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  1. This was all you ever needed to say; good luck, brother!
  2. too much time, too complicated
  3. Playstyle is going to be the only deciding factor in determining whether or not you made a poor decision choosing Shimakaze, and the entire IJN DD line. If you play a style where there are many gunbattles, finding the enemy and beating him down, then yes, you did choose incorrectly. Both Russian tier 10 DD's and the USN one are much better gunboats. However, if you enjoy sneaking up on an unsuspecting target and torping him out of the game, you picked the right ship. Watch the CC vids and just go practice. Oh, and plan on losing money, even after you "GIT GUD".
  4. Mini-mato; just the right size for a backyard invasion! Coming to a pint-sized wanna-be dictator near you!
  5. This; from Albany and Tachibana to Missouri you want a covers-all opinion. Good luck with that.
  6. I have NO idea what gets you a chat ban (unbelievable, right?) and have no desire to learn. I can agree that at least some of the chat that starts that way is meant to be helpful; I will also agree that some of it isn't. And I feel the need to disagree with this, in that I don't think the grind at tier 5 is all that bad until you hit the revised MM; I know before they employed the new protected MM for tiers 3 and 4 the grind to tier 5 wasn't really bad at all, though honestly there was a hump at tier 3 when you started seeing tier 5 ships. So what I'm saying is the revised MM is artificially making the tier 5 grind harder than it needs to be. Exactly; I play my Kami at tier 5, and quite often see tier 7 matches complete with radar and tier 9 Saipan planes. When that happens the games are very difficult, as a Kami has an incredibly poor main battery and an AA rating of 2 ( yes, like in 1 ... 2 ). To say it is hazardous to be spotted is a terrible understatement. But every trick and dodge I learn uptiered does pretty much carry over to those tier 8, 9, and 10 ships I sometimes play. So, nice!
  7. Perhaps you could encase this in eye-searing, brain-numbing flashing neon lights for the somewhat less perceptive amongst us?
  8. I'll take "Things I never, ever thought I would see in print" for a thousand Alex.
  9. I had forgotten you were currently grinding up the German DD line; but not derailing your post, my experience is a little different from yours. I find almost the same levels of toxicity at pretty much all tiers, with the exception of tier 5. I believe, and I have no stats to prove this and it is just my opinion, that the MM change at this tier, and it's marked difference from the MM at tier 4, causes some increased level of frustration at this level, which continues until you start getting decent MM at tier 7. I think we are noticing the same thing, just from different viewpoints. Unfortunately I also think the only real world solution is to expand the player numbers until across the boards +1 matchmaking can be implemented. Whether or not it ever will, and the reasons behind that decision, are for an entirely different post.
  10. Could we all chip in and buy @Lert a bucket so he can!
  11. This dude is a box of weasels on meth; and you're arguing with him? Put him on the short bus and send him home.