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  1. Guardian54

    Hamburg Dockyard: Build a Ship

    So free players have 0 chance of getting the main prize? Wow, this is even worse than the PR Disaster (I spent 14000 of my pile of doubloons from my old whale days on that and then did enough of the directives) Alright then. Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail is more reliably fun anyhow (despite the wonky land combat routing/endless skirmishing problems). See you round some other time!
  2. Guardian54

    Pan Euro DD's purpose?

    1. An enemy Bellerophon rushed up the middle in Solomon Islands and I fired going for a max range minus 1 km intercept. The Tatra's torps don't go that fast IIRC. 2.A Chester decided to try to turn to rush down mid after someone else's torps got the Bellerophon, and ate my two fish somehow when he was on a path to pass like 500m from the dead Bellerophon. The Chester didn't die. In fact he seemed to only take like 4-5K damage from both torps, and it wasn't from damage reflecting back on me cutting his damage taken either. Euro torps are pretty pathetic in alpha...
  3. Guardian54

    Pan Euro DD's purpose?

    Get you disciplinary penalties because your torpedoes are so long ranged malicious scum regularly steer into them on purpose just to turn you pink. Seriously, torpedo friendly fire warnings need to have higher and higher hit number thresholds with distance. Any idiot being hit at 8+km by friendly torps has a better than even chance of doing it on purpose.
  4. Guardian54

    Z-23 — German Tier VIII destroyer.

    This ship is an abominationnow more than ever. European Tier 7 beats it in everything (gun power/handling, torpedo reload, torpedo range, stealth) but per-torpedo/salvo damage and HP (I think?) and even the torpedo alpha is laughed at by 60-second reload allowing actual flooding spam.
  5. Go into the game client, view any Russian DD with 130mm guns. It's 22mm base pen. 21mm base pen is for the 127s/128s which +25% doesn't reach 27mm, whereas the old 30% did. Yes, the IFHE nerf hurt it, but it hurt all other destroyers besides the British MORE. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  6. Guardian54

    IFHE still good on smolensk?

    If you are shooting at any non-Mino-line cruiser, IFHE will be your salvation. Otherwise IFHE is irrelevant or outright hurts your burning wrath against batttleships. Considering cruisers are the most likely ones to cit you as they refire way faster than battleships, being able to put them down is pretty essential. However non-pen HE can still start fires, so just use volume of fire to deal with the lower fire chance. Or shoot AP if they are sufficiently broadside and farm the bow/stern and upper belt.
  7. Guardian54

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    This is not happening for me.
  8. I checked my Zao, Worcester, Des Moines, and Moskva, and the plating is 25mm on all but the DM. Consider that light cruisers with the new 30mm-ish base pen can still grab IFHE for massive HE pens against battleship plating. And with that many shells landing you don't need much fire chance anyhow. Oh sure the French destroyers are still lol-ing through cruiser plating with IFHE, but they have guns with AWFUL rate of fire and halving fire chance hits them harder than the Soviet destroyers, and the Japanese gunboats... well they're about as aggravatingly broken as before However, destroyers with 127mm-ish guns go from new 21mm base HE pen to 26.25 AKA 26mm if you add IFHE, which isn't enough to penetrate Des Moines or Hindy plating unliek before where it could pen 27mm. British destroyers can now just not take IFHE and still be able to do damage. This significantly enhances their mad firing rate's ability to set fires, by the way. The most egregious benefactors of the IFHE nerf however are definitely the RUSSIANS. Their 130mm gun has base pen 22mm, which is enough to pen 27.5 with IFHE. The title of highest-DPM-vs-cruisers gun destroyers besides the Japanese abominations has, methinks, finally returned to Mother Russia... depending on whether the new Swedish DDs have comparable nonsense. I'm going to respec my German, American, and Pan-Asian destroyer commanders, and my Soviet cruiser commander (because I hadn't done it yet after moving him up from Donsk to Mosk) and that's it, because I recently shifted my Jutland commander to the heavy cruisers and put Cunningham there with just 10 points which means I don't even have IFHE on him yet. Nice stealth buff to Russian and British DDs, WG, by nerfing everyone else a lot harder.
  9. Guardian54

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    Forget CRUISERS, what about DESTROYERS??? IFHE is now useless on destroyers that aren't the IJN gun line which can still pen BBs, or French DDs which pen 139/6 = 23mm x 1.25 = 28.75mm i.e. would still pen light cruiser plating. Wonderful, that must means DE + SE (the HP boost) + Superintendent is actually doable now on British, Russian, and most other DDs because they cross no thresholds with IFHE now, unlike before where a DD could pen heavy cruiser 27mm plating with IFHE but not otherwise, with British DDs needing IFHE just to pen DD plating and enemy superstructures. These pen and armour changes are too ridiculous to me to ever spend another cent on this game or recommend it to others.
  10. Guardian54

    What is the strength of the RN CAs?

    I've managed to figure out how to play Albermarle well enough to no longer find it underpowered. Still nothing special unlike Cleveland, but...
  11. Guardian54

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    Free respec or no respec(t) from us :P So how much effect will IFHE have anyhow? As long as I can carve through battleship plating with IFHE light cruisers and penetrate cruiser extremities with IFHE destroyers, I'm going to carry it on the same ships as before except for the Daring., because 19mm + anything under 32% gives no meaningful benefit in crossing thresholds (does not reach 25mm) and the fire chance for the Aki-Kita-Haru is low enough that getting DE as well basically compensates, with HE-penning heavy cruiser plating as a huge deal for damage output. Still, a free respec would be nice for some of my other captains such as my shiny new Moskva.
  12. Guardian54

    How to Fix the RN Heavy CA's

    Albemarle: If WG is trying to make the Yorck seem OP, it's working. Drake: 18 second reload on 3x3 9.2 inch guns? No, just NO. 15 seconds max or it's not a Tier 9 cruiser (at least, not with guns under 300mm or less than 12 8-inch-plus guns), period. If it was 18 seconds on 4x3 9.2 inch at Tier 9 they'd have a plausible point, but as is, 15 seconds or they might as well not exist.
  13. Guardian54

    What is the strength of the RN CAs?

    The Albemarle so far makes the Bismarck and FDG seem overpowered. Ponder that for a moment.
  14. Guardian54

    Albemarle - British Tier VIII Heavy Cruiser

    The citadel is obscenely huge and easy to hit at any range. It doesn't have the range/agility mix to pull an Edinburgh either, let alone smoke or speed to run away if it absolutely has to. Pure garbage. I suggest the following buffs: 1) get rid of that stepped citadel deck amidships, make it just a box, even if this makes citadel side bigger it helps reduce plunging cits. 2) Buff plating to 27mm like real (US/KM) heavy cruisers.
  15. Guardian54

    Devonshire T6... ???

    Got Devonshire on literally the last 20-token thing I got. It's solidly meh. Nothing special. If I hadn't been a fool and clicked LS instead of EM, resulting in having to reset a transferred 6-point captain right off the bat, it would still be solidly meh.