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  1. I work a 9-5 job and seem to be able to play CB fine... Also CB runs from 7:30PM-11:30PM ET
  2. Clan Battles and Hindiburg

    This is my CB Hindy build:
  3. Clan battles how to start.

    I would probably start with the clan portal and look for a clan in Squall league that plays a lot of clan battles. Instead of just blind applying to these clans it would probably be best to apply and then PM some clan officer to talk about recruitment. https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating
  4. T8s are fine and can do perfectly fine against T10s. Sounds more like an issue with the driver and not tier...
  5. Irony

    It’s funny because I think the ones who have to be carried the majority of the time are the “older”players... The younger generation seems to be the one doing all of the carrying
  6. So you are trading up what makes the DM so strong to be able to more easily farm BBs in the back of the map..? You sound like a great asset to the team...
  7. I partially agree that it is something copied when good players do it in specific situations (lots of enemies pushing and you want to remain dark). However, I think there is a more broad reason why most people island camp. Most players do not know how to effectively play aggressive without getting killed, so rather than learn they instead opt to not play aggressive at all. Bad plays are punished far more severely the higher the tier and this is partially why T10 feels so campy. It is just easier and risk averse to hide and wait for an enemy to hopefully push you...
  8. Easy win indicator

    OP seems to forget that many can be easily grinded and not everyone chooses to use them...
  9. Please move this thread to the clan discussion section...
  10. New Clan Wars doesn't pay Steel or Coal

    Um... okay? H9k has been right with everything he has said in this thread and yet your Dunning Kruger mindset cannot seem to come to terms that you would never have earned these rewards in the first place and yet now you feel entitled to said rewards? Keep dreaming bud.
  11. Teams are pretty much the same as they have always been, you are just in denial. The crying shipster was on point.
  12. Zao Torp buff?

    It’s a no brainer to use the upgrade. Previously, the 8km torps were pretty much unusable because you needed to turn full broad and to have a realistic chance of landing them the target was well in your detection. Now you can safely invisipeed and not be at major risk...
  13. Update 7.6 patchnotes

    I think you are mistaken - Start time is 19:30 (7:30PM ET)... Prime time, PT: 4:30 PM–8:30 PM
  14. Update 7.6 patchnotes

    Wew next CB season starts this weekend
  15. Come get EREKT with us

    How can you help me get more EREKT?