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  1. ponokasanto1

    [ALL] Neko_Sherman

    I knew it, I was not the only one who see Neko ear in those turret.
  2. ponokasanto1

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Yup, for me that was the reason why I jump to Azur Lane had I stick with KC god know how many ship I wouldnt be able to mod due to the lack of ship, even more so with historical ship. And because KC also never venture into the realm of paper ship is even harder to mod for WoWS, so tbh I dont know the decision on holding back releasing allied ship was a good one or not since I feel like it effectively ended the game international growth.
  3. I think the last time I heard was from around 2019 so yeah
  4. ponokasanto1

    [ALL] Kleiner_Kreuzer's Skin Arsenal

    I'm glad you are still around and with us.
  5. ponokasanto1

    Armada: Giuseppe Verdi

    yep, Secondary SAP is such a great idea, but ruined by the lack of accuracy and when closing in and at point blank range, it's always hit the water line. Honestly I dont know why is so hard for WG just to fix this since honestly this is a bug and not an intended feature, since it's literally ruin an different aspect of the gameplay which is secondary build captain.
  6. ponokasanto1

    Armada: Giuseppe Verdi

    oh so that is the reason why they leave their user name there, I was absolute confused when people keep leaving their name like is this some sort of code or hidden thing that I dont know about, lol.
  7. ponokasanto1

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    me waiting for my odd tier carrier to comeback but had seen no mentioning of it :(
  8. as some one who actually use this feature, it's bad. First thing is that despite saying this feature is to capture "epic gameplay moment" it's does not had the ability to link the camera with the aircraft itself which is weird consider plane is basically like miniship. Second thing, the sound is off, for example there is another ship you want to record on video that is your allies and not your ship, it wont actually record that. It will record only your own ship sound and make the sound of the ship you are recording sound far off despite it was the one closest to the camera. And replay had quite a number of error, I dont know how it happen but when it happen suddenly you wont be able to move the camera and it's just froze there, and that is a pretty big bug because it's just broke the replay file itself. There is many other thing but it's more of a lack of feature than error like the first thing that I mention because it's quite an obvious lack of feature. In any case these video below is kinda showing what I had to work despite the lack of feature and error. This video show how there is no button to link the camera with the aircraft and I had to do it by continously pressing my camera move button and set the game to 0.75 game speed, so that I can follow the aircraft movement. The video below is the error in the sound where me in KGV had a clearer gun sound than Hood despite being behind her WG fix your game and add more feature , dont expect people to make "epic gameplay moment" when you dont even provide us with the right tool to do it.
  9. ponokasanto1

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    let's be real here, nothing will work unless you actually do something had hurt WG pocket. I mean the last time with Kong collab and stuff when they are in hot water of almost getting sued, only then did they decide to somehat refund people who bought the camo. Goes to show that, unless you somehow manage to convince the entire playerbase to stop buying stuff from WG, that is when they will start to focus on the player base. But again let's be real there is no way you can actually do it because the entire player base is super divided on many issue, just from the cv issue along already show that. Now I'm in no way blaming anyone in this but you should had never work with WG in first place.
  10. hi,thank you for your  RoTFS mod that give me a lot of fun for the game!

    So, i have a Q!!

    [RoTFS UI]mod(not RoTFS) can be used in

    1. ponokasanto1


      Yes, but it would need some adjustment, I will fix it later today 

    2. DrShuen


      thank your paid

  11. ponokasanto1

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    ????? That is not the case This is normal Asashio This is Asashio B This is is normal Atago This is Atago B So yeah who is spreading disinformation about you cant mod black ships ? I think the case here might be whoever said that you cant mod black skin is because they turn off the decorative setting in special ships section of additional content setting thus making them thinking that they cant mod black ships.
  12. ponokasanto1

    The announced Hizen is what the upcoming USN BBs should be.

    I'm not sure it A-140J3, the design it's look rather strange, the bridge look more like those on Monarch or KGV class and the secondary it's 4 twin 127mm rather than 3 like those on design of A-140J, and the funnel too.
  13. I think WG accidentally put an Atlanta on Georgia.
  14. changing some line in space.ubersettings