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  1. Guardian54

    Looking to Cruise

    This is a funny way to spell KRONSTADT or MOSKVA. You are probably looking for the Petro line if you want a tech line that satisfies these requirements. Be warned though that Tallinn is garbage without IFHE but Riga on up doesn't need IFHE so best be ready with multiple commanders or respec... EDIT: Just saw you already have the Petro. Enjoy it while it's still OP (that ridiculously low freeboard...). If you didn't ask for reload time or range, French Supercruisers would fill your first two requirements, but they're really awful so don't play them--if you really want the experience play Dunkerque or Strasbourg in an otherwise all-8 or all-9 match, albeit with rudder shift equipment... yeah that's basically what it's like.
  2. Guardian54

    Tier IX French Supercruiser Brest

    Update: After upgrading the hull, this ship upgrades from "flaming landfill" with the modifier of "agile enough to dodge appreciable amounts of fire" (assuming you put at least one equipment on for rudder turn rate). However, due to horrific ROF on the guns and lack of improved autobounce (see Alaska for details), the ship remains, overall, "burning landfill". It's just that the blaze is down to a dull roar. EDIT: Just failed to cit broadside Amagi at 4-5km with two full AP salvos that got 2 full pens and 2 overpens out of 16 shells aimed to hit amidships waterline (obviously had to lead target). Either the IJN BBs have all been stupidly overbuffed since I played them (I hear Izumo got buffed big time)... or Brest remains an absolutely nuclear trash heap. Absolutely hopeless ship. In every context, it is bottom of the pile in every way. Whoever thought above 24 second reload was acceptable on 8 guns with that 25mm plating has never played this game and should never be allowed in a video game company except as the court jester.
  3. In short, it's a Strasbourg plus two tiers. The stock grind (I have yet to get out of it and will update this post later) is absolutely awful so beware of that. You do not have the armor or plating (25mm is lolpenned by AP of 15 inch on up so every BB you can meet except KGV, Lyon and Marlborough) to close the distance. I don't recommend going full speed early on if you're closing distance within the first 6 minutes of the game. In other words, this is not a suitable ship for players like myself who favour Rabies Emulator tactics. Also, the HE is pretty awful, and the reload is 28 seconds. Overall Advice? Try to obtain Alaska instead if you insist on playing a Tier 9 supercruiser. EQUIPMENT: Slot 1: Keep your two turrets alive! Slot 2: Up to you Slot 3: I suggest turret traverse Slot 4: I suggest rudder shift. Slot 5: Concealment is my usual choice but can be rudder shift. Slot 6: GUN RANGE NOTE: If someone gets confused by "supership cruiser" vs "supercruiser" as the mods inform me is a concern at WGNA and why they refer to these as "Large Cruisers"... well, there's anglophone education systems' literacy levels for ya.
  4. Guardian54

    Tier VIII French Supercruiser Cherbourg

    Yes, yes, good for you. Just because some idiots get their Musashi killed quickly and are bad at it doesn't make the ship not overpowered. Just because a few guys prance about showing off doesn't mean a line isn't garbage. See Pan-Asian CLs for example. The French supercruisers are, in my experience so far, WORSE than PA CLs.
  5. Guardian54

    Can't Cruiser to Save My Life

    I have 54.21% WR in cruisers over 2887 games. I mainly focus on AD juking, and only SSSSS to clutch brake very rarely (besides dodging torpedoes or when smoking up) as most cruiser accel/decel isn't that great and I learnt the WS part of WASD hacks long after I finished grinding the British CL line which ahs good accel/decel until Edinburgh. I believe that the key to cruisers is AD juking at ranges between about 10km (12km if your ship is not particularly nimble) to your max range and being constantly angled so that you are either over-shouldering with all your turrets or similarly unshadowing your rear turrets depending on whether you are on closing or distancing. When doing these maneuvers make sure you are engaging the enemy farthest out to the side (if they are all of similar distance away) so that your stern is pointed atmost of the enemies in your alley--it is obnoxiously hard to hit a juking stern without a LOT of experience and some good luck, assuming the target doesn't AD in a periodic/predictable way. Scatter in some randomness in your AD booty shaking. Beware of cross-alley fire from supercruisers, battlecruisers and battleships and try not to expose side to them if possible. Try to make your turn-ins (going from distancing to closing with the enemy) as close to your max range as possible from the foremost enemy to reduce the chances of being hit in the side. And try to steer for islands in such a way that they cover your turn-aways. Mainline HE and only change to loading AP when you see a BB or cruiser give side--double-tap the ammo number JUST AFTER a salvo to avoid wasting DPS. Last Stand, Priority Target (whatever it's called now), and Concealment Expert are mandatory skills. Get IFHE if you have 26 to 31mm base HE penetration so that you can pierce 32mm plating with HE. Next skills include Fire Chance, Superintendent if you have repair, and Adrenaline Rush.
  6. Guardian54

