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  1. Legionnare

    500th Anniversary of the Swedish Navy

    No joke, that exact suggestion was my first created post on the forum.
  2. Legionnare

    500th Anniversary of the Swedish Navy

    The mission ended on June 6th.
  3. Then I have some good news for you. You have until June 6th to finish the mission chain.
  4. Hey all, I wanted to personally reach out and let everyone know we fixed the issue and the event is now live. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/memorial-day-weekend-missions/
  5. Legionnare

    Climb for the Torplushie

    Thank you for pointing this out! I will make sure that gets fixed before there is too much more confusion. For the accurate leaderboards, visit:
  6. Legionnare

    Most Artillery Hits: Single Battle

    Likely this, as the event was restricted to Savage Battles.
  7. Legionnare

    Victims (Winners) of the Torplushie Salvo

    Don't forget that the in-game heals are quite efficient and damage saturation is still a thing.
  8. Legionnare

    Climb for the Torplushie

    I have created a topic announcing the winners:
  9. Greetings Commanders! The "Climb for Torplushie" event is officially at its end, which means it is time to announce the winners. Winners were initially announced on April 6th's community stream, but fear not, if you were unable to make it. I have included the winners below, along with the categories and scores. Winners, I will reach out to you soon to make sure we get your shipping information entered accurately, so we can send out our torplushie salvo. Fish in a Peril Single Battle Torp Hits Score 0kkei 36 topgeared 36 Comassion 35 CVsBad 35 LordOfConduits 35 Fish Market Entrepreneurs Cumulative Torp Hits Score PanzerOne1 1853 erikmewes 1322 69MACH428CJ 1248 Redmourn 1206 shimavak 1088 Tactical Shelly-Fish Single Battle Arty Hits Score Gosre 283 MSN_Soulgain 282 DTKGamer98 257 The_Holsh 250 MediateSprings 228 Accuracy by Volume Cumulative Arty Hits Score HeisenbergX 15608 ziggy357 11321 Potatonaut 8593 Mem2830 6888 Smiiiley_PECK 6493 Roguish Good Luck Random Winners LarryKovalsky Edgecase Heisendinger DrunkenRednecks DonkeyHerder Congratulations again, to our winners!
  10. Legionnare

    Climb for the Torplushie

    There are five prize categories total, including cumulative torpedo hits, most torpedo hits in a single battle, cumulative artillery hits, most artillery hits in a single battle, and a random prize pool for remaining participants Unfortunately, battles played before participating in the event do not count.
  11. Legionnare

    Climb for the Torplushie

    Artillery includes primary and secondary armament, to prevent disqualifying 2/3 of the available ships from the competition.
  12. Legionnare

    Climb for the Torplushie

    Legend speaks of a time when torpillows roamed the Parisian countryside freely, but were over hunted into extinction. Every once in a while, though, people still mention they have seen them in captivity.
  13. Legionnare

    Climb for the Torplushie

    Torplushie=pure awesomeness My personal work-desk torplushie and Askhance kindly volunteering to model for a more interesting shot.
  14. Legionnare

    PTS 0.11.2 pt.3 - Bug Reports

    That's certainly not working as intended. You should be able to make a post about it here: And report the bug here:
  15. Legionnare

    Battle of the Java Sea – Live Stream

    Good morning @Attalus120, The only way to acquire the mission is to watch the community stream (found here: https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships) on February 23rd. Additionally, there will be chances to play against and alongside staff in a few different minigames, but you do not need to participate in the minigames to receive the mission (although we would absolutely love to see you join in).