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  1. Umikami

    How to fix AA

    A. Because not all ships use their main batteries for AA fire; only those with "dual-purpose" guns do. B. Because there should be no delay between AA fire and main battery fire, as most guns had to be brought down to be reloaded; it's unrealistic. C. Because there are many, many situations where ships need both their AA and their main batteries, and this is a GAME, not real life. Now then, Pookie Von Snowflake; is that contributing enough for you?
  2. Umikami

    How to fix AA

    Save me some of whatever it is you're smoking, it's obviously very good, unlike this idea, which is very bad.
  3. Umikami

    WTH is wrong with this

    Yes it is! (and they should fix that, as spilling Scotch is definitely not a good thing!)
  4. Umikami

    Get Your Orange Out

    Are you sure that's a DD? It looks more like a (very) heavy cruiser! (wonder if it's set up for night fighting?)
  5. Umikami

    The Iowa Diet Plan

    Oil Tankers.
  6. Umikami

    Get Your Orange Out

    Ja, Ja; Das Lertenboot! (And congrats to you @Lert, God knows you've waited long enough for this to happen!)
  7. Umikami

    Incoming OP Russian Premium; Be Very Afraid

    Hey, Mutsu is the tier 6 Musashi. (so, ya, not really OP at all!)
  8. Krasny Krym, a ship I just love to play. And, yes, I know it's a "BAD SHIP".
  9. Umikami

    Bad Apples

    Yes, well, luckily I have more freedom of action today than I did as a minor.
  10. Umikami

    Bad Apples

    Honestly at times I think all that matters to WoW is that you play and spend money, as evidenced by the incredibly weak and useless penalties they put on even the worst offenders. They never tell you what was done, a situation which could be addressed by a better EULA which you would have to agree to in order to play. The pink penalty is a joke, with many offenders simply continuing to be offensive while pink and in co-op. And chat bans and the like are so arbitrary as to be simply random and dependent on which moderator you have handling the complaint. It has been obvious for years the game doesn't care about your flags or modules or money and time spent on a match ruined by some dumptruck who has no respect for any other player in the game. Yes, you can always take the high road and simply ignore the offender, but in reality why should we stand tall like mature individuals when the game itself cares so little? This entire system is a poor and ongoing joke and only proves what the true focus for WoW really is.
  11. Umikami

    Conqueror Kremlin

    And WoWs does it again; striking hard with a nerf sledgehammer where a nerf scalpel would have worked better.
  12. The ones they have removed for being too good.
  13. Umikami

    Best game

    Thank you for sharing!
  14. Umikami

    Atlanta Torps range is incorrect

    Atlanta needs the 9.2 km Sims torps.