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  1. I think most people are vasty overestimating how much 0.1 sigma is. Colorado will still have accurate guns after the change. And a 18% HP increase? That's huge, especially since she's keeping her super heal. In straight up BB duel that's generally more than a single salvo worth of damage. At midrange that can be 2-3 salvoes. Before this change was floated everyone pointed to Colorados HP as the big issue. We should at least wait and see how .1 sigma actually effects gunnery before we revile this as the worst balance decision ever.
  2. Yeah, you were taught wrong. From the very start at closed beta, the general idea was if you can CV snipe, you do it. With the nerfs to strike loadouts it lost some popularity, but was still very effective. It was only the addition of Defensive Fire that made it unappealing to do. Actually the original "no CV snipe" was back when CVs had full strike loadouts, with no fighters. Some players who weren't confident in their ability to survive a strike would appeal to a sense of "honor" so they could make unopposed strikes on the other team's ships without fear of being deleted. That was blatantly against the game rules, but it wasn't stomped out fast enough, and there was a period where some CV players would convince the newer players that CV sniping was unsportsmanlike. Over time the justifications morphed, but the sentiment remained. Currently CV snipes are a valid tactic below tier 8, albeit very risky, and there is nothing unsportsmanlike about them. Since CVs are really the only class that can truly counter each other, agreeing to not snipe is like two DDs agreeing not to shoot each other, and only interact by spotting torps.
  3. To be fair, this is because AP bombs are extremely effective versus Bismark. It's the same if you run into any Enterprise, or a Lexington once they implement the loadout rework for USN CVs.
  4. To be fair, speed doesn't really disqualify things from being a battleship. Just look at the Iowas. As far as trading off armor/weaponry for speed, that really is relative. I'd just say if the Japanese wanted them to be fast battleships, they're fast battleships. On the gameplay side, you might not want to get into the habit of doing this. At low tiers CVs are generally pretty slow and you can't get punished much for chasing them. But later, not only to CVs hit 34 knots or so, but chasing them is suicidal. A BB without support can be crippled in a single strike. Chasing lowers the time between their strikes, so the second strike can come before your damage control is back up. Unless the CV really messes up, the BB is dead the second he breaks from the group to chase. And finally as others have mentioned, the tooltip numbers mean very little. They're good for a quick glance to see WHAT changes, but to see the degree of changes it's always best to go check out the detailed information.
  5. That might be true if you only look at the numbers behind the damage, but what it fails to take into account is that it's significantly stronger vs fires. I agree Colorado could do with a bit more HP, but honestly her heal is a good advantage that we shouldn't be writing off.
  6. Very true. DM can't really ambush planes, although I'd venture to say that Minotaur won't be doing it too much either due to her highly visible play style. CVs will avoid both at all costs. I'd venture to say that this is itself the biggest issue of AA tier lists in particular. AA is a stat that has massive variance, even on identical ships. A full AA spec is easily more than 3 times as effective as a surface combat spec, and that's even before you toss in Defensive Fire. And when AA is properly specced for, it is quite frankly overkill. You just laugh and watch the ribbons add up. A CV is not going to risk their entire attack cycle on any ship capable of doing that. So ultimately, the CV will go by potential and not the reality where DM's AA can be knocked down to near zero by a single HE salvo from a Conqueror, or where a Minotaur forgets to click the incoming squads because they're doing their glass cannon duties. They just stay far faaaar away. Like other side of the map levels of far away.
  7. Your second point is quite valid, some ships are significantly easier to spec for AA in than others. At tier 9+ modules also come into play. I can't think the USN cruisers will ever want to take the AA gun mod over reload or range. BUT... Defensive AA becomes stronger with range, and DM has that in spades. If you wait until the planes are around 5km, the CV player just cannot win. Either he continues in with the strike and does poor damage (losing most of his planes in the process), or he pulls out and is missing half his bombers. Half a strike wing, may I add, is not going to get through any AA aura and do meaningful damage at tier 10, at least not until late midgame. Having a 7.2km middle range aura opens up much more possibilities. While the ranking certainly has issues like all rankings does, I found this one to be better than most. Minotaur may be the most reliable AA in the game, but she also lacks the sheer stopping power of a DF cruiser. Bursty AA has it's place Saying the ranking is a joke just because DM is ranked higher than Mino is rather extreme.
  8. The main screen gives all time stats, which are pretty bad for comparisons. USN Cruisers from Pensacola up have received rather huge buffs over their lifetime. Pensa used to have BB level detection ranges. Worse even. NOLA used to fire slower, be less stealthy, and have no radar. Baltimore used to have a 14 second reload, and no radar. DM used to have a 6 second reload, no radar, and a 27mm deck that could be overmatched by any BB she saw. What you want to do for stats is to look at 2 week numbers. Pretty much everyone here accepts that as a reliable indicator.
