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  1. How does one report a bad pumpkin_smashers? Edit: I guess i should ask first does sitting in the far back for the entire game constitute as grounds for that? He was the last one left alive on their team
  2. Heres my speedtest and my launcher ive been looking at for the past hour..
  3. restarted the launch client and now its down to 50% d ownload speed has fallen to zero check your internet connection again
  4. thefishstick

    Update will not complete download

    This has happened to me with every single update they've pushed since I've started playing the game again a couple of months ago
  5. @ 75% now but download speed has fallen to zero check your internet connection again
  6. Bypassed my router, did a ping plotter to recommended wow site with no issues, disabled firewall.
  7. restarted again; now stuck "installing" at 50%
  8. restarted the launcher and now it's stuck at 47% with that same message
  9. plugged directly into my cable modem; firewall disabled, ran pingplotter to their requested website and shows no issues.
  10. Third time this has happened in the last couple of week.s I literally was playing about 5 hours ago. Went to log on again just now and got Update stuck at 73% with 1mb remains to download.. Download speed has fallen to zero. Please check your internet connection..
  11. And its working now; seems to start working whenever I post something here. hooray!
  12. Why is this happening again? Was there another update released today? Anyone else having this issue? My internet is fine. Ran pingplotter to the site they asked me too for 15 minutes and no issues.
  13. thefishstick

    Update will not complete download

    Mines doing the same thing; has been at 47% for the last 2 hours saying 1mb left to download.....