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  1. In my experience on both ends of the equation, they are nowhere near immune to carriers. If the CV wants to strike them they can get at least one drop off. Whether the CV should or wants to drop them is a different story however. Despite the AA gimmick that some of the low tier premiums have, there are very few of them that have well rounded AA. Yuubari for example has DefAA and fairly long range AA for tier, but lacks in # of flak bubbles and continuous damage until they hit her short range aura. If you manage to land flak you should probably be packing for Vegas. Exeter has excellent flak coverage for medium and long, but her lack of DefAA and meaningful short range AA leaves her at the mercy of the flak RNG more often than you would like. Texas and October probably are the best AA premiums, since they're strength is in auras with high continuous damage. But both of them also lack AA range, so the CV doesn't have to worry about them unless they're the last ships alive. Overall though, the tier 4 CVs probably don't want to attack anybody with any sort of AA since their reserves are practically nonexistent. But between cold dropping and smart play, very few AA ships at the low/mid tiers are completely immune to attack. It isn't till bofors start to show up in numbers that ships gain continuous damage and reasonable flak in the same aura.
  2. It's not so much that it's impossible, but that it would have a series of negative side effects. If CV matches were all +/-1 (from the CV's perspective), then CVs will either always be mid tier or one tier up/down. Surface ships in that same match can still be two tiers up/down, like currently. So far so good. The problem is tier 10. A t10 CV will force a match with no t8 ships at all. In exchange MM will hoover up all the t9 ships it has in queue if they can't make a full t10 game quickly. So the net effect is that t10 games will be more self contained, and the pool of t8 ships in queue will increase. T9 will also almost always be bottom tier. This might not seem to bad, but it has trickle down effects. Without many free t9 ships in queue, a T8 CV game will pull mostly tier 8s and whatever t7 ships in to fill the void. Essentially this would make t8 the new tier 10 for surface ships, where they rarely see higher tier ships than them. This is inevitable unless the population of t9 ships increases to be more equal to t8 and t10. I can't really analyze the low/mid tiers without going too far into the realm of conjecture, but it's likely that MM bands will appear. A t10 CV game must pull t9 surface ships. A t4 CV game must be only t3/4 or t4/5. As long as the population of players concentrates in certain tiers, then the less popular tiers around it will be negatively impacted by +1/-1 CV MM. Of course this could all change based on population numbers. But the potential for everything to go wrong is there. Any time there's not enough population in a certain tier, and suddenly CVs games force MM to put together teams with only two tiers. So effectively, you can't give only CVs limited MM, because by extension they give it to everyone else.
  3. Kenjister

    For the love of God, please no CV in ranked!!

    In the old meta, if the enemy CV was better than your CV, they could dump over 4x the alpha of a current CV strike then leave their fighters to permaspot you until they came back with the next wave. The current rework certainly has it's problems, but lets not confuse how bad it was before with how bad it was on average. The old system only doesn't seem as bad now because the number of CV games then was so insanely low. While I don't agree, this is an opinion I can respect. For certain classes of ships the gameplay has changed radically. Personally I think WG should look at the gamemodes and map design. When the game was introduced Standard battles and CVs were the norm. But when the CVs started to disappear standard became a vision control campfest, and WG increased the number of domination games. 3 cap domination however has horrible compatibility with CVs. Either you split the team, or lemming. Splitting means certain groups just get repeatedly hammered. If you group and push the 3 cap layout forces a very specific route (through then across). IMO, standard is actually one of the more dynamic modes if CVs are in game. There's enough vision that teams actually start pushing, and since there's no objectives demanding your attention you're free to choose between killing, capping, splitting, or grouping. A lot more can happen in a standard battle, whereas a 3 cap domination game might as well follow a flowchart for how similarly the games play out.
  4. Kenjister

