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  1. To Musashi or Not to Musashi

    Id get Musashi, there is no guarantee she will stay in forever, as with Mighty Mo, she could get replaced. Yamato will always be here to grind up to.
  2. The coming French BB operation is definently a step in the right direction. Personally, for April Fools, I think it should be 7v7 or 12v12 tall ships or motor torp boats, or if you want to be really creative, a bunch of players vs a weird boss ship. For something more serious, free for all? I got nothing other than that.
  3. Musashi Guns

    Some days our aim sucks and RNG hates us, others we detonate two ships in one match. (it happens) Musashi has to have the extra RNG otherwise she would just be a lower teir Yamato. Plus all BB have trolly RNG, I couldn't hit the broadside of a Kurfurst from the inside today with Yamato.
  4. Battleships could stand a chance

    I'm not saying that the battleship will or will not be coming back, but we do need a true support ship, preferably with guns 8 inch or larger or the coming railgun. Sure they don't have to be armored, but it is preferable with anti ship missiles being a threat the closer to shore you get.
  5. Battleships could stand a chance

    The Iowa's unfortunately will not be coming back. However, there is a serious lack of fire support ships in the modern navy. Unfortunately, the navy staff doesn't get it.
  6. Smallest Team Ever!

    I once had a 1v1 in my lexington against a lexington, I won.
  7. Top Secret Video - ???

    Its for the coming french BB operation, "top secret" is reference to the importance of the mission. Transporting gold to the USA.
  8. Shout out to this guy!

  9. Noob player looking for a clan

    The Potato Navy is always looking for casuals to play with, we've got a discord set up but it's not required. We are literally just a bunch of potatoes who sometimes play together.
  10. I actually prefer the chime whistles like on most steam locomotives and on a few DDs like Harekaze and Gaede
  11. With Musashi and Missouri at that tier, it would be controversial to say the least. Other than that, maybe.