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  1. Heehehehehe, you're a bunny~

  2. What happened to your Alpha tester tag? lol

    1. Legendary_Typo


      WG took it from me. .-.


      I was contacting support how I had missing stuff in my game, and then after the ticket was resolved, poof. Though Support did get rid of my three day read-only period, which I'm grateful for.

  3. Hooray! The Russian death traps have arrived! :D

  4. You should type silly things in your profile feed, Corgie :)

  5. You waskawy wabbit! :D

  6. What's on YOUR mind?

    1. Wo_9
    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Bubbles? Butterflies? A goldfish staring out of his bowl?


      That's what's usually on mine. I also like to-Oh, look! Something shiney! 8D

  7. I wonder when the next Arp ships will arrive!

    1. Carrier_Taiyo


      I can't wait to read all the hilarious anime hate threads. I got gifs ready! >:D

    2. DopamineCircuit


      I can't wait for everyone to comment on their own status updates more frequently.

  8. Carrier_Taiyo

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    He touched me! With a banana! A TouchyBanana! I'M TELLING!!
  9. Carrier_Taiyo

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    Excellent review! Very well written, very informative! ...of course, reading the review itself made me realize that I didn't want to bother getting the Touchy Banana, but that's still a benefit, too. (Better to realize that before you do the missions than after, right?) Thanks, Mouse! I love reading your reviews on these ships On second thought, maybe I should get it just for its name...
  10. You changed your name! :D

    1. Wo_9


      needs more touhou in dis plase

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      I'm glad you're back to Wo9, Wo9! :)

  11. New avatar :D

    1. Kitsunelegend


      Yep! Extra bouncy! =D

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Got me a new one, too! Extra chatty :D

    3. Kitsunelegend


      Lol its adorable! =D Looks kinda grumpy too xP

  12. One more and you will have ten thousand posts! 8D

    1. Carrier_Taiyo


      Make sure it's a good one! :)

  13. Arp Kongo down, Arp Myoko here I come! :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Woot! Got her! :D

    3. Xero_Snake


      Great work! :D

    4. Carrier_Taiyo


      The hardest part was getting my stupid job to leave me alone and let me play the game.


      12 hour shifts. Bleh! XD

  14. You changed your avatar again! :)

    1. Wo_9


      my old wo9 avvy from summer :>

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      I thought it looked familiar ;)

    3. Carrier_Taiyo


      Heeeey, I like this one! :D