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  1. Would it really be OP to have two 622mm torpedo's put onto the HMS Nelson? Apparently it was an underwater armament. Also the Rodney (sister ship) got a torpedo hit on the Bismarck.... I think it would make it a really fun ship... take away the super heal and give me Torps!!! I searched but didn't see this topic brought up.... I would love torps.....
  2. Don't penalize the innocent

    With the implementation of marks against players... if i don't like you for any reason. i could jump into your torps and get you banned? This system seems quite ridiculous... it's a damn game. only thing that should get you banned would be actual cheating. Team killing is part of the game. Pay for their entire repair cost and get over an accidental volley from a drunken sailor. It's a game. Nothing more.