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  1. Complicated for this community maybe you are right.
  2. Let us know how you feel after about 100 battles.
  3. And why? I would like to hear this logic and reasoning for sure.
  4. A good player can help himself tremendously I agree. But then you add in the mix of CV's and teams that start falling apart in the first few minutes, like losing one or two DD's on your team, then it starts to become just a frustrating experience. One or two games like this is no big deal, but getting multiple games like this is where it starts to take its toll.
  5. Naval Battles seem to be linear and boring. Never seem to look forward to them or care. Time for that to change? Right now you get one star, and one star only, no matter the difficulty up the ladder of XP or damage done. I propose more of a challenging and fun way to do them as follows: You pick your challenge anywhere on the ladder freely, and can do it multiple times if you wish, but you get more stars the higher you go. For an example of damage done, 50k = 1 star, 75k = 2 stars, 100k = 3 stars, 125k = 4 stars, 150k = 5 stars, and so on. And if you fail, no stars. Each player would get 10 attempts as they do currently. It can also be used for XP. This system would not only be more challenging and fun in your attempts, but may let smaller clans beat larger clans. On top of these proposed changes, it would also be a good idea to change up the rewards now and then, or let the winning clan choose, since oil is almost useless to some clans now.
  6. Based on this, I wonder if ranked becomes more stable after the first few weeks?
  7. First and IBTL (troll denying tactics)
  8. When you randomize players with skills ranging from completely incompetent to pro, your MM creates matches from no hope to slaughter. Regardless of what your company thinks, this is not logical or rational. It is creating large win/loss swings anywhere from 3-15 games in a row either way. These types of swings are not common in a 50%/50% environment. Example: to get a coin to land on heads 10x in a row would calculate as, 1/2 to the 10th power. Hence you would have to flip the coin, (in trials of 10 flips each), 1024 times to get one streak of 10 heads in a row. Your ranked battles soon become way more stress than fun. Maybe you can figure it out. Until then you should double the rewards to make it worth it to many players, and compensate them for their time and frustration. Instead of the uninspiring answer of, just don't play them, it would be better to just offer ranked, and do it right. On a side note, get your game breaking easy mode CV's out of ranked. They break important game mechanics like concealment, skill play, strategy, and tactics. If you don't know what I am talking about WG, play your own game and find out. CV's have WAY too much influence in ranked, it is pathetic you think it is ok for them to be included.
  9. Like chat has sooooo much team work and positive things going on in the games, LOLOLOL
  10. Plenty of YouTube vids for you to look up on cheating in WOW's, be my guest. And read the ENTIRE post next time, it is not trying to prove that good players are cheaters.
  11. Actually the flag bonus would look like this: 300% more fun 500% less frustration 100% less scumbags degrading the mechanics and tactics of the game due to making concealment mostly useless and getting attacked with very little recourse from the back of the map. 100% more tanking and engagement from each team 100% less griefing from kiddies and cowards targeting only your ship no matter your location on the map Looks good to me!
  12. I agree with this also. I have looked at WP and it doesn't look like it gives a WOW's player nearly the advantage it gives a WOT player. In fact, most of the cheats I have been told about or shown by video don't look like much at all, and a good skill level would be just as beneficial.
  13. I agree. And I did see proof in YouTube videos showing WOW's games. And I am sure there are things like WP and other cheat systems. But although I have seen proof in videos, I am not sure however that any have been used against me personally. My anger is mostly due to other games and experiences, but there are some cheaters here nonetheless. I am just happy that it is hardly noticeable and most likely rare.
  14. I agree, but this is not one of those times.