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  1. I want to troll and kill them all, which one do I use?
  2. ESX

    My solution, get focused by CV, just quit!

    If it comes to this point I will just quit altogether, no need to put up with WG and their abusive game mechanics.
  3. ESX

    My solution, get focused by CV, just quit!

    Like I said, it is not that often, except the trash is getting worse as there is one in almost every game now. And there are other MAJOR problems with CV's that I did not mention. So keep crying in the corner if you wish, your tears do not make the problem less obvious. And drawing the CV's attention is irrelevant, do you ask an assaulted woman what she did to deserve it, wear a short skirt perhaps?
  4. Ya, Nah! Since you will at WG will not make AA an actual, viable, powerfully effective solution to your bright idea of CVs and their endless supply of planes, I have a solution and made the decision for you. You say, "group up", nope, they still make drops on ships in groups of 5, go full AA, nope, just takes the CV a few more passes to kill you, "get gud", lol, only moron kiddie trolls say this, no amount of dodging will do. In summary, if you get CV focused, your dead, and nope, you fake heroes and try hards that say you do survive at will, you are lying, you die too. What spawned the 1,562,023,044th post on CV's you may ask. I don't have very much time to play anymore, and I will not spend one more minute getting tortured by a CV and bleeding to death for 5 minutes while his infinite planes come in waves. So every game, thankfully not a huge amount, although CV numbers seem to be on the rise with one in most games now, dictating the entire game and becoming a real problem that will kill the fun of this game except for CV trolls, that I realize my ship has become the full target of the idiot proof CV, I just drop out and start another game for fun, kind of like a small protest I can call my own against your foolish game design decisions that cause negativity and hate, like getting wasted by another player that you can't even touch or fight, frustrating and pisses players off. How bout them apples WG? Delt with this crap for years in WOT, you already reached the end of my patience. This solution also worked very well when you, at WG, were living in fantasy land and doing cognitive disabling drugs, thought it was a good decision to let up to 8 arty per team play in WOT games.
  5. NO NO and NO.......... CVs do not add balance, they screw it up and make the game MUCH more difficult to balance, hence the reworks. And wrong again in my case, 123+ IQ here, not much gets past me, along with the fact that I have been a gamer for over 30 years. Try your passive aggressive insults again.
  6. Try again troll, you did not add anything to the post but obvious CV bias spew.
  7. It is only rhetoric to you, your posts can easily be called rhetoric by everyone else.
  8. I have never had a problem with people hugging islands, for one thing they can't shoot or spot nearly as well. And also CV's don't care about those targets any more than any other target, they go for what is easy for them or DD's.
  9. And this is where concealment comes into play.
  10. There are some uses for a CV, but I don't think enough to balance out the negative they add. I actually like the idea of CV's, but don't know how to better implement them into the game.
  11. Yeah I know, the post is not to bring something new as much as it is just a way to vent frustration. Never understood how WG and so many others could be so blind, starting with the total destruction and degradation of WOT 10 years ago due to missile guidance arty. And now I see the same pattern with CVs......... Too bad.
  12. Tired of explaining it so I will keep it short. CVs dumb down the game and take away the little strategy that it has, concealment and cover. It reduces the game to a slug fest with no options, and usually the best CV wins, and NO player should ever have that much power, let alone they can just troll you at will if they choose which is infuriating and an ignorant game design choice. If you at WG are not equipped enough to know this on your own, maybe you should not be designing war games?