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  1. X01_ISAAC_7

    83 Strike planes shot down for a 90k dmg loss.

    Ahh yes, the almighty "Tier 10" argument. As though all rules for balancing ship classes should always be applied for tier 10 only and to heck with the previous 9 tiers, am I right?
  2. X01_ISAAC_7

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    Are one of the main reasons CVs have been nerfed into mediocrity now. It's rare I ever see a CV anymore, unless I'm the one playing them. Also, what do you mean without worry of losing aircraft? Dude... do you even PLAY carriers?!
  3. X01_ISAAC_7

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    R.I.P. Liquidator. You shall be missed. 2015-2019.
  4. 44 torpedo bombers lost out of 72 torpedoes released, scoring a total of 17 hits for 59k damage. 22 dive bombers lost out of 20 bombs released, scoring a total of 10 hits for 17k damage. 17 attack planes lost out of 40 rockets launched, scoring a total of 26 hits for 10k damage. 5 floodings for a whopping 3100 damage. 9 of the 17 torpedo hits were against a Colorado, and I actually had our DD ask me how in the hell the 'Rado was getting hit by so many torpedoes and taking so little damage. Welcome to CVs post 8.1. Yeap. Kaga plane health is totally balanced against same-and-higher-tier AA. Looks like another ship to become little more than a Port Queen until she gets some love. Oh yeah, btw. We lost because I couldn't really contribute to striking meaningful targets. EDIT: I only sunk the Lightning because he was already nearly dead and strayed into a straddled torpedo drop I dumped on him while trying to, quite ineffectively, cross-drop him. The Alaska was killed by a single torpedo dropped directly from the rear after they had shredded 7 out of the 8 remaining planes I had left in the squadron.
  5. X01_ISAAC_7

    How do you win playing a CV?

    Stop trying to scout and attack DDs with rocket planes. Switch to dive bombers. Or if you're IJN, just sell the line back for Free EXP and credits.
  6. X01_ISAAC_7

    US CAPT Skill after CV Rework

    Torp Attack time imo. Rocket planes have been made useless for their primary (and intended use) role as Anti-DD weapons. WG is killing their own rework. The only time rocket planes are useful is if you're attacking large targets. As far as modules? Fit anything and everything that gives a health increase, aircraft return speed, extra planes on the deck, and (imo) dive bomber health. Midway torps now suck too. They tickle most BBs and a cat with diarrhea has a better flooding chance than the Midway does. Jack up your DB health and use them to attack DDs with. Enjoy it while you can, cause the crybaby DD mains and CCs will p*** and moan about that soon and get HE dive bombers nerfed too somehow, probably with worse dispersion and reduced direct damage and reduced fire chance. Attached is my USN CV captain as well as what skills I take at which number of captain points. There could be a small argument for Priority Target over the Direction Center For Fighters, but hey. They "buffed" the on-summon fighter. May as well get another fighter in it as well. It's a slight health increase to the summoned fighter's hitpoints as well as another "guaranteed" kill for that squadron if they manage to get up off their butts and actually attack enemy planes, which they're still crap at doing. Just instead of a massive steaming pile of crap, it's now a massive room-temperature pile of crap. An argument could also be made for taking Superintendent for an extra CV-based fighter consumable too, instead of taking Demo Expert. I just took DE to buff the already semi-decent fire chance of the HE bombers a further 5%. Likewise, if you don't want the added fire chance nor extra fighter, you can take those 4 points and put them into Concealment Expert to give yourself a tiny bit more margin in being spotted. But you should be hiding behind islands anyway to stay mostly covered from air patrols and plane spotting. Or, just to be one of THOSE people, take those 4 points and drop 2 each into High Alert and Jack Of All Trades.
  7. X01_ISAAC_7

