Armor-piercing weaponry As yo...

    2. khaenn35


      you have no torpedoes that can do superb damage to the hull: Your ship is suited to modern combat: No armor, more shielding, but some will break the meta and use Armored ships. CIWS would also work well, too (EMPs for tracking torpedoes) along with Physical visual impairment (Oil-based black substances, or TorpedoBeat's "Solid Smoke", Solid, tiny particles which can float and provide extreme interference). Just my thoughts, it is a good submarine and a worthy opponent ^_^

  7. New Promotion, things seem to have calmed down, new friends! Everything seems to be looking up! ^.^

  8. I love my friends here. It makes dealing with the retardation of the day to day easier to deal with. ^.^

  9. Gotta love a hard day's work. Now to relax, sink some ships, and have a beer. ^.^

  10. Ya know, I thought that cutting a guy's hair would be easy. Especially with concise instructions and provided pictures. NOPE. Didnt think I'd be angry over a bad haircut but oooooooh man. >.>

  11. The overload of battleships in MM is hilarious for my Minekaze. ^.^ MUwhahaahaha

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Must be the "omg new ship line must grind through" Fiesta thing that is going on atm.

    2. AnIcePhoenix


      Indeed it is. ^.^

  12. Feeling Significantly better. Yay extended naps!

    1. khaenn35


      And then is beaten over the head by another one. RIP :P

  13. Bleh. Cant look at a computer for longer than 5 minutes. >.> [edited]Headache.

    1. Rolkatsuki


      damn, hopefully you get better real soon

  14. Well, here's to the emperor to survive the next few days. xD

  15. AnIcePhoenix

    Caption the profile image above you.