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  1. Yeah, I played my Udaloi again after months not playing it, and found myself trying to figure out when each rack had priority.
  2. That's it for me. I accept some damage, but I might want that smoke later. Plus, I'm not comfy sitting in smoke - blind shots connect way too much for probability to predict. I prefer to keep moving over relying on cover like that. Also- it's possible for some of these to decide to risk your planes, and then, at teh worst moment, he sees he has 6 ships pointing guns at him. That's smokeworthy. That's the oh crap event I wanted a smoke for! Variations on that situation.
  3. Nukelavee45

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    You need to understand teh difference between concealment, and detect range (which affects concealment). Every ship has a distance/range at which, unless you fire, or catch on fire, nobody can see you. This applies to BB's as well. Most destroyers have short weapon ranges, they have to get closer than a BB does to use their weapons at all. Also - for the record, every class deals with your issue, even DDs. Some higher tier BB's are remarkably stealthy, lol. What you need to remember is, if you can't see them, they are trying to hide to set up an attack - that's their thing. mostly. It kinda changes at higher tiers, as was earlier said.
  4. Not American, lol. Btw, the comment was meant as a compliment. sorta kinda.
  5. Y'know -sometimes you strike me as a bit arrogant, but I do tend to respect what you say (especially when you are going on about your specialty/profession). I fully agree with your above statement, btw.
  6. Any TX BB or CA firing at my Khaba from more than 15k out. Literally any ship whose gun range exceeds that of its target can avoid any danger by keeping to a range further than the enemy can return fire at. "But - they can be hit by other ships while that is going..." Yawn. Sure, they can, but we've all experienced matches where we saw, or were involved in, fights with only two ships, and one was outranged. Yes, there are ships that this covers that have longer ranges, but crap accuracy, who shouldn't do it, but... It does happen, and for many scenarios, it's a good tactic. I've given you an iron clad example. It was that alpha strike ability that caused the anti-cv cries, as much as anything. Mind you, as a CV target, not a CV player - my two big issues with the old-style CV strikes was TB: dropping perfect combs of torps, often with multiple squads from multiple vectors, was TOO big a strike most of the time. Instant deletion for the target most times. DB's were less an issue, except that the limitations of the game engine mean that a target can't look straight up over their ship, making the experience seem more worse (can I even say that) for the target. That is, for me - if I could have looked up to see where the DBs were, so I knew when to dodge, I'd have been happy. As it was, I felt I had no real response to DBs, that it was just luck as to whether my response made a difference. As much as I enjoy shooting down lots of planes now (and I do. I really do. I like the sounds of the AA, teh crashing planes, the plumes of smoke and fire...), I find myself dodging torps like I used to, and then when I do get hit I'm like "Hunh. That didn't hurt much, why was I so stressed?". But that's for single/double drops. Drops like the Midway's (6 torps, I believe) still feel excessive (note, I said feel, not are. But "feels" is how most players judge this game, not by actual facts). Now, if I were making the dev's choices, what I would do is, starting with the low tier CV's... Well, not too much for them. Not the Langley and Hosho - they seem to work ok. Most ships at T3-5 don't have much AA, and are kinda fragile, CV's seem fairly ok in those battles. But - as you go up - I'd tweak the planes health up or down a bit, aiming to give CV's a decent chance for 2 solid drops. I'd give the torps about 2/3 a ships torp warhead. And so on. But I'd test teh hell out of the tweaks, on a case by case basis, before I went live.
  7. Nukelavee45

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    Kuma kuma kuma kumaleon.... I need red gold and green camo, stat!
  8. Humble shells are most accurate. It is known.
  9. Nukelavee45

    Definition of irony

    My irony for teh week was killing a Shima with torps from my Khab in a cap fight.
  10. Nukelavee45

    Stupid Idea Thread

    To help improve torpedo hit rates - MIRV torps.
  11. Nukelavee45

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    Quit saying "we". You don't speak for me. And, I'm a destroyer main.
  12. They could wipe out all my unconverted xp on my ships, and I'd never notice. A million fxp , 3.5 million elite for captains - they've yet to offer any ships I care about. All my currencies pile up because of that. On the other hand - I convert any currency I can for premium time, just because.
  13. Nukelavee45

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    It really doesn't. And, sorry, dude - there aren't 8 billion people moving to your country. You realize places like Canada get the same types of people immigrating you do, right?
  14. Nukelavee45

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    And you should realize that your southeast's culture doesn't over ride the rest of the English speaking world. That, I suppose, is one of those niggling details you need to deal with. Not everything connects to your country's screw ups and race crimes, dude.
  15. Nukelavee45

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    Holy crap. You realize you actually fully agree with my point about there being players that make others bad by calling them seal clubbers, right? Like, you grasp that my point WAS part of the community shames others into not playing low tiers, right?