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  1. The weekends, what can be done?

    I found it pretty much impossible to solo carry this past weekend. I have never seen so many lemming trains to worthless caps like A on Islands of Ice or D on North.
  2. I prefer AFT because I not only dislike CVs but now the Midway has become a real threat to cruisers due to their AP bombs. Lately, I have been playing around with RPF and do find it quite useful as well for an agressive DM. Personally, I have only opted for SE in CBs.
  3. Sounds like your chatban was completely justified... People who cry in all chat for a mob mentality report of a player who misplayed (I have made the same mistake in a CV) have no sympathy from me
  4. 1750 base XP a bit...overboard?

    This is honestly a very easy mission to do if you keep the objectives in mind. Playing to take and defend caps gives huge exp boosts as well as focusing on killing DDs. If you want to easily complete this mission, you can do it in a few games of DD or support cruiser. Cap contesting DDs like USN and German DDs work great (ofc panasian radar DDs are very effective and the Black) as well as support Cruisers like USN cruisers (radar) and soviet Cruisers (radar).
  5. The Cruiser Manifesto

    Lul that definitely made me laugh, especially the part about BBs sniping. Although you have to give cruisers credit that they are true carry ships.
  6. Buff Zao?

    Zao is fine already... You need to play its concealment better to get full use out of the ship.
  7. Caln wars battles activity

    Welcome to the forums, the eternal witch-hunt for some nonsensical reason
  8. Should vanilla players get compensated?

    I play vanilla and I am fine with others using mods for the most part. If anything, I wish mods were banned in more "competitive" modes such as clan battles and ranked battles...
  9. Finally hit 60% overall

    Congrats! I am trying to make my climb to 70% but similar to you, had early game struggles of being a 47%er but no CBT experience on my side.
  10. [OPG] OverPowered Gaming: Setting The Meta

    Anyone is welcome on our TS, with the exception of bots and trolls. You will just needs to wait a min in the lobby for a TS Admin to give you permissions to move.
  11. Aim Bots

    Not a good example considering one of those teams has been caught using aimbots...
  12. What's your solo WR

    61% overall and 65% over the last year and a bit... I’m fine with that considering I mostly play high/top tier where it is harder to solo carry
  13. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Winrate is all luck