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  1. Capt_JollyRoger

    Loading Screen Lockup

    Which modpack are you using? Some are better and safer than others.
  2. Capt_JollyRoger

    Naval Battles Screen Glitch

    You runnin mods?
  3. Capt_JollyRoger

    Huanghe % on Steam

    Not sure where you read that but... That tier 6 CB season would like to talk.... Also.... Watch this before you make your choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iID1859DaO0
  4. Never said it worked right but thats the why of autopilot doing it.
  5. Capt_JollyRoger

    More One Sided Battles

    If you won 4 out.of those 12 games....roughly... Then what exactly is wrong here? How many did you win today?
  6. Capt_JollyRoger

    If we had everything, would it be fun?

    Not very fun.
  7. Capt_JollyRoger

    When is HE spam finally getting nerfed?

    Sorry my source was not good enuf 4 u. COMBATANT SHIP CATEGORY 1. Warship Classification a. Aircraft Carrier Type. All ships designed primarily for the purpose of conducting combat operations by aircraft which engage in attacks against airborne, surface, sub-surface and shore targets. (1) Conventional Take Off and Landing Aircraft Carriers (CTOL) Multi-purpose Aircraft Carrier CV Multi-purpose Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear-Powered) CVN b. Surface Combatant Type. Surface ships that are designed primarily to engage in attacks against airborne, surface, subsurface and shore targets. (1) Cruisers Guided Missile Cruiser CG (2) Destroyers Destroyer DD Guided Missile Destroyer DDG (3) Frigates Guided Missile Frigate FFG (4) Littoral Combat Ship Littoral Combat Ship LCS c. Submarine Type. All self-propelled submersible types regardless of whether employed as combatant, auxiliary, or research and development vehicles, which have at least a residual combat capability. (1) Attack Submarines Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) SSN Enclosure (1) SECNAVINST 5030.8 21 November 2006 (2) Ballistic Missile Submarines Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) SSBN (3) Guided Missile Submarines Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) SSGN Source..... DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY 1000 NAVY PENTAGON WASHINGTON DC 20350-1000 SECNAVINST 5030.8 N8F 21 November 2006
  8. Capt_JollyRoger

    When is HE spam finally getting nerfed?

    Not accurate Crucis KGH has it a bit closer.... The real facts- Surface combatants (or surface ships or surface vessels) are a subset of naval warships which are designed for warfare on the surface of the water, with their own weapons and armed forces. They are generally ships built to fight other ships, submarines, aircraft or land targets, and can carry out several other missions including counter-narcotics operations and maritime interdiction. Their primary purpose is to engage space, air, surface, and submerged targets with weapons deployed from the ship itself, rather than by manned carried craft.[1] Surface ships include cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and corvettes, and several outdated types including battleships and battlecruisers. The category does not include aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, and mine hunters, as these generally do not use on board weapons system (i.e. aircraft carriers generally only attack with their aircraft, and mine hunters are not primarily combat vessels). However, some warships combine aspects of the surface combatant and other roles, such as the Russian Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier, which carries both aircraft and an array of conventional armament (the class is sometimes termed a "heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser")
  9. Capt_JollyRoger

    Preussen won't speak English?

    Das ist zee way!
  10. Capt_JollyRoger

    Subs in Operations?

    I'd love to see Subs in operations. Even better would be a new wolfpack style PVE/PVP type mode.
  11. Thank you as I was quite curious. Very nice numbers. Personally I like wows numbers though I had never seen the other site you linked. Is there a way to translate it?
  12. Could you link your real account then? Anyone can get a 80+ WR playing against bots in protected MM then what? 11 games at tier 6?
  13. Capt_JollyRoger

    Countering Submarines 101

    Dont forget the HE slingers just waiting for you to clear a subs ping so they can set you aflame.