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  1. Guardian54

    406s or 420s for GK?

    The following is a list of Tier 8-10 cruisers and their citadel belts, if they are exposed to the exterior, which are pennable by either 420mm German HE or both 406 and 420mm German HE. The 406s only pen 100mm baseline (shatters on 101mm) while the 420s pen 104mm (shatter on 105mm). USSR 8: Chapayev: 100mm, pennable by both. USSR 9-10: DmD citadel is internal and Moskva is 155mm, impenetrable regardless. IJN 8: Mogami: 100mm, pennable by both IJN 8: Atago: 102mm (sliver above torpedo bulges), 420s only. IJN 9: Ibuki: 100mm, pennnable by both (it's just a sliver above the torpedo bulges though), Zao would be pennable if not for the torpedo bulges covering the citadel belts. USN 8: Cleveland, 127mm, requires IFHE USN 9: Sea Cattle (Seattle), 102mm, 420s only USN 10: War Sister (Worcester), 127mm, requires IFHE USN CAs are all 152mm belt, impenetrable regardless KM CAs all have internal citadels. RN 8: Edinburgh, 114mm, requires IFHE RN 9: Neptune, 102mm, 420s only RN 10: Minotaur, 101mm, 420s only MN (France) 8-9: Charles Martel and Saint-Louis, 100mm (citadel belt exposed to surface abreast turrets), pennable by both MN 10: HIV (Henri IV), internal citadel. Of the cruisers that the GK may face, we identify the Atago, Seattle, Neptune, and Minotaur as cittable with 420mm HE but not 406mm HE normally. Of course, if you load up IFHE for your 128mm secondaries to raise their pen from 30 (shatter 31) to 40 (shatter 40.3) to lol DPM down enemy battleships in brawls, then you can just run 406mm main guns and enjoy the HE citadels. I run 406mm on my Alldestroyer for the DPM.
  2. Guardian54

    Daring Cpt Question:

    You should have been able to respec for free last week. Why didn't you?
  3. Guardian54

    406s or 420s for GK?

    I dare to submit the idea that 420mm HE might be penning belts that 406mm HE simply do not. For example, the Seattle and Worcester have, last I remember, 102mm belts, which will withstand 406mm German HE, but be citadelled by 420mm German HE. I always run 406s on my Alldestroyer AKA Space Battles GK.
  4. Guardian54


    ... Hold Ctrl Right click on each one's name. Reported for "Unsporting Behaviour" or "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" or whatever it is in WoWS. It's about as sporting as pre-nerf 3x KV-1S shooting pure 122mm APCR.
  5. Guardian54

    Cleveland — American Tier VIII cruiser.

    Cleveland is EZmode if you have 14 points or more on the captain and weren't an idiot with captain skills. It stomps all over Seattle and almost everything else Tier 9 and below that it can see, except Buffalo, which can inflict some pretty nasty damage to it pretty quickly.
  6. Guardian54

    Just got my Montana

    Priority Targeting (name may be wrong?) - shows how many are aiming at you. Expert Marksman - You better as hell have a +1 deg/sec "special commander" on a Tier 10 BB... Superintendent - Moar heals are mandatory in PVP. Not so much in co-op. Fire Prevention - AKA How Not To Always Burn To Death
  7. Finally noticed this thread got a reply BEHOLD! The owl peers over the Dragon's back: Compare to this face (other than the high wind blowing its left (right in image) brow over): OMG I just noticed the owl is saluting, or maybe scratching its head. See the cloud wing reaching up by the dragon's face?
  8. So the lolibote straddled your Monty's face and bounced up and down... Cool story bro, might be NSFW though...
  9. For part of this interaction, I was actually listing at 90 degrees. My deck was perpendicular to the water. The Mahan had fired torps at the enemy Bismarck, so the Scharn turned into me to dodge FF. I sank the Bismarck when my torp launchers were still clear of the Scharn's bow as he was reaming me sideways. I only realized there was something weird AFTER I ended up righting myself somewhat from being ACTUALLY sideways. I'm pretty sure I should be listing the OTHER WAY when my keel hits the rocks and I continue to be pushed sideways. So... please fix. Also, please share your stories (images please) of ships in dubious positions and of questionable orientations, whether being humped by other ships or not.
  10. Guardian54

    Lightning — British Tier VIII destroyer.

