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  1. yes, I agree as well.
  2. A few ships that need to be fixed

    The Gneisenau is the one who gets the 'planned refit' while the Scharnhorst is the one who gets the 'realistic' armament.
  3. Azur Lane anime announced

    yes, upon actually looking, yes... yes she is.
  4. Azur Lane anime announced

    If there's no Graf Zeppelin, then I'm going to riot be very unhappy.
  5. Winter is coming...to Edinburgh...

    I wasn't trying to say anything 'negative', I was just curious. On the subject of camo's, I prefer Sharnhorst's Special camo. I mean, just look at that nose-art.
  6. Winter is coming...to Edinburgh...

    I'm going to be honest; is that rendering due to low graphics settings, or the camo itself?
  7. Should AP Dive Bombers stay in game

    If that's the case, could we have the W19 'Katie' Shells that the Iowa supposedly had?
  8. More Axis operations

    I support this idea as well, especially since we have an Allies Only one.
  9. Nice Purple Heart picture.

    1. Vangm94


      She is still my favorite character. Ryujo being next to her (because of WoWS/Kantai Colection)

  10. Whats Up with Scenarios?

    Not really, I've lost track of how many 3-stars, or losses, just because certain Cruiser players would rather just sit at their spawn-point, and try to lob shells over the 'islands' in 'The Ultimate Frontier' Scenario.
  11. Whats Up with Scenarios?

    Supposedly, they increased A.I. Difficulty. Why they did that, I can't tell you, and I doubt Wargaming knows either.
  12. This is the reworked CV?

    And I'm suddenly reminded of the Ise-Class Battleship/Carriers.
  13. You can ALSO buy the 'premium' currency through the 'grind for your life' currency. But that system's rather broken, so no one really bothers with that, as far as I'm aware.
  14. DD players - a question if I may.

    If you're in the middle of the map, then chances are; there's enemies on BOTH sides of you. What sane person wants to be shot at from TWO different directions?