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  1. X01_ISAAC_7

    Stock torpedo bombers on Midway?

    TopTier on YouTube explains why the Skyraider is far better than the BTD. Having tested this out for myself? He's correct. The aiming cone on the Skyraiders is far less sensitive and prone to fanning out than the BTDs is.
  2. X01_ISAAC_7

    How do you deploy your fighters specifically?

    I recommend checking out TopTier Gaming on YouTube. They do lots of CV replays with messages that explain their thinking, their plays, and what they're doing. Really helped me get better in my carriers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOZ2gv_ZGomWNcQU8BBfdQ
  3. X01_ISAAC_7

    Something needs changing

    Perhaps you should go actually grind out one of the CV lines to tier 10. THEN you can come back here and talk about how "easy" they have it. Also, stop perpetuating this "infinite planes" bull crap. They're not infinite and anyone who can do both basic math AND has a basic concept of time would f***ing know that.
  4. X01_ISAAC_7

    Indomitable Needs A Buff

    Uhhh.... wat? *looks to their record in the Indomitable* 22 battles (actually it's 25, the stat updates aren't quite right), average damage per match of 104k, most damage in a match of 6 damage short of 236k (my record high out of all ships).
  5. Pretty much this. +1 to you sir.
  6. Preeeeetty much this.
  7. @Notser, @NoZoupForYou @iChase and Flamu, but I don't know his handle. This video is not one I have made. All credit goes to TopTier for the video and RotStuka from SAROC clan on the Asia server for the replay. Yes, I understand the following: 1. It's a USS Kidd, whose's gimmick was DFAA and strong AA auras and a heal on a DD at tier 8. 2. It's a tier 8 match and there was also a tier 6 ranger on the enemy team. 3. He was divisioned up with a carrier. My return arguments are as follows for everyone else still whining about AA defenses and DFAA in this game: 1. Flamu has pointed out that sector priority system and AA as a whole are broken, with DFAA being entirely and utterly useless with no point to taking such a consumable when this video is proof it really isn't as bad as he and other CCs and streamers constantly repeat ad nauseum. 2. Not only was he under attack from the Ranger, but he was also coming under attack from the Shokaku. 3. His division mate did not provide any fighter support that entire match to him. He was quite literally on his own. This was still just a destroyer, and a badly power-creeped one at that. He was constantly being spotted by enemy planes and had taken plenty of damage not only from them but enemy surface ships as well. Why is it then that we continue to decry and bemoan CVs when ships such as Kremlin, Smolensk, Stalingrad, and Colbert remain in the game and unchanged? The carrier rework isn't the problem plaguing this game at the moment. It's the gross proliferation of HE spamming ships (Smolensk, Colbert) and greatly over-powered ships that have few, if any, meaningful weaknesses (Kremlin, Stalingrad). Why is our anger turned to carriers and not the real cancer in this game that I've stated above? Why do the CCs, when they feature "proof" that AA is broken, only ever seem to post videos of them going around in tier 4 and tier 6 CVs (where I freely do admit, the AA discrepancy is vastly favoring the planes and nowhere nearly balanced properly. drop CV plane health at lower tiers a bit or buff AA numbers at lower tiers a bit) with the case-in-point being NoZoup's most recent video on it where he went out and purposefully hunted down destroyers AT LOW TIERS that literally don't HAVE any AA and where low tier CVs are unable to drop fighters to even attempt to protect friendlies? C'mon you guys. You're supposed to be CCs. Stop featuring only the replays and instances that only support your opinions and start looking for other instances like above where there's valid evidence that the opposite can also be true. Where things DO work, and in some instances quite spectacularly. These constant calls for nerfs, nerfs, nerfs, and broken this, broken that, DDs are dead, the sky is falling for destroyers (no pun intended) are frankly quite old now and seriously not helping -anyone-. Not only that, but you're encouraging toxic behavior by fanning the flames of anger. I've lost track of the number of times I've been called sky cancer (and worse) in game, as well as to go kill myself for playing such a ship class. I played back in closed beta. I remember what the old CVs were like, where if a carrier wanted you dead, you were dead in a single strike. The chance for "counter play" back then was pretty much non-existent for surface ships beyond clicking a single squadron and/or popping DFAA if you were lucky enough to have it. And usually the planes were gonna get through anyway. The alpha damage was insane for a single attack from multiple squadrons and if you were lucky enough to survive (depending on what you were in), you were usually so badly crippled that the enemy team could easily finish you off if the CV didn't come back for a second (and quite often fatal) strike. I literally cannot be the only person here who plays destroyers still who doesn't know how to press the 'P' key and turn off my AA guns. Seriously, the air detectability range for most destroyers is so small before camo, modules (tier 8+), and captain's skills factor in, it's hard enough for a CV to spot you as is unless they're right over top of you. If your AA guns are on and they start shooting, you are BROADCASTING where you are. Stop making it easier on carrier players! Ugh. Rant off. Go ahead and start the flood of laughing/angry/bored/downvote responses. I had to get this off my chest after that last video from NoZoup on this matter cause what he said pissed me off to no frigging end, especially with his "evidence" of that low-tier gameplay he offered. Seriously Zoup. I respect you as one of the few sane voices left who wants ALL ship classes (future subs included) in the game to succeed. Don't start slipping and turning into certain other CCs, dude. Please. I am begging you.
  8. X01_ISAAC_7

