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  1. New Black and Flint cammos

    Flint (EXP+100%, Commander EXP +100%, Free EXP +100%, Service Fee -10%) and Tier IX American Destroyer Black (EXP+150%, Commander EXP +150%, Free EXP +150%, Service Fee -20%).
  2. I have had people be toxic towards me and tell me I suck as well. Odds are, those people being toxic have no idea how to play the game properly either, so it’s just better to ignore the chat in general.
  3. WTR is Trash

    WTR seems to be a pretty good indicator of usefulness in the battle. It does not always line up and can sometimes be misleading, but it does give a good general idea.
  4. Just wait for the SuperTesters to balance the ship before you freak out too much... Also, keep in mind what is on paper does not always represent how a ship will really play
  5. Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to not take the game too seriously. The second you take it too seriously, it starts to feel like a second job - something no one wants. Play with others and just play to have fun. As I have pretty much every T10, I mostly just play competitive on NA such as tourneys and CB; however, I have been playing a lot more on EU recently and replaying my favorite ship lines.
  6. Catapult fighters have a reach of 2km while spotter planes have a reach of 3km. I prefer catapult fighters because they last longer than spotters.
  7. WoWs updated Mod policy

    Disallowed/Forbidden Mods (Seriously, this could lead to temporary suspension or blocking of your account!) Applications/mods that help a player to aim in any way that is not already available in the game, which includes any predictive aiming mods I think this is by the most interesting line throughout the entire article. Does this mean Nav mod and Running Lights are no longer allowed? I do not use these mods and have always thought of them as cheats. I hope WG is finally cracking down on those mods...
  8. Everything about that vid made me cringe...
  9. I have played a few Co-op matches over the years and honestly, it is probably better for everyone if Co-op players just stay in Co-op... Co-op players won’t get their feelings hurt by playing PvP and PvP players won’t have a reason to rage
  10. I felt like throwing up

    Unfortunately, we have many CV and DD mains who are forced to play CA and this is dragging teams down a bit but as long as we all get our flag then it is worth it. The problem with sticking to an A Team is everyone believes they have a place on that A Team and it leads to frustration when not chosen for that team. We are in the same boat
  11. Is there a clan members wanted thread?

    Yes, there is a section of the forums you can post your clan recruitment thread, good luck with recruiting. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/173-clan-recruitment/
  12. We are waiting to drop as well...
  13. Ranked Battles vs Clan Battles

    I think many clans will be quite wary of talking trash in clan wars because WG stated that an entire clan can be banned from CW.