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    Random disconnects

    It has been happening to me too. I think I first reported it in Oct or Nov. It comes and goes, sometimes 2-3 times a match, sometimes once in an evening. I just submitted ticket with the WGC check report at 0025 EST 16 Jan 19
  2. Thanks for commenting. As for me, its still going on, although it can be variable. Wednesday, 5 Dec 18 was a real pain with lots of disconnects. Thursday and Friday (6 and 7 Dec) had just one disconnect a night. Tonight, 10 Dec 18, I had one match with three separate disconnects and two slow downs (games freezes and then snaps back). I just exited a match because the game disconnected about 2 minutes in and I was sunk by the time I reconnected. I can't contemplate ranked battles because it would be too unfair to everyone else on my team. I really wish Wargaming would fix this problem.
  3. The game is still disconnecting. Yesterday and today I had at least two matches where is diconnect back to the login screen 3 times in the same match. My team would be better off with a bot. I am not running any WoWS add ons, just the plain vanila game. I have used three different computers and two ISPs so I think the problem is at the server.
  4. I have been playing for a couple of hours and the game is disconnecting mid-match almost every time. I am playing, the ping slows down, the game freezes, and then the ping goes to -35. At that point in the next 5-10 seconds, it either snaps back in or it disconnects me to the login screen. Most times I can push connect and it gets back into the games, but usually 2-3 minutes have passed and I am usually sunk or about to be sunk.