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  1. Gotta keep an eye out for friendlies. Remember, some people will do what you think they won't, so you need to really consider a wider area to avoid sinking a green. I've become picky over the safety of torps, generally, and I still guess wrong regarding friendlies occasionally.
  2. Yeah, my hit percent with torps is a little low, but I almost always have torps in the water.
  3. Ok - use the torps on Kuma more. For it's tier, they're pretty good, and can boost your damage a lot.
  4. Nukelavee45 Plays a mix of destroyers and cruisers (very good) Deals an above average amount of damage Extremely often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Kuma
  5. A new day has dawned

    When I lived in Winnipeg, people tried to tell me Brandon was a city.... 30k pop doesn't count.
  6. A new day has dawned

    on the bright side, you have 2 actual cities in your province, poor Manitoba only has one. Winnipeg needs to change it's motto from "One great City" to "We're all you got"
  7. A new day has dawned

    I dunno -but I saw two low tier DD's pink themselves to death early in a match.
  8. Something that no longer causes complete strangers from across the continent to call a random Canadian at odd hours to ask the stuff they google now. The 90's were a crazy time, folks. -snicker- good plan, dude - I generally use most of my upvotes on newbs and lowlevel players, along with "verbal" compliments. And for incredibly super awesome plays by anybody. So far as planning - I don't. I generally load in about 10 seconds after start, which works for me. I check the rosters, build up speed, and base my plan upon experience and where the team(s) are heading and setting up.
  9. Consistency of game play

    Are you accusing me of false modesty? Cause I'm neither bragging nor faking humbleness - I'm a 54% OWR player, so, yeah, I can rip through newbs at low tiers, and can give some solid advice on the stuff I play. I don't mention my little bit of trying to help new players as a boast - if anything, I'm trying to get more decent players to help out, too. I'm not certain if only playing a couple ships counts as stat padding - I mean, if you only play ships that are known to be easy to do well in, or only T4 and under, yeah, you're padding and clubbing. But, I have, umm, 60 odd ships, t1-10, all types but CV's, including a few premiums, and I rarely play more than 4-5 in a day, and generally cycle through a few different groups every few months, but I never play all my ships in any given time period - I stick to my current favourites. Playing a variety of ships doesn't really impact you WR much if you maintain basic skills on them, playing solo is reported to make a bigger hit, but... my stats are for my own use, to gauge my improvement, or let me know I'm slacking and best pay more attention.
  10. Consistency of game play

    Personally, I see nothing wrong in your grinding the hekk out of a tier 5 premium in pursuit of your personal goal. I played teh heck out of my minekaze, and still do use it a lot. (Like, I've used it to train 2 19 pt captains...). At first it was getting a 19 pt captain, then it was aiming for a higher wr in it - think I'm stalled at around 56% in it. The nerf/split/removal of OWF combo kinda hurt it badly, for me, at first. I've since adjusted and am doing well in it again. Except my Kuma has become my most beloved ship, with the LEander coming close. Pushing 60% WR in those. I'm not a collector, I play solo randoms mostly, no interest in clans or ranked... so, for me, I set a goal I think I can achieve, that will still be a challenge, and that's what I do. I was the same in WoT, and WoW. The thing about the seal clubber labeling is that, in both WoT and WoWS, there is enough depth of experience in teh player base, and time served, lol, that many players in low to mid tiers are playing favourites, grinding new lines, switching things up, as well as trying to seal club, that... Well, many of the players seen when you play a tier 5 ship, are as at least as experienced as anybody who didn't start in Alpha or CBT. Plus, at tier 5 in a DD, you end up in tier7 games half the time, so, again, it's not truly seal clubbing in general. I play top tiers, 8-10, a lot, also - I've got a few t10 and 9's, and a few 7 and 8's I play regularly. to address the OP's plight - dude - 65% is mighty high on the ladder, to do it solo playing would be a hell of an accomplishment. I have a feeling mid60's and up, maybe even 60 and up, requires grouping in a division. Good luck, tho. Some us, when we do play low tiers, don't just decimate the reds, we try to give some pointers to newbs, some encouragement, etc.
  11. Penalties? Seriously?

    I might be able to arrange that, but you need to be prepared to change cities if I pull it off.
  12. Being pinned against an island against anything, in any ship, is asking for a paddlin. You might be right about the Indianapolis being crap, I haven't bothered with any US CA's myself.
  13. Who have you seen in game

    Cometguy in his CV... he got a Kraken, I got 3 kills. I think. Yesterday, had a solid game in my Kuma, Centarina in a Bogytar.
  14. Actually, no. Games are designed to be played certain ways to win. Some types of play will work, others won't -but, in the end, no game is equally fun to all people, and it's virtually impossible to create a game that is fun, lets players play anyway they want, and remain balanced no matter the variable.
  15. DD players - a question if I may.

    It's all situational, because it depends on the map, team comp, which dd I'm in, AND how the teams are positioning. If I can take B, I'll give it a shot. If the odds look like I'm going to die for no gain, I leave it. I'll do what I can to freeze or delay the enemy capping, but the days of yolo capping right off are done, for the most part. People have raised valid points - starting to cap just tells radar ships it's worth lighting it off, and B usually allows nasty crossfire.