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  1. The way I see it, certain classes have an inherent advantage over others. DD have a host of advantages when they fight BBs. If your lategame situation comes down to a tier 9 DD vs a tier 9 BB, I'd put my money on the DD nine time out of ten. When taken as a whole package, DDs counter BBs. A counter doesn't mean better than something in regardless of situation. If a DD strays within 9km of a BB, and the BB lands a great shot on him, the DD should not get a free pass.
  2. That 5 DD battle was glorious while it lasted. Unfortunately nobody really knew how to play a battle like it and put way too much enphasis on spotting. Our team lost 2 scouting DDs pretty fast to the enemy wolfpack. Strangely they didn't keep applying that, and spread out to spot for their BB even after our Aoba died. We regrouped and 2v1'd their scouts while their BB could only fling wholly ineffective fire at us. Lost in the end though cause we messed up but it was a good fight.
  3. It's not so much that BBs are too powerful, but that cruisers are rather niche for ranked battles. With smaller teams and generally better coordination than randoms, smoke often prevents cruisers from applying good HE DPM. Cruisers also have large detection radiuses and short gun ranges at this tier, meaning they're at the mercy of enemy BBs without smoke to hide them. Thus, many cruiser players either switch to DDs where they can dictate the flow of battle, or BBs, where they can do the heavy lifting. At the hours I play I generally see many more DDs than BBs. Has a game with 5 DDs, 1CA and 1BB each side not too long ago.
  4. Don't worry about taking the Langley in Randoms now! They removed the ALT attacks, essentially taking away the club from the seal clubbers. Now the only thing that they can use to best you is their superior target selection, CV placement, and utilization of allied AA. None of those can instantly win the game for them, and even better, you can learn just by watching!
  5. I think Shinonome will be a solid all around pick this ranked. 3x3 torps give you the best of alpha and dpm. 8km limits them somewhat but the torps and their layout make her an unparalleled torp boat for tier. But that's to be expected for low/mid tier IJN. What really makes her stand out are her guns. Her torps are good enough that speccing for them isn't needed, so you're free to grab every gun related perk you wish. With a little bit of investment, her guns become a threat. From stealth it's a 6 barrel broadside, then 4 barrels you can use to wiggle and kite away. There is no DD at 6 that can chase down a gun specced Shino for an easy kill 1v1. Throw in both teams and the chasing DD will likely die. A torp boat that can fight off the premier gunboats of the tier will be an invaluable asset in the smoke meta.
  6. I have a feeling the Budyonny is not going to live up to its hype. She's solid, but her role is that of second line support. If you want to make aggressive plays you might as well bring Cleveland for brawl power. I predict players who want to make a quick climb will abandon the Budyonny for ships with a bit more carry power.
  7. I'm sure you'll notice it if you keep it in mind. While it's pretty rare to get a single pen for 0, there will occasionally be situations where you get 1 pen and 2 overpens for ~2k damage. Sometimes accompanied by a dead secondary turret or damaged main battery. It's pretty rare though, because for the zero damage penetration to happen an AP shell needs to penetrate a module and explode outside of the ship. If you shoot through the upper belt, the explosion takes place within the hull, and the ship takes damage accordingly. In my experience the zero damage normal pens are a result of glancing shots that hit the deck where the secondaries are located. Too much of an angle to penetrate deck, but plenty of flat modules to pen and blow up within.
  8. Nah, not necessarily. It's quite noticeable with detailed ribbons on, but zero damage pens are entirely a result of module HP absorbing the blow and protecting the hull HP.
  9. The penetration values of the shells assume normal impact angles. However, in real life once the angles get high enough, the shell no longer penetrates in such a clean manner, and no longer follows the same penetration curve. As Mouse showed in her quote, this is mainly because the shell doesn't "bite". Think of it like a diver jumping into a pool. At most angles they can cut through the surface smoothly, with all the power focused in a single point. But there are certain angles which lead to a painful flop where a great deal of the force is spread out. If the game were to simply apply the same model to all impact angles, you would have an unrealistic model of penetration. Instead, WG represents these high angle situations with a very simple autobounce/overmatch system, where any angles above 60 are automatically deflected unless the mass of the shell (roughly approximated by caliber) is enough to prevent deflection and punch through anyways. Does this lead to realistic penetrations? Probably not, Mouse's source states it's usually around 70-80 degrees where penetration becomes near impossible by normal means. But given the choice between 0 bouncing, and autobouncing at high angles, I'll take the autobouncing. Its one of the few things in game keeping BB shells from ripping everything they touch to shreds with overwhelming penetration.
  10. Keep in mind AP bombs might come with other changes tacked on to allow for increased counterplay/consistency. For example, they might make the drop pattern a long narrow line, which would allow the CV to large alpha strikes if the target doesn't turn (or gets predicted). It would also give the target a chance to screw up the drop without replying on Defensive Fire. I think AP bombs with their 70mm fuse threshold are a step in the right direction. It just needs to be more consistent.
  11. You'll wait.. and MM will give you a match the VERY SECOND it finds another CV. This is regardless of almost every other MM rule, so you can have a 1v1 CV battle, or a 3v3. Generally you nor anybody else doesn't want this and should leave before the timer hits 5 mins.
  12. Torp Armament Expertise is has a really small window to be useful... but when it works it works. Same with Survivability Expert. Overall though, I think Superintendent is really underrated. Premium Smoke will save your life. Premium Smoke + SI will save your team. It may not be as good as the USN smoke, but it's still comfortably second best. And don't forget the benefits of an extra speed boost. Most the line is barely faster than the speedier cruisers. Sometimes being able to spam that button will be the difference between getting spotted and a successful 6km torp run. I think the tier 3 is one the levels where you playstyle will choose what you pick, not some meta "best pick".
  13. Or teal! Depends on your screen probably.
  14. It actually isn't a misinterpretation. Somebody did the math on Reddit, but each nation's BB line follows a set dispersion function. While the sigma is different for each ship, the dispersion function is constant.It's a pretty simple linear formula, basically a minimum dispersion plus a constant/meter. The IJN BBs had the highest minimum dispersion, and the USN and KM BBs noticeably lower ones. On the other hand, the IJN dispersion/meter has also noticeably lower. This means at close ranges, USN and KM BBs are more accurate than IJN. It also explains why your dispersion seems so bad close up - it's because no matter what your dispersion cannot drop below a certain value. EDIT: Also, if you're looking for a good accurate BB, try the Nagato. She's got 410mm guns with great characteristics, 2.0 sigma, and a great HP pool. She's a real gem in the IJN line.
  15. You can only see pink status on your teammates. If there are enemy pink players, they show as normal reds.