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  1. Actually, they are, which is why GM could shut down Oldsmobile and Pontiac while keeping Chevrolet, Cadillac, et al running. They are seperate companies, and come under the classification of wholly owned subsidiaries, which, again, is a stand alone classification. FYI, Delco Remy, which manufactures all of GMs electronic components, is also a separate company, just like the rest. The easiest way to check is to realize each company pays it's own taxes; end of story.
  2. Hey, they have their own dealers, and corporate structures; but look at them any way you want.
  3. The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    Really? It's early here; can we please keep the "YARRR"ing down to a dull roar? Us scurvy dogs are trying to recover from the death-dealing hang-overs we got in those port cities while chasing buxom wenches all through the night. And the only "boarding action" I'm preparing for is to find a nice, flat horizontal board and take a very long nap on it. PS, the cities are yours; those wenches definitely know how to protect themselves. Good Luck, and watch out for women with Rum, they'll kill ya!
  4. No misunderstanding, just a lack of understanding on my part due to not knowing, which you cleared up ... Thank You.
  5. FYI, there have been a number of auto manufacturers founded in the last half century; Scion; Infinity; Saturn; Tesla; Lexus; Hummer. Your ONLY is beginning to look very, very weak.
  6. This is what you said. The entire point isn't that DDs weren't improved; it's that DDs were hammer nerfed due to BB whining behind BB players not knowing how to drive their boats. The nerfs are the ONLY relevant point.
  7. If you really believe that you know nothing about business, sales, or marketing. So ... no answer, huh? Just another bluff from someone whose out of logical arguments. I'm still laughing.
  8. The most successful retail business in the world compared to another business that wants to be successful ... product is insignificant, business is sales, Walmart leads the way, you are wrong, I am laughing. First, which automaker? Second, 1 in how many? Dream on.
  9. If you don't see it then you're the only one that doesn't. Quite possibly the least correct statement I've ever heard, and certainly one no car maker, foreign or domestic, would ever agree with.
  10. I'm not going to get into an argument about business or economics, but the rules for both business models is the same. Sorry you don't see it, but you're dead wrong; the object is to draw the largest number of paying customers. Catering to the top player percentage while alienating the rest is a losing business model. You have developed a penchant for getting things dead wrong. The industry DOES have a dime for every time a dealer talks about what the industry should do, and all of the major automotive manufacturers ask for, and pay attention to, their input, because these are the people who have direct feedback from their paying customers. In fact, ALL the dimes the industry has COME FROM dealers and their input. While there are business models where the business in question caters ONLY, or exclusively, to the high end customer base; but these are never the biggest, nor the most successful, businesses in their field. Mercedes Benz was one such business; now their most successful line of cars is their economy class, "C" class, which caters to the common folk who want a "fine" car at a lower price. I realize you're probably a very good player, and a much better player than I am, but you don't know business worth a darn. It's OK to want your favorite game to maintain certain standards; it's unrealistic to expect the game to do that at the cost of their bottom line.
  11. Business is business; success is success. Walmart makes BILLIONS by catering to people you wouldn't allow into your own home, and a video game caters to everyone with an internet connection. I'm not the one missing the point here Pookie! My Dad worked for a Lincoln Mercury dealer when the Edsel came out; I remember the fiasco first hand because I lived through it and watched it happen, not get my information from some book 60 years after the fact. Again, I'm not the one missing the point here either. It's interesting that instead of countering my arguments you chose instead to attack me personally; did you run out of points to support your position? Many posters try to disenfranchise their competition rather that win an argument by superior logic and knowledge; it's usually the sign of someone losing because they have nothing left but insults. Do try NOT to go there, OK?
  12. Wow, have you got this backwards. When the game first came out, DDs were nerfed to death over the course of the first two years due to BB complaints, because BBs are the ships most players want to play and the noobs were getting waffle stomped when they didn't know how to play their BBs. Now there are fewer new players, and the experienced players know when to WASD, and in addition the game has added many new features that help players overcome DD stealth. So now DDs are much harder to play, while BBs remain the easiest type of ship to play and have much more going for them.
  13. Again, this is not what I want, it's what the developers want, what the CCs want, what WG wants, and what WoW is doing a CV rework to get. The skills gap between a new CV driver and a vet CV driver has become too tall for the new players to overcome, and they are quitting in record numbers. WoW wants to keep this type of ship in the game, so the gap must be narrowed. I an simply suggesting some of the easier fixes. But, if they weren't going to change the meta up, there wouldn't be a CV rework happening, CCs wouldn't be suggesting the same things I am in their YouTube videos, and the CV lobby wouldn't be knee deep in every CV post on the Forum saying how these same changes are "dumbing the game down" and "not needed at all". And your comment about how great games don't dumb down their games is both ridiculous and ludicrous; the easiest way to get rich quick is to cater to the LOWEST common denominator, as evidenced by Walmart, Hustler Magazine, and the programming on CBS for the last 50 years. If they did things your way they'd have a complicated game a thousand guys enjoyed and a million guys gave up on. Like World of Warplanes. Remember, the Edsel was one of the best cars on the road and years ahead of it's time. Come down out of the clouds, it's a lot more fun with your feet on the ground.
  14. I'm trying to figure out what that has to do with the "Nuked by Moderator" symbol, or @turbo07's comment on my comment about it. Team Speak is not the medium of choice for disseminating information about the game.