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  1. Wew our hero has returned!
  2. I have played a few Co-op matches over the years and honestly, it is probably better for everyone if Co-op players just stay in Co-op... Co-op players won’t get their feelings hurt by playing PvP and PvP players won’t have a reason to rage
  3. Unfortunately, we have many CV and DD mains who are forced to play CA and this is dragging teams down a bit but as long as we all get our flag then it is worth it. The problem with sticking to an A Team is everyone believes they have a place on that A Team and it leads to frustration when not chosen for that team. We are in the same boat
  4. We are waiting to drop as well...
  5. I think many clans will be quite wary of talking trash in clan wars because WG stated that an entire clan can be banned from CW.
  6. Speed is a factor in ramming damage. It is why some equal ships can survive a ram while the other dies.
  7. People need to calm down... It was a significant update and some of the game fundamental mechanics were changed, I am not surprised it is taking longer to patch.
  8. Probably extended due to the size of the patch... This was a pretty big update
  9. So we should not have CW because you would have a panic attack if you had to speak to someone else? Sounds like a legitimate complaint and a good reason to cancel CW for EVERYONE.
  10. First off, WG has an in game voice communication system that everyone can use. Second, there are many free applications like discord that take less than a minute to setup and use. If you inability to use comms stems from you not wanting to verbally speak with others, well that is on you.
  11. The ship will be balanced by ST before released... I think people overestimate how difficult it will be to obtain the flag for the ship. You need to get to the top league and win 30 games, which does not necessarily only match you with those in the same league. It will be grindy, just like ranked, but I am pretty sure many will get there.
  12. Bad accuracy, unreliable pen, more susceptible to torps - You need something that can reliably hit and kill cruisers and DDs, the Conq is not it.
  13. Uhh lol? With no CV to spot DDs and radar that can be easily outplayed, I do not see how DDs will struggle in any way... Conq will only be meta in bronze, I would be surprised to see it outside that bracket
  14. This kinda gives you an idea of what it will look like...
  15. Where was the ultimatum or demand? It was a statement of fact...