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    Just giving us a push up to the top. If you are giving thoughts to the upcoming clan battles and are looking for a new home come by and check us out.
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    Just going to give us an evening bump up to the top. The original post says it all.
  3. I'm Available

    PM Sent
  4. The one thing that frustrates me most as a BB player is other BB players who think they can sit in the back and snipe, or are otherwise afraid of getting their paint scratched. While I understand Zoup's concept and what he is saying I just know that if a cap is instituted for BB's next it will be people crying for a DD cap, then a cruiser cap. It is kind of like when people start asking for specific ships or ship classes to be nerfed. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it.. In spades. The deep water torps might be a good way to counter the high number of BB players but I really think re-working the CV's would go a lot further. Anyone that was an alpha tester will know how OP they were then, and while I'm not suggesting a return to that WG needs to buff them some. Do that and make the CV's a much more viable threat and I think you will slowly start to see a change. Maybe figure out a way to reward cruisers or DD's only for their play. For example, cruisers get a credit bonus for planes shot down or DD's actually being rewarded for spotting damage but limit what ever you do for those two classes to those two classes. But if you are going to cap BB's I think you are going to have to go to a more structured team make up which would then increase the queue time. And waiting, for most people but not all, in this day an age is something people don't want to do. Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  5. General Quarters, General Quarters, All Hands Man Your Battlestations! Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  6. Open Letter to WG regarding Clans

    I hope that they do increase the clan cap. Clans with a membership of more than 30, take us at around 100 or a clan like FOG with well beyond that, can (because of the ability to field multiple teams from multiple clans with the same goal in mind) adversely impact what ever form clan wars or stronghold or what ever wargming comes up with. Having to pay for multiple 30 player clans isn't going to significantly add to the bottom line of wargaming's budget. They will make more money out of the premium shop I suspect. Even now when we at AK do a mass drop the fact that we are currently running 4 different clans of AK only means that we still put the same number of people divisioned up into random battles. Having a higher clan cap won't affect that. Same goes for clans like FOG or STW just to name two. If you have noticed you have also seen people from larger tank clans like Relic showing up in game, who coincidentally have 4 (I believe) different clans in tanks with a 100 man clan cap, and I'm sure other big clans will follow. Honestly while it was nice just to have clans to start with in warships I think we are well past the time now where the cap should have already been increased. We are also past the point of where we should be able to fly a clan tag of some sort in game. Wargaming is proving that you can fly more than one flag (think Yamamoto mission) so why couldn't we have a flag with our clan emblem? The level of participation just in the Supremacy League alone also shows that there is plenty of interest there for competitive style play. The training room is available by either MODs or by the executable released by wargaming. Why haven't they included that as an official supported game mode by now? I haven't said much over time on these issues but come on really? Wargaming's trademarked "soon" is being pushed well past the point of lunacy. Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  7. Open Letter to WG regarding Clans

    @Macabe - Feel free to add Armored Knights to your list. Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  8. pm me i just got back to the game dude sry.  joined the military and was gone awhile lol

  9. Supremacy Season 5 Sign Ups

    Like the new website. Armored Knights will be returning and looking forward to starting back up the fun and detonations. Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  10. Looking for competitive clan

    PM Sent Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  11. LFC

    PM Sent Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  12. Season 4 Prizing Scheme

    From Armored Knights I just wanted to say thank you to not only Vas and Taskforce Apocalypse for the work and time they have put in to getting the Supremacy League to where it is today but also to Wargaming for their financial backing for this league and also for the refs for the time they are taking out of their gaming time to help. Without both sides working together this league wouldn't be expanding the way it is and we for one are truly thankful for all that you guys do. Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk
  13. One request about the unit leader meeting, if the time is going to be changed (IE start earlier) from what is currently posted that an update at least be made on the Supremacy League website. Before the start of last season I got on Discord at the noted time for the unit leader meeting and found it had started 30 minutes earlier and never saw anything about the time being moved up. Stout Hearts -AK-Warhawk