    Can't get enthusiastic with this boat because the torpedo range is too short. Oh well, at least the guns are reasonably usable.
  11. Guardian54

    holy crap seattle sucks

    I now have Neptune and my conclusions are that Seattle was a ballet dancer compared to the Neptune. Sure, pre-buff Buffalo is still godly compared to Sea Cattle, but at least Neptune is worse.
  12. Guardian54

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    Remember when I absolutely hated it for having 13 second base reload and even started a thread on it having the exact same DPM as the Baltimore? Then it got buffed to 12 seconds and I found it acceptable. Still think it should be 11 or even 10 seconds though.
  13. Guardian54

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    Er, the Buffalo has godly turret arcs on the rear turrets. Also pretty good agility. So shooting all 12 guns is very easy, and will still autobounce (hitting at over 45 degrees from normal, ricochet chance begins at 30 from normal) all enemy fire that doesn't either overmatch your plating (16 inch guns on up) or have improved autobounce. Hence why, after its DPM was improved by the ROF buff, I deemed it no longer underpowered.
  14. Guardian54

    Will IFHE be nerfed? What would it mean for light cruisers?

    I believe HE should work like this, as lifted from a previous post of mine, edited slightly: My idea of how IFHE should work is as below: Increases penetration capacity and damage of actually penetrating HE shells--exploding inside after tearing through thin plating is better, of course, than exploding on the plating. Decrease surface blast damage--makes sense if the fuse is longer but the shell bounced off that it goes off further from the plate and does less damage. There's now "HE surface blast armor threshold" and "HE penetration capacity". The former is what we have now. The latter is much lower than the former. HE surface blast normally does 10% max damage (like AP overpen) if it can do anything to the armour and HE pen is 33% like AP. HE-pen requires the same checks as AP, after which if it does not pen the HE blast effect checks are run. IFHE increases HE penetration capacity and brings the damage from 33% of max to 40% (explodes deeper in the enemy ship). However, blast damage is reduced from 10% to 8%. Ricochets and non-penetrations do something like 0.2-0.5% max damage unless armour thickness > gun calibre, so it's mostly possible to chip anything down given enough time. BEFORE IFHE: Destroyers can (at tier) HE-penetrate destroyer plating, light cruiser superstructure and do blast damage to light cruiser plating. Light cruisers can (at tier) HE-penetrate light cruiser plating and heavy cruiser superstructures, while doing blast damage to heavy cruiser plating and battleship superstructures, and autopen DD superstructures with AP. Heavy cruisers can (at tier) HE-penetrate heavy cruiser plating and battleship superstructures, while doing blast damage to battleship plating. (they can autopen DD plating and CL superstructures with AP) Battleships can HE-pen everything they see except belts. (autopens CL plating and CA superstructures with AP) AFTER IFHE: (Blast damage remains the same for everyone, in case of what would otherwise be autobounce) Destroyers can HE-pen light cruiser plating and heavy cruiser superstructure. Light cruisers can HE-pen heavy cruiser plating and battleship superstructure. Heavy cruisers can HE-pen battleship plating Battleships can HE-pen light cruiser belts to varying degrees of efficiency (depending on the cruiser and the battleship gun in question, it could be "flat on at 6km" or "not so flat on at 10km"). This would make light cruisers more fire-dependent in BB control, but then we'd have to introduce a "thermal damage accumulation" stat per ship section (contributed to primarily by HE but also slightly by AP hits and dropping over time--Fire Prevention skill boosts the rate of decrease) to determine when fires break out instead of having it totally be RNG.
  15. Guardian54


    He who sayeth the Lyon is not OP, is Lyon his stern off.