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  1. Still, I think we can all admit that RCN ships would be popular with seal clubbers... Yeah, this Canuck went there.
  2. Nukelavee45

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    When he hasn't asked for it. He's pointing out a mistake others make, and he's actually right. Too many BB's and cruisers end up in a tight little cluster, giving map control entirely to the other team - this tends to create a loss UNLESS the ships out of combat make their move in time. Often, they wait too long, and are flanked and destroyed before they can act as teh game saving cavalry. The point you are all ignoring is that he is discussing matches where the "experienced" strategy doesn't work. OP - the issue is that , yes, it's a viable tactic, but with the usual lack of communication in a random battle, you have no idea what they are doing. Plus, cowardice isn't a factor in a game like this, because there is no real threat or fear to an actual person. Part of the problem is that those clusters are likely far bigger than needed, because some players simply follow the other ships, lemming train style. Assuming the ships out front accomplish enough, and the sheltered ships move the right way at teh right time, it makes sense. The issue is if you give up too much of the map, or stack behind the islands too heavily for too long. Boom. Addressed the guys post, explained the meta, did it without the "you're new, and don't understand the nuances of this game".
  3. Nukelavee45

    French Flakes are gone?

    Again, not concerned. As in, I've maxed both IJN DD lines and both Russian ones, as well as USN. I play my Khab, ignore my Shima and Huru, have yet to touch the, um, Benson? Got a Hindy and Zao, can't be bothered to play them. I ignore CV and BB lines.... I like playing my, say, 10 favourites. I enjoy the game enough to run a premium account, to keep the game afloat. But honestly, Kuma, Minekaza, Leander, Fiji, and Khab, and sometimes Mino are all I play.
  4. Nukelavee45

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    It's not about learning the game better, in this instance. The OP has a point, higher tier games do seem to have a large proportion where teh BBs and CA's set to to ovewatch a narrow segment of the map. Yes, sometimes acting as a reserve wins, but the OP is discussing when it fails, usually because the ships are out of play too long. It's akin to the BB's that go the long way around the map, past teh unthreatened cap you already have, behind the islands, only to get into actual combat when the rest of the team is gone. Also, when your reply to a post like th OP's is "here's how to get better", its a bit patronizing. island camping is like lemming training or running the gap on Two Brothers: sure, it works, except when it doesn't.
  5. Nukelavee45

    French Flakes are gone?

    Not certain how your point relates to my post. Actually, my statement is pretty much the opposite of yours - these things do nothing to effect my playing. Which may make me an outlier, but there has yet to be a coal/steel/FXP ship offered I cared to work for.
  6. Nukelavee45

    French Flakes are gone?

    Don't think I bothered getting more than maybe 8 ships worth of flakes done, out of 77 ships.
  7. If it comes down to ship over skill, that is, it's this ship or die.... you've got a bigger issue. I will admit, the fact these modes come down to who fields the most FOTM units is the reason I ignore them.
  8. It's still optional. Unless those modes are intended to be nothing but teams of identical ships, it's optional.
  9. Nukelavee45

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    "they" is perfectly correct for refering to a singular person, as in "They got me a drink". We are all they. Grammar much?
  10. Nukelavee45


    Except, it wasn't. His post was a self indulgent whine. I'm an older player, old enough to be a grandfather myself - if the dude want's to play the poor old me card, I'll play it back. All I did was match his tone, and reverse the stance. Son.
  11. Nukelavee45


    Some of us are in our 50's, and still as nimble as ever. We have no personal connection to any of the navies or ships in the game. Yet, still, we understand that naval battles of the era featured a variety of ship types and aircraft. We don't like the BB's with their big slow guns, we love DD's and the sneaky rare pay off torpedoes. Some of us don't really see how subs will work, but we don't much care about them adding subs or paper ships. Even cv's don't bother many of us older folks. What does bother a few of us older folks is the other older folks who whine like a four year old over everything. Dude - you want what you want, and screw the other guys. Did I do that right, gramps?
  12. I think you should get to upload a custom soundclip for your horn as a reward.
  13. Nukelavee45

    USS Arky B and a AA compromise

    Dude. Simply giving up on saying "no AA' and allowing it to have a fighter is, indeed, a compromise. You give up your principled stand, it gets a fighter, he stops using the term AA. We both know compromise can exist without both sides giving in a bit. Like, the torpedo compromised the integrity of my Ark's hull. I mean, those fighters aren't a form of artillery or gun, they are a weapons platform, so, semantic for all to argue over.
  14. Nukelavee45

    Put Epicenter on...

    The Shards map. For maximum fun. Or misery; I'm not sure which. The idea occurred to me on Tears during Epicenter, wondering how I could possible hate a mode/map combo more. But, on the other hand, I can see a certain attraction to the concept, or, at least an attraction to how the meta for that map/mode would play out. I have a feeling it would make for very tense matches. -disclaimer: Not an entirely serious idea, folks.
  15. You have no idea how fast some people can read or react to things on the screen. Plus, and this might be hard for you to grasp - sometimes, chat contains useful info on said battle. Again, some people can sift a lot of text for the useful data. Personally - if you can't check chat every so often, you tunnel vision far to much.