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  1. I had no idea "The Happening" was getting a sequel

    Saw it. Ending has a million loose ends.
  2. Nueve De Julio isn't looking good.......

    WIP people. Discussing it now has literally no meaning.
  3. So we aren't receiving the Light Cruisers

    No you spell it and get it.
  4. So we aren't receiving the Light Cruisers

    As a Beta tester you know FULL WELL that you get free stuff more often than not with this game... Remember that Ark Beta they gave you for basically just playing the game? You probably have a FREE marblehead as well not to mention all the other freebies that have flowed from the WG coffers since open release. Grow up mate. Next time READ the info WG posts. If you had then you would have seen that the line is not something that is just handed out like candy but something you have to grind like EVERY ship line in the game.
  5. June Missions Secret?

    I wonder what it could be.
  6. Wargaming to rework Battleships

    Lol clickable troll
  7. ARKANSAS BETA FOR even arward /sale

    Beta and Alpha reward ships will not be released as non reward ships. Its been said over and over. Alpha testers put in a ton of hard, unpaid work. That Iwaki was far from free for us.
  8. Welcome aboard new CC's. Don't forget your weekly tithe of Rum to the Supertesters!
  9. Navygaming America [NGA]

    I'm soooooooo close to a 69% wr in that thing! Oh hey I just realized! Thats another great reason to join NGA folks!!! We can help you to get those skills a bit better. We have a massive training fleet that is terrific at taking sailors and showing them the ropes. So if you wanna up your game or just hang out and sink ships then stop by and fill out an app today!
  10. Navygaming America [NGA]

    With death pickles??
  11. Navygaming America [NGA]

    It's Reinhardt... It's okay to let him in. :P
  12. Motivation Monday - Decisions

    1- check for broadside targets. Kill them. 2- check for low to no one is shooting. Kill them. 3- targets being focused. Help kill them. 4- dd's always as a target of opportunity.
  13. They won't hit me Everyone knows Canuck is a torp magnet. Lololol. Good luck with recruiting though You guys rock!!!
  14. Three Ls to playing DDs effectively

    Know your zone of immunity as a DD.