    8.0.3 CV results

    (1) FALSE. It is impossible to kill a DD in a single attack run with rocket planes, either when 8.0 launched, or now, unless you get lucky and detonate them. At most you chip them for 3-5k. Tiny Tims are not effective against DDs due to their small size and maneuverability. You need HVARs. (2) FALSE. CVs do NOT have unlimited aircraft, "literally" or "essentially". They have a VERY limited number that they can potentially field and use in a 20 minute time frame. 20 minutes is the maximum length of a match. Stop spreading falsehoods. (3) FALSE. People who actually tested the CV rework (Super, Alpha, CBT, and PTRs 1, 2, & 3) brought up almost all of the issues that were addressed in 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 that they said WG needed to fix before launching the rework. WG ignored them and pressed on with the release anyway. CVs were broken when they launched because these issues weren't fixed BEFORE THE GAME UPDATE. (4) This is an ARCADE GAME, not a historical game, that launched with the full intention of having CVs in the game. You don't like it, you can feel free to leave. Although if you stick around long enough, you'll see WG end up turning CVs into an absolutely useless class that hardly anyone will play. Which, ironically, has already started happening. (5) This started in 8.0.1 when they began swinging the pendulum the opposite direction. 8.0.1 is where we got the first signs of the murderous AA that we have now. 8.0.2 accelerated that swing by a factor of 10 when they took some damage away from flak and instead put it into the continuous DPS (yes, damage per SECOND) of short and mid-range AA guns. 8.0.3 took that swing and jacked it up to warp 9, spurred on by CCs whining and complaining that DDs were starting to get picked on and singled out constantly. And the reason they were? Because DDs have crap (usually) for AA defense and became the only valid targets early on that CVs had. They also started to whine and complain that CVs were doing all the spotting, which WG had stated was one of the primary roles for CVs. But that didn't stop them from rolling out a 20% reduction in air detection radius for ALL CLASSES OF SHIPS across the board, ALONG WITH a nerf to rocket planes that was so harsh (due to it's dual pronged nature: arming time increase from 1.5 sec up to 3.5-4sec as well as a massive dispersion bloom) it basically made rocket planes all but useless. Now we see DDs whining and complaining about HE Dive bombers ACTUALLY blapping them for 1/3 or 1/2 of their health in one GOOD AND PERFECT attack run by the CV players DESPITE THAT USUALLY the DD driver does NOTHING to try and use WASD hacks or smoke in order to avoid or throw off the bombers' aim. It's only a matter of time before DB dispersion across the board is increased AND overall damage of said bombs is lowered. (6) They won't. Trust me. They won't do jack to the AA systems now besides minor tweaking on a class-by-class basis which may or may not lead into a ship-by-ship basis. (7) You don't say? I NEVER would have guessed. (8) Dunno what to tell you. I'm as salty as they come. I've gotten some chat bans too. You roll with the punches or you get the out of the ring. (9) Given how popular the Halloween event was, and how it was ENTIRELY SEPARATED FROM THE MAIN GAME, I doubt it will be very bad. I really doubt it. I've not heard much of ANYTHING beyond the usual ignorant doomsayers like yourself crying out like Chicken Little that the sky is falling and subs will destroy the game. No offense, and I'm honestly asking, but dude..... Did you even PLAY the Halloween Submarines? They were more f***ing fun than wasting a million dollars on hookers, blow, and casinos in Las Vegas! Not to mention, that game event allowed WG to show a proof of concept to the player base AND get testing data on an entirely new system (kinda like how the CV rework is a new system) and how surface ships could interact with submarines. I for one can't WAIT for subs to get in the game. Then DD babies won't be able to cry about having the lowest survivability anymore because.... in case you didn't know it..... subs are far more fragile than DDs.... they usually have no effective guns aside from tiny 57mm, 75mm, or 76mm deck guns.... they only have torpedoes in forward firing tubes (instead of swivel mount launchers) which means they have to aim their ship itself in order to aim their weapons.... And.... *GASP*.... THEY CANT STAY BELOW THE SURFACE INDEFINITELY!!! They actually have to SURFACE which makes them even MORE vulnerable.
  8. X01_ISAAC_7

    How do you win playing a CV?

    Same. I've recently started launching with my SB2C Helldivers on my Lexington first more often. I have my Lex modded to give the DBs the most health I can. They're better at attacking the new DDs through their Romulan Cloaking Devices since they got their 20% reduction in air detectability. DBs have to be right over top their targets anyway in order to attack and it's far easier to line up a DB attack now on things with sub 2.7km air detect than it is to line up a LOLket attack from the tickle planes. (rockets. the shiny new toy now made utterly useless except against capital ships. Seriously though, send in USN rocket planes against an untouched Lex or Shokaku, get 1 proper attack run off where you come in from the side and then lol as your HVARs deal 10-14k damage to the enemy carrier)
  9. Exactly. Cross drops were the bane of my existence when playing a DD and there were CVs in the match. They don't understand how good they have it now. Cross drops are (almost) a thing of the past, rocket planes are a joke unless you use them against large targets. I'll bet money that the next thing the DD-babies get nerfed is going to be the USN HE dive bombers.
  10. X01_ISAAC_7

    Zero planes

    Naw. That's too much to ask. Seriously, for as long as you and I have been playing this game, you would think many of the CCs that are out there WOULDN'T have forgotten what it was like playing DDs in the OLD days of carriers. Old tactics STILL WORK!!! Been using them myself since 8.0! If anything, they're even a smidge better than last time because now it's obscenely hard to be cross-dropped by torpedo bombers and sent back to the port. Rocket planes are easy to juke, and they're even EASIER now that they've been nerfed to uselessness. The only thing I "fear" are HE dive bombers. And those you can maneuver against to f*** up their drop and make them miss.
  11. Same here. I've had it happen to me AND i've done it to others.
  12. CCs were also whining and complaining that their precious DDs were now getting crapped on all because they couldn't defend themselves from air attack. As a result we got hotfixes 2 and 3. God forbid anyone who drives DDs would go back to the way DDs had to be played during CBT, OBT, and early days of launch when CVs were just as much a nightmare as they are now. The only reason people are p***ing and moaning now is that they're either A) completely new and have never fought them before, or B) forgot what it was like 3 years ago. Newsflash: I haven't forgotten. Old habits die hard. I've yet to have a CV successfully sink me in my DDs. Harass me? Yes. Get me sunk by their team? Yeah. But directly sink me? No. I swear to god people playing this game have forgotten the "P" key even exists.
  13. X01_ISAAC_7

    How do you win playing a CV?

    100% truth here.
  14. X01_ISAAC_7

    How do you win playing a CV?

    have a team that can carry you. as a CV post 8.0 and all the hotfixes, you wont be carrying unless its 2 or 3 on one at the end of a match. other than that? damage farm DDs if you can, and attempt to provide air cover via fighters while securing kills on low health ships.
  15. X01_ISAAC_7

    Alaska Spotted!

    ...... .... ....... ......