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  1. X01_ISAAC_7

    Most SCs you get...

    ... are usually filled with flags you already have in droves. Then, there are those stupid rare times where you get an SC, wondering what flags you'll get and instead praying for coal... and... ....well... Suddenly, a wild tier 9 German supercruiser appears....
  2. X01_ISAAC_7

    Last Stand for DDs and CL/CAs

    Ah, so camp in the back like a coward from now on because WeeGee can't and won't pull their craniums out of the dark and actually properly test changes they want to put in the game that literally no player asked for. Gotcha.
  3. I see someone else finally woke up to how Wargaming actually works.
  4. Soooo..... But when you look at cruisers, where the skill is useless... In order to get back to the builds I had before the rework, I'm required to have the last 2 points... but it takes 1.2 million exp to get the last 2 points. And now I'm seeing like this more and more. Who the heck okayed this "New and Improved" skill rework?
  5. This would be amazing. Heck I would settle for just being able to have a tier 8 operation (not Cherry) to bring my tier 8 premiums into in order to play. At least then all of my rare credit-making camo and special flags would run a much lower risk of going to waste instead of gambling them on a random battle filled usually with potatoes that get steamrolled. And you're correct in saying they won't be doing ops any favors anytime soon. I was all for subs when they announced them initially, because I figured it would be an easy copy-paste-adjust from the proof-of-concept they did with the Halloween event. Those subs worked WAY better and were WAY more fun than this utter and absolute GARBAGE they've given us now. You aren't the only one. If it makes them money, they're all for it. The proof of that is in this new bulls**t captain skill rework and the upcharge for retraining captains. Fully agreed. Narai was left in because the enemy carrier only launches CAP fighters and no actual bomber squadrons anymore. And since it's tier 7, players can't bring carriers in as an option to play either. They smashed the credit and exp rewards from Narai with a f***ing sledgehammer and now you have to work your tail off, with perfect target selection, running the best credit/exp camo and special flags that you possibly can, AND get 5 stars just to break 1 million credits. You'll also never see any of the crazy games with the first win bonuses that net you close to 40k exp or 25-30k free exp anymore either. They need to stop flooding the fricking game with all of these premium and reward ships and actually sit down and focus on REAL FRIGGING ship lines. IE the Italian BBs and the USN *cough*XPpinatas*cough* BBs. The game literally did not need the Pommern or any one of the last 6 premium ships they made. At the rate they're going, we'll get the Soviet CV line before anything else that actually existed. And while we're at it: IF THEY KNOW THAT PLAYERS WITH GOBS OF FREE EXP AND BILLIONS OF CREDITS ARE AN ISSUE FOR THE ECONOMY, WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO INSIST ON THESE RIDICULOUS CASH-GRAB PRE-RELEASE EVENTS FOR NEW SHIP LINES?!?! STOP DOING PRE-RELEASES AND JUST ROLL THEM OUT IN ONE GO WHEN THEY'RE GOOD AND READY. FORCE PLAYERS WHO WANT THE TIER 10 TO USE THEIR FREE EXP TO DO IT. Seriously! It's ridiculous they know it's a problem but are too busy trying to figure out how to milk players of money. They milk players of their money buying loot crates in order to get early access clear up to the tier 8 of any new ship line. Then those players who get the tier 8, play the absolute heck out of it, build up enough exp on it to outright research the tier 9 when it's finally released, then they only have to burn a paltry amount of free exp picking up the tier 10. Then they're done. Completely and utterly STUPID. I long for the old days when they announced a new ship line and what patch it'd be available in. No early access. No pre-release. No loot crate cashgrabs. NOTHING. Everyone got access to start playing/researching the new ship line at the same time.
  6. You DO realize it's nearly impossible to win as a tier 8 in this game mode, right? You quite literally are not only outnumbered, you are also outgunned, outtorpedoed, and outhealthed by the sheer amount of people you're having to kill. This game mode is crap unless you're in the low tiers which doesn't cost you anything to play them and you're practically guaranteed a win. Even when it's a game with zero bots, if you're on the high-tier side, your odds of winning are EXTREMELY slim.
  7. Meanwhile I'm over here pulling this: 100x +50% credit flags 100x +5% speed flags 50x New Year Streamer camos 50x Leviathan flags 50x Basilisk flags 25x Leviathan flags 100x +50% credit flags Mine was standard for the supercontainers that WeeGee codes in. I only have 7 tier 10s, so naturally I get 7 trash-tier containers. Thanks for all the flags I didn't need because i have hundreds of all of those still. Oh and thanks for the 50 new years camos too. Like i don't still have 600 some of them after two years worth of Santa crates.
  8. X01_ISAAC_7

    My supercontainer haul

    Mine was standard for the Supercontainers that WeeGee codes in. I only have 7 tier 10s, so naturally I get 7 trash-tier containers. 100x +50% credit flags 100x +5% speed flags 50x New Year Streamer camos 50x Leviathan flags 50x Basilisk flags 25x Leviathan flags 100x +50% credit flags Thanks for all the flags I didn't need because i have hundreds of all of those still. Oh and thanks WeeGee for the 50 new years camos too. Like i don't still have 600 some of them after two years worth of santa crates.
  9. X01_ISAAC_7

