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  1. what BigBlackRat says start the game and where you click to get Containers click on the BIG Santa Claus Container square that should open the page to get your gifts :)
  2. thank you so very much CageyBee1954 this worked :)
  3. i did not get no 2 free Santa Gifts when i signed in to the game today :( all i seen was a ad to buy the Santa Gifts but nothing has found it way to me but my kid signed in and gets 2 ? :(
  4. freakassoid

    Error Connecting to Server..

    @turbo07 i was played this morning everything was fine now i get that error trying to signin to the game ( failed to connect to sever. Please try again later )
  5. freakassoid

    New fast growing clan

    just a Drunkin bump :)