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  1. Will do as soon as I can. But as I said, I'm no WG CC, lol. My review on the Boise will probably come after I've purchased her. The Helena and other USN CLs coming in 7.6 I will start testing as soon as they become available on the PTR.
  2. You're right. I had completely forgotten about Kutuzov. As a Russian cruiser I believe she would be eligible. Sadly I missed out on buying her by about 3 hours (was stuck at work). Given her rapid firing 152mm guns, hydro, and good AA, she would be well suited to the scenario provided her speed is at least 33kn. I've a feeling she plays like a Chapayev so there is that.
  3. They don't have a primary in-game job. Literally, they really don't. Aside from finding islands to be their waifus, radaring caps that are being flipped by invisible ships, and providing fleet support. Superintendent is needed for your 3pt, more than Demo Expert. You *can* spec for AA, but with the lack of carrier players, it's kind of a moot point until the CV rework changes get announced.
  4. Agreed. My recommendation if you're going to keep the Pensa and give her a dedicated captain is to pick up Expert Marksman first instead of Adrenaline Rush, and then slap Main Bat 2 on the ship to buff the turret rotation speed further. When your captain hits 12 points, just pick up AR again. Expert Marksman + Main Bat 2 will largely negate the horrible turret traverse since you gain more out of the % stats against the speed than you would on a faster turret. It allows you to shift when needed but still get your guns back on target for return fire. The concealment issue is a moot point now. Those were the trade offs for having a 10x 203mm broadside at tier 6.
  5. Hey everyone, Isaac here! Back with another video on the current iteration of the World of Warships PTR (Or PTS, whatever. lol) and in this one I've got 2 consecutive games showing off the new night battle for Operation Cherry Blossom (and also some feedback for the devs if any of them are watching). CAUTION: I am a salty one, and sometimes in this video my language does slip a little. So if minorly adult words offend you, then you may want to tune out now. Don't worry we will wait.......okay, now that it's just me and the one sole remaining person left watching the vid, we can get right into it! BLINDED BY THE NIGHT! COOKED UP LIKE A GOOSE, THE CRUISERS BURNING IN THE NIGHT!!! Okay I'm really done with the bad Manfred Mann references now....no seriously..... Sooooo......night battles. Interesting concept. Still not sure if they've just altered the desktop gamma settings during the match or whether the WG devs managed to find some other way to do it, but so far they look alright. Could be done a little darker imho and really give that feeling of being in the near pitch black of night. On the other hand though, in the second match you do see me looking up at the skybox they've coded for the night part of the operation and it *does* show a full moon, so I'll digress. As I do mention, it does seem like they have ratcheted up the difficulty in the scenario since Jingles made his video (link to his in the video description of mine if you haven't seen it yet). There seem to be a few more ships, and also it seems like they tweaked the AI to almost always ignore players until they're within like 3.5 km to 5 km and only then do they start shooting at you. The Marine regiments on the island get chewed to pieces really fast if you don't all go FULL AHEAD and go straight for E9 to intercept incoming ships. However I did stray into the area of one of the star shells and got lit up, but it didn't seem like the enemy AI were overly concerned with me.....at all. They seem to flat out ignore any player ships in the effects of the illumination rounds and just focus on killing the troops on the beach. Pros: Night battles: This is something the player base has been wanting for a while, especially in Random battles. Testing it out in an operation is definitely the way to go first. Tier 8 operations: The first of their kind, and opens up the opportunity for some serious credit making potential above what even the tier 7 operations offer. USN Cruiser Split PART 2: Looking forward to getting my hands on the *FOUR* new ships of the line and testing them out in some matches. Videos to come on those as soon as I'm able! IJN Gun(loli)boats for Tier 9 and 10: Finally, after having the tier 8 Akizuki capping out the IJN DD split for quite some time, that branch will be seeing its completion SOON (TM). Cons: Enemy Bot AI: Holy mother of god. If you do not do exactly what you are supposed to do at exactly the right time in exactly the right way while dressed in drag, doing the Hula, during a rainstorm in Africa, all while sacrificing a small goat on an altar made up of the bones of 1000 virgins......Good luck. And it's not just a problem with this new scenario. Since introducing the missions for all the other scenarios, hundreds of players have noticed the same thing in those as well. Focus fire by bots is stupidly prevalent, their guns almost never seem to miss, AI high explosive seems to have well above an 80% fire chance, their torpedobeat volume is cranked up WAY past 11, and AI torpedo launches, despite WASD hacks, are like radar-guided AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles unless you've got hydro up and running. