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  1. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    So where do you draw the line? When do you write off your own team? We've both been playing this game long enough to know that one player very rarely has the whole picture. Just because one flank mysteriously disappears to a bunch of devastating strikes doesn't mean they're bad. Maybe they just got farmed by a good division. Just because the players around you are the latest bumper crop of potatoes doesn't mean the other flank can't pull off a win if you play smart and back off. What I really want to ask is are you okay with another player doing the same to you? Lets say you pop a smoke and Mr Deep Purple Unicum says that it was the wrong choice, you obviously don't care about his enjoyment, it'll cost the cap and lose the game, so he quits despite being in a full HP top tier ship. You really okay with that? It's a team game, and yeah, sometimes we lose cause of our teams and it's frustrating. But that's part of the game. Players all have their skill levels, and you enter each match knowing that. You want a quality match, that's why you should give a damn. Because if you quit halfway through you're taking away what could have been a quality match from 23 other people.
  2. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    How do you know the other team isn’t as grossly incompetent? How do you know the mistake wasn’t a single lapse in judgement? How do you you still can’t win? Ive had games where I was sure I was going to lose because my rather poorly playing teammates were funneling into the enemy one by one. I went down in a blaze of glory and decided to spectate our full HP sniper Bismarck charge into islands filled with torp cruisers... and torpedo beat like I have never seen. Narrowly pulled out a victory that would not have been possible if I had given up. Or any of my teammates had given up. It was an amazing rush. On the other hand, nothing is more frustrating that having a match come down to the wire and have full HP ally who afk’d behind an island. Not only does that lose us the game, but it adds another minute or two to everyone’s ship timers. If you’re gonna leave, just charge and get killed. Better than having the rest of us lose because the minimap told us we had a ship by the cap when there really wasn’t. Or any other misunderstanding that we don’t have time to notice in the battle. It’s quite frankly, infuriating. tl;dr AFKing makes a horrible experience for everyone else, do the courtesy of a yolo charge if you must bail
  3. Ultimate Troll Ships

    I’ve discovered a love for a secondary spec Arkansas Beta. The accuracy buff combined with the high velocity 127mm guns mean you can reliably hit cruisers and DDs at your max range of 6.4km. Toss in BFT and the t9 secondary module and you’ll be reloading in a tad over 5 seconds. Why is it troll? This is tier 4. Secondary builds don’t exist at t4. DDs will see you looking the other way, rush in, and die. Over and over and over.
  4. Buff Idea for Manual Secondaries

    Are you sure that was the damage source? Bismarck’s 105mm secondaries can’t pen a Roon. And IIRC, neither can the 128s unless he had took IFHE.
  5. To be fair, it isn't the other CV that's the problem when it comes to clear sky. In the past it was a flat 40 plane kills. Currently it requires a set % of kills. Unfortunately this counts ALL planes in the game, including scout planes and fighter planes. Ships like Yamato have a hangar of 7 and almost never launch them all. It's much easier to get clear sky in the low tiers where not all ships have catapult planes.
  6. Why is Fire Prevention Useless?

    Fire Prevention's effectiveness is something that really depends on the particular BB you're in, as well as your playstyle. For example, in my Yamato/Musashi fire prevention would be pretty useless. I'm almost always highly angled, and it's rare that cruisers can get on my side to hit both the fore and aft superstructure. One fire on the fore superstructure is frequent, but multiple fires are not. The bow is simply too small to be hit reliably from a safe distance, and the superstructure is too juicy a target for HE throwers. Treating HE like AP works wonders for fire mitigation, as does actively wiggling when being shelled by HE. I only see two superstructure fires when I'm caught in a turn and show broadside. On the other hand, I can't wait until my Bismark captain can get enough points for fire prevention. As a spearpoint, you often get cruisers on your side, and your large superstructure makes double fires there very common. Painfully common.
  7. Saipan/Kaga Question, and Coupon?

