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  1. Catfaced

    What about Bel Rea and her monkey sidekick?
  2. Chya Roh called, he wants to know if he can borrow Morgaine's sword again.... Yeah, I quoted you just to post that, mostly because I'm part way into the series again.
  3. No, good is good, and like Huey Lewis said, sometime bad is bad. If you can't cook well enough to make a grilled cheese sandwich that's edible, you are a bad cook, even if you were the only person on the planet cooking. The 3rd greatest pitcher in the history of baseball is/was still an exceptional player, even if two others were better. Gretzky will always be the Great One, no matter who comes after.
  4. No. Even low skill players get a better reward in random than they do in coop. It's pretty much the same reward mechanic, just lower total. And your issue with the better players getting more credits/exp applies in exactly the same way to coop - the better players get most of the damage and skills, the lower skill players get the scraps. Most people realize being in randoms, where even being at the bottom, is likely to give more reward than even a fairly good coop one. And.. you don't seem to know what schizophrenic, or schizophrenia, actually mean. It has nothing to do with waffling on choices or multiple personalities.
  5. It's not irrelevant - you made a comment about improving for some players in PvP is impossible, I'm pointing out if that is your issue, sticking to coop is a promise of stagnation. In WoW, I was one of the few guild leaders with a raiding guild who refused to actually raid, because the rote nature of raids didn't help me improve my PvP game, and was dull. And, no, what you need for coop isn't different than what you need for randoms. It's the same skill set, but the low bar of the AI means you don't need to learn any more than what it takes to beat a bot. I can play a coop match using the skills I learned and use in PvP, and top the charts everytime - outplaying the pve only players is pretty much a promised result.
  6. No, that isn't what being a 48% player means. It doesn't mean 52% of the play base is above you. What the situation really is, is that most players sit at 50% or lower, and much smaller percentage of the player base are above that line. at a 53.5ish% WR, it isn't 47% of the players better than I, it's closer to, what, 10%? I'm certain somebody else can give the OP a better explanation how it works.
  7. Actually, if you stick to co-op modes, you will stagnate, and never improve. You might get some decent shooting skills in, learning to lead and so forth, but other wise you'll only perfect the basic skills needed to fight easily predictable bots.
  8. Exciting and engaging

    No. Because every shot you make, every hit you take, rng is there. Every time you get sunk, there have been, by your logic, arbitrary effects. Find something to quote from the terms of service agreements that promises you that you will never get one shot, and you have a case. Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke. Disliking the mechanic, being upset enough by it you want it removed - those are understandable reactions for some types of personality. Using insane troll logic to consider a game mechanic as denial of service, is irrational. Not only that, the game is free to play.
  9. Exciting and engaging

    No, it isn't close, they aren't similar things. A similar thing would be if one out of a hundred times you tried to load the game, it shut down for a few hours. You can get killed out of a match any number of ways, by your logic, all of those rob you of this alleged service. By your logic, allowing players to get sunk is a denial of service. The service provided is simply giving you the chance to play a ship until th ematch ends or you get killed. That's some insane troll logic you have, dude.
  10. Exciting and engaging

    Fine, I have no issues with detonation being a game mechanic. Most of my games played are DD's, ftr.
  11. Exciting and engaging

    Exactly - nobody ever mentions how many of their experienced detonations occurred when they were nearly dead anyways. A fair number of mine have happened when a half decent salvo or even single shell would have finished me.
  12. Exciting and engaging

    Terrible analogy. Here's a better one: Let's say you love to watch old episodes of a sitcom, like Big Bang Theory, but you've seen the Sheldon and Amy romantic getaway on a vintage train episode so often you have micro-strokes every time you see it. Let's say it shows up in rotation 1/100 times (I suspect it is far more often, honestly). Would you forever give up the hope of an amazing or fun episode simply because of that damn episode? Nope. Odds are you'd get up, take a leak, make a sandwich, grab a drink, and go back to see if the next episode suited your tastes better.
  13. If you let a DD get close enough to point blank torp you... you screwed up big. Or the DD did, but managed to make it pay off. Plus, tbh, the German CA/BB's with torps are ships even more likely to drop torps at close range in a brawl.
  14. RU DD Gunboats are Terrible

    Your weapon is your brain... The RU gunboats are all solid ships, and the Khab is amazing. They aren't ideal for capping in the average game, but if you pick your time and have a back-up plan, they can do it. Of all my DD's, the RU ones have the best shell arcs, once you know where the red DD's are, it's not hard to shred them. The upper tier DD's aren't really "rush the cap" types, because (yes, you are right on this point) of crappy concealment, and because they are so deadly that everybody wants to remove you asap. I prefer to wait until the reds are mostly spotted before I get aggressive, then it's a matter of popping in and out of about 9-14 km range, and raining down death. If you can catch BB's broadside, AP is pretty effective if you know where to drop your shells. Torps? Khab has, I think, 6km range on them - generally, if it's feasible to use them, I've screwed up and gotten too close to the target, BUT, because people tend to forget about RUDD torps, landing hits isn't that hard, and the 2x5 spread can be a horrible surprise for other DD's. Sure, some matches rng will starve you, but that's not really the average experience (neither are the games where I light 10-15 fires).
  15. You want skill based MM, and you aren't going to get it, and if you did get it, you'd still whine. there will always be skill imbalance, going to skill based MM, because you still wouldn't be able to exactly match players. The truth is, when many people say they want totally even matches... they mean a bit more even for them, because I don't think anybody really wants to be in a constant win one, lose one cycle, stuck at ~50%.