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  1. Kenjister

    7.3 Nostalgia - Pre CV rework

    While I'm not trying to disagree with you on the potential for CV damage in the hands of a really good player in the current system, I think we're arguing slightly different points here. I'm aware that the best players like yourself can hold similar stats pre and post rework, but in terms of gameplay those are outliers that you're highly unlikely to encounter. Even the top 5 percent Midway players show a significant damage gap when comparing pre and post rework. There are a few exceptions in other CVs, like Lexington, but in general the vast majority of players will never reach the theoretical maximums. So when I say on average half the ordinance hits, I say that from the perspective of the myself in a BB versus a unicum CV. You're right though, it's not that hard to land most if not all of your ordinance on most targets as a CV so I might have misrepresented that somewhat. Still, I think in general the damage output of most "good" players that people run into during randoms has dropped. Clan Battles will be a different story of course, and it'll be interesting to see how that turns out when it lands.
  2. Kenjister

    7.3 Nostalgia - Pre CV rework

    That may be true if you only look at the numbers, but you're ignoring one very key point. In RTS you could attack with all your attack aircraft simultaneously from multiple directions, or piecemeal, whichever suited the situation better. This means that target would be unable to angle against the vast majority of your squads. If you were skilled you could bait him into angling against one of your squads, then once his maneuvers were locked in hit him with the other 3-4 squads from the optimal angle. It was not unusual to land MOST of your ordinance in RTS, even against cruisers. With the current system there's always one squad to angle against, and while it might be frustrating to play against, you'll usually be dodging around half the torps from any given attack run. So while the theoretical max numbers may be similar in RTS it was fairly achievable while in the rework it's not going to happen unless the target is stationary. Aside from that, there's also a HUGE difference in whether damage is dealt in from a single attack in three minutes or over the three minutes slowly. There's a reason high alpha strikes have always posed a huge balance issue no matter what game it is. Removing a player from the game instantly is insanely powerful. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of issues with the rework. But RTS CVs were on a whole different level when it came to damage.
  3. Kenjister

    New to game - Captain question

    Quoting this for emphasis. While it's a bit on off a tangent from your original question, it's extremely good advice for a new player and can't be repeated enough. In regards to captains though, you're getting lots of good advice here. My general rule of thumb is that sometime during tier 6 you want your captain to hit 10 skill points. Preferably sooner, and most definitely before you move up to tier 7. This is extremely important for any cruiser or destroyer, because Concealment Expert is an utterly vital skill for any ship that relies on stealth to disengage or attack from. As you go up in tiers this will become extremely noticeable, and even differences of 500 meters in detection radius are very noticeable in gameplay - especially if you run up against the same ship on the other team that has CE and you don't.
  4. Kenjister

    Massive AA fire?

    I'm going to be really nitpicky here, but I would really consider this one downside and one upside. Losing the DPS is a bit loss if you have any respectable AA, but the longer CD is offset by the fact that the ability has no runtime and goes into CD immediately. If a DD hits a sector w/o the skill, it runs for 10 seconds then goes on CD for 10, giving you 20 between initial bursts. With the skill, it immediately hits then goes on CD for 15, giving you 15 seconds between bursts. Overall I'd say the skill is definitely not worth it. Numbers wise it does provide an appreciable increase in damage in damage to planes for many DDs, it's just that it's still a negligible amount that comes with a significant opportunity cost to run.
  5. I love my Roma, and while her gunnery certainly has issues, it's not quite what many are making it out to be. Way back I spent a few hours in the training room trying to figure out how frequent citadel overpens were with Roma and the initial results were pretty clear. Basically Roma will not overpen any BB sized target through their armor at any normal ranges, and any 152mm armor on a cruiser will prevent the same above 2km. After some more testing I found there's a wide swath of mid tier cruisers that Roma WILL overpen broadside, but that can be remedied by a 30-45 degree angle even at 5km or less. But the overpen range is a lot higher than you might think against broadside targets. I've gotten broadside overpens on Fijis at 11km with Hood and her slow shells. Most of the overpen problems with Roma come from her dispersion putting shells into plating or superstructure.
  6. Kenjister

    Where is Hayate?

