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    Team RESP Recruiting

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    Team RESP Recruiting

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    Team RESP Recruiting

    Team RESP is looking to recruit more members who are interested in clan battles. The team is formed from the stream on twitch and consists of many different community members. We are looking for people with fresh ideas for map planning, calling or for members who are looking to play in a salt free environment. At the end of the day we know we will never be a MLG team making millions playing this game. What we are creating is a community, that has had a lot of fun grouping up and competing with one another. If you have interest in joining please reach out to me in game as Resp21 or try to catch my WoWs streams at twitch.tv/resp21 If you have questions, do not be shy. Life is short, come have some fun, and if you decide at the end of the day we aren't the clan for you no hard feelings...however, few leave. Finding a good group of people is hard to find, and I believe our community consists of some excellent individuals.