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  1. JollyRoger6969

    5 Years

    Still here.
  2. JollyRoger6969

    Fix The Dang MM!!!

    We need 5 more
  3. JollyRoger6969

    New German CVs Rocket Aiming Receptacle Tier IV and VI

    You running any mods @bortt ? I just tested it in my German CV and saw it just fine.
  4. JollyRoger6969

    Italian ships smoke error

    Yes.. We do understand what you wrote. The advice given to you is correct. See here. Taken from wiki after a 5 second google search on how to smoke in warships. You can use google as well to do all sorts of searches for things you want to learn more about. It is really nifty, try it sometime. Firing in Smoke A ship sailing peaceably along has a certain detection radius. However, the moment she lights off her main battery, she becomes visible from considerably farther away. This is due to 'gun bloom' — the flame and smoke from her rifles. With clear visibility, the ship's detection range becomes the same as her main gun range. There is a similar effect when firing in smoke. A ship sitting quietly in smoke is invisible outside 2.0km (barring the use of radar or hydro). When she fires her main batteries, her detection range increases, although not as much as firing in the open. The amount the ship's detection range increases tends to track the main gun caliber, as does the type of ship. Roughly, the smoke firing detection ranges of DDs varies between 20-25% of the clear firing range, cruisers 35-55%, and BBs 65-100%. Battleships gain little from firing in smoke. Pan Asian cruisers have a considerable advantage: they have almost no detection range increase when firing in smoke. Upon firing the main guns, the ship's detection range increases. If no enemy ship detects it, the range immediately drops back to the non-firing detection range. If an enemy ship does detect it, the ship remains spotted for at least 20 seconds before the range reverts to the non-firing detection range. Of course, firing again resets the 20 second timer. Note well that while gun bloom may not cause the ship to become detected, the muzzle flashes and tracers themselves are visible to the enemy from a considerable distance, and may be quite sufficient for accurate counter-fire. For more information on how the spotting and detection system works in World of Warships, please see the Detection article.
  5. JollyRoger6969

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Indeed. I have seen the same. In fact in division my mates always know that if they want me near a cap and there is radar there.. That they had damn well better kill that radar ship before I go. They know that while that radar ship is alive all that they will get is me staying at least 10km away (12 if RU).
  6. JollyRoger6969

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    We're watching you!!!!!!!!
  7. JollyRoger6969

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    So am I. I'm a customer. I also think Happa is right with his opinion about high tier DD being fun and rewarding. MY paying customer opinion is the same. Not all DD's are fun.. Then again Not all CV's, or BB's are fun either. Some right up stink IMHO. But others I really love to play and do pretty damn good in.
  8. JollyRoger6969

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Might not be your truth but it is our truth.
  9. JollyRoger6969

    My 2019 Summer Trip To The USS Wisconsin

    Never had an issue.. Then again I was a Florida boy and when not in Norfolk was in the area of Bahrain. So my idea of hot and yours might be veeeeery different by a matter of degrees!
  10. JollyRoger6969

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Me too!
  11. JollyRoger6969

    My 2019 Summer Trip To The USS Wisconsin

    Ya know even when I was stationed there I would still have a great time frolicking around on that ship!
  12. JollyRoger6969

    Colorado Crap

    Awesome advice.