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  1. Umikami

    WOWS' Red-Headed Step-Child

    Then your Hipper experience is vastly different than mine because I loved playing that ship.
  2. Umikami

    Is it worth going beyond Budyoni ?

    I have Donskoi now and to be honest I'm loving it more then even Budyonny when I first got her after Kirov. (Which is dumb when you realize that both Donskoi and Kirov have 180 mm guns.) But yeah, like the quick reload when compared to the 203s most other tier 9s have; her guns hit hard and start lots of fires, and the ship holds up well for a cruiser (Which is like saying it is a well built coke can, but it is a sturdy cruiser.) Bud was a party after Kirov, and Shchors and Chappy both just improved on that, but Donskoi has just been fun, and I'd match it against any other tier 9 in the game.
  3. Umikami

    DD's in upper Tiers are OVERPOWERED against BB

    must …..….. stop ………. laughing!
  4. Umikami

    My how to BB video compilation

    Only if you play your Battleships as well as you play your Destroyers.
  5. I agree with this; there are enough gimmicks and cheap tricks in the game already. That's the point, it's not YOU that's especially good, you just have better electronic tricks, and that's just a bad joke. I don't mind losing to someone who has better skills, but because he has better gimmicks? That's nonsense.
  6. Could you guys please fix the bug which keeps the NEW tag on the Cossack announcement in the upper left hand corner of the game. I know Cossack is out, and I don't need the constant reminder after I've clicked on it half a dozen times thinking something that was actually news had been posted. Yeah, I get it; you want to sell ships, but constantly rubbing players faces in it only serves to aggravate people who think there might be some actual news. How about actually fixing the broken parts of the game before you add new broken crap.
  7. Umikami

    Warships Hockey Jersey

    Or you could just wait until the WoWs ballet tutu comes out early next year.
  8. Umikami

    Wyoming AA variant

    The ship would be worthless in any match without a CV, and next to useless in a match with one as all a CV driver would need to do would be fly around it. It's a good training ship, but a bottom of the barrel combat ship.
  9. Umikami

    So this just happened

    That's not a roll, that's dude falling down over and over again after huffing way too much paint.
  10. Umikami

    So this just happened

    I'm pretty sure that's eternal, not external.
  11. Umikami

    Wargaming please give us Mutsu 1943

    16 inch guns at tier 6; they're freakin' awesome! I love my Mutsu; it's a tank!
  12. Umikami

    Wargaming please give us Mutsu 1943

    Yeah, and the Lexington isn't the Lexington, it's the Saratoga; and the Kongo is one of the other BBs from that class, not Kongo. Same is same, and WoW has been doing it from before most of these players have been playing. They are the same, yet different, and certainly not worth complaining about.
  13. Umikami

    Wargaming please give us Mutsu 1943

    It started before the game was ever released, back in CBT, with the Omaha clone Murmansk, and then the Omaha clone Marblehead. So all this drama about something "NEW" that isn't really new also isn't really needed.
  14. Umikami

    "it's just a game"

    Or maybe they are the players who have a life outside of the game and don't rely on their stats for their sense of self worth?
  15. Then make your point in the correct context, and quit being such a delicate little princess.