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  1. And lose the time and money have spent on this one i don't think so u must have a lot of money i don't.
  2. This is why i was wonting to run 2 of them i have a clan and a lot of them don't like to play clan battels so i was thinking if i could start another 1 i could give my clan to that 1 then i could join another clan?? and play clan battles
  3. Can you play 2 World of Warships on one computer???
  4. Midway torpedo bombers are just going up under the ships doing no damage ??? IS IT MY SET UP OR WHAT
  5. viper1905


    OK yall this worked for me Game is runing now hope this works for u to good luck
  6. viper1905


    My game is stuck in connecting mode. The updates have been done. Mod Station/MODS turned off. I've tried restarting several times. I have completely shut my computer down and let it restart. I've run WOW as administrator once. Nothing works. Cannot log on. Runing Windows 10 was runing fine B 4 update.
  7. viper1905

    Update 0.10.3 - Bug Reports

    Mine is doing the same thing i cant log in
  8. when you're shooting at them you have to go off the monitor to be able to hit the ship shooting at
  9. how to get a ship's on the monitor that are off the edge monitor???
  10. viper1905

    PTS 0.10.0

    My time is 11:50 AM EST The server is suppose to be up i cant get in on test server??? What time is it going to come up does any 1 no???
  11. viper1905

    Shark Camo

    Where do you get the shark camo at??? Don't tread on me
  12. viper1905

    Submarines: How to Play

    Ok think's
  13. viper1905

    Submarines: How to Play

    I've been waiting over two-and-a-half months for a password to get in to the public test server for the submarines so what password do we use????
  14. I got it download Discord and it say i need a 4 diget code to join world of warship if some one can on DISCORD show me the walk through the bot sign in thing did not work for me the portal did not work it did not go there at all.
  15. What is the best ship to set fire's with ??