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  1. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Raid for the Filth: Results

    You missed rouge wave event didn't you it was 3v3v3 torpedo's only basically
  2. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Lert's haul of Black Friday boxes

    already did prob just going to keep her for xmas update get the 75 steel sell her and then get 2 t8s and do the same free port slot
  3. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Lert's haul of Black Friday boxes

    opened the one crate that was 250 dubs got Alaska B but I already have an Alaska -_-
  4. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    WOWs Embedded Chromium browser?

    Yes its part of the official game and its used to access a few websites like the 3 listed below. 1. https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/category/ships 2. https://warehouse.worldofwarships.com/en/#/all 3. https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/search
  5. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    I mean they did it in WoT a long time ago they might try it again
  6. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    TBH i wish CW for one season would give you a set amount of "points" and you can use any teir but the teir of the ship takes away the amount of points you have and you cannot go over the limit. I remember seeing this type of thing done back in WoT (idk for what mode) but they would use T1s often just for scouting when the rest of the team is t8. Example lets say you have 48 points this means you can have 4 T10 (40 points) ships and a t8 (8 point) OR 8 T5 (40 points) ships and 2 T4 ships. (8 point)
  7. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Does the Kleber take full AP pens from BBs?

  8. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    [Tools] Mass Ship Renamer

    Hello there Have you ever wanted to rename all the ships in the game but didn't want to fuss around too much with the files? Well now you can! This contains two scripts that will help you easily rename any of the non event ships. This program will also work across updates as long as you extract the new global file each update. (any new nations i will have to still add to the program) PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY CLIENT SIDE Instructions: (can also be found in readme) global.mo can be found in "WHERE GAME STORED\World_of_Warships\res\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES" To Extract the list of ships in the game after an update or for the first time running this program please: 1. Copy your global.MO file into the same file as Extract.exe 2. Run Extract.exe 3. Keep your original.mo file safe as a backup incase you mess up To rename a ship make sure you have extracted the current ships beforehand 1. Copy your global.mo file into the same file as rename.exe 2. Open the nation text file of the ship you are looking for 3. Find the name of the ship and replace it with what you want to rename it with (there should be 2 that you need to rename) [MAKE SURE YOU DONT DELETE NEWLINE OR MAKE A NEWLINE IN THE TEXT DOCUMENT] 4. Run rename.exe 5. wait for globalNew.mo to pop up 6. Copy globalnew into your "\LC_MESSAGES" and rename it to just global 7. Open game Download: Rename Ships.zip Examples of it working
  9. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Hey D-dad when can I be let back in it's cold in the basement I'll be a good bot and poach for you l-like you made me too i-ive been practicing! "Hey your a weally good pwayer. Should weave your cwan and j-join tng"
  10. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    The Venezia Beast ....... Killing them all.....

    It's still WIP and I won't say anything about her because I don't want to get in trouble but your aim was kinda bad and I only had to worry about dodging from 1-2 ships when I was shooting you
  11. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Trying to use an xbox controller

    There is some software that i use at times to make controller inputs become keyboard / mouse inputs ive even done some stuff with a wii fit for wows if your still interested i can tell you some free software that you could use
  12. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Fight for Premium Ships - The Battle of Savo Island

    Wonder if i should do the same thing that i did for the last event that got me musashi
  13. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Public test not linked to my normal account

    now its just telling me error connecting wont even let me in on my glitched acc
  14. YourJustJealousofMyMiata

    Public test not linked to my normal account

    I'm having the same issue my friends have their live account data in this iteration of pts but support is basically saying they can't do anything