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  1. You think they may bring back the others? Like Akagi or Shokaku?
  2. The old and the new Kaga. She now has a sister, Izumo.
  3. ASALT Recruiting!

    Despite the name, ASALT is a clan dedicated to being just a bunch of chumps that like shooting ships and blowing things to pieces. We do however have a competitive side, we tried our best in Clan Battles and did well, we only stopped because we ran into real life issues. That is where YOU come in! YOU can be a part of a group of blokes who can either just want to good around in training rooms shooting each other to piece, division to try and improve ourselves, or play competitively in Clan and Ranked Battles! We hope to see you soon! Da Rules: 1. Treat clan members with respect. This includes being mindful of others thoughts and beliefs. Along with working to not be antagonistic towards fellow clanmates. 2. Maintain an active player profile: For any absences of four days or longer, please alert command in the Absent and leave chat 3. Respect decisions made by clan leadership. Feedback on decisions that you disagree with is encouraged, however you are still expected to follow said decisions. 4. Recruitment is to be handled by the leadership and authorized members ONLY. Making ANY offers of membership while not being authorized to do so, will lead to administrative action, up to and including being removed from the clan. 5. Discord is the communication platform of choice of the clan. Having a Discord account that you are active on is a required part of being a member of the clan. Da Discord rules: 1. Using @ everyone for any reason not considered appropriate (including spamming) will lead to administrative action. 2. Discord use is expected to be “push to talk,” However, so long as its use is not distracting or inappropriate, “Voice activity” may be used for convenience. 3. No posting of pornographic or inappropriate material whatsoever. PM me, tommyboy786, or Balthaczar in game and we will send you the Discord Address and we will begin the recruitment process. Hope to see you soon!
  4. Oh my, how lewd. >\\\\\<
  5. R. Lee Ermey

    At ease Ermey! You have served your country and world outstandingly, you are hereby promoted to commander of the First Marine Corp. of Heaven! We shall see you on the other side. For now, at ease marine!
  6. I think they are fixing the bug if BBs getting pens on DDs at very narrow angles. Causing us to have to switch to HE more to deal big damages to them. I think thisbwill make AP less usable against superstructures though.
  7. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Goodbye dseehafer, you shall be missed.
  8. Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  9. I got my first part time job. First week.....33 hours. :cap_fainting:I was not prepared.

  10. Thoughts on the Azur Lane collab?

    1. Incendiary_Tanker


      Time to play on Asia server kek! 

  11. Coming clean

    And alot more players respect and like him, so please, I urge you to think about that before writing anything that may offend us.
  12. Coming clean

    Gasp!!! The conspiracy therists were right!! Next Mouse will tell us she isn't infact a mouse or a bouncy bubbly anime girl! What ever next?! (lol, love it, have a good one)