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  1. Preeeetty much. His entire post no longer holds water. That right there means you have no ing clue what you're talking about. Farming idiotic AI-controlled bots does NOT EQUAL fighting against ACTUAL PLAYERS. It's like Notser trying to justify why CVs need nerf after nerf after nerf after nerf while DDs need buff after buff after buff on almost all of his videos ever since the start of the year before 8.0 even went live. He posts videos of him "testing" CV nerfs against bots, getting huge damage numbers, and then whining and moaning and complaining that they need to be lowered. Let me restate it once more: Farming idiotic AI-controlled bots does NOT EQUAL fighting against ACTUAL PLAYERS. This right here. +1 to you @warheart1992 I'm so sick and tired of hearing the "INFINTIEY PLAENZZZ!!!111!!!11!!! NERF CVZ TO TEH GROND! GAEM SUKKZORZ!!!" excuse, I no longer pay attention to it anymore. I have had NO consistent, chronic issues on my DDs during the rework. I play the OLD SCHOOL WAY OF BEING A DD. Guess what? The old school ways work JUST AS GOOD AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE!!! Likewise, I've played enough pre 8.0 CVs to reach Lexington and Shoukaku. Post 8.0, I ground out the 300k exp it took to unlock the Midway, and I'm currently in the process of grinding out the Haku. There are times I come across idiotic DD players who have their AA guns on, won't pop smoke, don't take evasive maneuvers, don't try to juke strikes, and/or don't stick near friendlies at the beginning of the match. I rip them up and send them to the bottom without a care in the world because they are EASY TARGETS. Newsflash: DESTROYERS DO NOT HAVE GREAT AA DEFENSE. Likewise, the opposite is true. I've come across DDs that have been a royal pain in my rear end with just how annoying and frustrating they make it to actually land strikes against them. They keep their AA off, they pop smoke, they WASD like they've got some tty, blown out speakers blaring Eurobeat music like they were Manuel himself, or they just plane hover near friendly AA ships and make themselves HARD TARGETS to strike. See the difference? EASY target.... versus HARD target. GEEE I WONDER WHICH ONE IM GONNA GO AFTER FIRST?!?! Also, the opposite of both of these statements apply to me when I'm in my DDs/BBs and I come under air attack by an enemy CV who's got a burning desire to see me sunk all on his own. Sometimes I can easily outplay them, sometimes it seems like there's nothing I can do. It's the roll of the dice when I pick a ship to play and click the Battle button. The DDbabies have no more sympathy from me anymore. If anything, all these nerfs are going to accomplish is me sinking my teeth in even further and refusing to let go once I get a sniff of where a DD is at. I'll hound them and hound them and spot them and strike them until my planes and my team shell, bomb, and rocket them right back to port. And guess what? I won't lose a wink of sleep over it either.
  2. X01_ISAAC_7

    DevBlog: Graf Zeppelin and Hakuryu changes

    Newsflash. The buffs won't do you a damn bit of good on the Graf. Wanna know why? The global changes to how the Engine Cooling(Boost) consumable works. You're losing a metric butt-ton of top speed on all of the Graf's planes which it relies on to help reduce incoming AA fire. Enjoy your scraps they're throwing you while they feast on the hog right in front of your starving bellies. And to think I was almost ready to buy the GZ for collection purposes.
  3. X01_ISAAC_7

    Adapt or quit?

    Don't let the door hit'cha where the good Lord split'cha.
  4. X01_ISAAC_7

    Trying to do a Well Phrased CV Complaint

    Then why are you still here complaining about a game you no longer play?
  5. X01_ISAAC_7

    Why so angry non cv drivers?

    Uhhhh...... yeah, you do. And if you haven't played them, then your opinion doesn't and shouldn't amount to, or be worth anything. Also, spell-check is your friend. 'Know' not knwo. 'claiming' not claming. 'feedback' not feedbeck. 'providing' not provinding.
  6. X01_ISAAC_7

    Why so angry non cv drivers?

    I'm out of +1's for the day, so have a virtual +1 in it's place! Well spoken!
  7. X01_ISAAC_7

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I'm out of +1's for the day. So I'll have to settle for a repost and a virtual +1 to you sir/madam.
  8. Same here. In matches where there are no carriers, intelligence is lacking. People are afraid of getting DevStruck by invisible DDs who prance around the map like they own the joint (which they essentially do, barring radar cruisers at high tiers) or are afraid of pushing up only to get spotted by an invisible DD and then shelled into oblivion by the entire enemy team hiding behind islands or smoke clouds or at near-max-firing-range without a pray for you to fight back. Stale and campy meta? Are we even playing the same game? I take my DDs out in this new meta and have little issues. Yeah, every once in a while, the enemy flattop (if there is one) might get a raging happy banana going for me and harass me for the bulk of the match. Do I get about it? Sure do. Do I blame them? NOPE! Because often times, I'm the easiest target (and also the most valuable one) for them to strike at. In matches with a flattop in them, I see ships more willing to actually PUSH a flank when they KNOW what's hiding behind an island, when they KNOW what's skulking around out in open water like a cockroach afraid of the light. The only way CV spotting would be broken now is if they had left in the plane spotting of torpedoes, which they didn't for obvious reasons. In matches without a CV? I barely see anyone push unless they're in a division together. And even then, sometimes they just don't move. BBs and long-range flamethrowers (IJN cruisers) hang clear out at the back and take potshots all match instead of getting stuck in the fight. It's a crawl-fest until one side loses their DDs and the other side finally grows some stones and decides to push in with 5 minutes left in the match. Give me a carrier in a match any day over a bunch of sniping BBabies and DD whiners who think they're entitled to be top dog on the food chain.
  9. This. So much this. Thank you! THANK YOU for pointing out the obvious when you shouldn't even HAVE to! I can't give you enough +1's for this!!!
  10. The very fact you put the underlined part in the middle of the bolded part completely negates the fact that you even bothered to state the underlined part.
  11. The look on your face when this hasn't changed between the old RTS style of play and the new action-oriented style of play. The only reason you're noticing it more now is because there are more carriers being played. Newsflash: You still got permaspotted by an old RTS carrier. It's just they could delete you at will as well as spot the ENTIRE MAP, not just 1 tiny section of it.
  12. X01_ISAAC_7

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I like you. You're one of the salty #NoCVsEver #FullRemoval types. I think I'll make you a priority target from now on if I see you in randoms.
  13. X01_ISAAC_7


    They won't. They keep giving in to DD-baby-mains and CCs crying and moaning that their precious DDs keep coming under air attack, yet fail to sit back objectively and LOOK at the reasons WHY. All they keep doing is making video after video, post after post, thread after thread, complaining and whining and DEMANDING more "fixes" (nerfs) for the rework that, not more than 4-5 months ago, they were all PRAISING.
  14. X01_ISAAC_7


    Won't be anything good, of that I assure you. Just more nerfs for CVs and buffs for everyone else, especially DDs. Carrier Rework simply put the final nail in the CV coffin.