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  1. Well we now see where a certain submarine in this year's Halloween special might have found its shape from.
  2. Guardian54

    Edinburgh absolutely horrid compared to Fiji

    Tempted to just go through it in PVE, because it's just that awful. Can't stop in time for the smoke even if you were already at 1/2 or slower when punching the button, can't traverse the turrets fast enough to reliably stay on target (if on opposing vectors) in a hard turn, can't DPM enemies down, can't burn things, can't torpedo worth anything, citadelled when sneezed on. This is a ship that has no strengths whatsoever compared to every other Tier 8 cruiser except maybe Chappy. And Chappy gets Soviet long-range magic radar and Soviet railgun handling... (though Shchors was better in every other way) Even Yorck was less awful than this as Yorck had German HE pen and any BB trying to close with it was committing suicide.
  3. The Edinburgh has the following advantages versus Fiji for its tier. 1. Can Stealth Torp in theory--in practice managing to stealth torp with only 3 torpedoes is a comical feat of luck. 2. Super heal in theory-- In practice you'll be eating enough citadels that this is a bad joke. 3. Rather more HP (Fiji 31400 vs Edinburgh 36400). 4. 16mm plating instead of 13mm, you will no longer be citadelled through the bow by heavy cruiser AP. Also slightly thicker athwartships (i.e. front end of citadel, behind the bow plating) but any battleship or HIV that hits your bow/stern is still going to come straight through that napkin plating. And these disadvantages, some of which are for tier, others NOT: 1. Exactly the same (read: Godawful and clearly designed to make you give EM to your captain and pay for retrain come Minotaur) turret traverse and rate of fire--WHAT? 2. LONGER SHIP, LONGER CITADEL (and the same 114mm belt... well at least it's not 102mm like on Neptune which is gleefully citted by Conqueror firing HE!) 3. Tier 8 (AKA Terribad) Matchmaking 4. Much larger turn radius, slower rudder (Fiji 8.6 vs Edin 9.6 seconds) as far as I can perceive, slower deceleration from full speed at full astern. 5. Armour is cheese to even destroyer HE (the plating) or even AP (for the belt). Then you look at the Neptune which is mostly a better Edinburgh (except the belt armour which somehow goes down to 102mm like the magical Cleveland-Seattle downgrade) and you abruptly realize that for the same 12 guns, a Fiji has 7.5 reload, Neptune has 5 reload, and Edinburgh has... 7.5. Is this a bad joke? Because that super-heal does not come within contemptuous spitting range of compensating for the total lack of firepower increase... actually no we shouldn't call it firepower since it can't set fires! You're telling me that Minotaur (ugh, 101mm belt, what were they thinking? WERE they thinking?) can spew out 187.5 rounds per minute (and has 2x4 torps per side) from smoke, Neptune gets 2x4 torps per side as well and 144 RPM from smoke, but Edinburgh only gets 1x3 torps per side and 96 RPM from smoke, the exact same as Fiji... and in exchange for this gross failure in firepower progression, Edinburgh LOSES manoeuvrability. The HP progression is normal and to be expected, but by far fails to make up for the much longer citadel. Is Edinburgh supposed to be a second lemon of the line, Emerald being the first? Because if it is, then congratulations, it's working. Meanwhile, Cleveland continues IFHE-ing the stuffing out of bow-on battleships, burning them down, lol dancing around their shots, autobouncing anything under 15 inches, ignoring non-IFHE destroyers and light cruisers trying to hit its bow, radar+hydroing the tar out of destroyers, and generally being the laughably superior ship.
  4. Guardian54

    How do you play the Cleveland?

    Weird, because Cleveland is one of the easiest cruisers to play at Tier 8. It's very responsive to "WASD-hacks"... If you lack either IFHE or CE then get that captain up to 14 points and both of those skills before you even THINK about putting him on that boat, ya hear? While lacking CE is technically still playable (though requiring extreme kiting skills), IFHE is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY. Compared to Edinburgh, Cleveland is basically God.
  5. Guardian54

    Edinburgh — British Tier VIII cruiser.

    Nasty pile of slag as far as I'm concerned. The lack of turret traverse makes it about as awful as Yorck.
  6. Guardian54

    Gneisenau is giving me fits.....

    Secondary build? No, NO, NOT IN THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT! You're going to get fried easily unless you have FIRE PREVENTION... Make sure you have the main guns accuracy equipment. You need it to survive into the late game because you're a favourite for HE spammers, due to the rarity of FIRE PREVENTION on German BBs.
  7. Guardian54

    Your worse "Turkey" ship you ever played!

    When anti-German bias is so terribad that even the Russian server is up in arms over it...
  8. Guardian54

    Your worse "Turkey" ship you ever played!

