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  1. JollyRoger6969

    WG...go back to co-op

    coop = warmup games as well for me it also means the place where a new ship goes for shakedown cruise.
  2. JollyRoger6969

    Quick Cut: Tier VIII Premium German Battleship Odin

    I have been having some.fun in her. Keeping in mind the ship is still WIP.
  3. Need some replays for that one. Please post. Thanks
  4. JollyRoger6969


    You sure? If it's TRULY after you sink send a ticket to support. Also send a replay or something that proves such in case they can't
  5. JollyRoger6969

    Ranks of members

    Handy graph with the ranks
  6. JollyRoger6969

    Ranked ships not loading in

    Yeah I had a warspite match that I never loaded into as well. I don't think it's just ranked. Seems load times are.way slow as well. Another match took ages before I finally loaded.in That second was in ranked
  7. JollyRoger6969

    Was there a change in how stats are calculated?

    You mean I'm not a 7500pr???? CRY
  8. JollyRoger6969

    true or fake news?

    Yup anytime
  9. JollyRoger6969

    true or fake news?

    Fake news
  10. JollyRoger6969

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    Try Ark Beta AA then. Lul!
  11. JollyRoger6969

    PSA: Operation Narai being pulled for repair in 0.9.1

    Too many people call you out in your other thread you had to post the same nonsense here? You idiot, Narai is being pulled because we as the community showed it was broken. Perhaps you should look into things before making a fool out of yourself.
  12. JollyRoger6969

    All my ships are gone!

    as you can see in the picture that you supplied one of those accounts is a wargaming.net account while the other one is an account for the Russian public test server. Two different things entirely.
  13. JollyRoger6969

    All my ships are gone!

    So the account name that you're looking for is Trident55. as far as you thinking that one email is going to have more than one account that's incorrect. you can only have one account per email so that leads me to believe you are putting in the wrong email and or you forgot which one you used.
  14. JollyRoger6969

    No balance in sight

    Yaaaaaaaawn. Fem and Lert are right.
  15. JollyRoger6969

    SE bug with Edinburgh?

    Oh this 100% and now the numbers match. This is your issue OP.