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Player starting distance to the intercept point (approx E9): +20 km distance you have to travel. If everyone goes in a straight line at full speed without maneuvering too much (if at all), it's BARELY doable. But by then, the 2 Marine divisions on the beachhead are STILL gonna be down to about 3/4 to 2/3 health remaining. If your teams' focus fire isn't on point, and people aren't stacking their radars properly, well tough luck. You'll fail before the sun even comes up. If even 1 of your team fiddles around or changes course too much, well tough luck. You'll fail before the sun even comes up. Tier 8 Cruisers ONLY: This is the part that really sucks. There aren't many tier 8 cruisers available that are in the game under the Allied Powers. USN, RN, VMF, and France. That's it. 4 countries and 6 cruisers in total (Baltimore, Cleveland, Chapayev, Kutuzov, Charles Martel, and Edinburgh). The only one of which that is premium being the Kutuzov, and that ship is no longer on sale and is (possibly) only available from Santa Crates during Christmas time. Gotta stick to tier 7 ops for that if you wanna grind credits and free EXP in PvE to have a larger selection of premium ships that are readily available (at least for now). Overall: I'm looking forward to 0.7.6, if not necessarily for the scenario, but for the 4 new USN cruisers being released. Time will tell on the Operation, and I really hope they tune it down a little because as it stands, the margin of error on it (as of the recording of this video) is quite literally non-existent. Most scenarios give you a little bit of wiggle room. This one really doesn't. Definitely looking forward to the finishing of the IJN gunboats too. And realized that at the time of this posting, I've only got like 10k exp left to get to unlock the Akizuki. Buuuuuut since they nerfed the Shiratsuyu to the bottom of the ocean, I'm just gonna burn free EXP to unlock the Akizuki with the stored XP i have on the Shira. I ain't playing that tier 7 anymore. If you get a chance, hop onto the test server and try to complete some of the missions for those Live-server awards. Especially the dragon flags! As always, take care and stay safe captains!
  6. <3 Thanks again Wolf! The support means a lot to me! TWO moderators now watching? I think I'm gonna faint. Honestly, I can't claim credit for making them entertaining. That all goes to my cat constantly interrupting me during the recording. Lol. Jokes aside, as I said to Wolf, the support means a lot to me Jazzy!
  7. ಠ_ಠ Judging by this, turret dimensions are within the C to D range.... (¬‿¬) Giggity. As to why you love the ship so much......I dunno. She seems like she can do the hippy hippy shake well enough to dodge incoming fire. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You no ban Isaac! Isaac did nothing! Isaac is innocent of this crime! (;一_一)
  8. Pensacola ship waifu......definitely looking like she's capable of the hippy hippy shake, yunnowhaimsayin? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Agreed. And yeah her concealment is absolute trash now. Worse than some equivalent or lower tier BBs with camo and CE captain skill.
  10. Having done the 1 single match in her (after swapping out captains) I can say that you can compensate for the horrible 45 sec traverse by taking both Expert Marksman AND Main Battery Mod 2 for the added turret traverse speed. It brings it down below 35 seconds which is much more manageable, however your reload due to MBM2 does go from 15 up to 15.8sec. Either way, did 1 game, got my 190k captain exp, and sold her. Keeping the captain though just for reasons. Agreed, if I had to chose one or the other, I'd rather lose the concealment. Being able to keep your guns on target while hard maneuvering is more important than being sneaky. Nothing about 10x203mm screams subtle to me anyway. That said, Pensacola and Buffalo due to their A-B-X-Y turret layout do far better in open water than any other USN cruiser can, heavy or light. Though with their ranges and shell velocities it's still not recommended.
  11. They did indeed give Indy a slight buff, but it wasn't where she technically needed it. They gave her a slightly faster rudder shift and slightly faster turret traverse. Neither area of which really helps her all that much. She's still spotted from the surface of the moon, her reload speed is still god awful, and her "heavier armor" protection is still a joke as you still get overmatched through the front by every battleship you will face regardless of angling which leads to getting citadelled from the front. Indy in my opinion still isn't worth it, despite having radar at tier 7.
