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  1. Heehehehehe, you're a bunny~

  2. Carrier_Taiyo

    How to Control your Win Rate

    For some, you have to balance how high you want your win rate to be vs how much fun you want to have in the game. I like to bounce back and forth between multiple ships. But, your idea of choosing one ship and specializing it it is a very good way to improve at this game. Perhaps I'll try it someday...
  3. What happened to your Alpha tester tag? lol

    1. Legendary_Typo


      WG took it from me. .-.


      I was contacting support how I had missing stuff in my game, and then after the ticket was resolved, poof. Though Support did get rid of my three day read-only period, which I'm grateful for.

  4. Hooray! The Russian death traps have arrived! :D

  5. You should type silly things in your profile feed, Corgie :)

  6. You waskawy wabbit! :D

  7. What's on YOUR mind?

    1. Wo_9
    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Bubbles? Butterflies? A goldfish staring out of his bowl?


      That's what's usually on mine. I also like to-Oh, look! Something shiney! 8D

  8. I wonder when the next Arp ships will arrive!

    1. Carrier_Taiyo


      I can't wait to read all the hilarious anime hate threads. I got gifs ready! >:D

    2. DopamineCircuit


      I can't wait for everyone to comment on their own status updates more frequently.

  9. Carrier_Taiyo

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    He touched me! With a banana! A TouchyBanana! I'M TELLING!!
  10. Carrier_Taiyo

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    Excellent review! Very well written, very informative! ...of course, reading the review itself made me realize that I didn't want to bother getting the Touchy Banana, but that's still a benefit, too. (Better to realize that before you do the missions than after, right?) Thanks, Mouse! I love reading your reviews on these ships On second thought, maybe I should get it just for its name...
  11. You changed your name! :D

    1. Wo_9


      needs more touhou in dis plase

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      I'm glad you're back to Wo9, Wo9! :)

  12. New avatar :D

    1. Kitsunelegend


      Yep! Extra bouncy! =D

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Got me a new one, too! Extra chatty :D

    3. Kitsunelegend


      Lol its adorable! =D Looks kinda grumpy too xP

  13. One more and you will have ten thousand posts! 8D

    1. Carrier_Taiyo


      Make sure it's a good one! :)

  14. Arp Kongo down, Arp Myoko here I come! :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Woot! Got her! :D

    3. Xero_Snake


      Great work! :D

    4. Carrier_Taiyo


      The hardest part was getting my stupid job to leave me alone and let me play the game.


      12 hour shifts. Bleh! XD

  15. You changed your avatar again! :)

    1. Wo_9


      my old wo9 avvy from summer :>

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      I thought it looked familiar ;)

    3. Carrier_Taiyo


      Heeeey, I like this one! :D