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  1. FratStar4Life

    Angry Animal in ranked

    He likes turtles
  2. FratStar4Life

    What is unicum?

    It is always amusing to read the excuses people post as to why they are not a good player - job, wife, kids, life, money - when the only real difference is a unicum is the same but better at a video game than you… stop being so salty
  3. Every ship should have a counter for subs. T8 ranked has been miserable with the subs either doing nothing or farming the whole team. We are back to the RTS CV days where it’s luck of the draw if you get either the really bad or really good sub player.
  4. FratStar4Life

    After playing ranked for a while

    Gold is nothing like the 5-1 bracket most people are used to. The amount of pure stupidity I have seen in gold so far is just astonishing to me.
  5. FratStar4Life

    New ranked format by the numbers. PLAY MORE FOR LESS REWARDS.

    The worst part of this is going to be the queue wait times in gold. If you don’t have the time to rank out day 1 or 2, you are going to spend most of the rest of the week in queue...
  6. FratStar4Life

    Kansas builds?

    There isn’t a build that will make the Kansas not be a total pile of ship.
  7. ......               ?

  8. I do not think it means they are merging the servers. I think it means you can play on other servers now without having to download the region changer or an entire other client. For example, if I want to play my EU account right now I have to have the region changer or I have to download the EU version of the WOWS client. This change removes the hassle of having to get a mod or having multiple game clients.
  9. FratStar4Life

    WG didn't think the directive requirements through...

    I do not think the directive requirements seem too bad if you stack camo/flags...
  10. FratStar4Life

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Easy fix, bring CV to next season CB Klubber has no out vs rocket planes...
  11. Ranked should be more detrimental to your winrate than randoms if you are constantly pushing to rank 1.