  9. I think you're selling the Atago a bit too hard here. If Baltimore was a tier 8, then yeah, Atago would probably be equal or better to her. But a few things: Balti's reload is 10 seconds, I think you're thinking about pre-buff Baltimore. And Baltimore is a tier 9, which means either she has ~18.6km range with the range mod, or an 8.5 second reload (numbers are by memory, correct me if I'm wrong) due to the tier 9 module slot. Currently, given equal skill, Baltimore will trash Atago with ease. Baltimore gets super heavy shells, which do 5k on cit. They also have better penetration angles, meaning less autobounces. The turret arrangement means Baltimore can bow-on to Atago and bring more guns to bear. If Atago goes turns to release torps, Baltimore can and will multi cit her because Atago has a giant high citadel. Baltimore on the other hand has the best citadel protection in the entire USN line - slightly below the waterline in the center and too low to hit under the turrets. Atago is a great ship. But Baltimore is an excellent cruiser hunter for her tier, and should never lose to an Atago 1v1 unless she misplays horribly.
  10. I played though the Pensa and the NOLA before they received their buffs, and was grinding NOLA when the radar update dropped. I loved pensa, even with her sky high detection. She might have been squishy, but that USN AP was perfect for dueling other cruisers. NOLA takes the Pensa hull, gets armor to put in on par with IJN CAs, loses a gun in exchange for a better layout, and gains radar. And that's pretty much it. Most other benefits she gains like stealth are shared by all other tier 8 ships. Most other tier 8 ships are also a significant power jump compared to their tier 7 predecessors. Don't get me wrong, NOLA will trash a Pensa any day given equal skill, but Amagi will stomp a NOLA much harder than a Nagato can do the same to Pensa. In the end, I just really frustrated and started playing very poorly. Currently her stealth is top tier for a cruiser, so maybe NOLA can work as a generalist lategame scavenger/early game screener. I'm temped to rebuy her for the challenge, but I'd hate to be grinding through her again.
  11. That was true, but they actually removed the horrible stock hull from Izumo. Right now she's just thoroughly mediocre. While I didn't have a bad time playing through her, she wasn't great either. I am thankful I played through her though, because she does teach some good habits for Yamato.
  12. As people have mentioned, you do need a bit of luck for the game situation to present itself while you're there. Ships I have had success with: Des Moines - easiest conditions. All you need is 2 broadside cruisers. If you have all turrets firing, you can smack them for 8-10k a salvo. The rest is timing. Kaga- works best late game when damaged BBs group up for support, but have no AA left. Especially if you're top tier. Not very reliable when the enemy CV is still alive however. Manual Secondary Nagato and Bismarck - Rush lower tier cruisers. Hope the timing works out. Nagato seems to be more successful, as her AP shells can actually citadel tier 5 cruisers if they try to go broadside.
  13. Average numbers don't mean much. Sure there might be an average, but damage on DDs is worth much more than damage on BBs. Do what wins games. My personal rule of thumb for damage: Do at least enough to kill 1 same tier enemy ship Doesn't have to be the same ship. Take 50% off two enemy cruisers if you want. Take half off a DD and half off a cruiser. BB damage is worth less though because of heals however. Note: This is the floor. Less than this and you're simply not pulling your weight - and as the game drags on you should naturally have more than this. If you're one of the last ships alive and you only have done 1 kill worth of damage, you were probably really out of position.
  14. While this part is true: This can be avoided quite easily once you get a better feel for the game. I'm going to assume you're playing either cruisers or destroyers when this happens? To put it simply though, if you get deleted by a BB, you're either a) too close, or b) broadside to the BB. If you're in DDs, the second is actually reverse. If you're in a cruiser, the BB usually does heavy damage via citadel hits, which only happen when he hits you at the waterline in the center of your ship. This can be avoided by angling into or away from the BB when you fight them, effectively reducing the size of your weak spot. However, if you're too close, then the BB can often put a shell into the citadel anyways, since he will be much more accurate. A good rule of thumb for cruisers is, when fighting BBs, try to stay less than 1km under your max range. At lower tiers, BBs start to get really deadly at 10km and under. Mid tiers, it's 12, high tiers it's 15. Being under those ranges from a BB is asking for damage, and if you're broadside you WILL get punished for it. DDs are more complicated. There's a whole lot of game mechanics behind it, but as long as you are broadside to a BB in a DD, he cannot do anything more than overpen you with AP shells unless he gets reallllllly lucky. Overpens only do 10% of max citadel damage. As long as you're at range, this should protect you from getting deleted. If you're facing to or away from the BB and he hits your angled armor, there is a chance he'll get normal penetrations (33% of max citadel damage), and if you're close, 2-3 of these normal pens CAN and will delete you. So don't get close to BBs, and if you must, don't point at them when they're loaded. Or to sum everything up. Close to BBs is bad. As a cruiser, under 12km = death, broadside = death. As a destroyer never enter duels when you can't kill him in less than 1 reload cycle.
  15. Well, first of all what ship are you in? If you're in a Yamato yourself, just fire straight at the bow. You'll be able to overmatch it and penetrate the citadel from the front bulkhead. If you're in a BB and the Yamato isn't perfectly bow on aim directly under her first turret at citadel level. Yamato has an hexagonal citadel, like a stop sign, and if she's showing enough angle that you won't autobounce her citadel armor will be close to unangled. At 9km it's possible to multicit a Yamato there with a bit of luck. Notice how the armor is only 350mm. This weakspot is probably Yamato's biggest weakness, and one of the major reasons she's so bad at close quarter fights with other BBs.