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  1. So Which One?

    Bacon please
  2. Kitakami

    Its not coming back. @Megaton... Dont believe enerything you hear on the interwebs.
  3. Goodbye PVE

    Peace out and fair seas.
  4. Tired of getting insulted and berated

    I'm going back to bed.
  5. Iwaki Horn

    Beta is just a reallllly deep foghorn The Alpha was actually techno beats.
  6. Tired of getting insulted and berated

    Would you like to show me on this nice plushie goldfish where the baaaaaad ship touched you? I mean cmon dude.... Grow up. People get better all the time. It's attitudes like YOURS that people even complain about toxicity. YOU are toxic.
  7. Tired of getting insulted and berated

    Are you on drugs?
  8. Iwaki Horn

    What happened to my techno beats???????
  9. TIL: I'm a hacker

    The Pepsi-Cola name simply came about because of the Cola part in the name. Twas not because of any tin can squishy issues. Was simply something us Alphas came up with. We also have the Death Pickle as well as the Inquisition and the all famous Reverse Kongo-line!
  10. Operation - Killer Whale

    Best advice that I can give you is to group up with a good team to run the Operation.
  11. Fraudulent Steam Charges

    Yeah that cc company part had me as well. Give it time, see whats what.
  12. Fraudulent Steam Charges

    And in case you dont have it........ What is Valve's phone number? United States. Phone +1 425 889 9642. Fax +1 425 827 4843. Email contact@valvesoftware.com.
  13. Fraudulent Steam Charges

    I would say instead of posting here and waiting for us to advise you that you should simply CALL STEAM!
  14. Hey Dude

    Just saying.. This post belongs here.... Home----General Gameplay Discussion----Off-Topic-------Fan Art and Community Creations Great song though!