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    I'm glad this isn't just me. I've been having this issue for a while now. My aim isn't great, but it's a little above average. Broadside targets I KNOW I should be devstriking with BB salvos I get nothing but overpens. Doesn't matter if I aim at or below the waterline, or in some cases on certain ships, just above the waterline. Then there'll be other times I snap off a volley just to try and get a tiny bit of damage in on what I'm almost positive will be either a bounce, miss, or overpen on a target who's about to go out of LoS.... bam, citadel hit. Like, how the does that even happen?! I know RNGesus giveth and taketh away, but come on. Really? You're telling me a broadside Des Moines at 12km just had six of my NC's (or in a few instances, Missouri's) 16 inch AP shells just go in one side and right out the other without doing anything? At places where I watched them strike the belt armor? Gimme a break. Meanwhile, god forbid I show even the tiniest bit of broadside in ANY cruiser I try to play that isn't german, because if I do, the enemy NC or Missouri or insert-BB-here just up and either outright deletes me, or blows away 90% of my health in one volley.
  9. X01_ISAAC_7

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    Had an Amagi try doing this very tactic to me while I was using my Bismarck. Didn't work so well for him given I wouldn't give him an angle for long enough time to let him switch to AP. by the time he had an AP volley ready, I'd already fired all my guns and swung back in to auto-bounce angles against him. On that topic, in my opinion it wasn't Tirpitz that was the most overpowered battleship in this mode (due to it having torpedoes, which is most people's argument). It was Bismarck. Bismarck's 5km (or 6, can't remember) hydro coupled with RPF, manual secondaries, and IFHE means that no destroyer, or cruiser for that matter, could ever get the jump on you no matter what they did. and if they tried torping you from stealth, you'd know exactly which direction they were coming from AND you'd see them with plenty of time to dodge. As far as smokescreens go? Once again, advantage goes to the Bismarck due to the hydro. You can spot the DD/Cruiser sitting in the smoke screen and simply let your secondaries pound them until they leave it. And if you don't fire your main battery, they can't see back to hit you (barring ships like RN cruisers and the Loyang.)
  10. X01_ISAAC_7

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    Fought against several of them in my Bismarck. Never lost a match against them. It isn't the ship, it's the player controlling it. Tirpitz is a one-trick pony that NO ONE has any excuse of NOT knowing about. It has torpedoes that have a 6km range. It wants to rush you so it can get within torpedo range. I know this sounds crazy, and that it is probably utterly insane to do, but.... have you ever considered.... oh, I dunno... kiting away from it? Edit: Also another thing. Using Flamu's recommended Tirpitz/Bismarck build gave me a large win ratio against even destroyers due to RPF. Battleships I wasn't afraid of due to the pen increase from IFHE on the german secondaries, and cruisers were laughable. Even the Hippers and Eugens I met didn't last long with secondaries capable of penning, at minimum, 33mm of armor plating. I didn't NEED Tirp's torps to beat the cruisers or battleships I met, and the ones I -did- meet that had torpedoes? I just turned and kited away while letting my main and secondary batteries do the work. After I finished my FdG grind in my Bismarck and switched to my Tirpitz, I kept it in mind that I didn't -need- torps to beat anyone. They were merely a weapon to use if the timing was right and/or they were needed and/or I could get a feasible launch off against an enemy with them without unduly risking my ship to broadside AP pen or a return torpedo volley. Even with Tirpitz, I relied on my guns and my secondaries to do the heavy lifting.
  11. Definitely crazy. Don't get me wrong, props to you for doing it. But that doesn't change the fact you're utterly crazy, and not in a good way. This. None of this could've been good for your health. Especially the 18 hours in one go. But at what price? At what cost? For what props? The Puerto Rico has become such a hated sight, he won't be able to play it properly in any matches because people can and WILL go out of their way to sink him. Exactly. I truly dread to see just what in the hell they'll come up with next. I fear it will be something that will make this absolutely moronic and idiotic grind look like a walk in the park. OP, while I admire your drive and determination, you may have only instead just given WG validation and vindication in treating their playerbase like cash cows to be milked dry.
  12. Yeah, and that's what I was referring to as well. Also, love how my post got just outright deleted by the mods when I called out the overpowered nature of a Russian ship.
  13. Literally all of these. I just went into the premium shop and I literally don't see any ACTUAL NOTICEABLE difference in the pricing. Take your paltry savings of 3-5 bucks and stuff it. My wallet is remaining closed until subs are released, and even then I will need to be seriously convinced they're worth it after how much you've gutted your own carrier rework. About the only time I see a carrier anymore is when I'm feeling particularly masochistic and I WANT to suffer by playing one myself.
  14. X01_ISAAC_7

    Armory upgrades. Criticle or luxury?

    If you are thinking of playing the German DDs (or God forbid the absolute Royal Navy ones) then dropping 17k coal for the Hydroacoustic modification isn't a bad investment either. As others have said: Engine Boost, Radar duration, heck even the smoke screen generator in certain situations is okay. However, once you have a couple of these, there isn't much point in getting any more.
  15. X01_ISAAC_7

    What the heck you have to do to get any credits?

    1. Wait until a tier 7 operation is up (preferrably Narai). 2. Put any and all credit flags you have on a good tier 7 premium (Boise, Scharnhorst, Atlanta work best for Narai) 3. Put the best credit boosting camo you have onto said premium ship. 4. Only run it with premium DamaCon and Premium Repair Party (Boise, Scharnhorst only). 5. Focus fire cruisers and DDs. Credits/Exp earned is based on the total PERCENTAGE of a specific target's health you deal to them (it's why farming battleships gets you jack for credits). 6. ??? 7. Profit.