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  1. Guardian54

    Commander Skills Update

    You mean you don't end up building for survivability anyhow and play GK at mid range? Huh. I'm glad I'm finishing Strasbourg grind real soon and can shelve this game for another 11 months as I'm wont to do.
  2. Are those goddamned BOILERS above the armour deck? If they are, whoever designed this deserves to be purged. AHAHAHAHAHA NO. DoY as implemented is serviceable but still achingly underpowered next to the KGV. The increased AA, hydro, and pen angles don't beat out the MUCH longer reload and resultant DPM loss. If they fitted all the late-war AA on it, then it might end up in a better position considering you're usually meeting Tier 8 planes. And they seem to have put the boilers above the armour deck, as I point out at the top of this comment. I thought I was being optimistic trying to stick a 20mm splinter deck over the boilers and engine rooms on a 1200-ish ton WWI era destroyer draft design like a year ago when I was drawing that up in Springsharp. This folly makes that look perfectly sane. (You could afford such deck protection on a 3000+ ton protected cruiser in that era)
  3. Guardian54

    Drake what POS

    Tier 7: Good Tier 8: Serviceable enough Tier 9: FLOATING CITADEL which eats cits at any angle and range. Honestly if I wanted big AP numbers and this sort of ballistics, and working armour... I'd buy back my old Buffalo as a much better ship than Drake. Seriously, why is the gun ROF not 12 seconds as was attained on actual 9.2" guns? Alternatively, WHY IS THE ARMOUR SO BAD?
  4. I won Tirpitz from a container of some sort, bought GK recently, and never built any of my battleships all the way up the grind for secondaries as I felt I'd have to be suicidally close to use them. The skill rework will push me to take secondary range skills and equipment on ALL of my battleships where the secondary range actually gets up to something reasonable. specifically for the increased main gun reload speed when enemies are within secondary range. My typical BB build would be, for BBs where secondary range can get over 11-12km or so after the secondary range buff: The way I see it, Straight-A Artillerist and Fire Prevention are IMPERATIVE if your secondaries can reach 12km (you'll need 2ndary ballistician). That's 11 points so 10 left. The rest would be: Pyrotechnist (1): 0.5% is invisible for main battery but add the 1% from the two flags and secondary fires suddenly start getting dangerous. This is assuming I need to take a 1-pointer to go on ahead. Argus-Eyed (2): Mandatory for knowing when you can actually turn away. Gunner (2): you'll need as much help as you can get for your main guns to keep up. AR (3): MOAR DAKKA. (you'll be permanently on fire anyhow at such close range, so -15% extinguishing time does absolutely nothing until after the brawl) And to round that out you probably should get Vigilance (2) as Maintenance Specialist (1) does nothing for secondary turrets in the description. Unless you need Threshing to pen 32mm with your secondaries, in which case take that. ...You can probably tell I'm not one for backline battleship work. Battleships that can't get over 10km secondary range however, I'd have to go Marksman + CE and full survivability for obvious reasons.
  5. Guardian54

    Heavy or light cruisers

    180s now have the same HE pen as 152s. The buff is fake. The fire chance got halved instead of like -3% which was easily compensated for. Light cruisers got absolutely HAMMERED by the nerf across all tiers, not just at the top tiers. Tier 6-7 light cruisers for example are now almost hopeless vs Tier 8+ BBs.
  6. Guardian54

    Heavy or light cruisers

    I think randoms are more profitable for credit? But good luck with whatever you choose. I for one am dumbfounded by the idea of using AP on German cruisers because of their amazing 1/4 HE pen, except the occasional switch when some idiot cruiser goes broadside to you. Yeah that happens sometimes, but I don't remember any sales recently... Well I guess it's the luxury of having a clan for permanent 15% discount (which is why I don't wait for discounts anymore, that and having 70M left even after buying GK recently) and some % higher creds (IIRC). EDIT: You just made me look at my list of 10s in sig and realize that though I researched Hindy early this year I didn't buy it because my clan had only 14% discount then. Well, I'll wait until Christmas to see if there's a bigger discount than usual for Tier 8-10 this year. Thank you for the reminder.
  7. Guardian54

    Heavy or light cruisers

    You have a Molotov? Alright then this is my advice: 1. Start using quotes so us helpful folks can get notifications that you responded instead of having to follow up ourselves. Not everyone's as addicted to halping as I am. Besides that... Amass XP to Research Tallinn AND Chappy with your current captain on Shchors. Slowly train up (and grind credits with considering you mentioned needing to grind creds for Tallinn which shows you aren't sitting on a mountain of creds like most folks are by this point) an IFHE captain on Molotov in the meantime starting with a 3-pointer for 25 doubloons or whoever your best captain available is. If you end up researching Tallin and are more than halfway to having the XP for Chappy before your IFHE captain is ready, then that captain goes straight on Chappy once that's ready. Learning to ammo switch when needed using the Shchors is very worth it if you are going to play Tallinn without IFHE (220mm guns are sweet for penning battleship plating with HE, but your 180mm guns are great firestarters if you don't have IFHE).
  8. Guardian54

    Heavy or light cruisers

    Yeah, go Tallinn for sure first, but you dun goofed hard with that skill progression. All cruiser captains you are building to take up to tiers 8-10 on cruisers which at any point in those tiers actually have HE but which can't normally pen 32mm plating should use the following skill order: PT, LS, DE, IFHE, CE. If the top tiers have slower turrets than about 30 seconds for 180 degrees then take EM next, and probably Superintendent to finish up. People who don't need IFHE have it easy though. Chapayev is basically useless sans IFHE. 180s are slightly less painfully awful. Make sure you do not go into Chapayev with an IFHE-less captain (CE helped me in Chappy a lot but not as much as IFHE did from the get-go). If your captains are behind on skill points DO NOT FREE XP SHIPS.
  9. Guardian54

