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  1. Yeah my roids are just bleeding for ya, considering all the DD's and Cruisers I've seen one shotted by BB's; time ya got some of it back. Hope they give those AP bombs to every carrier in the game.
  2. And now it isn't. Whah! Time to move on.
  3. You can cause flood damage like this: Playing a torpedus DD, pick a lone BB as a target and maneuver into torp range. Fire torps and hit the BB, causing him to repair. After he repairs, fire additional torps, hitting him again and causing flooding he cannot stop because his repair is on cool down. Laugh while he floods and, eventually, sinks.
  4. (you know I'm the guy with all that really cool gear, right! most of the time I don't have to wear the whole helmet; even when we ride the short bus into town.))
  5. I want you to know that I thank you, sincerely, for your polite and well written invitation, and that I will be delighted to be included in the event you have spoken of. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow in the PM, and thank you again for thinking of me when you posted it.
  6. I swear, you come up with the coolest memes! Plus 1 amigo!
  7. If you can ram an Umikaze you are either damn lucky or damn good; and either way I don't want to see you on the red team!
  8. I don't know if this is sarcasm or not (and truly do not care); however, unless you're playing a CV, or are VERY good with torps, shooting one is the only way to get rid of one.
  9. I'm the guy with 10,438 battles total. I'm the guy with over 7500 battles in DD's. I'm the guy with 391 battles in this DD alone. You're the guy with 845 battles TOTAL. Let the player base believe whomever they wish.
  10. In the words of the late Ms Patton Oswald (recently deceased wife of actor/comedian Patton Oswald): "Everything out there is chaos; be kind to each other." What beautiful words. A safe and happy Thanksgiving to everyone; everywhere. God bless You.
  11. Sorry OP, have to disagree with this. Whatever armor Umikaze gets she desperately needs because of her anemic guns. And her torps, while having very good range for tier 2 and reloading quickly, carry a very small warhead which does insignificant levels of damage when compared to other torps. The way to defeat Umi is to stay at range, watch for torp launches in order to dodge, and pound her with HE, which just eats her alive. Who the heck uses AP on anything but a Khab? I'm sorry you (apparently) had such bad games against her, but she is really an easy kill for either a DD or a CL. I don't want to say "GIT GUD" because that is a sucky way to end a post; however, I would encourage you to play her and learn her (many) weaknesses so as to better understand how to kill her. Just my opinion.
  12. I almost choked when I read this; I thought for a second you meant LWM was going somewhere forever. LOL!! (THANK GOD, MY BAD!!)
  13. See, you don't have to worry about WoW persecuting DD's; you just have to worry about WoW persecuting you! (Don't you feel better now?)
  14. And some people don't care; they just finish off whatever is left in the glass and ask the bartender for another round. Cheers!
  15. Last 2 super containers I got were both signal flags. Super.