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  1. @LertI was like, "who was behind me? and then suddenly I was like, Lert? Is that THE Lert in the forums? Anyways don't worry I've done it a few times myself, so it's no big deal, my division mate that was with me, was like "dood he shot you" and I was basically wondering to myself, Is that Lert?"
  2. This is legit cancer.. get it!
  3. When in doubt, say it anyways, and also.. like to see Yamato's reaction lol.. And.. yes, you heard me.. she's a floating hotel.. with fine cuisine, fine rooms.. spending her days going port to port picking up food and supplies and escorting dignitaries and cruising.. yup, she's a hotel with a 5-star rating lol. #shotsfired
  4. you know what? I'll just say it, cause I'll say it anyways, Yamato is a fricken Hotel! YOU HEARD ME! #BannedfromFOG #shotsfired
  5. Can I say that I really want to murder Isokaze? Cause I've been doing this [edited] event for the past 13 days and I still can't get her?
  6. That's too bad, honestly, the fact that you can't run it, I would mostly be raging right about now if I had that happen to me since I looked forward to playing this game for a very long time. Ah well, at least I can play it now so I don't have to rage about it too much lol.
  7. Congratulations! I got in myself too! And played it all day lol.
  8. Hopefully I can get on as well.. Good luck everyone!
  9. Dammit too late, when I saw that.. yeah made me really hungry and wanted to eat whatever that was lol.
  10. Anyone here watched Kantai Collection Episode 8 yet? Yamato!
  11. Welcome to the forums poi! Hope to see you in the Beta... whenver I can join in! poi!
  12. Well, I watched the Anime of Blue Arpeggio, and I was pretty psyched about the anime.. then went on to read the manga(mostly due to a friend who kept pestering me to read it), which I found to be made more sense than the anime which hap-hazardly rushed to death at the end of the season (not going to spoil anything for those who haven't watch the series.) Kantai Collection the game is mostly a hit or miss on me... mostly due to the fact that I have this unlucky streak of not winning the lottery at the entrance lol. poi~ I heard about that from iChase (I know he posts around here) and yes I found his channel here, whom I found to be very informative, and cannot wait to try my hand on getting in! Hopefully the Shiratsuyu Class Destroyers gets added eventually so that I can keep saying poi whenever I shoot lol poi!
  13. Thank you Thank you all! Hope to join all of you guys in the seas of World of Warships! poi~
  14. Hello! I am Yuudachi_Poi formely known as Cyralline228! I've been mostly lurking in the forums around here but begun posting cause I, like everyone else, is anticipating this games release to the point where I've been watching Kantai Collection over and over and over again and torturing my poor clanmates who has to put up with the constant pois that plague the clan lol (doesn't help when everyone else joins in lol). Anyways, hope to try and at least contribute to this game and when it does eventually get released, I'll be there to say "poi' everytime I shoot lol.