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  1. Hence the unnerfing. The turrets historically rotated at 10º/sec (almost double the current 5.5) and fired 10 rpm (per gun).
  2. It would be "Cleveland - the unnerfing" WG would simply do the most terrifying thing they could with Cleveland; present her in her historical form. The RoF would jump from 7.5 rpm to 10 rpm, kicking her broadside form 90 rpm to 120 rpm. The turret traverse would jump from 5.5º/sec (32.73 second traverse time) to 10º/sec (18 seconds). Just for starters, of course
  3. I don't have a picture, but it's basically just an Italian flag with a Roman Eagle on it and an SPQR Linky:
  4. Hmm... it would have to be hours or minutes as a difference, because they were both laid down and then launched on the same dates. Abruzzi, however, is completed first, and is referred to by pretty much every language I've ever seen them referenced in as the class leader.
  5. These are the results from my first matches with Cesare (more detail in spoilers): Of course, this is a really small sample size. Still, overwhelmingly positive.
  6. [Insert upvote gif here] I managed to get two games in her this morning, and they both went spectacularly well. However, I can confirm Cesare doesn't react well to 16" shells. She handles beautifully. Have yet to meet any Warspite's, but I'll be sure to give them something to think about when I do - perhaps some 12" - 13" holes below the waterline?
  7. This. Texas's shells has a .332 drag coefficient. Kongo has .331 Iron Duke has to deal with .4273, while König gets .3093
  8. Funny you should say that, I remember feeling the exact same way when I was playing Dunkerque for the first time.
  9. Well.... only crap, this ship is stupidly fun. I managed to get two matches this morning after getting her (yay for first class of the day being cancelled on a Friday!). I'll post screens later, but the first was a tier V loss, the second a tier VII win, both over 100k damage She most certainly does suffer when she's focused, or when she has to deal with angled BBs. I've had the most success getting in close-ish (around 10 km) seems to work, which is when the dispersion and AP really start to do their magic. Her accuracy... well, it's BB accuracy, but it's pretty good by that standard. When the maximum range you're going to fire your guns rarely goes over 16 km, you'll find you're generally still landing a lot of shells on target, and the closer you are the more devastating you are. At around 11.5 km, I wiped out a broadsiding OR in 3-4 full salvoes. The speed and handling are great, my only issue is that I keep oversteering XD
  10. This had me cracking up. Take all the +1's!
  11. yup!
  12. It's pretty simple, tbh. Usually if you just follow phonetics you're golden. The only thing you have to watch out for are the rules that opposite in English (ex, 'che/chi' vs 'ce/ci,'). At least the rules are consistent, though XD sometimes English just can't make up its mind what certain letters do to each other (which is understandable given how many languages contributed to modern English). Still, all the name s so far have been easy... With Abruzzi... Well, welcome to the world of 'gli'
  13. ... Nope
  14. My body is ready! My wallet... Well, we'll have to make do
  15. So, my takeaway from the smoke change is; Gone will be the days of: