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  1. I think you mean "if the rudder was jammed and they couldn't steer via engines for whatever reason." Because the Channel is very, very large compared to a BB's turnning radius.
  2. The level of insanity required to assert that in 1941 the Luftwaffe can overcome the Royal Air Force anywhere near Britain to such a degree that they can actually harm motor torpedo/gun boats and destroyers to any significant degree indicates a utter lack of comprehension of WWII technology. Unfortunately, it is not a fatal lack. The level of insanity required to suggest WWII submarines can defend anything against small, nimble opponents is a real comedy. And 1941 Luftwaffe would get whacked just as bad if not worse than 1940 Luftwaffe due to decline in experienced pilots and the RAF being stronger than in 1940. I hope a mod can teach him how to multi-quote and fit all your things into one reply... because the case of QUINTUPLE posting above is against typical forum rules.
  3. Belfast is great if you need an education for why genocide and misanthropy can seem like a brilliant idea. Because the world has laws stupid enough to prevent this abomination from being colossally nerfed.
  4. How small can the USN go?

    If the US is not concerned at all by Anti-ship missiles, it should stop braying about Iranian anti-ship missiles near the Persian Gulf all the damned time. Unless of course it is lying to ask for more military budget to embezzle fritter away conquer oil with stage another distraction from its domestic problems.
  5. Stalin is not, in fact, completely stupid. There is a point when he can't delude himself that the Wehrmacht in the east is just training for invading Britain anymore. That point is either after the invasion is tried and failed, or when they start going full strategic envelopment. So, please explain to us why Hitler DID NOT decide to invade Turkey first before attacking Russia, if such an outflanking move would help him so much against the Allies? Just the Bosphorus would have stopped the Wehrmacht DEAD.
  6. And if you think Germany can magic up enough of a fleet by 1941, God help you.
  7. No, he's such an Axis fan that he took all the issues from the Germans and gave them to the British. His claims are worse than the Drakaverse in plausibility.
  8. Any invasion of England in 1940 OR 1941 is a Sealion. And Umikaze has not made his way onto my list of Axis Supporters. The Royal Artillery was the best in the world then, so... hahahahaha. The Germans had horse-drawn supply lines. Imagine the amount of manure you would have to shovel overboard during the trip? And barges suffer Flat Surface Effect really easily i.e. the equivalent of a few centimeters of water on the deck can easily sink one. The berserk Japan-fan insists Hitler not declare on Stalin OR the United States. But the Royal Navy was second only to the USN at logistics, if not first, so... your point still holds against his weeaboo howling. As if the United States with its level of RAGE after Pearl Harbor would not be easily coerced with "Smite the Axis" in general to declare on Germany, pah! "They Came, We Won" applies. "Don't argue with idiots (or Axis Sympathizers, not that there's a difference)" also applies. I call him such because he howled at me over spitting at how the Japanese are angry at a certain historical abbreviation (which is like Germans getting annoyed that WWII Germans are referred to as "the Nazis"): If you act like a rabid dog and had to be beat into submission, you don't get to argue when someone refers to your past state at that time as a rabid dog, so UP YOURS, Japan!
  9. You mean the way it helped the USSR go bankrupt? And how it was an invasion over LAND? You can manhandle Panzers over the Himalayas easier than you can manhandle them over the English Channel! Stalin's troops were caught in offensive posture for a reason. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strait_of_Dover "Strait of Dover or Dover Strait, historically known as the Dover Narrows (French: pas de Calais [pɑ d(ə)‿kalɛ] - Strait of Calais); Dutch: Nauw van Kales[nʌu̯ vɑn kaːˈlɛː] or Straat van Dover), is the strait at the narrowest part of the English Channel, marking the boundary between the Channel and North Sea, separating Great Britain from continental Europe. The shortest distance across the strait, 33.3 kilometres (20.7 miles; 18.0 nautical miles)" How many destroyers did the Luftwaffe sink for how many planes lost over Dunkirk? Methinks in a Final Defensive Fire scenario for Britain, the Germans would run out of planes at that exchange ratio before the Royal Navy ran out of ships. 1. You can pile up as much stuff as you like on the French coast. If it can't make the trip across the Channel, it's useless. 2. The gigantic amphibious attack penalty multiplier would like a word with the Wehrmacht. Add the "grossly outnumbered" and the limited sealift capacity of the Germans and this becomes "delivery to relay station leading eventually to POW camps in Canada". Battle of Britain was 1940, so this is a late 1940 invasion, not 1941 when the Wehrmacht had drafted up way more manpower and materials. 3. Unescorted naval bomber strike = leisurely lining up. Opposed unescorted = suicide. Escorted and opposed = in between. If the British have a 1-1 ratio of fighters over the Channel then they can disrupt the Luftwaffe's anti-ship attempts more than enough to make them ineffective at breaking up the Royal Navy slaughtering the landing fleets. 4. For destroyers, the Straits of Dover offer more than enough room to dance. Or have you forgotten Dunkirk already? When the other side is trying to cross a strait on TOWED RIVER BARGES (you haven't done any reading whatsoever on Sealion if you don't know that) against the current and winds (the same currents and winds that made the Spanish Armada realize it couldn't just rush England's east coast with the troops in Flanders) for over a DAY, that's more than enough prep time for the most mechanized army on Earth at the time (the BRITISH ARMY) to concentrate wherever the Germans seem to be trying to go. Seriously, given the transit times the only way the Germans land is if the Royal Navy lets them specifically to destroy large chunks of the Wehrmacht. And by that I mean sinking only 50% of the first wave sent over, then killing 60%, 70, and 80% of subsequent waves. Unless you are telling me that the Germans can magic up an unlimited number of high-speed transports and all rush headlong at the English coast at once, the only thing Sealion would accomplish is destroying many experienced divisions of the Wehrmacht, probably costing the Axis North Africa in the process. Loading/unloading troops is not Age of Empires simple/instantaneous. Whichever port they chose... you mean the blasted ruins, like Dunkirk, third largest port in France before the war? I was not aware Germans could walk across water. And I suppose the Royal Navy is sitting thumbs up sterns and slack-jawed? You might want to look at how well the Luftwaffe did bombing RN destroyers at Dunkirk. What are they crossing the water with then? You need to learn more before you talk about this subject, but you won't, because Dunning-Kruger. The Kriegmarine has a limited number of submarines at this time. The Royal Navy has enough motor gunboats and torpedo boats even if they don't send destroyers to annihilate your freighters. What ammunition does the army shoot, what food does it eat, what spare parts does it use after landing, if it's just a one-day effort? You might as well say "in any castle siege scenario, we magically teleport all the attackers inside, they win by numbers". And what is a large group of freighters charging a beach together if not a fleet? Ah yes, because the British will happily concede major ports... HAHAHAHA if they don't have multiple infantry divisions per major port with tank support, then you might as well suggest all of Britain trip over and break their necks all at once, because that's about the same level of STUPID your plan requires. A fantasy alternate history scenario does NOT mean "and one side all committed suicide randomly at start, the end". Where are these high speed freighters you are using magically coming from? How many of them are there, how are they going to all jam into those supposedly captured ports at once, and how many of them are going to get lolpwned by Royal Artillery firing into said ports? And this first wave of Nazi ubermensch is how large, to be able to overcome the Home Army? You should go post your arguments on Alternatehistory.com. The Germans didn't start trying to develop RPGs until 1942, in 1940 shaped charges were a secret weapon they used on Eben Emael, and that was it. Battle of Britain was in 1940. So Sealion would be 1940 as well. If you think a battleship can take on men without a working pier to dock at, then you clearly don't understand the idea of ships occupying vertical space underwater. And the bombers apparently won't get shanked by the other fighters that ARE available for scrambling, while they're trying to find the few that aren't by overflights of a totally undefended airfield. You really need to go make an account on alternatehistory.com and post your ideas on Sealion there. Smaller targets are harder to hit. They can use parts of Dunkirk the destroyers can't. It also counts for some amount of men rescued per unit time, better than nothing. Finally, stirring up nationalistic sentiments and morale, giving everyone a sense of participation in the war effort and a sense of defiance in the face of the enemy, is very important. The greatest problem when dealing with fools is that they are not capable of knowing when they are being laughably wrong. The late coining of a term for it (Dunning-Kruger Syndrome) astounds me. Most importantly? @Umikami STOP MULTIPLE-POSTING! LEARN TO MULTI-QUOTE!
  10. How small can the USN go?

