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  1. BobzeSoviet

    DevBlog 262 - Closed test 0.11.1, new ships.

    Yorktown, Hornet and Maya are all acceptable additions. That is all. Provided they don't give Yorktown super gimmicky planes, I'll probably pick it up as my chances of getting Enterprise are going to remain slim. Hornet will likely have the B25s, and that's cool, but, I already have Graf Zeppelin and Saipan.
  2. BobzeSoviet

    Japanese light cruisers when?

    I could see a higher tier split like the Soviet Cruisers or American BBs got. I would support this.
  3. Karel Doorman for the Netherlands would be a good choice, honestly I would put him with the other high up Commanders. He was a Dutch naval officer who during World War II was the Commander of the ABDAcom strike force in the Pacific, and was lost with the De Ruyter in combat.
  4. BobzeSoviet

    I should know this but... (GK Change)

    You have to grind out the new ship. Two grinds in Donskoi will never let me forget that
  5. BobzeSoviet

    USS Texas permanent camo

    More flip-flops needed than I thought! Hah. And yeah, most of the Pacific fleet used Measure 21 for large parts of the war.
  6. BobzeSoviet

    USS Texas permanent camo

    I'd buy an additional camo if it meant I could get something more prototypical for the '35, hell they could put the current premium camo on the NY and have both look pretty accurate. I'd work to earn one as well. I have the D-day camo, I like it better than the standard measure 31.
  7. In game, the USS Texas wears what I believe to be Measure 31a/8b as her default premium camo. Here is a diagram of the design for the New York Class. This is fine and good, except that Texas didn't wear this measure nearly as long as the New York did. Texas would wear this measure briefly from Sept/Oct '44 to January '45 wile transiting to the Pacific. The ship would spend more time wearing the Measure 12 'dazzle' camouflage while in Europe, and even longer wearing Measure 21 (Both blue and gray variants) from end of the war in 1945 to, well, 2021. She will also be returning from her upcoming dry dock period wearing Blue Measure 21 as she currently does now. Would the change to a Measure 12 or 21 Texas be something that would be possible? Would love to hear from other members of the community and Texas players alike. Measure 12 as it was applied to Texas while in Europe: Measure 21 Blue (Similar color to the Arizona's blue):
  8. BobzeSoviet

    Are USN BBs worth the effort?

    I have not played the Tillmans, but from what I gather they really don't get good until Vermont, and even then it's per-game basis. Montana is consistently good when used right and well worth the grind through the turret farm and standard type ships. North Carolina was a step in the right direction but I felt it lacked in some areas, where Iowa and Montana are full-stop just better. For what it's worth, I've seen a lot of Montana's claim a Vermont kill. I also have the Arizona and Texas, and I do enjoy the gun style that American battleships offer. I could just be biased. shrug.
  9. BobzeSoviet

    Brandenburg...How Can It Be Used

    I would use it like a Scharnhorst, to an extent. If you're up-tiered, you're more out gunned tier for tier and gun for gun at tier 8 than you are at tier 10. If you're in an up-tiered game maybe just play it safe and don't spearhead charges to any flanks. Tier 8 and below, Ultra-Scharnhorst bodies a flank.
  10. BobzeSoviet

    GK Replacement

    Unfortunately while the Preussen will have more damage capability, I do think the current gameplay style means Preussen meets an early demise just like GK currently does. Overwhelming HE focus fire will negate any of the changes made. Yeah you might get some more damage before you inevitably burn down, but... good luck avoiding it. Oh and, now the battlecruiser has better secondaries, so...
  11. BobzeSoviet

    how do you deal with HE spam

    My tactics have changed since the commander rework, but generally, in Graf Zeppelin (yes, it's still somewhat possible), Scharnhorst, Bismarck, and Kurfurst alike, I will attempt to push a cap or flank only if I am supported by 1 or more battleship, and several cruisers. Otherwise, your push will be repelled quite easily in the ever increasingly common meta of HE spam from 10+ km away. Secondaries are not as accurate as they used to be, and because of this, the days of a solo drive with 4+ kills are virtually gone. I'm pretty heavy Kriegsmarine in terms of ships I play, so, needless to say these new Pan-Asia Cruisers don't excite me much. You have to have support, or it can't be done until the HE spammers are gone. Plain and simple. Don't listen to others in chat, you know your ship's capabilities.
  12. BobzeSoviet

    Anyone going to tour the Texas this weekend?

    I went on August 3rd, first time I had been to the ship in years since they closed it off. Spent a lot of time in/around USS Texas before, so I was happy to see the work done thus far even before the move to drydock.
  13. BobzeSoviet

    Great News for USS Texas

    Not at this time, I believe they have decided to use the same shipyard in Galveston that was used in years prior.