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  1. I will admit, having to deal with that a few too many times has made me much more careful about torping. Made me think harder about if the risk of landing torp on a red is worth hitting a green. The argument "he had plenty of time to react!" ignores a common experience that should eliminate it as a self-serving excuse. We've all been hit by (red) torps. From ships, not planes. Even when you expect them, you often can't avoid them all. Nobody's torpedo beats are perfect. If simply seeing torps were all it took to dodge them, nobody would ever land them. And that when they come from a direction you are paying attention to.
  2. Honestly, I've probably let a fair number of greens die because I didn't want to deal with the fallout of hitting them myself. Here's the issue with the oft beaten horse example where somebody does a 180 back into the path of your torps - you screwed up. If your torp travel time is long enough, ie, the green was far enough forward to you, that they had time to 180 and cross back... you should have allowed for that. As other have pointed out, we can't read minds, we don't know when you are going to fire those torps. So, people (if they are half decent) have already figured out the optimal course to do what they need to do. they may well have thought ahead enough that turning was a choice the made minutes before. I mean, if going port means eating a friendly torp, but going starboard means ending up broadside at close range to a BB? Yeah, you go pink.
  3. It's a good idea, but not for the justification the OP uses. Sometimes, I get tunnel vision, and focus too much on the target in zoom view, and fire a torp, and then realize a friendly is in the way. My fault, but I'd still like to be able to warn the poor green ship.
  4. Nukelavee45

    Haragumo or Minotaur?

    I dunno - I feel like Leander and Fiji are just as effective as the Mino. Mind you, my favourite aspect of Mino is being able to single fire vast number of torps... disclaimer - I'm kinda sucky with Mino. I can have amazing games, but my experience is that you really need to pick your initial positioning well, and be super vigilant as to the flow of the match. Step wrong and BAM.
  5. Nukelavee45

    The Euro DD Line

    I found the early tiers a lot of fun with them.
  6. Nukelavee45

    Soshi T7 BB Looksee

    Soshi and the Banshees
  7. Nukelavee45

    Bump in non-clan player numbers

    I've never had a clan, although I get a fair number of invites. I'm not spending money to add a tag to my name. Don't need or want resource benefits - I have over a half billion credits, 1.5 mill free exp, about 70k coal... and no urge to spend them on anything. Like Somebody said, I want to log in, sink some ships, at my convenience. I chit chat a bit in port, that's it. I don't want to be trapped by a conversation or request simply because I share a clan. I like to play a match, leave my computer, do stuff, come back, play.
  8. Nukelavee45

    Crunch time - 1 million FXP reached (again!).

    I'm close to 1.5 million Fexp, and still don't have anything I want to use it on. Much like my pile of coal.
  9. Nukelavee45

    WOW, The children's game.

    Half the problem is that many of the players who see themselves as "thinking type" people, aren't.
  10. Nukelavee45

    WOW, The children's game.

    Yeah -you don't actually understand what BPD is. I truly doubt there is any software that identifies people with BPD, considering the sheer amount of variation in people with it. Aggression and antisocial behaviour aren't really core attributes of BPD. Don't assume a serious complex disorder when behaviour can be explained by simply saying "immature and obnoxious".
  11. Nukelavee45

    WOW, The children's game.

    BPD spectrum? Like, BPD refers to borderline personality disorder, so, I'm dying to know what you are referring to.
  12. Nukelavee45

    Karma - Something is busted, broken, wrong!

    Dying to know how playing a CV has anything to do with Borderline PErsonality Disorder.
  13. Nukelavee45

    Goodbye Denarmo

    Possible, but, at the same time - a large portion of the player base ignores CC content entirely. I mean, there are players like me who have never bothered to watch a stream, who never watch videos, who don't read most reviews...
  14. Nukelavee45

    Goodbye Denarmo

    He quit the game because he wasn't able to make money, and his feelings were hurt. He doesn't feel appreciated. You, on the other hand, are merely virtue signalling.
  15. Nukelavee45

    COOP is sooooo easy

    You know the Maori wiped out a related tribe, right? Committed their own little genocide? It was never only the white folks wiping out other groups.