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  1. Nukelavee45

    Warship Jokes...

    I've quoted the Gingerbread Man as a dd before... My mother says teh gingerbread man is my spirit animal...
  2. I may think of my IJN ships as Kzinti... My buddy and I played teh hell out of that game.
  3. Speed is Life. - any Starfleet Battles captain - Yup. SFB definitely applies to this game...
  4. Nukelavee45

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    still working, ty
  5. Honestly, I'm just waiting for Tai to bring ethics into the topic.
  6. Wow. You missed 90% of what was going on there. -claps-
  7. Nukelavee45

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    Umm, generally they start as a tectonic plate pushing into another plate until one is forced up into ripples. Unless they start as a volcano. Nice work, tho.
  8. Nukelavee45

    are DDs OP?

    and that wasn't padding?
  9. Made no difference to me. Which is a statement many of us have made. Because these constant whine topics make forums boring and unrewarding to read.
  10. No, all you need, really, is an idea of what players will do. All else follows that. I'm not saying you don't need to understand mechanics, or have a certain amount of knowledge about ships. I cap in CL's, I khap in my Khab...
  11. Nukelavee45

    It's nice to be able to play JUST to play

    Welcome to how I've always played.
  12. Personally, I'm a bit tired of hearing about how bad it is that T8's face 10's, and are always bottom tiered... Because I seem to face a lot of T8's in my Leander, so.....
  13. Nukelavee45

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Because secondaries don't exist to shred DD's within visual range of a BB? That is the consequence. Plus teh risk of a BB having HE up, etc, etc... I mean, I sailed my Leander under 5k from a Kongo and a DoY, in succession, this morning. Took a bunch of secondary hits. Got away with most of my health. Kongo managed to dodge torps from me and a Myoko at that range.
  14. Nukelavee45

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    Or Star Fleet Battles...
  15. Nukelavee45

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    I'm doing that more, too, but not all ships with torps are torpboats.