    Graf Zeppelin vs. Enterprise

    I was waiting for somebody to point this out. You are totally right. The speed is GZ's biggest asset, and it is POWERFUL. I've played a significant amount of Shokaku and Kaga since the rework dropped (as well as Ranger and Lex), and recently go the GZ from a crate. GZ puts them all to shame when it comes to facing higher tier targets. The 180/260kt speed on the bombers is insane. Your cruising speed is the same as Lex's bombers when they're boosted. Your aiming time on the torps isn't bad, and you can easily start attack runs from 9km to 10km out for easy aiming. And when you do finish your TB run, your speed is so high that by the time the invulnerability period ends you're already out of their midrange AA. Graf is a CV that can regularly put all 12 of her torps in the water. As long as you don't drop on targets with insane short range AA you'll hardly lose planes. You can also cycle your planes like a boss, and make many more strikes per minute than the other CVs. The downside is your damage is slow. Torps have horrible damage and flood chance, although they're very easy to put on target. DBs are the opposite. The circle drop means you can approach from any angle, but you're also entirely at the mercy of RNG. Compared to the other t8 CVs I've played, GZ feels weak when you play her because each of her individual drops are weak. Yet when I finish a game I'm usually surprised at how much I did. But if you're good at preserving your planes GZ has all the tools to let you carry. Just be aware that she lacks consistent alpha in any way.
  5. Kenjister

    GZ feedback

    I got my Graf from a crate today, and so far she's been rather unique to play. I can't make a good judgement on power level so far, but here's what I've found: 1) The insane speed of the TBs means I often end games with the full 16 plane compliment on deck. The planes fly extremely fast, so by the time the temporary immunity to continuous damage after the drop wears off your remaining planes are well into the long range aura and safe. I regularly get all three drops off with survivors from every run. 2) The DBs are horribly inconsistent due to their perfectly circular drop zone. It also seems like the bombs have poor sigma compared to Shokaku's AP bombs. 3) Despite the inconsistency of the DBs, they have excellent pen, can be used from any angle and have no prep time when dropping. So while the results are inconsistent, getting the planes on target is simple. 4) TURNAROUND SPEED. Probably the most underrated aspect so far, but GZ gets much more runs with all her planes over the course of a game assuming you don't suicide them. Sure the damage either is low or inconsistent, but you get many many shots at it. You can also respond immediately to targets of opportunity. 5) You can't punish DDs as effectively as other CVs. Your slow planes are actually very nimble so getting fully aimed shots on DDs is quite easy. But the low number of planes per attack and low speed means you'll can easily use up 2 TB runs worth of time doing so.
  6. Kenjister

    Another day another nerf on cvs

    As somebody who's been enjoying the new CVs from both sides of the equation, I definitely welcome this change. While the net effect might be a nerf, it was never an intended ability, and the extreme consistency it gave made it far too easy to deal with DDs. What I'm really curious to know however, is HOW they decided to fix the problem. Did they cut off the end of the attack run so you never use that horizontal momentum to drop? Did they raise the minimum height of the dive? Or did they change the physics behind bomb releases? The momentum elements of the "enlightened drop" were certainly bad for HE, but for AP bombs they're actually one of the more engaging and skill based elements. It would be a shame to see that removed just to fix HE.
  7. Kenjister

    FLAK is conceptually wrong

    Well everyone has their opinion I suppose. But why do you think flak being a skill check is the place to start? Right now AA has two elements: continuous and flak. Flak by design is the skill element, and continuous is the unavoidable aspect to balance it out. Are you saying there should be no place for skill-based mitigation in AA, or more along the lines of shifting the power away from flak?
  8. Kenjister

    FLAK is conceptually wrong

    Are you talking about in real life or in the game? In real life you simply try to preemptively juke it, since you can't exactly move your lumbering bomber around flak that easily, nor can you "see" the fragments you're trying to dodge anyways. In game, you should be playing the same way too. Of course there's more leeway, but if you start trying to dodge flak after it already shows up on your screen it's like trying to dodge torps only after they're spotted.
  9. Kenjister

    FLAK is conceptually wrong

    Many hundreds of feet over several kilometers. It's pretty much how one dodges torps in-game, by being too unpredictable to let them saturate your path. And actually in-game you're very rarely dodging the flak once it's fired either. When I play CVs I'm always making erratic maneuvers and it basically removes the need for any "active" flak dodging. So I'd say so far everything is working pretty ok conceptually!
  10. Can confirm, 138 for 55200, 400 per. Also here's another: IJN 310mm Type 0 (Azuma guns): 219 for 47085, 215 per.
  11. Kenjister

