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  1. orangeandblue

    USS Texas access to AA Guns Mod 1?

    Yeah. I'm sure Texas still has her fans but I'm no longer impressed. It was fun shooting down more planes and having carriers avoid you but now when you run into anything more than tier IV planes you can't do much to them. I think I shot down maybe 3 or 4 tier VI planes in the last battle or two, but, she's really a New York so there's pretty much no reason, in my mind, to have her, but your point about not getting her in a drop box again is good enough for me. I'm sure the silver isn't worth much and I generally earn enough since I have a premium account.
  2. orangeandblue

    USS Texas access to AA Guns Mod 1?

    Fair point. I don't need the slot or credits. Just annoyed that they screwed it up so much and it's probably been that way for a while and I just didn't realize. Oh well. It was never my go-to ship anyway...just glad I never invested in the Stars and Stripes camo.
  3. orangeandblue

    USS Texas access to AA Guns Mod 1?

    It performs okay with tier IV aircraft. Tier VI? Not so much, although even tier IV aircraft can land shots on it, it will at least shoot down a respectable number of planes.
  4. orangeandblue

    USS Texas access to AA Guns Mod 1?

    Sounds like a sell may be in its future. :) Thanks for the assistance.
  5. orangeandblue

    USS Texas access to AA Guns Mod 1?

    Nice. Remove the selling point of the ship. :)
  6. So, it's entirely possible this is old news and was announced somewhere and I just didn't see it. But, the other day I decided to play my Texas, and I checked the upgrade modules and noticed that the 3rd slot was empty, which was a bit suspect. Then I noticed that I no longer have access to the AA Guns Mod 1 in that slot, which I found strange and also a tad annoying since the Texas main selling point was at one time its "AA", although I know that has gone through many iterations in recent patches. I sent up a ticket but I'm not sure I chose the right path for the ticket, if that makes sense. Nonetheless, it has been sent and it's in WG's hands, I'm just awaiting a response - although the ticket is 2 days old now with no updates. So, is this just something that happened and is now normal and I wasn't aware of it or is this a thing? I mean, why should the tier V Italian cruiser Raimondo Montecucolli, for example, have access to the AA Guns Mod 1 in slot #3 when the Texas, who was originally sold for it's improved AA performance, or at the very least that was one of its main selling points because otherwise it's mostly a premium New York, doesn't?
  7. orangeandblue

    Monitor screen resolution and aspect ratio?

    Nailed it! That's the setting I wasn't aware of and yes it made a world of difference. Thank you!! :)
  8. I just picked up a laptop over black Friday that is still cheap but a definite improvement over what I had before. It runs the game MUCH better, but I'm not totally satisfied with the screen resolution/aspect ratio when it comes to aiming, everything seems smaller and I've been used to using dynamic sites for aiming. So I'm curious to know if anyone else has dealt with this and maybe has a formula that works for them? The native screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 which, I believe, is what is recommended by WG. I've been playing around with the aspect ratio trying to find something suitable but getting mixed results. Tried 16:9 and "auto" letting it pick for me. It seems to go for the 16:9 on auto as well. Maybe I just have to get used to the different look.
  9. orangeandblue

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    So I know some things have changed and there were/are questions about what may or may not happen to IFHE. WoWs doesn't allow you to accept that skill if you try...granted it's almost 2020. Wait...what? :)
  10. orangeandblue

    Lert's haul of Black Friday boxes

    I don't think I'd mess with the boxes personally. I do have some interest in a few of the black ships even though I already have their "normal" counterparts, namely Scharnhorst B, Mass B, and Tirpitz B. Grats on your new "Blarney". :D
  11. orangeandblue

    Screen freeze and disconnect on NA server.

    Do you have a Netgear router? I do and have had a lot of problems with it, trouble is, so have a lot of other people and Netgear support is non-existent. They care only about selling you a router and as it turns out, their firmware is designed by a third party company and, well, it's trash. The router is not old and outdated, and as a matter of fact, is still being sold in stores. Often times the "solution" to a problem like that is to upgrade to the latest, greatest version of that particular product's firmware or whatever the case may be - but in the case of certain Netgear routers, the latest, greatest firmware is nothing but junk and upon upgrading is when the random disconnects begin. However, it's not just from WoWs, you'll notice random drops in other internet-connected devices in your home if this is the case.
  12. orangeandblue

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    I wasn't really attempting to dis Texas as much as draw a comparison to the sluggish handling and speeds of the two ships. I also own a Texas and occasionally find it a fun ship to play. I think the last time had played Texas before I made this post wasn't a particularly great match and I had come from some of the faster German BB's so the handling and speed was more noticeable and annoying and stood out more I suppose. I do like the fact that if you can get all of the guns on target and land a nice salvo it can indeed be fun. And the AA can occasionally be fun too. I was in a match earlier today with some tier IV CV's and I noticed they steered clear so, didn't get to shoot down a lot of planes. :)
  13. orangeandblue

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    It looks like another floating brick battleship anyway. Painful like a Texas without good AA as a saving grace.
  14. orangeandblue

    Identifying Very Important Players

    You don't get many or any "Close Quarters Expert" awards do you? This is a game. Enjoyment should be part of the equation for the player. If it's not - they should quit. Not many people make their living off this game and the ones who do are programmers and developers. It's neither the fault of the captain or the ship that WG has changed a once viable skill into something that is less useful, but how many players are really going to drop 500 doubloons every time WG changes their mind about what's good and what isn't to re-spec their captains? Not many. While I agree that in general, it's not a great idea to make all of your battleships secondary builds, at the same time - show me a Tirpitz, Bismarck or Massachusetts captain who isn't emphasizing those secondaries and you've found a fool.