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  1. Alright I'm starting a more elaborated version of this in "player tech tree and ship suggestions". EDIT: Went and did it:
  2. We have Smolensk in the game at present. It uses 4x4 130mm/57 BL-132 guns and 2x5 torpedoes (8 km range). A step up would be 4x4 152mm/57 MK-5 (the guns are the same as found on Chapayev), possibly using a hull similar to Dmitri Donskoi (3x180mm guns should have comparable recoil force and turret size requirements to 4x152mm). The reload could be something like 5.5-6 seconds, matching or a little longer than DM. It wouldn't be anywhere nearly as irritating as the Mino/Worc, but still have a role and be reasonably usable. However, a bit more agility over the Donskoi would be good, as the armour otherwise just doesn't hold up. A 4x4 180mm counterpart to the Moskva, with perhaps 13 second reload, also seems technically possible at Tier 10 (it's 1/3 more alpha than Dmitri Donskoi and likely much better armour, but uptiered, so 1 second more reload should be enough, compare Buffalo vs DM in DPM for example...). A 4x4 220mm heavy cruiser could also be done, but would have to be nerfed to say 20 second reload with non-bow-tanking plating and no torpedoes to be a trade-off compared to Moskva''s circa 10.5 seconds base (Almost 1.8 times the alpha for 1.9 times reload, for non-lolbounce bow). If it has bow-tanking plating, and any torps, 22 second reload seems reasonable to me. A 4x4 battleship or battlecruiser would seem somewhat dubious, but I'm sure there's some napkin design somewhere for the Sovetsky Soyuz series that's 4-turreted and if you slap in 305mm guns a la Stalingrad I'm sure there is some way to make it work. Something like a much speedier Tier 10 Lyon with Soviet magical laser accuracy, no overmatch of any cruisers besides Minotaur line, and a 25 second reload sounds playable to me. It is very simple logic that tells us we should get a Soviet cruiser or battleship named Ensk. After all, Ensk is a place in the USSR, and there's a WoT map named for it! If you have Smol Ensk in your game, you need to also have Ensk. (And some other place that sound like "Bigensk" or "Thiccensk" or similar, if such places exist... Because I very much doubt there's a MILFensk anywhere in the USSR.)
  3. Guardian54

    Ognevoi — Soviet Tier VIII destroyer.

    Not playable. The guns don't exist. It's worse than a Fubuki's gun power. 2 triple tubes is just not generally usable without a sub-10-second reload or godly stealth, as each dense spread isn't nearly wide enough. Ognevoi's stealth is also pretty bad compared to anything but a Kiev.
  4. Yes yes, I've been made aware of that. I still find it very comical and pointlessly exacting.
  5. I'm referring to this: To have the mission chain during an event end EXACTLY ONE DAY before the gigantic event splash screen says the event ends is not the most endearing of tactics when the vast majority of people are procrastinators.
  6. Yes but the event list in the game client lists 20th of August on the big splash image you get when you click "Events". WG is not an exam center, so trolling us like this is not good business.
  7. How curious that the event id displayed as ending on the 20th of August (EDIT: here's an image), but it's the 19th and the Siroco missions are already gone. A good way to catch inattentive procrastinators. Congratulations. Well played. I don't think WG has figured out yet that they aren't an examination service testing people's ability to pay attention to details, but whatever. Thank God I got the Not-Agile in a previous event and don't need a French DD trainer.
  8. My opinion of this idea by WG can be summed up by the quotable dialogue from Danbooru post 2020602.
  9. The funniest by far to me was the "five British battleships come down on the Japanese carriers like an angry fist of God" which was somewhere in a relatively recent drydock episode.
  10. Guardian54

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    The new commander is so poorly balanced his name is literally Oh Boy No... Unlike Khabarovsk the rules for fighting French DDs is to only open up when they're relatively close and to otherwise dodge for all you're worth. Their guns can't pen BB plating even with IFHE after all, and would require IFHE to pen cruiser plating so would have reduced fire chance, and there aren't that many HE shells rolling for fires per minute...
  11. Only true if you're fighting a Helena. Otherwise a Buffalo player after the buffs just has to adapt the angling patterns a bit... and take advantage of an equipment sale to make the ship stealthier and twitchier.
  12. Guardian54

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    So I've been using Prinz Eitel Friedrich to grind credits lately... which means encountering a lot of Helenas. This ship is disgustingly OP. Absurdly hard to cit, especially for a turret farm. The Unlimited Flammenwerfer Werks are also ragey.
  13. Guardian54

    Don’t nerf IFHE so bad

    Such is the way of autocracies, and these devs grew up in the USSR... Sounds good to me. Now, how about that degrading combat performance as a cruiser shatters your rangefinder lenses and radar with HE, and realistic shell flight times (which, combined with WASD hacks reaction time, would result in all battles having to be at knife-fighting range where 8-inch shells can lol through battlecruiser armour and everything pens outside BB citadels--so you end up with terrible aim, with rudder disabled, both ends punched full of holes reducing your mobility, etc. waiting to get scuttled by a DD)?
  14. Guardian54

    Commander skills for upcoming French DDs

    Obviously, you want that new French captain with +5% speed per million potential damage, +400 HP/tier, etc.
  15. Does friendly fire landing within 700m count? Because we're going to have screenshots of French DDs going 88 knots very quickly regardless, but if friendly fire counts then... LOL.