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    Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    While not a bug with the game found a massive oversight on wargaming site concerning purchases in the shop. When using PayPal, you have to have your account linked to a card. If it’s linked to your bank, it doesn’t work. The wargaming “customer service” guy told me everything is good on their end and to contact PayPal. After 20 minutes of digging with PayPal I gave up, recontacted this wargaming rep, got the same answer and just randomly thought, wondering if I needed to have a card selected as the preferred payment method. Luckily it worked. Hope people actually read this so they don’t end up wasting a day off work trying to purchase 20 dollars of doubloons. I’m including some screenshots of the attempt and error message. The first one is the message saying somethings wrong, and the second one is where I was redirected right after clicking to purchase.
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