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  1. HMS Glowworm. Well, not the best in some ways, but it and it's crew went down swinging. I knew a guy who survived having 3 corvettes sunk on him. Disclaimer -it may have been 2, and I'm misremembering it. He then went infantry, finished his career as a regimental sgt major
  2. Only because every other major industrial power got leveled during the war.
  3. No, you just had a few months to lose your calluses, so to speak.
  4. a newcomer question

    It's kind of an impossible question to answer, Gramps. there are a lot of reasons, from poor situational awareness, low skill, just goofing around... Instead, some advice for you - just because you don't see much, or get much, help, doesn't mean you should stop trying to help. A lack of teamwork means nobody is helping anybody - but, if you try to help, that IS teamwork, and you are improving things a little. So, if the team is losing on points,there's often no point to guarding the cap you do have, but by sinking ships, you can buy time to correct the point imbalance. That is, you gain points sinking a red, while they lose points for losing a ship. That might buy enough time to win. Always watch the mini-map, get an idea of how the battle is flowing, always be ready to get to where you can be more effective.
  5. "it's just a game"

    As a 50 year old. when did winning at a video game because so consuming? There's no money on the table, no permanent loss of anything - what are the stakes that are so important that not winning is worth being angry over? I'm good enough to win more than I lose, and, fun fact - I don't watch how to vids, I don't view ship reviews, I don't memorize stats. I like to win, but I play for teh pleasure of the game. Sure, people do stupid or selfish things in a match, but... that's life.
  6. The British Burn, UK DD nerf

    Kids in teh Hall was teh best...
  7. Team Killing and Why it's needed

    You have a point, you can tell a lot about most people from how they post. For example, people who try to imply being above petty behaviour and their innate maturity as a contrast of the simply boorish habits of people who disagree with them make me see a person like the character of Harold Lauder, in "The Stand". Now, I can't speak for others here, they likely have their own mental avatar that pops up when somebody tries to spin that stuff. Anyway - The game is what it is,and is played how it's played. If the flaws in the game play outweigh the pleasure of playing, quit. But this passive aggressive message to the people actually reading this makes you look like a pompous twerp. Do you think it matters whether you drop 15 bucks a month on premium, or buy a few ships, to WG? I know - "If enough players supported me...". There won't ever be that many. Ever. I can't count the number or near identical posts I've seen since this game was opened up, if none of those posts changed things, why do you think you matter? Fun Tip - You won't win every game. Some teams are going to make you rage, sometimes you'll be the trigger for somebody else's rage, because you didn't conform to their ideal of play. So, don't expect others to support your moves, either plan on the basis of being a solo factor, or support somebody else. Just back them up. Be the team player you demand, be the second fiddle, not top dog. It's amazing how often actual teamwork crystalizes around little things like that.
  8. I'm having lunch with her tomorrow.
  9. How to make Subs effective?

    Very likely, by most, you mean "Taichunger for certain, after that, some undefined number that may or may not be a majority, but is likely vastly smaller than the number who just don't care at all."
  10. How to make Subs effective?

    Except for those of us who come to play the game and don't hate CV's.
  11. Lightning depth charges

    Spigot mortars are the term for the launchers. Go Wiki "hedgehog mortar".
  12. What in the? Mutiny?

    Same. Happens to me occasionally, seems to be an issue where you start to type in chat, and the ui "freezes". stuck with the chat open, so you keys stop counting as controls... I generally hit escape, and back to game, seems to solve it.
  13. Still doesn't sell me on accepting Clan invites. No ships I want, no lines I'm grinding, 250million credits... By all means, if people want that stuff, join a Clan. Having a group of friends to chat with when playing canbe a lot of fun. Me, I burned out on the concept after 7 years of heading a WoW guild.
  14. Nice. It's amazing how many players seem to forget Khab has torps. I 've had higher damage games than that, I think, but those were fewer torps, and a whole lotta fires. Landed 4 from a single spread on the weekend, I think 6 is my highest in the Khab.
  15. Ignorance is bliss!

    Actually, many times they are hoping that by making accusations about something first, it will invalidate any critiques heading their way.