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    It does. I think that's one area where Mouse may have dropped the ball a bit on her review. She knocks the AA defense for not having a fighter plane, which is very valid, but also for having the midrange mounts changed to short range. Iirc, the reasoning was that because generally midrange auras is generally where the continuous DPS starts to pick up. That's a valid concern. Generally cruisers that lack an effective midrange aura suffer in the AA department. The USN cruisers for example has almost 3x the continuous DPS in their midrange compared to long. However, Azuma's long range aura does around 2x as much DPS as her t9 peers, and puts out 2-3 more bursts at base. Basically she trades the high midrange DPS for solid DPS in both mid and long, while keeping some very potent flak. It's arguable which setup is better, but I think because the rating was only "fair" in the end, most people assumed it was bad.
  12. Kenjister

    What's with the AA?

    To explain it simply, before the rework AA was a series of dice rolls. You had an AA damage value which was compared to the "hp" value of the planes, and depending on how that compared it gave you a percent chance to kill a plane every roll. Now, it's an actual HP pool. So in an enemy squad of 12 planes, each plane has a certain number of HP, and you need to remove all of it to kill the plane. Continuous damage is applied randomly between the planes, while flak damages every plane it hits. In your 15k damage case it appears you got a bit unlucky and managed to spread out the damage so that every plane was really low. If you want some reference, a T8 Shokaku TB squad has about 14k HP total (with up to 50% more if they pop the heal during the first attack). Hakuryu has around 21k HP in a squad. Kaga's TB squads have 17k total, but the individual planes have rather small HP pools so you're likely to shoot down more.
  13. Well yes and no. Mechanically speaking they do shoot down an equal number of planes, regardless of how tanky the enemy planes are. However they do this by basically by applying a large amount of continuous damage to selected planes in the squad over a few seconds, or until the planes they are targeting are removed. After the damage is applied the squad leaves. This means you can dodge or reduce the effect in a few ways: 1) Dropping ordinance just as the fighters start shooting. The squad then enters a short period where they're invulnerable to continuous damage, letting them tank the damage and causing the fighters to go home. 2) F key'ing before the fighters get to you. I've seen the fighters behavior do weird things, but it either causes them to fail to kill the allotted number in time or simply ignore the planes. 3) Dropping before fighters begin their attack, causing the fighters to lock on to the returning planes. Leads to weird behavior like in case 2). 4) Popping a heal. The fighters do lots of damage, but they don't do it forever. You can heal your way through it without losing a plane if your squad is big enough. There's probably also a few other ways to cause strange effects, but those are the ones I've noticed.
  14. Kenjister

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I'm not sure where you got that info, but it's quite the opposite actually. Azuma has AA power equal to some of the best t9 AA cruisers. Azuma's short range aura has 519 dps and reaches out to 1.9km. The closest competitor is Buffalo with 469/1.5km, followed by Seattle and Neptune at 400/1.5km. Azuma's long range aura has 8 bursts for 1460, 255 dps, and spans from 1.9km to 5.8km. Since it replaces her medium range aura I'll sum up the her aura like this: Azuma's long range aura generally has 2-3 more bursts and more DPS than any other t9 cruiser's long range aura, aside from Seattle and Neptune. Azuma's long range aura has more bursts than every other t9 cruiser's mid range aura, except the USN lines. These bursts also do ~500 more damage each since they are high caliber bursts. Azuma's long range aura does around 50-100 less DPS than the average t9 cruiser's mid range aura, except the USN lines. Then it's ~150. Basically, Azuma is not the ship you want to attack in a CV. Her lack of a midrange aura means very little since her long range aura is outright superior to most midrange auras at the tier. EDIT: oops, forgot to check Alaska's short range DPS. Alaska does infact beat out Azuma in that respect.
  15. Kenjister

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I got her, she's definitely not as bad as everyone makes her out to be. I'd actually venture to say she's pretty good at her job of second line HE spam. She just lacks any standout features that would make people want to shell out the FXP or money for her. I honestly think Alaska was a bit of an outlier when it came to popularity. Kron has similarly low numbers in game when she was first released I think.