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  1. Umikami

    Roma issues.

    Dear WG: Please make the premium ship I like, and which I have already paid you for so you won't be getting any extra money, better, just for me. Sincerely, A Player. Good luck with that.
  2. Umikami

    Negative numbers in summary

    Exactly right, you found a team killer on the red squad. If he had sunk an enemy ship his count would move up one to ZERO.
  3. Umikami

    Should games like this ever happen?

    So then, is everyone with a Hispanic surname from South America? Your logic is flawed. I've seen way too many games turned around by unicuTO WIN!"m players so I'm going to count that as a bit more than just my opinion. Only if he uses it, which happens how often? This is a ridiculous example; which ships (we are still talking about ships, right?) have a "magnification sight", other than the zoom sight ALL ships have. You're just making up nonsense, stick with real abilities if you need an example. And premium ships aren't better than line ships because if they were the player base would resound with cries of "PAY TO WIN!" Suggesting you communicate with your team is now an extreme suggestion? OK buddy. I always thought that was just good play. And, no, I don't for a minute believe you communicate with your team; you won't even communicate civilly and respectfully with me in the Forum and there is no pressure here, so I can imagine how you would communicate in the middle of a battle. LOL!! You have a good day there Amigo, and you cherish those delusions of yours. Remember, it's your world, we just live in it.
  4. Umikami

    Improved AP Auto-Bounce Shells?

    …. and many, many others. Why do they pay Wiki Editors? (OH! That's right! THEY DON"T! Wonder why the Wiki is out of date now?!?!)
  5. Umikami

    Should I get a Friesland?

    Then I guess OP should learn to read.
  6. Umikami

    Should I get a Friesland?

    I have a couple of highly colorful suggestions, but they're probably not going to be helpful ….. It appeals to quite a few people; it's supposed to be quite a ship, although it is going to take a very special skill set to excel in it with no torps. No one not associated with WG knows how long it will be available for free XP, and those that do know are probably bound by an NDA. No one not associated with WG knows what the next free XP ship will be (though you can find all manner of wild-azzed guesses right here in the Forum), and those who do know are definitely bound by an NDA. And now we've come full circle, back to those colorful yet unhelpful suggestions again. Historically, when WG removes a ship from sale, they do give you plenty of time before it's just gone, so if you're not 100 % sold on Friesland you might just want to save your XP until you are, or they release a new free XP ship. Your XP will not go away unless YOU spend it.
  7. And the developer drinking enough not to care? RB was a silly idea!
  8. Umikami

    The famous DD-214

    USS Tracy, Clemson class DD. 7 Battle Stars in WW2. Interesting history there.
  9. Umikami

    Should games like this ever happen?

    Just to ask, what are you basing that statement on? Well, you certainly can't turn the tide if you tell yourself you can't and just give up, but I've been in too many matches where my team was down 4 ships halfway through a match and came back. But it's OK for you to believe whatever you want. I know for a fact this isn't true. When I read this, I think of Jingles, and then I laugh, then I read it again, and laugh all over. Premium (special) ships aren't better; they just have more gimmicks. Nonsense! MM has been totally screwed up since the first day the game went live! If you think it's messed up now, you should have seen it in Closed Beta when you could have uneven teams, teams with different numbers of ships in them, and non-mirrored teams, where one side would have 2 CVs and the other side none. And there ARE things you can do to get your team to play better, and the first one is to communicate with them. Get everyone on the same page, share plans, call out targets. But if all that is too much trouble then, by all means, just sit back and complain, because no one has done that in 4 years of playing this game, so that should really get WGs attention right away.
  10. Umikami

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    Still, better with low ping than high ping. But, like the song says, you can't always get what you want!
  11. Umikami

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    You only need to assume that if you want to survive. On a DD, if you're detected, you're already screwing up.
  12. Umikami

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    OUCH! (but I do understand it if you're talking NA server; it's bouncing across the Atlantic and back. If that's the European server …. OUCH!)
  13. Umikami

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    That SUX!
  14. Umikami

    Smoke and visibility

    There isn't full visibility from inside a smoke screen, you need a team member outside spotting to see anything at all. Not nearly as ridiculous as radar that sees through islands, but we have that and you still can't see out of a smokescreen without a spotter. Because RNGeezus said NO! Yes it is, as illogical as having unlimited regeneration for CV aircraft, but there you are! And doing it with pictures in this game. Radar Cruiser Captains would have a group meltdown. Atlanta, Wooster, and Smolensk Captains would have a group meltdown. No, in over 4 years of playing no one but you has thought of this. You win a COOKIE!!
  15. Umikami

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    So is 70 ms ping, to be honest.