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  1. JustAdapt

    Potentially very unpopular idea, look inside

    As a person who plays CV; I think this is a terrible idea...
  2. JustAdapt

    CV aiming compilations

    Your second image is a bit off. You need to be aiming a bit further from the target than that to get superstructure and deck hits. You current aim will lead to a lot of unintended belt hits that will likely just shatter. The only reason to use your current aim is against a DD where belt hits are irrelevant.
  3. JustAdapt

    AA should regenerate

    It should be the same for ships as well
  4. I can tell based on how much damage the planes are taking and the increased flak is a giveaway as well. When I am going to bomb someone I have an idea of how many runs I can complete and how many planes I am going to have to trade. When someone is AA spec and managing their sectors correctly, I take a ton of plane damage and can only complete one run with either heavy damage or heavy losses. What I don’t think people realize is that their AA does a lot of damage to planes, which is spread throughout the entire squad and the CV’s only way to mitigate is to get out of the AA bubble and recall. I think players should be rewarded on plane damage rather than plane kills because it shows the true impact you had on the air war.
  5. That is odd... I have never seen someone not get flooded when rammed. Did not know that was possible...
  6. Most players are pretty potato, so I would just ignore the haters and keep on playing whatever you want...
  7. AA builds are very viable and I can tell you from a CV perspective that I tend to ignore AA spec ships and go after weaker ships. Many would have you believe that AA skills do nothing and you are already dead when the game starts but that is not the case at all...
  8. JustAdapt

    CV Economy

    The rework CV credit issue has been brought up several times and WG has stated it is working as intended. Whether we like it or not, it is just the way it is...
  9. JustAdapt

    Call it a whine but it needs to be said

    I don’t see much toxicity in the game chat; I see far more toxic forum posts than anything else. Much of it comes from people who play the forums rather than the game...
  10. JustAdapt

    Clan battles..

    CB is really getting stale and 5 seasons of the same thing is just getting really old... I am struggling to even muster the desire to play and the current HIV spam meta doesn’t help... I think interest in CB will peak again if WG ever decides to change the ruleset
  11. No, the last thing this game needs is to bring back CV sniping. There was a very good reason why RTS CVs were given DF AA and we do not need to regress back to that play style...
  12. OP is a 63% player while you cannot even reroll higher than 55%... Remind me who the less skilled player is again?
  13. JustAdapt

    Wows can be a good esport game

    WoWS competitive is way too boring and slow for the average viewer. Most matches last the full 20 min and there is a ton of sniping and cap trading... There are not a ton of people who would find that kind of play exciting or interesting to watch.
  14. JustAdapt

    How to adapt to cvs

    I mean I think the answer is obvious; if you don’t like it, don’t play. You claim my thinking is one dimensional and yet you with ~24,000 games have never played a single game in a CV. Maybe you should play a CV to expand your perspective?