    Lert's 27 Supercontainers

    i have 7 tier 10s. means 7 SCs. which means 7 disappointments.
  10. Would it really have been that hard to swap the New Orleans for the Atlanta, the Colorado for the Gneisenau, and the Amagi for the un-divisioned No Cal in this match though? Would it honestly have been that hard to do? I for one wouldn't mind waiting longer in the queue if it meant I actually got a match where I felt like I could actually DO SOMETHING rather than getting 6 minutes in and suddenly wonder why I'm starting to get shot at from behind me only to turn around and find out that the entire other flank just was wiped off the face of the universe like it never existed, resulting in the other half of the enemy team coming to give me surprise bu-..... uhh... well, you know.
  11. X01_ISAAC_7

    Is Wargaming Trying To End WOWs!?

    you also seem to forget that their starting squadrons only have 8 planes, they only start out with 8 planes on the deck, and their plane regen times are around 2.5 to 3 minutes for one plane. Meaning if they lose 3 planes, they don't have more waiting on the deck to replenish the squadron. When the FDR launches a squadron, they're literally launching EVERYTHING they've got. If it weren't for the huge f***ing health pool, they'd be de-planed in a wave and a half and pretty much be utterly useless for 3/4 the match. Not to mention the FDR's planes are the slowest in the game at tier 10. Take the OP's post with a grain of salt. When he said he lost half to three QUARTERS of his health from 100% on his Hindenburg with one attack run from an FDR? Yeah, sorry, but if you don't offer screenshots as proof of this mythical airstrike, I'm not buying it.
  12. I just now realized something that I'm figuratively kicking myself for not noticing sooner. Literally in almost all the blow-out matches that I lose, I'm facing enemy teams that look like the one in this. And in all the blow out matches I win, I'm ON teams that look like the enemy team in this. And what's even worse is divisions obviously aren't properly taken into account in the matchmaker. 2 of the 3 people in the enemy division are rank 1, and the third is rank 4. FIVE rank 1 players on the enemy team. FIVE. Count them. FIVE. Two rank 4s, three rank 8s, and one rank 9. Versus... One rank 2, one rank 4, myself at 11, and then one each at 17 and 24. How is this balanced matchmaking again? How hard would it friggin be to code the matchmaker to take the Rank of a person from the current/previous ranked season into account? I'm not talking this silly "ranked sprint" or even the "1 vs. 1 ranked sprint" thing they had months back either. I'm talking legitimate ranked seasons. Seriously, I'm so sick and tired of losing blow-out matches, and honestly I'm sick of WINNING blow-out matches too. It couldn't possibly be that hard to force a further balancing factor around a person's ranking from ranked battles so that teams are more evenly distributed. Sure, losing close matches sucks really REALLY badly. But at least I've got a chance to do something in said match. Likewise, winning those close matches is really REALLY amazing. I can't POSSIBLY be the only person here who hates constantly getting in losing matches where the loss isn't even close, but literally just one huge blowout where your team crumples like wet newspaper. Edit: Keep in mind, the only reason the enemy Dallas is at the bottom is because I somehow got lucky, RNGesus blessed my shells, Stalin himself reached his cold hand up from the depths of Hell, and guided 3 of my shells into the Dallas' citadel and a few others into the hull while saying, "I like you, go to Gulag!" and I got a rare DevStrike with a battleship.
  13. +1 to you sir. It's bad when players have to find work-arounds.
  14. Why are -we- having to manually patch -YOUR- screw ups?
  15. X01_ISAAC_7

    Are IJN cruisers worth it?

    I didn't get IJN cruisers either until I watched iChase's video on how to properly use them to be little more than an annoying pest that blaps once or twice, sets a fire, then goes silent until they go dark, wasting the enemy's time turning their guns to try and shoot at you only for you to disappear. Then when their guns turn back, and/or they pop DC to clear the fire you set, open up and blap them a couple more times. If you set another fire? cool, it sticks. If not? they've wasted time turning their guns back toward you only for you to disappear yet again. Also, to the OP. Alot of people are saying 155mm Mogami is the best of the line. Especially if you're using IFHE. I don't disagree with that, however keep in mind, you are playing a line that uses 203mm guns from tier 5 clear up to tier 10. The 155 Mogami is an anomaly. If you pick up IFHE just for that ship, you will be having to re-train your captain when you get Mogami, and then you'll have to re-train him again when you upgrade to Ibuki. I recommend going to the 203mm on Mogami. That way you're saving dubloons/elite commander exp/credits from having to re-train and re-skill a captain twice. AND you'll be sticking with the same playstyle that you should've been learning how to do from tier 5 clear up to tier 8, and the playstyle you'll use at tier 9 and against at 10. Now, if you're planning on getting the perma-camo for Mogami and leaving a captain in her or re-training a second captain for her? I would say sure! Spec for IFHE and leave the captain on her for some 155mm fun at tier 8.