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  1. Kenjister

    New Player (Sorta)

    Really gotta second this here. Cruisers are a good place to start, and IJN (or USN) cruisers arguably have the most to offer to a beginner. Overall though, I wouldn't focus on a single line especially when just starting out. The differences between classes are very pronounced, so in order to effectively fight them you need to know what they can do. The best way to do that is to experience them yourself. If you're trying to understand how each class works, recommend the USN and IJN lines. As the original lines they lack gimmicks and center wholly on the unique mechanics of their ship type. If you want to learn how to use and avoid torpedoes, the IJN DDs are built around their torpedoes. You also learn vision control with this line. If you want to learn ammo selection, angling, gunnery, and controlled aggression, USN and IJN CAs. They reward you greatly for good play, and if you make mistakes you get instant feedback. If you want to learn tanking and positioning, IJN BBs. They have powerful and reliable guns, but are also relatively vulnerable from the side. This forces you to learn good positioning. There are many other lines that are easier to pick up and play, like German/UK BBs, or French cruisers, but those lines aren't always the best for teaching mechanics. German BBs are hard to be punished in, which can lead to bad habits. UK BBs make it a bit too easy to use HE. French cruisers are actually great but they're just limited in their role compared to the USN/IJN lines. In the end though, what matters is that you're having fun! As long as you try to learn from your mistakes you'll be able to enjoy almost any line!
  2. Kenjister

    How is Kaga?

    This was changed a patch a while back, but just won't die. Kaga no longer has extremely squishy planes. Individually squishier compared to Shokaku yes, but by a marginal amount. But individual plane HP means very little since the continuous damage change - what you should be looking at is squad HP. And when you look at squad HP Kaga brings by far the tankiest squads, on top of being able to field more squad per game. If you want to drop twice with a 3-wing squad, you basically have an AA buffer equal to 1/3 your total squad HP + 1 plane worth of HP. Lose any more than that and your second drop will be at reduced strength. For TBs, Kaga can absorb 9k hp in plane damage before this happens. For comparison, Lexington is at 8320 with vastly slower planes. Kaga's plane tankiness is no joke, though she is rather vulnerable to flak since her squads are quite large.
  3. Kenjister

    Can't Understand Ark Royal...

    I've found the Ark Royal to be a rather tough ship to get the hang of the first few games, but extremely powerful once you get the hang of it. A few things I found that helped in regards to your points: 1. Swordfish are slow, but they lose the speed from boost slowly. Boost up to full, ease off for a bit, then boost back up. By feathering the throttle like this you can actually maintain a manageable average speed. 2. The hull is pretty standard, and very vulnerable to HE bombs. No working around this. 3. Carpet bombers are slow. But the key to using these well is to not think of them as carpet bombers. Unlike carpet bombers all the bombs land at the same time and fill the dispersion circle completely, in other words it's an oversized rocket squadron that literally cannot miss vs DDs. It helps to look at armor profiles in the armor viewer and only look at the size of the portions you can pen. You'll find that BBs are actually some of the smallest effective targets, while ships like La Gal and DDs are much larger. You can score 4k hits against DDs and CLs with regularity using these planes. 4. The Skuas are horrendously average. Good if you need a traditional rocket squad, or to give your squads some regen time. Use these like normal rockets, but don't rely on them. Ark's other squad types have significantly higher damage potential. 5. Slow planes dying to AA. No way around this. The biggest think to watch out it for layered flak. Unlike most other CV squads, Ark's planes are so slow you sometimes can't avoid flak. Luckily you have the regeneration to counteract this somewhat. As long as you avoid full squad wipes you can stretch your reserves to last an entire game. Compared to other CVs Ark shines even more endgame, since her squads have insane damage potential if you can get multiple drops off. Hope that helps!
  4. Kenjister

    Question about defensive AA II

    More or less, though I would like to put a disclaimer on that. Fire up your DefAA when the enemy planes are entering your bubble in order to strike somebody in it. You can usually tell when this is because competent CV players will enter the bubble in a way that gives them a flat broadside or bow/stern-on target, depending on what plane type they're using. In those situations the planes would need to make a complete 180 in order to get out, which takes so much time they'll usually commit despite DefAA being up. On the other hand, if they're moving parallel to you and graze the edge of your bubble, don't pop DefAA because they could simply get out with a slight turn and you'll be left with a very long CD and nothing to show for it. Also one little tip. If the planes all die or go away, and your DefAA is still running, you can hit "P" twice to turn your AA off and on again. Turning your AA off immediately ends the effect of DefAA, putting it onto cooldown. Sometimes these 10-15 seconds are the difference between having it up when the next major strike comes again or not.
  5. Kenjister


