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  1. Spirit_of_76

    is there penalty for hitting enemy afk player?

    Nah. That's ridiculous. Sink them.
  2. Spirit_of_76

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    :( got 50 camos this morning from an SC
  3. No, man. You're doing it wrong. We all know that we're not allowed to like anything. Get with the program.
  4. Spirit_of_76

    Upgrades killing game play.

    Haven't done anything to my computer in 5 years. Still seems okay. Sorry it isn't working out for you.
  5. Spirit_of_76

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    Maps without circles would be nice.
  6. It takes a certain level of persistence to play this game. If you are not persistent in that way, well, there are other games. The way I understand it most people who quit early quit after a battle or two at tier 1.
  7. I, for one, demand strict historical accuracy in the ships-that-never-existed category of vessel in the internet shooty boats game.
  8. Spirit_of_76

    Bonus for accumulating 1 Million Coal?

    This sort of reminds me of the old accumulate-1000-containers-before-opening-them mini game.
  9. Spirit_of_76

    Don't mess with Texas

    It’s not a good ship by any stretch of the imagination, especially if she’s bottom tiered, which is where it fares even more poorly than average I would say.
  10. Spirit_of_76

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    Using the karmaflage mod on aslains has actually improved my mood. No idea now what my karma is or is not and don’t care now since I can’t easily check. Btw @final8ty is (in my personal experience with and against) a great player in his asashio with very solid judgment in combat.
  11. Spirit_of_76

    Don't mess with Texas

    The secret to my win rate, such as it is, is that my judgment about what to do in the next three minutes is much better at t5 than at t10, where my judgement is apparently abysmal. In that one good really good game it was stay central and kite an aggressive enemy. But I get good damage in oklahoma regularly (avg 52k) though my win rate is poor because it’s not fast enough to carry. I also am highly motivated because I am a Sooner and we have to make do.
  12. Spirit_of_76

    Don't mess with Texas

    Had an excellent 100k game with oklahoma the other day, but Texas is far more consistent. GC my fav tho.
  13. Spirit_of_76

    Favorite ships?

  14. Spirit_of_76

    WOWS End of life?

    There is a good portion of the community who would quit playing entirely if they had nothing to complain about. For them the complaining is the game.
  15. Spirit_of_76

    This is going to be sweet!!

    Need a perma camo for each ship. Interested to see what the costs end up being.