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  1. I do not think the directive requirements seem too bad if you stack camo/flags...
  2. JustAdapt

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Easy fix, bring CV to next season CB Klubber has no out vs rocket planes...
  3. Ranked should be more detrimental to your winrate than randoms if you are constantly pushing to rank 1.
  4. Issues with CBs occurring properly is a running joke on NA. Most CB seasons, NA does not get to play the first day because someone cannot tell time or click to activate CB on the server. Infinite queues have been an issue dating back to Team Battles where if you did not insta-queue the game forgot you and you would sit for an eternity. The list goes on; it just surprises me that anyone is shocked about it after 3+ years of CB and TB.
  5. I find it amusing that these “server mishaps” and WG subsequently ignoring it still surprises you...
  6. JustAdapt

    No restrict for the number of DDs in Rank?

    Your winrate says you are being carried by better players...
  7. JustAdapt

    Feels like Clan Battle participation is down

    It probably has to do more with the tier 8 ships. Personally, I have found T8 CB to be very boring... It reminds me of T8 SL where caps were put on certain ships to try to force a more diverse meta.
  8. JustAdapt

    Clans Come and Go?

    That was not the case at all. The old leadership was just tired of leading as leading the clan became a very time consuming part-time job. I wanted to do other things with my time and I am sure Doc was in the same boat.
  9. JustAdapt

    British CV Strengths?

    What differentiates the UK CVs from the rest is that they are more user friendly than the other CV lines. Tbs and rockets are easier to adjust without massively increasing the aiming time and the DB shotgun dispersion does not really require any aim/accuracy. I would compare it to something like a GK, which is easier/safer to play than a Yamato but even played at its best, it will never out perform the Yamato. The plane HP increase is more or less negated by the slow plane speed so the only thing you really get is a CV that is more user friendly.
  10. The GZ is super overpowered and strongest of the T8 CVs. The GZ is so strong they had to ban it from clan battles for the upcoming season.
  11. “Skill based” aka do you have a brain and can look in the right direction...
  12. JustAdapt

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    It is better to just quit playing the game for a while
  13. JustAdapt

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    I don’t see what the issue is with the ark being good at bombing DDs. Due to the current strength of AA, CVs are pretty much relegated to hunting DDs. Why should a CV be bad at that? If you remove that ability, then what is the point of playing the ark in an AA uptiered meta..?
  14. JustAdapt

    Question for you CV players out there

    Personally, I would avoid grinding CVs right now, but if you feel compelled to pick one then I would go up the ijn line. The Hak is great but watch out for the shokoku because it is an absolute pile.
  15. Tell that to everyone with a GC... Clearly they wanted “balance”