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  1. They took away Amazon Pay from the way I chose to pay for my WoWS purchases. My wallet and girlfriend are pleased. Will going to miss buying Black Friday ans Santa crates if they come out this year. Not sure why WG changed the Amazon Pay purchase.
  2. Daechi

    New incoming commander

    You all really need to remember that there is a currently a contest for adding a new Community Contributor commander into the game. That is for them, Jingles, Fem, Notser, Flambass, ect ect. The one in this video has already been chosen by WG and the fact that everyone has clamored to have Dasha as a Captain, just makes more sense that it is her. I'd rather have Dasha period as CC already have enormous ego's as it is. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Daechi

    Indianapolis Marathon Depression

    Same here. Not sure the drop rate on personal missions but zero have dropped from any of all the Nautical Miles of Indy. I already owned the ships except the Monahan which would be nice to add to the stable.
  4. Daechi

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    I wish I cold get the Mass but I already have the Alabama. If they had a choice to trade the Bama, I would. Love having the ability to brawl instead of a bit better gun sigma? What would be a down fall INMO