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About Me

Time for the new and improved description, updated for age! XD

As most have guessed, I'm a big Italian fan, which was certainly heavily fueled by the fact multiple members of my family served in the Regia Marina during WWII, namely my nonno (grandfather) and his brother. 

I've got accounts/play(ed) games like WoT, [edited], AW, but I've sort of fallen away from those, and WoWs is my main game, although life is annoying and I don't get to play as much as I'd like :D

As far as ships go, cruisers are my favorite type, though I do enjoy others...

I've watched some anime, Hellsing Ultimate probably being my favorite...

As far as music taste is concerned, I like punk rock a lot, although I'm also big into other types of hard rock.

The only other thing I think anyone concerned needs to know is that I'm always fairly eager to learn more about most things, I don't mind (civil) discussions/arguments, and my big rule is that I'm pretty much tolerant towards anyone willing to be tolerant, but I'm fairly intolerant of intolerance.

That about sums it up! Happy Hunting!


Current Ships:


             DDs                       CL/CAs                   BBs                      Premiums

USN:  Far, Clem, Mahan.      Pensacola                                      Arkansas Beta, Indianapolis
IJN:      Minekaze                Aoba, Myoko                                                    Katori
RN:                                        Leander                                                       Warspite
RM:                                                                                                         Duca d'Aosta
MN:                                     Émile Bertin                                                  Dunkerque
KM:        V-170                        Yorck                    Gneisenau
VMF:   Kiev, Ognevoi
ARP:                                      Myoko                      Kongo 
                                               Nachi                     Kirishima
                                              Haguro                     Haruna
                                             Ashigara                      Hiei