    The name is recycled from a different IJN destroyer (as navies are apt to do), but I believe the ship itself does have some basis in reality. IIRC, the IJN was developing an improved 127mm gun for the next generation of multi-purpose destroyers and WG's Hayate is essentially what they think that ship would have been. From what I can tell WG is playing it pretty straight. They kept with historic design trends of IJN DDs, such as the A-XY turrets and 2x centerline launchers, so Hayate is probably one of the more realistic designs. I'm sure somebody with more knowledge of IJN design proposals can say if the Hayate design was based off something or entirely a WG fabrication, but even if it is a WG fabrication I'd say it's one of the more believable ones. Hayate resembles all the actual IJN DDs much more than Zao resembles their cruisers.
  7. Kenjister

    Help with AP Bombers

    Even since the HE/AP bomb mechanic changes, where they removed the impact of momentum to get rid of the "enlightened drop" the bomb mechanics have been a bit unintuitive. The bomb reticle shrinks as you dive lower, but the bombs will disperse to any location in the circle. This means that the angle that the bombs "fall" off the bomber actually increases if you wait longer, and in extreme cases it may seem like they're jumping off the planes sideways. This means it's actually quite possible to miss or bounce on a wiggling ship, even if they're entirely in the reticle when you drop. In most cases you want the bombs to fall as vertically as possible, which means dropping near the top of your dive right as the outer circle is almost the same size as the inner. The raw area of the reticle might be a bit larger if you do this, but the bombs are falling near vertically so as long as they connect you're likely to get a pen or citadel. Ultimately none of that matters though if you're approaching from a poor angle. Dive bombers are all about the approach angle, and if you're missing a lot (not just getting bounces or overpens) you probably want to focus on practicing your approaches so at least 80% of the reticle covers the ship when you drop.
  8. While that's true, since the player distribution is random you're more likely to get a roughly balanced spread of players as opposed to a stacked team. But even a stacked unicum team can lose if their team suffers an early DD loss. It's my personal belief that an INCREASE of player skill is behind increase in blowouts. Gone are the launch days where everyone sailed broadside to each other and whiffed easy shots. These days you're more likely than not to be punished if you make a stupid play, which means that if your team has a bad player they're much more likely to get removed in the opening minutes starting a snowball for the other team. And since players are generally more competent than in the past it's less likely they'll throw the game back to the other team. Am I saying that doesn't happen? Of course not, throws happen all the time. But I feel that outcomes these days are much more at the mercy of the bottom third of their players than the top third when divisions aren't part of the equation.
  9. Oh no don't do that! Yamato is still one of the undisputed queens of BBs vs BBs fighting. And while the French (and UK) BBs may have very hard to hit citadels, they're also covered in 32mm plating which Yamato overmatches all day. Basically if you touch them with shells you're likely to get penetrations, even at angles where every other BB would bounce. These days Yamato isn't all about the citadels, but rather her ability to punch other BBs for respectable damage regardless of their defensive angling. This means you can bow-in to other BBs and simply force them to leave or die, if they fire back they'll get all bounces, while you can get pens or even citadels through their nose.
  10. The French BBs are also notoriously hard to citadel. Here's a quick off the hip ranking of the BB lines. Highly Raised Citadels: Soviet BBs*, Roma, Yamato Moderately Raised Citadels: UK BBs, IJN BBs Waterline or Close: USN BBs Sunken Citadel or Heavy Turtleback KMS BBs, French BBs Back in the beta both IJN and USN lines fit in the "moderately raised citadel" category, but since then almost every BB line that's been released has had a citadel that was harder to hit. UK BBs actually used to have very low citadels but they were raised recently as a part of some nerfs. These days it's very rarely about the raw penetration, but rather at what angle and where the shell impacts. Close range can be good or bad depending on the BB you're facing. * = Soviet BBs may have raised citadels but many of the high tier ones get very thick plating which may them near impossible to citadel outside of point blank ranges.
  11. Yamato hasn't changed, but the USN BBs have. The USN BBs have had their citadel lowered to waterline (or close to it), at very close ranges like in the video you're probably not getting citadel hits because you're aiming too high. The shells are penetrating the belt, but then bouncing off the top of the citadel roof. To counteract this you want to be aiming your shots a bit lower than the waterline. These changes happened quite a while ago, but if you weren't playing regularly you probably missed them when they were announced.
  12. Kenjister

    New Player (Sorta)

