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  1. Same goes for me. If you are new and truly desire to learn this game then by all means drop me a line. I am always happy to show a new guy the ropes.
  2. Holy smokes I love you zoup.
  3. I don't really see it. We get focused regardless. It won't matter If you can see who we are or not. As soon as people see the test ship its focus focus focus.
  4. You can have the cv if we can have a 2nd BB.
  5. lmbo... Good one. Wrong attitude I will tell you that.
  6. The red got killed by the Texas shells but was also impacted at almost the same time by torp. Impacts were too close together and the game spits out killed by torp. It does happen and is funny as heck.
  7. Stole my stash
  8. Only the best of the best super stellar get one. As far as the one we can all get.... My fingers are crossed cause I want one!!!
  9. So do i-!!!! I'm in Daphne
  10. CG is love CG is life. Monte forever!!!!
  11. Plan the escape!
  12. Reduce dispersion.
  13. Zomg this made my day.
  14. Wrong