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  1. Requirements - Own at least a Tier V or higher ship - Be social in Discord (actively participate in both ENDB channel and the Haifuri server at least once every two weeks) Participate in at least one ENDB Clan Event per month (this includes Skrimishes, Clan Wars, Operations, etc.) Participate in at least one Haifuri Server Event per month (this includes Sync-Divisions, Historical Battles, Operations, etc.) Attend Monthy Haifuri Community Meetings (if there are scheduling conflicts, be sure to let MilonRouge know in advance) Join us in our discord https://discord.gg/q9J2V6V!
  2. Haifuri Community is always looking for weebs like you!  https://discord.gg/q9J2V6V  Feel free to join us on our discord as we're pretty much the weeb among the weebs!

  3. **pokes** Cause I see you so often in Ranked lol
  4. Updated the member list so that it's actually updated
  5. We have multiple clans that are doing it as well, pm sent.
  6. Looking for a Clan

    Sent PM
  7. Mea Culpa

    @LertI was like, "who was behind me? and then suddenly I was like, Lert? Is that THE Lert in the forums? Anyways don't worry I've done it a few times myself, so it's no big deal, my division mate that was with me, was like "dood he shot you" and I was basically wondering to myself, Is that Lert?"