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  1. IFHE all the way up until you respect him for the Moskva. Oh, and you'll want DE, Last Stand and Priority Target too. Enjoy the wiggle and the OPness of Hidden Russian Fire Chance Bonus.
  2. Probably the least subtle hidden Russian fire chance bonus in the game. Even more blatant than Shchors, Chappy or that Tier 8 premium. They should make it the national flavour to be hurling molotov cocktails instead of pretending it's not the case. Before I played WG games I vastly preferred Russians as a group over Germans as a group.
  3. Ah, yes, the Kancerovsk, the ultimate piece of propaganda in favour of racism against Russians when made this ridiculous in a Russian game... ...and many other things leading on from racism that should probably not be stated openly on a forum that pretends to be as much part of polite society as an online multiplayer game can be. Just because a napkin says your boat "is supposed to go X speed", does not mean it can actually go so fast. And just because Tashkent's speed trials involved removing all spare parts and even landing the weapons... *spits on ground* Meanwhile the USN and RN get "real life service numbers" because otherwise the Russians would feel inadequate, pah! You'd think WG would grow one brain collectively between the entire directing team when the RUSSIAN players rioted over the idea of Russian BBs coming before RN DDs, and realize that the Russians are so used to Russian Bias that it is no longer fun when it's this blatant and stupid.
  4. DD Stealth

    All the BBs and CVs would spot each other right at the beginning then. ...The cruisers too on most maps. Enjoy your 30 seconds to target shooting matches from across the map. The reason OTL didn't use the WASD hacks we do for dodging shells is because ramming an ally is often fatal, and because coordination is almost impossible.
  5. Not amused at how anniversary tokens just up and disappeared right after the anniversary event ended. This event better not be the same sort of "must spend on last day" mess...
  6. Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    I've played a couple matches post-patch. The shell ballistics improvement is nice, but does not address by far the most common grievance which is the turrets not keeping up with hull traverse. This thing was basically the World of Warships version of the SP I C before the buff. Now? It's maybe marginally less terrible.
  7. Wut? I thought Mass had typical USS BB magic camo rating? ...Oh crap must be because I have camo equipment that my Iowa seems to have absurd stealth, and the North Carolina before it too. Well 1km bloom for cruisers and 1.5-2km for BBs sounds pretty reasonable to me if 2km is a fire (as being on fire is a large, continuously easily tracked target to sight on).
  8. It's 2km? Ugh, sounds like a bit much for cruisers? Perhaps 1-1.5km for cruisers (not so many secondary guns, not quite as obvious) and 2-2.5km for battleships (dependent on their volume of secondary fire)? It's only rarely applicable, but it's some sort of concession to realism like how fire penalizes camo.
  9. NO, HELL NO! I'm saying firing secondaries should bloom your detection up to "you are on fire" levels of detection range. Have changed OP to clarify my meaning.
  10. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    I choose Novgorod. Building a circular ship is a great way to keep it going in the same direction unless steered, no?
  11. Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    The main issue I have with trying to go dark as Yorck is that this happens: 1) I fire while moving toward enemy if I only see 1 BB, preferably AFTER my team's BBs have shot and they get into a trade. 2) I turn TOWARD enemy because turning sideways would get me deleted 3) I wait for the first BB reply salvo to land, then throw helm hard over to run away if there are less than 5 guys aiming at me (i.e. no second BB holding fire to delete me). If there are 5 guys or more though, well that's what islands to disengage are for. ...If I see 2 BBs or more then I turn around before I start firing, or wait for an ally to draw fire first. Trying to go dark with the Yorck's speed, typical BB speeds, and the range window is hard for me to manage effectively without being predictable to get deleted after you go dark... and then there's how I often get spotted by a DD before I can even start shooting at the enemy BBs.
  12. Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    Been working on getting better about that as I ground through the damned thing. This is agreeable with a Cleveland or Buffalo. Not so much for German visible-from-orbit cruisers though... I'm mostly trapped with the strat of "sees enemy or gets lit, turn the hell around, shake your stern every few seconds as if you were twerking in slow motion, and try to go full Parthian Shot". About 90K XP on Yorck right now, so not that far. I still put EM on all my German cruiser captains IIRC, though I might be able to take it off eventually if Hindy turrets prove sufficiently twitchy.
  13. We know that firing main guns can bloom detection out beyond gun range. Why is it such a crime for secondaries to bloom your detection slightly above your "max camo build" detection when the main gun camo bloom can exceed maximum firing range? It's pretty flashy, much brighter than being on fire for that matter. (I seem to remember Nagato having this characteristic)
  14. Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    GULAG FOR YOU! No complaining about Soviet Master Race boats! Khaba is like arthritis, painful but expected of playing a Russian game Bullet-hose DDs are like chronic migraines, rather worse in psychological effect, though physical effects are much less.
  15. Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    I can't switch to AP quickly enough when they present broadside at under 8km. Beyond that I can't hit anything with AP anyhow, so HE all day every day. Adequate but unsatisfying. EM is basically mandatory, and that turret rotation module being put on after you have your commander is ideal if you can wait for a module sale. And also, Yorck's reload is equal to those? Um, nope. Not even close. When you have to stop twitching for a few seconds (which often has to be delayed to not be lol deleted) to finally get your guns on target, that more than nerfs the Yorck's actual reload down enough. And THAT is the REALLY ragey part of this slag heap. I don't give a wooden nickel what your guns can do on paper. I only care if they are reliably on target. My T-54 stats in World of Tanks aren't anything special for being done like 3 years ago, except that I never fired a single premium shell, because the gun handling was just that good and I could leverage the paper DPM... and this was before Type 5 and their ilk. The highest record on Priority Target I've walked away from without losing more than 20% of my HP was, if I recall correctly, having at least 11 guys on the enemy team aimed on me... In a Cleveland, just southwest of C on Trap. Yeah, I suspect my cruiser play might be too WoT-inspired. 15K+ matches where you learn cowardice is the fastest way to lose isn't easy to unlearn... By the time the boat will change I'll be out of it, ugh.