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  1. Capt_JollyRoger

    W/R and Impact in WoT

    WR is indeed the lesser of the stats to look at. Damage and PR. Kill Ratio.. These are things I look at. I wanna know if a guy can sink ships and deal damage..
  2. Capt_JollyRoger

    Cannot access Armoury, anyone else?

    works for me as of a minute ago
  3. Capt_JollyRoger

    shell trajectory after impact

    I like yer dice. Can I use em for some tabletop d&d?
  4. Capt_JollyRoger

    When does the Snowflake event end?

    You'll be able to take advantage of festive battle performance bonuses until the end of Update 0.10.11. You can blow a Snowflake off each ship once in battles of any type, except for Training Battles. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-01011-new-year/
  5. Why shouldn't they be?
  6. Capt_JollyRoger

    CV Life

    Report that effer.,
  7. I could get on board this!
  8. Capt_JollyRoger

    Trying to find a mod. (if it exists)

    Aslains and modstation both have camo mods for this, yush... Linky https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/modstation/ For aslains just search aslains warships mod
  9. It was still a free gift 100% as is the main juice of your OP mister OP man. No reason to be a jerk about it, but thats on you, not me. I will keep on sinking pixel ships no matter what you may or may not call me on a silly forum.
  10. Cost me zero nada zilch money for my FREE Santa gifts. I even got a ship from one. Thanks for the Free snowflake event for my Free gifts WG!
  11. Wow his profile became private real quick,.
  12. Capt_JollyRoger

    Forget CVs, here is the real danger at tier IV!

    Kinda wanna run some Iwaki games and see what t4 is like these days.
  13. Capt_JollyRoger

    My 2 games today, too typical now a days

    What a crap thing to do to your team not to mention against the rules.
  14. Capt_JollyRoger

    Fifth Brawl

    Epicenter on two brothers is gonna be a blast!
  15. Lets you see them so you can sink them.