    Perma delete Smolensk from the game

    My Musashi finds itself basically incapable of citadelling Smolensks through the bow. which is pretty absurd for 18 inch AP. Meanwhile he only had to hit me with about 5 shells each time to start fires, and this was for about 10-15 fires total. The fire chance stat is a scam. All they had to goddamn do was cut fire chance and the rate of fire a bit, pah. On the other hand, the Smolensk is why the Asian light cruiser line is absolute garbage because they didn't want to make it as stupidly broken, so... yay? It's like no one ever figured out that making IFHE useful on super-light cruisers would allow for them to be useful without being insanely annoying On the other hand, if this ship was part of a plot to indoctrinate people into automatic unfriendliness toward Slavic-sounding place names... Just goes to show how annoying it is, that it can spawn conspiracy theories by enraging the opponents enough.
  7. Guardian54

    Tier VIII French Supercruiser Cherbourg

    Revised from being too negative and not "review" like... which is why there's no pinned Harbin, Sejong, etc. posts in the PA CL page because they're not possible to review without "this is flaming garbage and can only plink away at range for fire damage, and pray the enemy's dumb enough to run into torps". Will check again if this can be pinned.
  8. In the Azur Lane Dorm port, at least after I exit a battle, the mice are not scurrying around the floor properly. Instead they glide backward across the floor on their normal routes (but in reverse) without movement animations.
  9. Guardian54

    Up-tier matchmaking

    Hold on. Cleveland is super easy to open water dance even when uptiered though? Now Zieten or Harbin uptiered... *pukes*.
  10. Guardian54

    Tier VIII French Supercruiser Cherbourg

    Real-world battlecruisers were generally not undergunned in terms of gun calibre though (number may be a bit less).
  11. Guardian54

    French Large Cruiser Review

    The line is absolute garbage because at Tier 8-9 it's basically an uptiered Strasbourg with better camo and agility but WORSE guns and armour (Just checked and Brest has 330s instead of Strasbourg's 340s, LOL), and Strasbourg is already pretty bad for Tier 7. The reload is the main problem, but the plating (25mm bow/stern) is also a huge problem. Cherbourg is, at Tier 8, only perhaps better than Harbin. That's how bad these things are. I for one refer to them as supercruisers because they lack both capital ship weapons (Kongos, Renowns, or provisions for such like the Scharnhorsts) and capital ship armour (see Scharnhorsts) for their time. Therefore they are just really big cruisers.
  12. Hi, could you pin the post I started on Cherbourg? I noticed no one's been starting pinned threads on the newer ships lately... 


  13. NOTE: I am using "supercruiser" to refer to cruisers beyond the 8-ish-inch heavy cruiser range which do not have battleship protection (Scharnhorsts for their time) OR battleship firepower (Kongos for their time), which would be battlecruisers (like the German and British BC lines). To summarize the characteristics of this ship: 2x4 305mm guns with 28 second base reload, be very liberal with that reload booster whenever you get a good shot at someone's side, because you need it. 25mm bow/stern plating (unlike US and German heavy cruisers which have 27mm) BB fire times, but quick reload on damage control party (can be under 1 minute). Workable agility and camo if you don't overextend. No stealth goodies like improved autobounce--remember that AP ricochets start at 45 degrees! Due to poor HE shell damage, it is advised to stick with AP unless you expect to get bow-on-ed a lot. Ramming flag may be useful on this ship due to engine boost and its problems in dealing with bow-on ships. EQUIPMENT: Your chooseable consumables should be hydro and engine boost. Slot 1: Main Armaments Mod 1 -- You CANNOT afford losing a main turret! Slot 2: Whichever you like. Engine room protection may be a good idea if you find yourself using parthain over-shoulder tactics a lot as the plating is weak. Slot 3: I suggest either MBM1 or Aiming Systems to try to get better effective agility or bang-for-buck Slot 4: Steering Gears, you need to dodge if you are remotely active as a player, you need to dodge a LOT. Slot 5: I always use concealment systems, but there's an argument to be made for steering gears, choose what fits you.
  14. Guardian54

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    Odd cause I didn't see them yesterday lol, but thanks for the info anyhow.
  15. Guardian54

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    The Daily Missions going away has greatly reduced my desire to play the game every day :/