    "The only shot that always misses is the one you never take." And with how absurdly risk-averse the US Navy acts? It makes perfect sense for the other nations to brag about their anti-ship missiles and try to sell them to folks who would like to not get walked all over casually by the Americans and would like the Americans to behave with the politeness accorded to sovereign nations.
  11. No, IFHE doesn't let 203mm pen Moskva. 203mm HE will (unless German) shatter anything 33mm or thicker (maybe 34mm though), and x1.3 isn't enough to make it pen Moskva. But German HE is generally 1/4, can Hindy HE pen Moskva's 50mm plating? If it's rounded up to 51mm or thicker defeats it, then yes, but with IFHE it's yes regardless. 1/6 rule of thumb means HIV should be able to pen Moskva with IFHE. But who would put IFHE on HIV?
  12. holy crap seattle sucks

    IBUKI WOULD LIKE A WORD WITH BUFFALO on this subject!!11!! Buffalo roflstomps Ibuki in almost everything, but Ibuki has torpedoes and can build to stealth torp.
  13. How small can the USN go?

    Do not, under any circumstances, call your opponent stupid. That's a good sign that you yourself are an utter imbecile given how many examples there are of terrible underestimations of the opponent. I must note that you sound a bit like the "no decisive ship-to-ship engagment has ever occurred outside visual range" battleship admirals of pre-WWII. But yes, over-the-horizon missile strikes are very difficult compared to visual range. The problem is... how far is visual range? From the top of the mast it's actually quite far. And on paper at least, a big shore-support gun is much less threatening to a rival navy than missiles. Who's it a grave threat to? Really low tech enemies, i.e. pirates. It's like equipping a guy with containment foam sprayers instead of assault rifles. Gives a different image, see?
  14. holy crap seattle sucks

    And that's not even a real wiki, just a WG mouthpiece. A real wiki with players editing it would eat Sea Cattle alive.
  15. All possibilities of the Germans being better at the BoB end in one of Winston Churchill's speeches by IIRC HMS Pinafore on the Navweaps Boards: "They came. We won." Hitler absolutely would not have been able to resist going for an invasion. Even building U-boats takes a while, with enough time and sophistication in the process that cheap ramshackle escorts could be cobbled together faster. And that was a great deal of why the U-boats lost. Besides, if the British ever got really desperate they could still drain the Eastern Fleet for escorts.