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  1. FratStar4Life

    when does WR start to matter...?

    WR only matters if you care about it but even if you care about it, it really doesn’t mean much...
  2. FratStar4Life

    PSA WoWs premium time, rules and stuff

    Does anyone know if they are doing this for wot? I am a little surprised because WOWS never seemed grindy to me...
  3. FratStar4Life

    Steel for the Scrubs!

    Personally, I prefer reward ships remain as reward ships. Giving out steel like this just tarnishes the effort required to earn it.
  4. FratStar4Life

    rank 5 and no games?

    More like he’s trying to play R5 bracket at almost 3:00 am on a weekday... Welcome to R5; you won’t have a consistent fast queue outside of EST peak hours. This is how it has always been because of the few amount of players that are capable of reaching R5...
  5. FratStar4Life

    Why I run Khab.......................... in ranked

    You can literally rank out in any ship but people will get mad at you early season in the R5 bracket...
  6. FratStar4Life

    Premium Ship Review #109 - Stalingrad

    I agree with some points but very much disagree with the overall conclusion of the review. The Stalingrad is really only ever overpowered against a bad player. These same bad players would lose to the Stalingrad drivers regardless since mostly unicums have this ship. In regards to competitive play, the Stalingrad is completely outclassed. Those choosing to use it in the R5 bracket have quickly figured this out and have switched to other more competitive ships. I am almost positive it will be the same in the next CB season. You won’t see the Stalingrad played in Hurricane league, although some teams may test it out for a bit. The lack of hydro, it’s inability to overmatch cruiser bows, and horrid HE dpm means it’s going to be shelved and only brought out for the occasional pub stomping game.
  7. FratStar4Life

    The Ranked Report

    Im in the same boat Work leaves little time and when it does, it leaves little energy
  8. FratStar4Life

    The Ranked Report

    Working too much. Not playing R5. So not happy.
  9. FratStar4Life

    Ranked WTR: What am I doing wrong?

    In ranked WTR does not mean anything and the only important stat is winrate. Play in ranked is a bit more tactical to ensure the win so can tend to be sometimes more passive, which ultimately effects your damage numbers. If your team has the cap and point advantage, there is no value in pushing and potentially throwing the game - if the enemy sits and just loses, which does happen more often than not, then you could easily win by doing 10k damage but playing everything correctly. In addition, objectives are more spread out in random battles and it is 12v12 rather than 7v7.
  10. FratStar4Life

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    This occurs for a few reasons. First, cap exp was reduced a while ago because ranked used to be two cap domination and if you solo capped you were almost guaranteed to be top exp. Second, exp is based on the percent of damage you inflict to a ship. Since most ships at T10 have a heal and there is more available damage, which in many cases the DD is not getting that damage, so your impact is a bit less as a DD.
  11. FratStar4Life

    Ranked Has Me Frustrated

    I think that is the problem right there; you are in the 15-11 bracket. I have hardly seen any salt this season and it has been a fairly pleasant season thus far. The irrevocable brackets are where you are going to see the most toxic behavior and salty attitudes. That bracket is filled with people who think they are better than they really are and then proceed to get salty when things don’t go their way...
  12. I personally do not see the purpose of this topic as all of the suggest game modes are tier 10 anyways... Regardless, even if you eliminate premiums (assuming it’s a lower tier) you will still see the same players and the same teams at the top. Little Johnny or clan X is going to be better then you whether he is in a premium or not.
  13. FratStar4Life

    Irrevocable Rank needed at rank 5

    I do not think it is needed for the R10 bracket as we were able to get R10 games on Friday pretty easily and throughout the weekend with very minimal queue time. I do however like the idea of an irrevocable R5 for the first week of ranked to get games moving along. Anything more than a week may perpetuate the potato toss problem though...
  14. FratStar4Life

    Irrevocable Rank needed at rank 5

    It would be nice for getting games started early season, but would be a nightmare when teams are trading the same bad player back and forth without the ability to get rid of him... I don't think anyone wants to deal with dead-weight
  15. FratStar4Life

    My computer crashed, now I'm being penalized.

    I one hundred percent agree with him. If you know your computer cannot handle the game then you shouldn’t be playing it. Why should the team suffer for your selfishness?