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  1. Container Contents

    Thank you for this. Sorry that I didnt do a search first before posting. Was sure if my question had been asked before.
  2. Container Contents

    Regarding Container contents, is there a container choice that rewards port slots more than any other? Im trying to save doubloons for more important purchases ie: converting free exp, emergency captain re-training, possible ships. ect ect. Thanks for replies.
  3. Like the above poster stated, Ctrl+click on the ship you want them to attack. Just remember, they have to be in range of your secondaries and you have to manually select every time you change to a different target. They will not fire automatically at all anymore.
  4. world of warships

    Even JarJar Binks doesnt understand this post.
  5. French Battleship Missions

    No crates here...still paying off CC debt from Santa Boxes....that an the glaring one eye of a fiance'...lol
  6. Not sure if this has been asked before and I apologize if it has. What ship or ships would you use to build a brand new Captain. Is it a mix of lower tier and premiums? Premiums all the way? I know the simplest way is to use gold respect but, say if you ran out of gold. ( I used up what I had to get the Missouri..lol) Thoughts and ideas?
  7. I love TYL containers. Doesnt matter whats in them. A lot like Cracker Jacks, always a surprise. I do have some Doubloons saved up, enough to get the Tirpitz or to convert to FXP for the MO. I just dont know what to do with it. Since I have diabetic ulcers on my left foot ( 3 huge open wounds, have had them for 2years now), I play WoWS for hours since I cant be on my feet. They want to do an amputation but my wound care doctor swears he can heal them. Anyways, I am always thankful for what this community, devs and even in-game containers might give to us players. Fair seas all!
  8. Anyone know when February Mission Briefing will be posted? Like to plan out ahead of time. Thanks in advance.
  9. Evading CV Torps

    If the CV driver is Femenennly, just say the Private Hicks line out loud "Game over man...Game over".....otherwise, the suggestions already posted are all you can really do.
  10. Excellent! Wish I could be on your team. Guessing I should have said "some" DD's and CL's. I didnt mean to imply all that play those classes.
  11. Works both ways....I dont have an issue driving to a cap as long as I have support. Too many times the DD and CL want to abandon the BB driver and if that ship is slow...well...we know what happens then
  12. Super Container....REALLY!!!

    Given the rarity of SCs on a daily draw of 3 chances AND going for a couple of months of getting 4 det flags or 15% flooding chance an occasional decent reward is not complaining about "free" stuff. Since I do purchase premium time and ships, that isnt considered as "free" stuff is it? No, I support this game and its development. As the OP, I was merely conveying my disappointment in receiving an item that does not boost my grinding up the lines. While DDs are okay, they are not my first choice in ships thus I find the det flags not useful. Its easy to see that the forums are just as salty as randoms. Trolls and potatoes...OH MY!!! I'll just end up selling them. If I get detonated, then obviously I put myself in a position to do so. I wasnt angled or RNG just happened to give me a bad roll. Kind of makes me wonder if the complainers of complainers are BB drivers that dont tank but sit back and play sniper. edit: Yeah, its a whiiiiiine...lol
  13. Havent gotten a SC in a couple of months...FINALLY get one tonight....100 Detonation Flags......Gee WG.....would rather have been slapped then having a worthless SC flag shoved without lube...
  14. Use AppCleaner to remove your copy of WoWs. Then download the lastest Mac Wrapper and reinstall. This should fix your issues. Good luck!
  15. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    With the patch coming tomorrow and the new British ship release, will the wrapper need a new update for us Mac users? Cant wait to play with the new BBs. They look amazing!