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  1. I think most players don't play them, tbh. I think I've played a dozen co-op matches, and no ops, ever.
  2. Confirmation bias. I mean, I have a 54% WR, playing solo. so MM isn't squashing me. Also -we were in a match yesterday, that was terrible, lol. You were in Goliath, I was a Khab.
  3. Oh, so only you get to characterize and demonize the other side?
  4. Why would pvp players care how smart bots are? We don't play pve, where they are. I've never played an OP. The whining that comes from guys like you is hilarious.
  5. Never played an operation, therefore, don't care.
  6. the guy who dies near the end of a match, looks up, and complains because he thinks you have been out of position all game. Instead, you got a couple kills, capped, and had to fall back to reposition. But, no, he insists you were hiding all game. The BB's who rage because you aren't between them and the enemy. While they are in secondary brawling range. Dude, if there is only 10k between you and those red BB's... a DD between you and the reds is going to get blapped.
  7. Still the way I tend to play.
  8. Nukelavee45

    Asking for Help, Friendship

    Yup, teh OP is a toxic ban waiting to happen.
  9. Nukelavee45

    Free Captain Respec isn't enough...

    I just use my elite exp to pay off the ship swap cost.
  10. Nukelavee45

    Cannot access armory now

    I can't even get the game running this morning.
  11. Nukelavee45

    Your favorite midtier ship?

    Leander and Fiji.
  12. Kuma is at 61% after, umm, thousands of games. Mino is about 41 %. I feel bad even trying to play it.
  13. Nukelavee45

    So this is a gender question

    Wait - you complain about lack of female representation, because you want a hot smexy captain? you're aware of the stupid double standard you just claimed, right?
  14. Think it was teh new German cruiser. I was sailing along in the opening minutes, and I'm like "Hey, it's Lord Zath".... and then, BOOM.
  15. How about the game last week where you nuked me testing a new CA? Yeah, I know it was you...