  12. Cleveland First Impressions (Video)

    Priority Target and Adrenaline Rush for your first 3 points hands down. After that you'll have to choose from 3 options for your next 3 points (6pt captain): Do I hate CVs? If yes, then Basic Firing Training. Am I a Pyromaniac? If yes, then Demolition Expert. Am I a Consumable hog? If yes, then Superintendent. After you choose one of those 3, your next 4 points (10pt captain) should be Concealment Expert FIRST. Concealment is life in the Cleveland. You can deal with shattering shells for a while longer. Once you get your next 4 points (14pt captain) you should pick up Inertia Fuse for High Explosive. This will allow you to get more consistent damage from HE spamming high tier BBs and some heavy cruisers. After that, your next 5 points can be spent in whatever skills you want. Pick up one of the other two 3 point skills you didn't take (BFT, DE, or SuperI) *OR* if you want more health to play around with, Survivability Expert is a decent enough boost though there are better options (BFT, DE, and SuperI). And with your last 2 points you could pick up Preventative Maintenance and Expert Loader (1 point each) to better keep your main guns in the fight as well as to be able to rapidly switch ammo types when needed. Or you could pick up Jack of All Trades for a reduction to your consumable cooldowns, or you could pick up High Alert for a reduction in your DamaCon's cooldown. Though High Alert is probably the weakest of all the tier 2 talents for Cleveland. I suppose if you *REALLY* wanted to be able to spin your guns even faster, you could pick up Expert Marksman, but it's not really necessary. Another option for the last 5 points is to forego any more 3 point skills and take a 3rd 4pt one. RPF if you absolutely hate DDs and want to make their lives hell, AFT to help protect your fleet a little better by having a larger AA bubble, Manual FC for AA if you don't mind a shorter ranged AA but REALLY want planes you focus fire to die. Or if you hate getting HE spammed and burned down by other cruisers, Fire Prevention isn't necessarily bad. Picking up a 3rd 4pt skill leaves you with 1 point left, which I would recommend sticking in Preventative Maintenance to protect your turrets as well as propulsion and rudder. Her reload speed is decent enough that Expert Loader wouldn't really be needed (unless you took RPF to spite DDs, in which case swapping shells fast is a necessity) My Cleveland build Is currently the following: Priority Target (1), Adrenaline Rush (3), Demolition Expert (6), Concealment Expert (10), Inertia Fuse for High Explosive (14), Superintendent (17). My last 2 points will probably be going into Preventative Maintenance (18) and lastly Expert Loader (19). Though i am still playing around with certain talents. Not sure how I want to play my Worcester when it's released in 0.7.6.
  13. You didn't pick up Concealment Mod 1 on your Buffalo? What mod are you using in slot 5 then? Steering Gears 2? Or Target Acquisition 1?
  14. Tier 8 cruisers getting heals.....not sure if that should be a thing or not. In my opinion there would have to be a very large trade-off for such a thing. They would have to tie the heal to a currently filled slot. Like forcing a choice between DFAA or Heal, or even between Radar or Heal. Otherwise, they just run the risk of making a bandaid fix for a bullet hole in your chest.
  15. @zubalkabirPretty positive they drop on the 30th but i cannot confirm that. And with her turret layout, she does play much like the Pensacola does, with limited open water capabilities but good enough stealth to disengage. Be mindful of her slow top speed though as a fast destroyer who shadows you can keep you permanently lit. Stick to islands and don't go open water unless you have to. @LA_Kid thank you! I try to be as informative as possible, given my limited experience with doing these kinds of things. I just try to explain them from a very much Average-Joe's position/skill level. Which at times includes my cat butting into the videos to assert her presence on the internet forevermore. @AdmiralThunder no problem. I've started to enjoy making them. Would it be fun to be a CC eventually? Maybe, but given my work schedule and the fact I work in retail and our summer sale is coming up, I don't forsee myself having much time to do all the work a CC has to do. But boy it would be enjoyable. Though I am not one to feed a line of B.S. on anything, nor do i believe in sugar coating stuff. If something is good, I'll do my best to tell and show it.....but likewise if something's a turd, then I'm not gonna try to polish it as something great. I'm flat out gonna call it a turd and list my reasons for doing so.