    HazeGrey gave a good rundown. As a Kaga owner though, I'd like to add a bit more on: If you're new to CV play, don't get Kaga. She's always the underdog when it comes to the air war. If you are not on point with your fighters, they'll get wiped very fast and with almost no enemy fighter kills. And once you lose them you lose a lot of your power projection. Amazing TBs don't matter if you can't get them in position before the enemy fighters show up. Kaga lives and dies by predicting the enemy fighters and exploiting the gaps. Saipan on the other hand has a comfortable air presence and has a "get out of jail free" card for fighter engagements. Her planes are also very fast. Being more forgiving will make for more fun games, and lets you learn without getting shut out as much too.
  8. I know it hasn't been very popular to do this until recently, but speccing your IJN DDs for guns actually fixes a lot of those issues. While it doesn't seem like much on paper, taking EM and lets you actively dodge and fire back at pursuing DDs. Combined with the IJN turret layout this makes you very strong when kiting. The gun traverse will never be great, but they become more than sufficient for self-defense. Great candidates are Yuugumo and Akatsuki. Kagero can be worthwhile as well if you like to screen vs other DDs.
  9. Pan-Asia certainly seems solid. However not being able to torp DDs is a pretty large drawback. They definitely aren’t pure torpedoboats. Honestly speaking Id recommend pan-Asia AND the IJN DDs (at least up to tier 6). By that time you should see the differences in playstyle and know which you like. Also IJN DDs have the best stealth for tier, and knowing how to use that and how to beat it are very important for any DD play.
  10. People like to hate on the IJN DD line, but that’s mainly because they’ve been nerfed repeatedly. They’re not trash, or even bad. However their playstyle is quite limited and that’s not too appealing to people. Basically, IJN DDs are torp boats that use their best in-class concealment and hard hitting torps to 1) torp enemies from undodgeable angles, and 2) light up other enemies and force them to react. Their drawback is their torps are quite easy to dodge when not coming in from the side. While other DDs also struggle with this, it’s really apparent with the IJN line. A quick breakdown: Isokaze - fun tier 4 torp boat with forgiving torp reload. Mutsuki - Quick boat, punchy torps. But triple tubes reload slower and are not forgiving. Also what guns? Fubuki - 3x3 torp goodness. 10km reach. Does her best. Akatsuki - Fubuki on steroids, 3x3 torps and 6 guns make her the closest to an all-round DD the IJN has. Kagero - rather unforgiving quad launchers. Gets Type 93 torps with 10km range. Best concealment for her MM makes her vision queen. Can use torpedo reload booster instead of smoke. Yuugumo - 2x4 torps. Passable guns, excellent torp selection. Can use torpedo reload booster instead of smoke. Only outspotted by Kagero. Some say she’s the highlight of the line. Shimakaze - 3x5 torps. Reload for days. Guns on par with Yuugumo, worse detection. Fastest IJN DD in high tier. Cannot use torpedo reload booster. She gives up a lot for that legendary 15 torp wall.
  11. AA defence and torpedoes

    Minekaze line is technically the “gunboat line”, but that doesn’t really happen until the tier 8 Akizuki. Shiratsuyu gets the torpedo reload booster at tier 7 however. Mutsuki line is the classic line. They have a smoother learning curve and lead to the Shimakaze.
  12. AA defence and torpedoes

    If you want torpedo walls you probably want either the IJN DDs or the KMS DDs. IJN DDs tend to get a lot of hate these days, but they’re not bad. They are the original torpedo focused DDs. They have long range torps with above average damage and flooding chance. Their torps are generally faster than other torpedoes with similar range. The ships themselves usually have best in class concealment. To balance this the torps are easily spotted, so they prey on larger targets such as BBs, and use their stealth to torp from angles where the BB can’t escape getting hit. At high tiers they get a consumable that reloads torps in a few seconds, allowing for two waves of 8 torps. They also have poor gun performance. German DDs are more balanced. They have comparatively fast loading torps with poorer damage and flooding chance, but with better stealth. They’re able to hit cruisers and other DDs better than IJN DDs. Overall they’re less torpedo focused, but make up for it in other places such as gun performance and utility.
  13. Having been playing around with my Musashi, I have to say she feels rather dirty to use. First, she's got absurd HP and armor. She can bounce Iowa and Montana shells with moderate angling at normal engagement ranges. A few normal pens here pretty much just tickles. Which means people try to kill her with fire... which brings me to the next point. She's practically covered in HE-proof 50mm armor. Musashi does away with Yamato's AA, and in the process, with Yamato's superstructure. Musashi's superstructure is only as thick as one of her turrets. And well, from the side? At least the Yamato class has that giant smokestack that catches every HE shell out of the sky right? Nope. Musashi gets a special 50mm smokestack. I admit it was quite fun to watch almost all the HE shot at me shatter, but I never felt more like a seal clubber. There's no way to cut it. Musashi is OP. She might not kill you with prejudice, but she vastly outperforms any other t9 BB that could be placed in her spot. On a slightly lighter note, Musashi has allowed me to experience some new and exciting things! 1) Not caring about HE blowing off all your AA because you have none. 2) Being more annoyed by Hipper HE than the Des Moines. 3) Realizing that the Bismarck chasing you across the map with HE actually has the right idea. 4) Actually being to throw up a floatplane whenever you suspect there's a threat nearby. No seriously, it just feels so right.
  14. Cyclones fun anymore?

    Cyclones are great! It's a mechanic that can be frustrating if you're out of position, but it gives you plenty of time to plan for it. A simple "hey, lets group up for the cyclone", can really swing a game.
  15. Honestly I think the biggest reason there isn’t an uproar is that Musashi isn’t unfun to play against unless you’re dueling her in a tier 9 BB. She’s op because she gets consistent pens, HP, and armor. And those stats don’t kill you. People complain when HE is too powerful. People complain when a torp nukes you. But they don’t complain when they spend an entire game trying to kill a Musashi, even though it affects the win just as much.