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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qwWgzxLseIjLrAZSZnnyjik7h3oFHWs3/view?usp=sharing link for vidya
  2. Don't sail here in any ship, invisible walls grab you and you cant move your ship. I have a video but unsure of how to post it?
  3. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    Was just a rough idea I was proposing. Obviously people are not keen on it from the comments above. But i'm glad for the comments and criticisms. Learnt a lot and got tons of advice which was nice. 4/5 km was a mistake.. Perhaps a base 10km that could inanimately increase per tier.
  4. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    Thank you for the advice.
  5. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    I suppose, didnt know about the 6sec thing. Thanks for the info and criticism!
  6. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    Thank you for this. Much appreciate!
  7. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    Look, I dont have time to memorise all the radar distances - perhaps this could be a more user friendly experience of radar? I don't understand the 6sec grace period you are talking about? It is a necessary evil but with the new cv rework I often find myself spotted / rdr the whole game and smoking up doesn't help as ill be rdr or the cv will just nuke the area im in with torps or rocket planes. Although I'm not the best wows player so perhaps this is a less than average player fix to the understanding of the game. But if this were to be implemented how would you go about doing so?
  8. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    - link to the reddit
  9. Viceversa1

    An Idea that can Fix Radar!

    Just a rough idea so any ad-dons/suggestions are most welcome.
  10. So, radar is kind of broken at the moment. As we all know. And as a dd player its been frustrating me for quite some time. So I got thinking on how this problem could be fixed? Radar, typically works by sending out pulses and getting feedback from the return pulses - very simple overview of how it works. So if this were to be implemented into wows how would it look? By the picture I would say that the radar consumable should get pulse charges when activated. Say a tier 10 gets 9-12 pulse charges that pulse up to 4/5 km. then once a pulse hits a ship, instead of it being magically visible rather a red highlight of the ship appears for 1-3 secs depending on the tier of radar used and then the player can then shoot at the red silhouette for whilst its visible before disappearing. I think this is much more skilful and realistic implementation of radar than the one that currently exists. Refer to picture above for a VERY bad visual representation of my idea.
  11. Viceversa1

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Where do I go to claim the mission/use the activation code?