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  1. MachineCorps

    Question about Big Hunt Commanders in Armory

    Thank you guys for the help........... I really do appreciate it very much.
  2. In the Armory, under the Big Hunt Icon, are Commanders for sale for 5500 Doubloons named Commander of the Dark Cove, Commander of Shadow Bay, Commander of the Grim Harbor and Commander of the Grim Raid. My question is what ships can these Commanders be used for? For example, can they be used for the ships of any nationality, or are they for certain specific nationalities as other commanders in the Armory are?> Thank you for any help you can offer me./
  3. MachineCorps

    Are you actually allowed to swear in this game?

    You can get chat banned even if you don't use profanity. I have been banned more than I care to mention (I am trying to improve), and it says something about "offensive remarks designed to bypass the filter?" So I get chat banned basically for calling people noobs and sometimes asswipes. I need to stop that because I am only an average player at best. It usually happens in the course of frustration from watching people do the same old things that you know end in defeat, like everyone lemming to one side or something similar. Anyways it happens when I play this game too much and forget it's just a game and who care if ya win or lose. But do be aware you can be banned without using profanity. It's actually good when they chat ban me as it reminds me to just chill out.
  4. MachineCorps

    German Carriers

    OK I could not possibly make this up if I tried, it is just too crazy. Right after I thanked everyone for replying to my question, I got a container for mission completions, and, of course, it had the mission to grind 8000XP to obtaing the Rhein. Now I am really wondering if my RNG was that good because I NEVER get anything like that from random containers, and I have played this game since beta, off and on, OR did some nice person from WG see my post and tweak my RNG on my account to drop the mission? If you did, then thanks!!!!
  5. MachineCorps

    German Carriers

    Thank you guys for all the replies.............and also the math on getting enough tokens to buy the ships.........I can see it is pointless for me, so I will just play random ships as usual and not wear myself out on the German line.
  6. MachineCorps

    German Carriers

    I was trying to complete as many German Carrier missions to grind German tokens in the hopes of buying one of the ships with them. However, I see I will need to complete three of them with the Rhein, Weser and A. Parseval. is the only way to obtain these ships through purchasing the German Premium Containers? Thanks for the assistance.
  7. MachineCorps

    Why is the WoWs community getting more toxic?

    Actually I am ashamed to say I have been guilty of toxic behavior myself lately, and just served a 2 week ban from chat as a result. While I won't try to excuse my behavior, I have wondered myself why I am in such a pissy mood lately. I have come to the conclusion that it is in large part due to being home on quarantine and and the crazy events going on in our country coupled with just playing the game too much. I will try to keep in mind this is just a game, and the people I play with are doing so in a shared fellowship of gaming.
  8. MachineCorps

    0.9.6 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Well I have chronic tinnitus and severe hearing impairment (thank you US Marines), and the BOOM sound after I fire the guns or get hit it SO IRRITATING I had to turn off the sound. Seriously not an improvement at all.
  9. MachineCorps

    Level 10 Upgrade Missions

    Yes that was the problem I had. Thank you for your help: I am getting credit for the sub-missions after all. I just got a tad confused over new system.
  10. MachineCorps

    Level 10 Upgrade Missions

    OK well I am just a moron I guess. The mission IS working only it doesn't say "Upgrade Mission" at the end of the battle: it uses the sub-mission title instead. I am getting credit for it after all. Sorry to waste you time, and thank you for your responses. When you are 65, things get a little tougher to comprehend no matter what people may say to the contrary.
  11. MachineCorps

    Level 10 Upgrade Missions

    Let me try it again today, but no I had no update for the mission after successful battle. The missions are there under "Combat" "Upgrade" but no credit for them when I fight the Shimmy or Gearing. But others are getting credit and that is what I really wanted to know, so TY guys for responding to my query.
  12. MachineCorps

    Level 10 Upgrade Missions

    Well yes it makes perfect sense, and I understand what you are saying completely. But at the end of winning a battle in either of these two ships I do not get any credit for the missions at all. Perhaps this is a bug in the game? I had both ships before the patch, and I had both missions as well. But after I win a battle I get no credit for either of these two missions. Thank you both for your replies.
  13. MachineCorps

    Level 10 Upgrade Missions

    So the daily missions have changed recently, and now I don't seem to be able to get credit for the Level 10 missions that upgrade the ship. Before the format changed, I would go into the Combat Missions, Select the upgrade mission and appropriate ship, and receive credit if I won. Now there is no button to click on to activate these missions anymore. I played level 10 and won, but no credit to the mission at all. Does anyone know how to continue to advance the level 10 upgrade missions? I have two: one for the Gearing is Family Matters, and the other for the Shimikaze is Cuts Like a Katana. Thank you for any assistance you may offer.
  14. MachineCorps

    Graf Zeppelin B No Doubloons

    Well count me in with the pissed off people who think you totally ripped us off with this bogus "promotion." I quit this game for about a year and a half. Time to quit again. Stealing people's money is not a good business model.
  15. MachineCorps

    Happy Birthday - United States Marine Corps

    Sorry for the War Story again, but memory lane calls. I was also an AE, and attended school at NAS Memphis in the first class to be held there after the school was moved from NAS Jacksonville. Later I attended the "B" school in Memphis and there I met my wife who was a sailor in the ASW school there. We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary last week. Life is funny. I actually tried to flunk out of AE school because I had been a rifleman (0311) in 2nd Batt, 6th Reg at Camp Lejeune for 3 months after boot camp. I injured my knee on a conditioning hike and they needed people in aviation. Vietnam had just ended and they didn't need grunts as much anymore. I didn't want any part of the "slimy [edited]Air Wing as my SgtMaj in 2/6 put it, so I figured if I flunked out they would send me back as by that time my knee had healed completely during the long wait for the school to be reorganized from Jacksonville to Memphis. However, the CPO in charge of the first part of the school caught on to my rather naive and transparent plot and sent me to the marine NCOIC who told me if I flunked out I would not be going back to infantry, but would be court martialed for dereliction of duty and would still be in the slimy [edited]Air Wing only I would be driving a fuel truck instead of working on planes. So I started paying attention and found I liked it. Later I had a couple nasty run ins with infantry marines in Okinawa and Subic Bay who always wanted to tell us we were "Slimy [edited]Air Wing." Actually, they were right. Compared to the rest of the Corps at the time. the Air Wing was pretty "slimy."