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  1. Did you file a "bug" ticket with support or just start complaining in the Forum.
  2. Fixed that for you. Which seems to be more than WoW can do for CV play.
  3. Don't all premium ships get their own unique premium camo?
  4. Good Lord; if you learned that overwhelming wall of data since October, just think what you'll be posting next year! Nice to have you on board, hope you stay a while, more shooting, less talking! (Just bustin' your hump, sincere welcome and hope to see you in a match soon.)
  5. First Blood Reward?

    Maybe because in so many cases the first kill is purely dumb luck combined with generous opportunity.
  6. Dissension is the prime motivator of change' every time two people, anywhere at anytime, butted heads over any issue, there was a golden opportunity for change, and a parallel opportunity to make something better or worse; oft times depending solely on point of view. To provide a somewhat ludicrous example, murder is just fine, if you practice cannibalism. Civilization is the means of mitigating the strong emotions which are present during conflicting viewpoints; we no longer physically kill each other (as often?) over disagreements, though professional and social death is just as common, and possibly just as cruel. Civilization also teaches us that we should convince others rather than force them into our viewpoints; thus we learn to both project our views out to the public and do so as society deems fit. If no one ever argued, we would still be happily living in caves and bashing animals with antelope thigh bones to get our daily meat.
  7. Really ... because my opinion is "Either play or don't." That is the choice it all really boils down to; the rest is just window dressing. My Opinion.
  8. U.S. Cruiser Split

    I, personally, didn't like how some of them got treated ( cough ... Fubuki ... cough ) but I don't think WoW cheated anyone out of anything during the split. I was more than satisfied with the split outcome, just as I was when the Russian line split; other than, like I said, certain ships losing more abilities than I thought they should have. Unfortunately all this happened at a time when there were a lot of other changes happening, and I'm sure some changes from one got mixed up with the others.
  9. Is putting up a complaint thread about current Community Contributors part of the audition process to become a new one?
  10. Quite a number of slips actually; but who's really counting ... besides you. As far as having fun goes, why wouldn't I? Besides, where negativity is concerned, your post is at least, if not more, negative than his was, which at least had the validity of addressing an actual topic rather than trying to just tear another player down. The only S_O_B you see in the mirror is you.
  11. Bring some additional players.
  12. Change "Defended" Ribbon

    because ... why? they wouldn't come get you, hidden or not?
  13. ... even though it was something wrong.
  14. Aegis tactics

    so much for my free T-Shirt!