    I'll echo what others have said and say in order to learn the basic mechanics, you should go into coop. Once you feel comfortable controlling your squads and have a good feel for how much you need to lead, I'd recommend jumping into tier 4 for a few games, then straight to tier 6. Tier 6 is the first tier where all the mechanics of CV play are present. It's also a relatively low tier (in regards to CVs), so playing poorly isn't likely to hurt your team too much. The reason I don't recommend grinding through tier 4 normally if you already have the tier 6 unlocked, is because tier 4 is the ultimate sandbox mode. Enemy ships have horrible AA, and fighter patrols don't exist. Aside from the mechanics, very little from tier 4 carries over to the other tiers. Tier 6 is where you need to start planning around AA bubbles, determine risk/reward for reserve losses, and make good use of terrain in your attack runs. All of those skills will make you a better CV player, and the less people who play tier 4 CVs, the better it is for the poor surface ships down there as well.
  6. Kenjister

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    I'm quoting this since you appear to be falling into one of the new player mistakes with IJN cruisers. Your torpedoes are weapons of opportunity, not a primary means of damage. The tier 5 Furutaka is an exception to this, since she has extremely good torpedo arcs, but starting with Aoba your torpedoes will have fairly narrow rearward firing arcs. You should never expose your broadside to fire torpedoes at an enemy unless you're confident nobody can shoot you. Going broadside is the number 1 cause of sudden explosive death, and at tiers 6 and above most player have enough awareness to punish you if you do. Another thing I noticed is you mentioned an aggressive playstyle. Nothing wrong with being aggressive, but you should know that the shape of aggressive play changes signficantly as you go up tiers. At low tiers this can often mean charging into the enemy team. At mid tiers and above that doesn't work for even the most tanky cruisers, or even battleships for that matter. If you haven't already I highly recommend looking up the mechanics behind angling - they're pretty similar to WoT. To make a tanks analogy, all cruisers have their thickest armor on the side, but it's still only medium tank level of armor. Every other section of your ship can be easily penned by anything, aside from your deck, which will autobounce long range AP and shatter HE. Aggressive play stops being "charging forward" and changes to "skirting the edge of the enemy's effective range while shooting them constantly". Cruisers put out great DPS and your focus should be on maximizing the uptime on your guns, while staying alive as long as possible. Also one relevant tip. IJN cruisers have excellent concealment. When you hit 10 points on your captain take concealment expert. This will allow you to stop firing when things get too hot and go dark at ranges other heavy cruisers can only dream of. While you might still be spotted by a DD, it's unlikely any larger ship will be able to spot you without you spotting them as well.
  7. Kenjister

    Implacable - Loading in Progress

    Nope, the chart is accurate as of 0.8.7! Kaga starts with 36 DBs and TBs on deck, as well as 24 rocket planes. Her regen is actually pretty bad but she ends up being able to field 3/4 of a squad more than all her counterparts aside from Enterprise. And ever since the HP buffs, her squads bring significantly more HP to the table as well. She may not have the best damage ouput per strike, but she can make afford to make more strikes in AA environments that other CVs prefer to avoid.
  8. Kenjister

    should i upgrade my kagero torps

    They move faster, so being detected slightly further out only offsets that a little bit. I wouldn't say there's much of a difference though. People like to focus on reaction time for torps, but that's mostly a consideration when you're dealing with maneuvering or bow-on targets. IJN DDs can get on broadsides much easier than other DDs can, and no matter how unimpressive the reaction time is enemies will eat torps when they're coming in from 90 degrees. That's where speed makes a huge difference. Fast torps will arrive at their target sooner, reducing the chance that they'll leave their position or begin maneuvering. It's also very useful when ships are travelling between cover, 5 knots can make the difference between having a shot or not. Regardless, you should take the upgrade because the massive alpha upgrade. IJN torps are all about the timing, and at high tiers it's rather rare for you to have a perfect shot as soon as torps come off of CD. 3700 alpha on the other hand is no joke, and makes you a MUCH larger threat.
  9. Kenjister

    Implacable - Loading in Progress

    Implacable plane regen issues tend to seem bigger than they are, I did the numbers a while back and found that she actually isn't THAT much slower than her t8 counterparts when it comes to regenning entire squads. As a matter of fact, her rocket squads actually regen faster than most of her peers. Implacable's real problem is that despite her slight disadvantage in squad regen times, her squad HP values range from atrocious to average. Low HP, slow speed, and 3 attack wings/squad are all traits that make repeated attacks difficult. Combine all 3 and you have Implacable. This wouldn't be an issue if she was a high alpha strike CV but she's most definitely not. Against non-isolated targets, she's forced to make hard choices between striking multiple times at high cost, or simply doing a single strikes with very high turnover times.
  10. Kenjister

    The Yūgumo

    I feel this is true if you choose to play like a gunboat. On the other hand, speccing a Yugumo for guns (with TRB) and then playing her like a torpboat can be extremely powerful as long as you have excellent situational awareness and threat management. The smallest of mistakes will get you killed though, so I wouldn't recommend it for anybody who isn't very confident in their destroyer play. Yugumo specced for guns will lose every knifefight in a cap, but a Yugumo specced for guns can gun down any DD that's trying to hunt her - even Udaloi with her 2 turrets front arrangement.
  11. Kenjister

