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  1. Hey NoLove! I saw your post about the next Clan Battle season. I do not see that you're an admin, so where did this information originate?


  2. FlyingSquid

    0.7.11. Public Test Bug Reports

    Bug : Improper amount of coal offered as clan Coal Port bonus. Specific problem : When receiving coal via missions, quests, etc. the bonus received is far too high on PT 0.7.11 Evidence : My PT server clan has the Coal Port at level 3 which grants a 10% bonus to coal. So, when I receive 400 coal from a task, mission, etc., I should receive 40 coal as a bonus. I have been receiving 124 as a bonus for 400 coal. That is a 31% bonus, when it should be 10%. This is over 3 times the expected rate!
  3. FlyingSquid

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    Bug discovered : Alexander Ovechkin [American] commander's data is incorrect or there is a problem with the Independence. Specific problem : When applying the Aircraft Servicing Expert commander skill to my Independence, it INCREASED service time for Fighters and Dive Bombers by 5%, rather than decrease it by 10%, like it should. Evidence : I am a 'numbers guy', so occasionally I write numbers down and then enjoy seeing the difference in a change or an upgrade. In this case, using this skill [Aircraft Servicing Expert] on the American Ovechkin commander resulted in a penalty, rather than a benefit. That obviously caught my attention, just as if you used concealment expert on a destroyer you had and the detection increased, rather then decreased, you would be pretty upset. The data is below: Servicing time for squadrons without any commander: Fighters 40 seconds Dive Bombers 32 seconds Servicing time for squadrons with Alexander Ovechkin commander [U.S.] on same carrier [Independence]: Fighters 42 seconds Dive Bombers 34 seconds Further data to exclude erroneous factors : 1] I have the B hull and both the Fighter and Dive Bomber modules purchased, making my Independence sit with elite status. 2] I DO NOT have the Flight Control upgrade, which would affect the servicing time. Thank you for your time!