    Really gotta second this here. Cruisers are a good place to start, and IJN (or USN) cruisers arguably have the most to offer to a beginner. Overall though, I wouldn't focus on a single line especially when just starting out. The differences between classes are very pronounced, so in order to effectively fight them you need to know what they can do. The best way to do that is to experience them yourself. If you're trying to understand how each class works, recommend the USN and IJN lines. As the original lines they lack gimmicks and center wholly on the unique mechanics of their ship type. If you want to learn how to use and avoid torpedoes, the IJN DDs are built around their torpedoes. You also learn vision control with this line. If you want to learn ammo selection, angling, gunnery, and controlled aggression, USN and IJN CAs. They reward you greatly for good play, and if you make mistakes you get instant feedback. If you want to learn tanking and positioning, IJN BBs. They have powerful and reliable guns, but are also relatively vulnerable from the side. This forces you to learn good positioning. There are many other lines that are easier to pick up and play, like German/UK BBs, or French cruisers, but those lines aren't always the best for teaching mechanics. German BBs are hard to be punished in, which can lead to bad habits. UK BBs make it a bit too easy to use HE. French cruisers are actually great but they're just limited in their role compared to the USN/IJN lines. In the end though, what matters is that you're having fun! As long as you try to learn from your mistakes you'll be able to enjoy almost any line!
  13. Kenjister

    How is Kaga?

    This was changed a patch a while back, but just won't die. Kaga no longer has extremely squishy planes. Individually squishier compared to Shokaku yes, but by a marginal amount. But individual plane HP means very little since the continuous damage change - what you should be looking at is squad HP. And when you look at squad HP Kaga brings by far the tankiest squads, on top of being able to field more squad per game. If you want to drop twice with a 3-wing squad, you basically have an AA buffer equal to 1/3 your total squad HP + 1 plane worth of HP. Lose any more than that and your second drop will be at reduced strength. For TBs, Kaga can absorb 9k hp in plane damage before this happens. For comparison, Lexington is at 8320 with vastly slower planes. Kaga's plane tankiness is no joke, though she is rather vulnerable to flak since her squads are quite large.
  14. Kenjister

    Can't Understand Ark Royal...

    I've found the Ark Royal to be a rather tough ship to get the hang of the first few games, but extremely powerful once you get the hang of it. A few things I found that helped in regards to your points: 1. Swordfish are slow, but they lose the speed from boost slowly. Boost up to full, ease off for a bit, then boost back up. By feathering the throttle like this you can actually maintain a manageable average speed. 2. The hull is pretty standard, and very vulnerable to HE bombs. No working around this. 3. Carpet bombers are slow. But the key to using these well is to not think of them as carpet bombers. Unlike carpet bombers all the bombs land at the same time and fill the dispersion circle completely, in other words it's an oversized rocket squadron that literally cannot miss vs DDs. It helps to look at armor profiles in the armor viewer and only look at the size of the portions you can pen. You'll find that BBs are actually some of the smallest effective targets, while ships like La Gal and DDs are much larger. You can score 4k hits against DDs and CLs with regularity using these planes. 4. The Skuas are horrendously average. Good if you need a traditional rocket squad, or to give your squads some regen time. Use these like normal rockets, but don't rely on them. Ark's other squad types have significantly higher damage potential. 5. Slow planes dying to AA. No way around this. The biggest think to watch out it for layered flak. Unlike most other CV squads, Ark's planes are so slow you sometimes can't avoid flak. Luckily you have the regeneration to counteract this somewhat. As long as you avoid full squad wipes you can stretch your reserves to last an entire game. Compared to other CVs Ark shines even more endgame, since her squads have insane damage potential if you can get multiple drops off. Hope that helps!
  15. Kenjister

    Question about defensive AA II

    More or less, though I would like to put a disclaimer on that. Fire up your DefAA when the enemy planes are entering your bubble in order to strike somebody in it. You can usually tell when this is because competent CV players will enter the bubble in a way that gives them a flat broadside or bow/stern-on target, depending on what plane type they're using. In those situations the planes would need to make a complete 180 in order to get out, which takes so much time they'll usually commit despite DefAA being up. On the other hand, if they're moving parallel to you and graze the edge of your bubble, don't pop DefAA because they could simply get out with a slight turn and you'll be left with a very long CD and nothing to show for it. Also one little tip. If the planes all die or go away, and your DefAA is still running, you can hit "P" twice to turn your AA off and on again. Turning your AA off immediately ends the effect of DefAA, putting it onto cooldown. Sometimes these 10-15 seconds are the difference between having it up when the next major strike comes again or not.