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  1. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    ALL the ships were playable; ALL except Kitakami made it to Live Game; ALL went away when the game went Live, none earlier, none later. It was a regular premium ship they removed because it didn't work like they thought (a condition which seems to plague them often if the number of removed ships is any indication.)
  2. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    Wargaming removed all premium ships except the three buy in ships when Open Beta gave way to Live Game. Everyone was compensated with doubloons.
  3. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    Sorry, but you're wrong about that, too. It was a regular, playable premium ship all the way from Closed Beta through Open Beta and was removed when Open Beta gave way to Live Game. At that time everyone lost ALL their premium ships EXCEPT Sims, Yubari, and Gremyaschy; the three buy in ships. ALL players who had purchased premium ships in either Open or Closed Beta were reimbursed with doubloons for the cost of their ships and then allowed to repurchase them, or any other ship that they wanted. Kitakami was withdrawn at that time, and everyone who bought her was reimbursed with doubloons. That reimbursement is why no one will be getting a Kitakami for free; not because they used any special type of testing doubloons to get one, because to get one everyone used doubloons purchased through the premium shop, for cash.
  4. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    My receipts say "Thank you for your purchase; your item will be transferred to your account after Closed Beta".
  5. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    I had all kinds of ships I paid real money for before the game went live; Atlanta, Warspite, of course Yubari, etc. ALL of them were paid for with real money, in fact I still have the e-mail notifications for them. Sorry but you're wrong about this.
  6. Umikami

    How to Improve the CV Game

    While CVs have eternally regenerating aircraft? No, I don't think so!
  7. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    True, but you still had to pay real money for it.
  8. Umikami

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    Sorry, Amigo, but I never got any free doubloons for testing, I bought my way in by purchasing Yubari during Closed Beta testing. I never bought a Kitakami, but if I had I would have needed to have spent real money on it, as I'm sure many did.It was NOT just available for give away doubloons.
  9. Umikami

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Thanks for that tidbit of information! Because Kitakami, while having 65 mm citadel armor, also has 13 mm fore and aft (bow and stern) armor and 10 mm superstructure armor, which means players are going to need to place their shots well, right into the center hull, or get little but overpens.
  10. Umikami

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    I thought about what you just posted, and Kuma (the ship Kitakami is built from) has 13 mm armor fore and stern, with a 65 mm citadel in the middle (which lies underneath a 10 mm superstructure). Does anyone know how little armor you need before your 203 mm AP shells over-pen it? Using HE against Kitakami might be necessary.
  11. Your optimistic attitude is showing!
  12. Umikami

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Here are some stats to keep in mind concerning the new, improved version of Kitakami: 1). It's now tier 10, having been moved up from her original tier 8 position. And this is still, capability wise, a tier 4 IJN cruiser. 2). She sports destroyer grade guns, which at least also have destroyer grade reload times. 6 second reloads isn't bad, but four 140mm guns with only a 13.1 km range at tier 10 seems suicidal at best. And with a 180 degree turn time of 21.2 seconds these are definitely IJN weapons! And, one last FYI, they are 140 mm guns, which puts them exactly one millimeter above the cut-off for both the basic and advanced fire training bonus. 3). Her AA is just about non-existent, and only goes out to 5.8 km. 4). Her torps, while she does have many (read many, many), are slower than molasses in winter (57 knot speed), can be spotted from low earth orbit (1.9 km detection range), and take a month of Sundays to reload (141 seconds). It's a good thing there are 5 launchers per side, because you are seriously going to need them. Add to the above stats the following; she's slow (32 kt top speed), and while her surface detectability is good at 10.6 km, her air detectability is 7.2 km. Who do you think the team will be asking the CV to spot first? Between you and me, I'm hoping these stats are a work in progress thing and not finalized, as right now, with these stats, this would be a very difficult ship to play, and even harder to excel in. What I would like to see is Kitakami get some dual purpose main battery guns for better AA defense at tier 10, as well as some mild improvements on her torps, which seem to be the worst in the game right now. I'd like to see the speed creep up into the mid 60's range; I'd like to see the detection lowered to 1.6 or 1.7 km, and I'd like to see the reload dropped down to somewhere near 2 minutes. Also, she could be a little faster, say 35 kts or so top speed. I know Kitakami is a one trick pony of a ship, and also one I never wanted returned to the game for what are obvious reasons of excitable reckless noob team-killing; but if she IS returned to the game, and it looks like she will be, she should be both competitive and able to survive contact with the enemy, and right now I don't think she is. My opinion.
  13. Umikami

    Your professional opinion please.

    It's hilarious that as long as you've been playing this game, you still think teamwork is something the average potato player even thinks about, let alone indulges in! Remember; what's good for you is good for you. You can bet your team mates will be thinking that way.
  14. Umikami

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Great work .... as usual. Thank you @LittleWhiteMouse.