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  1. I would mostly agree that someone's bound to be best, but... The best concealment being a PREMIUM is the problem. 1) WG refuses to ever nerf premiums 2) If they have CE or 6th sense when the surrounding tiers generally don't? They need to be weaker than the environment to not have a reputation as "lolstetpedo" types.
  2. Push him: can't catch up Retreat: he chases me. Smoke works of course, but hey...
  3. Learn to read I drive DDs. NOT BBs. The Kamikaze keeps on outspotting my DDs. This leads to getting focused by whole flanks. There is NO counter to "he has better base stealth AND CE AND speed" (because IJN main line can't get CE until 12 points unless you want even more useless guns) because the Kancerkaze can completely dictate the engagement. And since I finished Gnevny grind "run him down, charge the smoke and knife his face in" is no longer a serious option as the other Tier 6s are too damned slow to pull it off.
  4. When did low tier DD reloads get nerfed? Because I seem to remember 30-second reload back when I played Minekaze. Point still remains that a BB can fire twice from the typical low-tier BB scatterguns for a DD firing twice. Saw a complaint about it and Grem in another thread. Buffing stealth = Grem problem... most likely culprit is OWSF. Alternatively, random torps out of nowhere that are totally not predictable with the SPOTTED INDICATOR????? The 25 torp hits mission didn't annoy me with Kamikazes. The 15 wins and 10 kills mission would be equally doable with 15 wins and 40 kills, because the wins are absurdly hard to get when your DDs keep on being out-spotted and focused as a result, or just barred from engaging the enemy. That being said Fijis do piss me off because they outrun my Gaede.
  5. Da, is Russian, Comrade! Problem with this claim: Open Water Stealth Firing has since been removed from the game. 1. Release slightly weaker clone of ludicrously overpowered ship 2. Nerf OP ship 3. The clone is now OP. Xiap has it right. When you can reload your torps faster than my BB can reload its HE for a second salvo at you, well something has to give. *Applause gif. I distinctly recall 30-second torpedo reloads, which means you get two salvos of torpedoes at a BB who can only throw 2 salvos of HE in response, if he even spots you. And low Tier BB agility is, er, not the best, plus they don't have 10+-point captains and they can't afford fitting equipment.
  6. It stands head, shoulder and tits above the other destroyers around it, which is a problem. It would be great if the others were buffed up to where they should be, but WG can never be wrong in stuff like nerfing IJN torpedo spotting distances (despite historically the Type 93 being WAKELESS unlike EVERYONE ELSE'S TORPS) so... hahahahaha nope. Other DDs who feel underpowered next to it get fed up and leave. Lazy BBabies and Cruisers who prefer brain dead twitch shooters are another kettle of fish. I'm talking about the DD vs DD face to face, out in the heat. He who has much less camo is at a great disadvantage as the enemy fleet focuses him first.
  7. Thanks, would be appreciated if you would help drive away more players from the game so that WG maybe eventually gets the memo. As I said above: Thanks, would be appreciated if you would help drive away more players from the game so that WG maybe eventually gets the memo.
  8. Kamikaze and its variants have been bugging up Tier 6 matches all weekend long and probably will continue as long as the French missions are rolling. It's not nearly as obvious when playing cruisers, but the likes of Hatsuharu or Gaede (more so than Hatsuharu) are playable only by WG standards (i.e. I can physically select the ship and click battle, provided the ship is not already in battle) next to the Kancer--er, I mean Kamikaze. If the huge gap in torpedo DPS isn't enough with the sudden unexplained jump in torpedo reload time (read: pandering to BBs who cannot into WASD), the Kancerkaze also has superior concealment, more compact size, and better agility. For anyone who cannot read the above clearly enough: I DRIVE DESTROYERS and am OUT-SPOTTED by RETARDED MARGINS by KANCERKAZES (admittedly while not having enough captain skill points to deal with their 19-point captains effectively). On the plus side, everyone else hates the accursed abominations so much they will team up to kill one the second it's spotted. Thus the Kancerkaze promotes teamwork. On the other hand, so long as the likes of the Defender and Kancerkaze are around and WG sticks to its "never nerf prems" policy... you get the point.
  9. Some Maps are Too Small

    If you feel the maps are too small, that means the guns are too accurate and the flight times too short. Also distance/speed compression. If BBs had to deal with 1 minute flight times to target near max range, even with aim assist added, they would naturally come closer. And DD/cruiser melees would be at much closer ranges than they are at present. However, DD torp reload, particularly at lower tiers, would need massive nerfs.
  10. The Life of a Corgi

    Insert generic Chinese Restaurant jokes here. Please note that most Chinese people (like me) do not eat dog meat and would prefer not to eat dog meat unless starving, in which case, well... *shrugs*
  11. How Not to Get Chat Banned

    More importantly, do not use in chat a certain 3-letter abbreviation for japan, japanese, etc. because WG apparently considers it a racial slur because it was used in anti-Japanese propaganda of the day. It isn't an automatic warning either though, as I only get notified I got a strike the next day. I suppose by their "logic" you can't talk about Attila the Hun, Jerry cans or the Fritz X guided bomb, as "Hun", "Jerry" and "Fritz" were all racial titles for Germans.
  12. Given SCOUT CRUISER was a classification before that treaty? No. "Cruiser" was NOT adequate. Old tiny protected cruisers like Yodo (circa 1250 tons), and huge 15,000-ton armoured cruisers like the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minotaur-class_cruiser_(1906) would all just be CRUISER according to you. Yodo above VERSUS Minotaur below, both are simply called "cruiser" according to you. No, they were very well categorized. They were very well divided, and Light Cruisers were named that before the treaty, though it was not well defined beyond "belt AND deck armour, lighter than the old 10,000+ ton armoured cruisers".
  13. Enumerated for you. 1. LIE :P 2. It created the Heavy Cruiser. You still have yet to learn that Light Cruiser was a contraction for Light Armoured Cruiser.
  14. The 30 degree auto-ricochet was a great friend of the Pensacola back in the day??? Guess they must have nerfed it or simple power creep happened.
  15. Naw, took me 75 games to finish and only 64% win rate, 10% above my overall WR. My Oktober is at 40-some games and over 70% WR and I won 40 of 60 in New Mexico (Wasn't for nothing that I argued that the NM would be a good match against the DoY, which I claimed to be Tier 6.1 at best) Gloating aside, the Pensacola when I played it (in top config with no equipment, camo or flags) was nimble and slender enough to dodge BB fire pretty reliably, while still near-maxing the DPM, and the 10-gun broadside (well, more like highly angled) could simply delete most cruisers and destroyers it met quickly enough at near max ranges to swing matches. A problem with my claims though is that I played Pensacola over 1 year ago. Power creep has likely made it much worse since then, despite the creep not being nearly as cancerous as WoT (cough 430U making 121 not exist and the 268V4 debacle)