    What turret buff? You mean the ballistics patch? I played my last 2 or 3 games with the marginally improved ballistics. The turret traverse speeds still made it irredeemably bad though.
  9. Guardian54

    Your worse "Turkey" ship you ever played!

    Over 50 games I have: Hatsuharu: 34.48% in 58 games Alsace: 39.66% in 58 games, probably will improve over time as I have the upgraded hull now, but the guns are still execrable. Yorck: 45.88% in 85 games, those glacial turrets... Gneisenau is at 40 games and 45% so probably also awful for me. I also hate Edinburgh to date, though somehow I was over 70% in Fiji...
  10. Well of course, but the number of folks bleating all the time about how ALL cultural genocide is bad... there are very few absolutes, and acting like things are completely black and white just helps make later generations dumber. Oh yes, very much so. In my SI Archives planning (https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/si-archives-6th-draft.48519/, the old 1st draft actually started in the 1930s and went to WWIV before I scrapped it) the invasion bogged down in the winter of 1947-1948 (The Americans joined the war later for a place at the winners' table, Greater Canada carried most of the weight, just like in that version of WWI...) not because of lack of supplies and such, but due to morale depletion from troops gunning down too many conscripted civilians. Emergency recruitment had to be conducted for women to help with cavity searches and such--local Japanese women weren't trusted--of the few captured/surrendered civilians anticipated on the push south (this invasion was done starting from the north, long story...). Before that stop point they'd overrun the Japanese a bit too quickly to have less than 50% civilian survival rates, but the troops brought over from Europe were still pretty demoralized and found the civilian death toll too Nazi-like. Over the winter, the IJA launched several major attacks on the Niigata Line herding civilians in front as cannon fodder/bullet sponges. Come spring, the march south resumed with renewed will to end the war and end Imperial Japan for obvious reasons. The line they left behind, and the twenty kilometers seeded with human remains carpeting the land south of it, was noted as "a scene adequately describable perhaps only by Dante." The will to fight was reinforced further by systematic use of landmine baby traps, non-isolated cases of "surrendered civilians" with bombs lodged up various orifices, and masses of disease-bearers the Japanese attempted to unleash on the Canadians. When the Americans invaded from the south and Japan surrendered to the Americans, who took Unit 731 and other such beasts into protective custody, Greater Canada viewed this as yet another betrayal by the Americans (they became Greater Canada due to fending off and soundly thrashing the US in two wars started by the Americans, three if you count Vermont trying to take over Lower Canada) and the two factions' armies faced off across the Kiso River. North Japan and South Japan then came into existence. And I'm being VERY optimistic by having it be Canada vs US, instead of the typical Soviet invasion and US carpet-nuking. There's much more post-war political stability than Decisive Darkness by The Red, for example. Given I'm still in 1797 in writing, I should probably go actually write the next 150 years first before talking about plans. Hope to see you drop by sometime!
  11. Watch as IFHE becomes mandated for all CAs other than Germans and Moskva.
  12. Sadly, I'm not in university at present. I really wish I was though simply so I could follow in your footsteps to find a course to drop bombs on via presentations. If I have to do a humanities course in my masters or PhD, and it's about the values of diverse cultures... I expect to take the UN definition of Cultural Genocide from Wikipedia, and point out that Denazification and Desegregation/Civil Rights had every single one of those characteristics. Anyone who has an absolute unconditional problem with depictions of the following as righteous and glorious: purging of cultural leaders large-scale dragnets among the populace for "undesirables" destruction of monuments, art, and books mass re-education camps millions of ordinary civilians sent to brief stays at extermination camps ...must have absolutely hated the process of denazification (for that last one, I'm quite sure millions of ordinary civilians were shown the extermination camps to rub it in their faces what Germany became, or voluntarily visit the sites all the way to this day).
  13. Guardian54

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Oh shush! It is not Russian and is doing better than a Russian boat. Therefore, nerf needed! Da, comrade!
  14. I just realized what made the Japanese cowards for not surrendering and the French cowards for surrendering: Proportion of losses of the critical arm of their armed forces, remaining strategic depth, and remaining alliance strategic depth. The French had about 3 million soldiers at the start of the war, and lost about 300,000 of them before throwing in the towel. The IJN's losses were near enough total that it made no difference. The French could have retreated to North Africa and held the Italians back in the Med and Britain + France would have still been powerful enough to stand their ground. The Japanese had nowhere to run to and no allies that could allow them to stand their ground against their opponent. That is why the French backstabbed Britain, while the Japanese were idiots for holding out.
  15. Guardian54

    Zipper Sub Unusable

    ...Which requires teamwork enough to disable every enemy ship and give you time to be surfaced, yeah.