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  1. SDF-1 will be the first Soviet CV. It deploys veritech fighters and its main gun will eliminate the enemy team with one shot. It is a T4 ship.
  2. It’s captain gloval, commander of the SDF-1, the T4 Soviet CV.
  3. I would complain about bootlickers. Don't like that sort at all.
  4. Spirit_of_76

    Time for a DD rework?

    Yeah, I think universality is a good idea generally. Special rules that aren’t intuitive are a bad idea.
  5. Spirit_of_76

    Time for a DD rework?

    Something along those lines. Others could see it on the minimap but not over a mountain or whatever.
  6. Spirit_of_76

    The Hatred for CV's needs to stop.

    Why does it need to stop? What other tools are available to effectuate change? The hatred appears to be justified. CV players have the ability to grief others (inflict penalty without recourse) at will and aren’t generally shy about doing it. Nobody else can harass me at will unless I put myself out of position. CV can delete me (Worcester) behind an island merely by persisting. To be clear: I hate lots of things. CVs don’t get to escape that.
  7. Spirit_of_76

    Time for a DD rework?

    Yeah, I’d eliminate all the spotting shenanigans. Just because ship A sees something doesn’t mean ship B sees it. Ship A sends up a report and then ship B knows the general vicinity and that’s it.
  8. Spirit_of_76

    Time for a DD rework?

    The actual problem with CVs lies in the way that the CV spotting you let’s every single other player know exactly where you are instantly. All spotting should be limited to the mini-map, which would be its own problem. Dont have a better answer than to eliminate CVs since they don’t fit with the other basic ship types (e.g. CVs historically ended the utility of BBs and smaller ships except as CV supports and army support.) They just don’t fit, but they aren’t going anywhere, at least that’s my guess.
  9. Spirit_of_76

    Time for a DD rework?

    I think a guided missile destroyer needs to be added to replace the obsolete gunboats.