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  1. Umikami

    Black Friday deal clarification

    right .... wrong, but right.
  2. Again, true. But also again, seeing the queue full of JBs was also a temporary condition.
  3. True, but wasn't that also the reason for pulling them in the first place?
  4. Umikami

    Devs Respond to CV OP

    That made me laugh.
  5. Umikami

    Devs Respond to CV OP

    No, we see CV players spreading salt in the game on a daily basis; and we wish you'd quit!
  6. Umikami

    Devs Respond to CV OP

    We don't have ..... Italian BBs, ...... Italian DDs ...... IJN tier 10 premium CV ..... ANY of the South American ships .... Pan Europa cruisers ..... Pan Europa BBs ..... ANY Commonwealth lines .... but we got 2 fake German tier 10 CVs, because even though they've been dead for 75 years, Hitler and his Nazi party boys still sell big. WG needs to take a lesson from this .....
  7. lying. You pick one match, and base an entire argument on with the idea that all matches are like this one example. They're not, and we both know it. NO single instance can refute anything in a game where thousands of matches happen every day. But you want to grab one where someone in a BB had a fair (not good, just fair) game against God knows what level of CV player and now, suddenly the clouds will part and the light will shine down and everyone will see that CVs are just freakin' wunderbar! Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. Like I said, I can show you game upon game where the BBs get chased across the map, cruisers get blapped because they got spotted, and DDs got eliminated early because of focused fire by both the CVs rocket planes and the ships that the CVs were spotting for. There are 111 ships available in tiers 3, 4, and 5. You have shown one ship, in one match, that had one fair game against an unknown and unnamed foe in a CV, and you really think you have negated ANY of the arguments I've made? Really? I don't think so!
  8. One game out of how many? (and I'll bet the CV was still fielding full squadrons when the match ended.) Show me a months worth of stats; or the last years worth of stats, because for every match like this I can show you a dozen where CVs have 3 or 4 or 5 ships sunk and are still running full squadrons at the end of the game. One match means nothing.
  9. OH, but it IS a real event, because only REAL ships are allowed to participate; Verizon said leave the cancer at home. It's not a real event WITH CVs, kinda like no one else counts except as targets. Get it through your head; regardless of what WG says when it wants to sell premium CVs, everybody else can see they are obviously OP and unbalanced in the game and screw over anyone playing any other type of ship. The ONLY reason they haven't been removed already is because WG likes your money more than they do fair play. Are you saying they didn't? Because if you are then you are also saying WG is the one not allowing CVs to participate.
  10. Please list for me all those "AA MONSTERS" a new player could use at tiers 3, 4, and 5. And if you say "YUBARI" I am going to laugh out loud as that ship, and many many others, lost most of it's AA in the rebork. The fact is, at the exact tiers new players get thrown to the wolves in with +2/-2 match making, CVs run wild in dual CV matches against ships which have little or no AA at all. Yet WG has repeatedly stated that they want and need new players in the game. Hint; there are NO AA monsters at tiers 3, or 4, or 5
  11. BMWs are very nice rides; I'll be looking forward to the pics.
  12. You could post a larger pic of that bike in your signature line so old eyes could appreciate it!
  13. Lots of players use 2 screens. And many have no lives outside of the game, which is why they foam at the mouth over their stats. So while I don't know exactly how it is done, I know you can't post a negative comment in the Forum without an almost instantaneous response from the CV Woofaloes.
  14. Umikami

    ST 0.10.0, new ships

    It goes much deeper than that. It took forever to even get a British line at all. RN main battery ranges are all a little short. They get crap smoke. They get short range torps up to tier 8. The list goes on and on. And I don't know why, unless it's historical envy.
  15. They hover on the edges of their chairs, waiting for anyone to post something even mildly critical of CVs, and pounce like rabid, hungry vultures on the unfortunate offender. It's because they're all scared to death of losing their God-ships if WG reads enough unanswered fix CV posts and decides the CV craze is over and they can be balanced now.