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  1. Ships from Collaboration

    Quick answer: ARP content will lot return, HSF content is up in the air. As for Fuso, a few things. 1) the only module you don’t need is the fire control. You shouldn’t be at max rage. 2) Hull upgrades give massive buffs to almost every important defensive stat. Get it ASAP. 3) Being angled is good, but if you can fire all guns you can be penetrated back as well. You should angle a bit further during reload. 4) Don’t stop. As a BB it takes forever to get moving again and it opens you up to taking massive damage. 1/4 speed is also tricky. 1/2 speed gives you a bit more options for a similar effect! 5) I can’t really comment on positioning, but as a new player aim for being around 12-15km away from enemy BBs, but avoid being in firing range of 3 enemies simultaneously. 1 can’t hunt you down, 2 gives you enough time to get back to your team, but 3 will kill you unless you have an escape plan. Finalky, 1-4 shells is pretty normal for standard ranges. Fuso is a shotgun style BB. Her accuracy is good, but her sigma (tendency for shells to hit center) is low. So she often gets hits, but rarely gets a huge amount unless you get close. Hope that helps! Also if you ever need somebody to show you the ropes, feel free to message me! I tend to play at strange hours but I’m alwats glad to help.
  2. I sorta get the feeling you guys are addressing different things. You seem to be saying the 17lb APCBC is analogous to the T4 HVAP round, in respect to performance. Which is true. On the other hand, Carl seems to be saying the T4 HVAP is equivalent to the SABOT. Which is also true in terms of the technology used. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t HVAP rounds fairly uncommon? I know the Germans had difficulty producing them in large amounts, but given the US’s greater access to resources for all I know we could have been swimming in the things. But coming back to the discussion, assuming HVAP wasn’t common, this would make the original chart correct in its comparison. As the APCBC round is the primary round fired by the 17lb gun, it’s fair to compare it to the M62 APC.
  3. Colorado is garbage

    Colorado is similar to Nagato in that they both follow two powerful shotgun-style ships. Going from NM to Colorado, or Fuso to Nagato is a huge shock. You are much more accurate on average due to the vastly higher sigma, but the lower barrel count means if your aim is off you’re unlikely to hit much. Colorado has a hull that’s weak to direct HE damage, but she also has a buffed heal which makes up for that. Otherwise her hull isn’t any worse than NM. She takes a lot of work at first, but once you get the hang of her Colorado is a great ship!
  4. The Future of the Game?

    I can’t say I’ve seen your other requests, but I think I know why you’re not getting many replies: It’s your initial premises. You make several statements about the state of the game (RADAR is over abundant, DDs are dying a slow death, etc) and demand answers about what WG is going to combat those problems. The issue is, those problems might not actually exist in the eyes of WG. If you asked them if they think it’s a problem, then they could likely reply with a simple yes/no. But by stating them as fact, and saying you speak for the community? I don’t blame them for not wanting to reply. It’s a lose lose for them. They can disagree, but they’d have to call you wrong to do it. Online this chances an argument, which really does nobody good. If they agree, they’d only be able to say “we’re looking into it”. Which tends to upset an equal number of people. And if they give details? I’d make the storms from the devblog look like a mild breeze. Your intentions may be good, but you’ve honestly given them an impossible question from a PR point of view.
  5. In that case I think those pictures illustrate the superiority of AP. The top picture has 12 hits, the bottom 48 + 3 cits. If your friend only fired AP once, then that means he did ~38k damage in a single volley. The remaining ~70k hp over 48 hits gives approximately 17500 damage per 12 hits. Not much more than your 16133 damage over 12. HE isn’t as reliable as people make it out to be. It’s easy, sure, but the raw alpha of AP is what makes people fear BBs.
  6. Perhaps it was just a bad RNG game. The thing is, on average players will do much better firing primarily AP than HE. Sometimes you won’t citadels you think you will but HE simply doesn’t do the things AP does. Also, what were the attached pictures for? They don’t really illustrate much given that you seemed to die really early in the first.
  7. Nelson has two main battery firing lines, both of which are fairly generic in order to mesh with the situations found in WoWS. The first is "kougeki kaishi!" which in it's most broad is "commence attack". However, in this context it's better understood as "open fire!" The second is "koredemo kurae!" which is basically "take this!", or "eat this!" for a slightly more literal translation. What you're taking for mild panic is just her character trait of sorta getting overexcited she gets to fire. She does like to flaunt her ability, and it's reflected in most of her voice lines.
  8. Probably because Des attracts a lot more shells per minute too
  9. I think sums up the problem you’re having to be honest. Plenty of us have a code of honor, and get quite annoyed by being pink when we’re justified in our behavior. But here’s what I think you should reconsider. Pink doesn’t mean “this player is unsportsmanlike”. It means you’ve been flagged for an instance of unsportsmanlike conduct. However you cut it, that’s what leaving early is. Nobody thinks you’re unsporting because you left early though. We just know something happened and you probably aren’t at fault. Really the only think people think when they see pink is “this dude might be slightly eager to fire torps”. You’re did the right think of course. Games should never take precedence over real life, especially parenting. And the players know that. It’s just the system doesn’t know that and can’t. The rules shaft us sometimes but they’re what allows the system to protect us from TKers and exile AFKers. Really it’s just a different setting. Face to face any accusation of unsportsmanlike conduct is generally proven. People don’t call you out for it unless it happened. Online however, everything operates on probability. There’s a chance it happened to the machine, so it’s basically handing you a pink slip and saying “hey, this might have happened since you broke the rules, but we don’t know for sure so just play a few games and we’ll clear ya”. Just remember, the system isn’t calling you unsportsmanlike. It’s just pointing out that an action you did might have been. You’re reacting as if this way a face-to-face interaction, which I think is why you’re feeling so strongly about it.
  10. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Quick question, but doesn’t DoY still have the improved 60-67 degree bounce angles? The penetration calculator which uses data mined info appears to support that, and DoY does show as having a different shell in client as well. Perhaps WG didn’t put through all the changes they intended? EDIT: AP Calculator link for reference
  11. Hood vs CO Maneuverability

    Double posted from mobile
  12. Hood vs CO Maneuverability

    Uhh... propulsion mod doesn’t affect max speed though, only the rate which the engine adjusts to a new speed.
  13. I didn't understand what happened

    While I can’t view the replay at the moment, daVinci did mention the Yamato driver waited ~20 seconds before popping DCP. That would explain everything, and the numbers would line up too.
  14. 50 planes??

    Also just in case you don’t know, you can repeat a task for stars after you’ve completed it. No need to spend ages on a new task unless you really want the reward!
  15. It might not have when it was released, I can’t remenber exactly, but it definitely does now. Forgot when they made the explicit announcement. I’d dig through patch notes for a link but my break isn’t long enough, sorry!