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  1. Someone get this man his participation trophy
  2. I really enjoy running the AA spec Zao. When a CV tries to bomb me, they are always surprised that all of their bombers die before they reach me
  3. I assumed it meant exp from elited ships as well... I was thinking of converting some of my spare dubs but guess thats not going to happen now. This would be more confusing to those who played WoT because elite exp on WoT means tank/ship exp. Thanks for the thread, saved me a lot of hassle.
  4. Well I think you played fine, we just had some bad luck with teams... but as I said before, idc about my winrate We should try again when you feel up to it
  5. Does it really matter? A clan ranking based on pub smashing doesn't mean much to me. I know there is a certain twitch clip floating around from a clan that states "We need to let everyone know who the top dogs are on the server; now let me see what is the best ship to farm WTR is" This type of talk just shows how meaningless pub smashing is...
  6. I think for the sake of balance it should be overpens only Comrade.
  7. Good good welcome to the cruiser life - It is a hard but rewarding play style
  8. Why can't you believe it - I think I am fairly agreeable
  9. Oh boy lets Lrn2English here... You quote me when I said "I wonder how many modules I will get out of 14 SC " and said Zero, because 90% of the players don't have any T10 ships. What does your statement have to do with me getting 14 SC for having 14 T10? Go read the quotes and catch up, then try to pose intelligent questions.
  10. Well the change sounds like the blanket removal of AP doing full pens to DDs. This means Khab with 26k HP + heal will be the most OP ship in the game.
  11. Sorry LWM but I have to disagree with you. Tier 10 matches are actually quite dynamic and lots of pushes and flanks do occur. Some of the battleship players tend to snipe or camp but this is no different from running meta at Tier 6 and Tier 8. I enjoy Tier 10 and I am glad they are finally rewarding those with T10 ships.
  12. What does that have to do with me getting SC for my T10 ships...
  13. I cannot wait to play my heal khab if this change goes through... the khab goes from annoying to "holy hell it won't die"
  14. I think the Conq is garbage and not very useful to the team. I would rather have Montej in a Montana on my team.
  15. As a cruiser player, I like the new HE meta because it means I don't get randomly cit through the [edited]. However, the BB HE meta is not good for the game and removes basic game mechanics from the battle.