    The Yūgumo

    I was in the process of typing up a huge wall of text, but this pretty much sums it up. Yugumo has good guns, but their layout and her low HP pool means she'll only ever kite no matter how many upgrades or captain skills you pour into her. Turret traverse is her only major weakness and EM solves that. It gives her better effective reload, more room to wiggle without sacrificing DPM, and lets her re-engage on DDs faster if you're team comes to your aid. Plus it's only two points!
  12. Kenjister

    HMS Hood

    Hood is one of my most played ships, and I've done a fair amount of testing when the changes went through. First, the short fuse removal is pretty much a non-factor or a straight buff depending on what you're shooting. Citadel overpenetrations are not too common outside of a few specific situations. I've done tests (with Hood) in the training room and found that vs Aoba (76mm citadel belt), broadside citadel overpens on abovewater penetrations will occur regularly at fairly long ranges. I had regular citadel overpens at up to 8km. For Fiji (114mm) this occured at up to 6km. But once any angle was added that changed. Aoba at 45 degrees could not be overpenned through the citadel, even at 2km. Likewise, Fiji at ~25 degrees ate regular citadels at from 2km. It's worth noting that those are all above-water citadel hits. While testing only a very small portion of shells hit the abovewater portion of the citadel hitbox. Versus broadside targets I got more below-water citadels than I did above water citadel overpens at all but the closest ranges. Basically the short fuse only helps against perfectly broadside targets with thin citadel armor, and an above water citadel. However it may have also prevented underwater citadels versus those same targets. Second, her AA isn't weak, at least not in a relative sense. All AA at tier 7 is rather meh, but Hood and Gneis are a cut above the rest. Her long range aura has 163 DPS out to 5.8km, because for some reason her rockets are now full range weapons. Toss on DefAA's +50% DPS boost and instakill flak damage and Hood is one of the few t7 ships that can provide a semblance of AA protection. Most ships including cruisers at this tier have 4.8km-5.2km long range with sub 100 DPS, while Hood is sitting on an effective 240 DPS with instakill flak out to 5.8km. If you want fleet protection in a t7 match it's hard to beat Hood. Gnies is probably the only contender - and that's including cruisers.
  13. Kenjister

    CV counterplay was already in WoWs. They removed it.

    If by easy you mean get one strike off vs a solo target, then yes, you're correct. But against most t10 cruisers and BBs you'll also need to bring a 1/2 squad buffer even if you dodge all the flak. If it's a USN CA with DefAA you'll need to bring a full squad just for one DB strike, 3/4 squad if it's TBs. Implacable and Shokaku rockets will almost always require a full squad to reliably force a strike through. If it's multiple t10 ships (not DDs) you'll need the full squad just to get a single strike off. Over the course of a 20 minute game, the tech tree t8 CV can only field ~8 full squads worth of planes. If you want to influence the game in a t8 CV, attacking t10 ships really should be avoided unless they're island hugging. Then they're pretty easy to hit. Now I'm not saying CVs are perfect where they are, I'd love to see fighter play make a comeback and replace rockets, but lets not misrepresent the power level of what we do have. AA is very effective vs lower tier CVs. Not pre-rework style "no fly zone" effective, but certainly effective enough that you can deplane a CV before he does any meaningful damage to you.
  14. Kenjister

    Selling the Izumo and Ibuki?

    As others have mentioned, you shouldn't sell higher tier ships due to the upcoming snowflake event. Or ever really, since WG seems like these snowflake events quite a lot. If you're short on credits you can of course, just know that you'll be missing out on potential goodies later. Performance wise, Izumo has received significant buffs to her gun performance and HE protection compared to release. While Izumo doesn't have the overmatch ability or HP pool of Musashi, she does have 2.0 sigma compared to Musashi's 1.8, and significantly faster shell velocity mid/close range. Musashi is statistically OP of course, but Izumo might be more fun to play if you don't like the bow-tanking playstyle that Musashi relies on. Ibuki is a bit of a strange boat. You would think she's been horribly powercrept, but it turns out that good HE + stealth allows you to influence games consistently, even if it isn't flashy. She's not a standout ship, but she's a consistent workhorse.
  15. I see a lot of people calling for mirror ship types, but I feel that would basically remove all the variety in the matches. Not only would your variety of opponents be limited based on what you bring, but the variety of ships that people pick would also go down a lot. For example, if you knew bringing a BB would force an enemy BB then Tirpitz will be a no-brainer pick over Bismarck. Torps are a decisive advantage up close, and Bismark's hydro is pretty much useless vs BBs. On the other hand, if you didn't know what you're facing then both are viable picks. Tirp for the BB knockout power, and Bis for the smoke pushing/defensive utility vs DDs and some cruisers.