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  1. Pasta_Bowl

    Random is terrible

    Its the end of 2020 and Randoms still suck so bad it will be the doom of this game. They are stubborn and refuse to put a skill matchmaker in...this is according to Femennely who left this dump of a company.
  2. Pasta_Bowl

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    They can take RB and stick it where the sun dont shine
  3. Pasta_Bowl

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    pretty much done with the public test......just give us access on there to all the test ships....what the hell is the difference?....you can get a lot of data from there....why just give it to super testers.....screw the subs......give me access to the new Russian tech tree ships at least.
  4. Pasta_Bowl

    So Where Do I Apply For A Refund...

    Agreed 100% mate...this is total WG B.S.
  5. Pasta_Bowl

    Flint - If only I knew then what I do now

    We should be allowed to sell this piece of crap back for our Steel since the IFHE change....port queen now. Heck you cant even sell it if you wanted too....its locked out. A lot of the steel and coal ships that were rendered useless by the IFHE change should be up for return compensation. Just my humble opinion......Wargamings B.S. strikes again.
  6. Pasta_Bowl

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    Yes would love my money and Steel back for both...I am sick of these confounded changes that take place. They are constantly reinventing the wheel. I have played this game since it launched...as of the past few months I have hardly been here, This may be the straw that breaks the back.....I'm about done with these guys.
  7. Pasta_Bowl

    Research Bureau. Why? Just why?

    Stupidest idea they ever had..........I will NOT even consider this bull crap just to grind another released ship..............screw that Wargaming.
  8. Pasta_Bowl

    Ranked is Broken

    agreed 100%...people want changes to ranked but wargaming (like always) never listens until i hurts them in their wallet. Tired of grinding to say a 4 then this season you get stuck with morons and fall back to 8...then back to 9 .I'm done with this crap. Not going to waste my time anymore. Should be more irrevocable. If I made it there...I should be able to stay there. Only those stars should I keep losing if I cant proceed.
  9. Pasta_Bowl

    Yoshino (Tier 10 Azuma) speculation thread

    I hope something that can Tank better...I have enough Kites.
  10. Pasta_Bowl

    Yoshino (Tier 10 Azuma) speculation thread

    Confirmed it will at least be Coal......I'll use mine for that instead of Jean Bart or Salem.....................Clan mates have Azuma and do not like her. I went with Alaska and am glad I did.
  11. Pasta_Bowl

    WoWS dying?

    Basically I have played over 6000 games but now I will not spend a penny on this stupid POS . I come back once in a while....play one game and as soon as I see the matchmaker puts me with morons that all die in 5 minutes ...I simply log out and disappear for a week at least. This game can go bye bye for all I care. Despite what I have put into it as far as time and money......fighting to stay above a 50% ratio is no longer appealing to me. Nothing good changes in this game...they constantly change things that shouldn't be changed and don't change things that should. Eventually this game will go the way of world of warplanes. They ask WAAAYYY to much money for things...like on Black Friday....anyone that dropped money on that crap has serious issues or just doesn't like money. QUIT SELLING PREMIUM HIGH TIER SHIPS TO ANYONE !!!!!!!!! But yeah my name is Ray and I quit smoking with Chantix.
  12. Pasta_Bowl

    Signal Flag Consumable Purchase

    Just at least purchase the signals we want...this game is clearly falling apart. They are reaching for the sky now with trying to kill people with premium expensive stuff. I mean come on $699 for a certain bundle?...they are out of their minds. Well the NA office is gone....whats next?. Guys get smart make the stuff a lot cheaper and people will buy it...you will win on volume alone. Get with it..................