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  1. Umikami

    I Like the Sound of This and We Need to do it

    True, but then again GOING to Mars and CHANGING Mars into Earth might be two different things.
  2. Umikami

    I Like the Sound of This and We Need to do it

    We need MUCH better technology, and a few hundred years.
  3. Umikami

    "Midway" mission and Saipan rental

    So how lucky do you feel? (At least you do keep the Captain)
  4. I personally feel there are too many other issues upon which winning, or losing, the war depended for this one change to be a certainty either way. What this would do, in my opinion, is extend the war past the 1918 collapse, and making the American contribution, or lack of same, much more important to the Allies. But WW1 was a VERY complicated war and no one issue really swung it one way or the other, though this one certainly qualifies as an important one.
  5. Like they say at the BINGO parlor …… WE HAVE A WINNER!
  6. Umikami

    Which T9 ?

    With some of the T9s I've seen it's hard to argue that at times the move up isn't really a move down. Our experiences with BBs are different though; I had no love from either KGV or Duke of York and while I got some good matches I never really made either of them work, and while I like Monarch better I hate the short range guns as she is no brawler. I did much better with the Russian ships, loved Pyotr Velikiy, hated Izmail, loved Sinop, liking Vlad so far. Loved Amagi, and am struggling with NC (at times I really miss Colorado, which I had very few issues with), and trying to figure out which playstyle Richelieu requires, though I do like playing her. Only 2 T9 BBs I have now are Izumo, which I really haven't played all that much, and Fat Freddy De Goober, which I like except for the crap dispersion. High tiers are crazy, and the ships sometimes don't really help.
  7. Classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing, or what the right hand was doing, or the feet either for that matter. Welcome to WoWs.
  8. Umikami

    Which T9 ?

    Others disagree.
  9. Umikami

    PSA: Today ONLY - Earn 111 doubloons

    I'm going to get really, really drunk.
  10. Yeah, cuz THAT's never happened before! (Took 10 minutes to type this I was laughing so hard!)
  11. Umikami

    Looks like Lert won a prize

    Congrats! (Thought for a second WoWs was giving away free cat toys!)
  12. But then how could snowflakes get their daily requirement of "ATTABOYS!"?
  13. About Karma ….. A). It means nothing. Zip, Zero, The Big Goose Egg, Nada, Not A Damn Thang! B). It SHOULD mean nothing, as meaning something, either way, would be open to be easily abused. If some one did something you liked, TELL THEM. Either in the in game chat or afterwards on the server. If some one did something you really didn't like, submit the replay along with a complaint ticket to support. If it didn't matter that much, then forget about it and move on to the next match. QUIETLY, so the rest of us don't have to listen to it.
  14. Umikami

    FEAR the KRYM!

    Absolutely correct! Love this little ship, and enjoy playing it no end. Congrats on nice matches.