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  1. viper1905

    Match Maker Broken

    LOL have a vote on it and see
  2. viper1905

    Match Maker Broken

    So u are saying it is right to put a tier 6 on a tier 8 what world or u on that is cheating all they are to it if they going to run there game like this no more money from me i will go back to lock on.
  3. I im a 6 playing 8 how can i win like this .This is cheating RIGHT???
  4. Is the Public Test server going to come back up???
  5. viper1905

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Feedback

    Are yall going to run some more public test severs ??
  6. When will the test server come back up again thinks .
  7. viper1905

    Can't get in pt sever

    ok thinks man love the test
  8. Today is 5/13/2019 4:15 pm can't get in to pt sever does any one no why thinks
  9. viper1905


  10. viper1905


    Is they any way i can gett it??
  11. viper1905


    Arkansa B ship were can i gett it at i looked ever were???
  12. How and the world can u play this game and cost more to fix ship after each war then u make wining??? It is a V111 NORTH CAROLINA i was thinking the bigger ship the more i would make think yall for all the help