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  1. Lyon is F U N ! LOTS of F U N ! Did I mention that Lyon is F U N ! That 16 gun salvo is truly devastating.
  2. Win not recorded.

    They are still having those server issues, by the way; that happened to me Saturday, transferred to another server at the end of a match.
  3. Minimap?

    THAT's a BIG 10/4!
  4. French BB XP

    Don't know, Don't care; got 2 free ships.
  5. Finally got the Nelson!

    I'm glad you enjoy it, my brother!
  6. The only issue I've had like that is after a battle it will toss me right out of the game and back to the server log-in screen. Get back in and no stats from any previous battles.
  7. Tips for torps?

    Don't turn off your torps after you fire, leave them on, firing aid and all. Players with the "How many folks are targeting me" skill see that number flicker down and back up and immediately change direction. Leave your torps on and they get fewer warnings that you have fired. It's another in game cheat so BB drivers can compete.
  8. Ya, I've had a problem or two but they solve them fast, and for me have always been easy to work with.
  9. The tier 6 cruisers I see most in scenario play are Cleveland, Budyonny, and La Gal; probably in that order.
  10. 2-13 tonight

    NOT the same potatoes, DIFFERENT potatoes! The weekends are like Idaho; full of spuds! You do notice many players who cherish their win rates avoid weekends like the plague? Now you know why!
  11. I'm pretty sure its not exactly a bowl full of Skittles for anyone else. Nice trick, have to remember that one. Because they're the ones waffle-stomping my team? If you're on the team which grossly outclasses the other team; then it's just fine! Unless they're the ones who died early. I've never actually left a match because it looked hopeless; though to be perfectly honest I have suicide charged the nearest red player just to see how much damage I can do before I go. It's your time and your money, so really you can spend them anyway you want. I just always liked taking one, or more, with me when I leave.
  12. Wow, you can trade your big-eyed teenage girls for an old dude in a German helmet waving a light stick around; that's a step up! Dude, go to the Clan section and see which clans are looking for recruits and read what they're about.
  13. Yamato, Montana, or GK first?

    Of course I is an x-purt! Read the Sub-Octavian interview about what is happening with the game and one of the things he commented on was that Montana seemed to be the most powerful tier 10 ship at the moment. Take that for whatever you think it's worth.
  14. Vampire ever comming back?

    Vampires only come out at night, so ... when it gets dark out? Ya. This.
  15. Finally got the Nelson!

    I used a Cleveland but, ya, same result; fish with full bellies. I mean, I guess it's a good ship, but it burns whenever you look at it, and it has that HUGE front end which just screams "SHOOT ME!", and honestly the only really good thing I can see is it has great guns, which it does. They just don't point in some directions, and if you approach from those directions ... GLUG, GLUG, GLUG!