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  1. Spotter Planes Gone Wild

    I know, right? those things ruin more ambush attempts. I take a lot of pleasure shooting them down.
  2. Fiji a must play cruiser?

    Leander is a joy once you get used to her, and have a decently trained captain. She's amazing at hunting and killing DD's, and capable of wrecking other t6 CL's in no time. Plus, good smoke and the ability to single fire torps. There are times when the guns/shells can't seem to pen on otherwise easy ships, but that's a question of positioning. AA build is effective, secondary build gives DD's a headache.
  3. omg Team damage in this game does not fit the meaning of arbitrary. In fact, you are incredibly wrong about it being unrelated to the effort used to sink ships or cap. Disclaimer - we aren't discussing deliberate TK's. Most friendly damage comes from poorly thought out moves by players - they ignore greens, and launch torps at a target, and torp a team mate. They fire when too close to a green, at an enemy, they fire at a red with a green close enough to get pegged. Those aren't arbitrary. Further - team damage was reduced to prevent TK's, which,actually, if allowed, would speed up palyers returning to port. so, wrong on a few levels. The fact that people have repeatedly said they like the added layer of complexity team damage adds to the game invalidates your "nobody would complain" statement. Now, what is arbitrary is the way you apply the term ethics to your argument.
  4. Wut? WTH? You really are nuts. For one, the amount of team damage anybody takes in an average day is pretty insignificant, short of a friendly devstrike, friendly damage doesn't end games much quicker than otherwise. Ship collisions account for most instances of friendly damage, and those amounts tend to be trivial. Friendly damage isn't arbitrary - a team member actively chose to fire, the shells or torp actually hit you. I'm not certain how getting into queue faster improves their bottom line,either - premium is by day, not match, and match length has never inspired me to spend money. And you still use teh concept of ethics in a topic it doesn't fit.
  5. ty for reminding me - got 3 days premium to boot.
  6. The Stall, the Game begins

    From a GenX POV - half the time when you do it, it's basically just you guys are like our younger siblings, so we mess with you. But, it's no different than blaming the Boomers for the world's ills, when it was going that direction anyways, and 99% of Boomers never had any influence at all, just like you and me.
  7. I occasionally gift somebody from the lobby chat something just because. Well, because I enjoy random treats from people, so I like to spread the joy. (Btw, I'm currently locked in the back of a van....and I can't find the kitties I was promised!)
  8. What you mean is it's tough to do consistently well at it. It's just like knife fighting in DD's. If it's what you find fun, go for it. The problem is if brawling is your favourite tactic, you'll eventually try to force a brawl in a sub-optimal context. By "you", I don't specifically mean you. But - considering that most people aren't terribly great at consistently getting winning results out of the tactic, a self-aware player in a brawl against a better opponent should always take the ram if he can.
  9. Your boast might be true - but in my experience, most "brawlers" tend to be one and the same as teh suicide jockeys that over extend, trying to get into range for their favoured tactic. Tends to end with one dead ship, and one basically crippled and easy meat for somebody standing off. Ramming seems to happen far more when it's the brawler determined to get at least one kill, and steams right for the "camper". Personally, I prefer to kite brawlers, deny them the range of engagement they want, and keep them out of play in teh context of the overall match. Mind you - I rarely bother to play BB's, and when I am in a ram possible encounter, I'm as likely to fake a ram just to throw the other guy off his stride a bit. edit Brawling is not hard mode, it's not nearly the skillful tactic you claim. Get close, fire guns, let the auto-fire secondaries help out.
  10. "I need support!"

    If I'm close enough, and have any hope of making a difference, I help. Sometimes all it takes is adding a target to spread enemy damage out,or to distract them. Even if I/you can help get one green ship out of a collapsing flank, that can be a game changer.
  11. "I need support!"

    I wondered that, too.
  12. "I need support!"

    There are times that message seriously vexes me - and I don't simply mean people spamming it. Had a match today in my Leander, where an Iron Duke kept specifically calling on me for support, right from the start until he died. I was willing to support him, but he refused to actually give me a clue as to what he had planned, and what kind of support he wanted, and I asked him at least 5 or 6 times. There were 4 cv's on teh map, and he and I were alone on the south end of the map. I stayed in position to spot and screen, slowed down enough to offer AA support and possibly smoke, but it was a wasted effort, in that the Duke kept steaming further and further from the rest of the team. Finally, I told him we needed to turn back (us vs 2 BB's and 3 CA's was a bad idea), but, alas, he kept steaming away, calling for support, until the CV's nuked him. Folks - in that kinda case, tell your team mate what your plan is, help him help you. I try to help all I can, but I need some idea of your plan. AND! Asking for support while you do something foolish is a bit much - if you want to yolo and brawl in your BB, don't expect me to follow. I'll give the Duke player this - at least he called for help well before he was in obvious trouble. Too many folks get salty because they scream for help and then rage when they die 10 seconds later. In most cases like that, only a detonation or 3 is going to save you, buddy.
  13. When I have a ship I can make play the Terminator music by timing my firing. And the sounds shells make as they pass by. I also get a kick out of the voice over that says "enemy battleship detected" when things are noisy, because sometimes it sounds like "enemy bullshirt detected".
  14. Actually, I don't see that trend, rather,I don't see it as a trend. When I check the end match rankings, ranks don't seem to matter. Plus, there are more than enough decent to good players that avoid ranked (like me) to throw it all off.
  15. Dude got lucky. It happens more often than you'd think - I've had many times where I've had torps fade just as they were about to hit me -enough that I don't get too upset when mine barely miss.