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  1. Hangout by the Sea

    Nagato and Tony are the only reasons why this thread is still """"""active"""""".
  2. Hangout by the Sea

    I mean the last time I visited was in October so idk.
  3. It's been a while, wonder if I'm still relevant or my name has gone to waste.

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Omg you're alive! /°_\\

    2. OOM911


      Good to see you old friend!

  4. Hangout by the Sea

    Our favorite waffleboy is back. Anything else happen lately?
  5. @mr3awsome Any plans for an update of these trees? Or is there nothing else of importance?
  6. Hangout by the Sea

    I think I listen to too much Yugoslavian music.
  7. Hangout by the Sea

    Yes, it was Masamune. And apparently B-40?
  8. Hangout by the Sea

    Are you sure it was Haku? Didn't it have 3 names?
  9. Hangout by the Sea

    What was the first name of Myogi? Also, does anyone have the screenshots when Canadian torped himself?
  10. Hangout by the Sea

    It's kinda hard to stick with your team when they're faster.
  11. Hangout by the Sea

    Isn't Girls und Panzer the anime about broken physics.
  12. Hangout by the Sea

    Yes, but these things happen to me a lot: 1. I lead the charge, but one enemies are spotted my team retreats. 2. I stay behind a little in a BB, and when things are heated, the ships with me go the other way.
  13. Hangout by the Sea

    Also is Kentucky still banned.
  14. Hangout by the Sea

    But it's doesn't tell you when your team decides to leave you in the middle of the battle.
  15. Hangout by the Sea

    The first stage wants 30,000 damage, a win, and to survive. I can do the first 2, but the teams are so bad that none of them have covered me.