    Heavy or light cruisers

    Four possibilities: 1. You have a spare 10-point captain: See 2 and 3 because this would mean you have a spare IFHE captain. 2. You have a spare IFHE captain and your current captain does not have IFHE: Put your current IFHE-less captain on the path up to the 220mm cruiser. Throw your IFHE captain into the line up to the 180mm cruiser. 3. You have a spare IFHE captain and your current captain has IFHE: Respec whichever captain is lower skilled for free as soon as the skill update drops. Go up each line in turn with your IFHE captain, then stick your lower-skill captain on Petropavlovsk with the 220mm guns to avoid huge respec costs. 4. You have no spare 10+ point captains: Start your new captain (the best guy you have in terms of skill points who is either a cruiser build or can respect to cruiser build) on the line leading to the 220mm heavy cruiser, because that won't need as many skill points as the light cruiser (even if IFHE costs less in skill update it's still something) to be serviceable. The first 4-point skill on this captain would be CE. I had to throw my old Moskva captain back on my Donskoi without IFHE (respecced him after getting Moskva), because I threw a spare 10-pointer into Shchors to grind the other line's 180mm ships out with, and it's a torturous cacophony of HE non-penetrations. I would not play the 180mm cruisers without IFHE AND CE if I could avoid it, but the respec is way too expensive now...
  10. Not that hard to get over 60% win rate in Kansas as long as you know how to shoot and how to kite to any reasonable degree. "Best" thing about Kansas is that weaving costs basically no DPM unless you're really bad at it. Damn, my best in Kansas is only 2223 base XP, in a pure-Tier 8 match! I for one find Kansas much more workable than, say, Tashkent.
  11. Guardian54

    Kansas or North Carolina(BB line split debate)

    I've found Kansas to be painfully underpowered but still remarkably serviceable despite being terribad. I reckon restoring the old favourable American Standard-type battleship turning characteristics (low speed bleed, good rudder time), buffing base reload to 36 seconds or so, and giving it either super-heavy shells or 16"/50 gun would be sufficient to make it balanced.
  12. Guardian54

    Tashkent — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    This ship has zero ability to fight enemy destroyers, and against enemy light cruisers--WHICH ARE MORE AGILE THAN YOU--either you take IFHE and are still hopeless if the enemy cruiser is even vaguely competent at shooting or don't and get laughed off due to awful DPM. Considering the destroyer battles are crucial to vision control this is basically hopeless. Absolutely incapable of carrying. In my experience this ship is more miserable to play and underpowered than Kansas. And it has some of the same problems too: SLOW rudder, SLOW reload. Even the high speed doesn't help Trashkent because cruisers are far better at cruisering and have laughably better firepower. It gets particularly horrible when having to fight Soviet cruisers.
  13. Guardian54

    Massive nerf to secondaries coming

    This doesn't really matter for most players though, because most people don't bother with secondary builds? A secondary build of IFHE + Manual Secondaries (I've seen this abbreviated to "ManSecs" before, just FYI) + AFT + BFT + AR + two 1-point skills (priority target and preventative maintenance I suspect) is not a build I could survive with, and I suspect most average players would generally concur because of the hideous effect of fires in this game. I prefer Priority Target + Expert Marksman + Superintendent + Fire Prevention + Concealment Expert + the fire/flood repair time 3-pointer + Adrenaline Rush as my standard build sequence on battleships. Granted it's made German battleships very BLEH to play and the lighter French secondary guns (see Alsace 100mm guns) ended up being unable to even pen DD plating, but I generally found that if I'm using secondaries as a battleship I'm trying to farm ribbons in Co-op because anything else within that range is either I dun goofed or they dun goofed (i.e. a destroyer stumbling within its stealth range while stalking me). However, I for one am probably going to take Secondary Armament Ballistician and Artillerist instead of CE on my long-2ndary-range battleships (have to be able to push it over 9 or 10km though for me to consider this worthwhile), start slapping secondary range modules and flags on, and start brawling more. I don't like the update because it makes really slow turrets even slower, because base degree/sec increase helped those more than relatively fast turrets. Hold on a second. This looks like CE could actually push this close to STEALTH SECONDARIES for some ships if base secondary range is increased enough?
  14. Guardian54

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Just got Kansas and took it out for a spin. The performance is actually remarkably tolerable if you cheese the stealth characteristics and have at least a 10-point captain (Skills: aim number, turret turning, fire/flood fix time, fire prevention, next skill it needs is Adrenaline Rush--the reload's just that awful that I'd take AR before I take CE, when I suually go for CE at 14 points on battleships) HOWEVER, why does it not have the improved acceleration and speed retention in turns that I remember the Standards having? This is a Standard-PLUS design! Now, let me check the stats... I still have New Mexico in my roster which, without any equipment, has 11.9 seconds rudder turn and 640m turn radius. I can accept the 640 to 700m increase in radius, but 15.7 seconds rudder turn on Kansas is INSANE. EDIT: On second thought the entire package is underpowered enough that: A) If the base gun reload doesn't get buffed to around 33 seconds OR B) The guns go down to 36 seconds base AND the rudder and turn speed retention are brought in line with the rest of the Standards ...within a year of Kansas being released, I would be astounded. (This ship would be well balanced with either buff, but when considering the nightmare of awfulness I had to suffer through during my Bismarck grind it could actually do with either 36 seconds or agility)
  15. Guardian54

    Tashkent — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    The bad agility makes me think this boat has been power crept enough to need the 10km torps Ognevoi gets to be more viable. Also, the guy above forgets to mention 12.7km is the max range without commander skill, and that would mean either giving up the ability to pen heavy cruiser plating (IFHE) or being even more grotesquely visible (CE)