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  1. Ok, you did not make that clear in the original post. Whatever floats your boat!
  2. jmanII

    How do you usally get premium ships for free?

    Coal, Steel, FXP, Event Completion (ie: dockyard for Graf Spee). You still have to pay cash for Christmas crates over the limited ones WG gives you, so technically they are not for free.
  3. Wasn't the duplicates in the CAP event a 1 for 1 swap for ones you did not have? I remember the event was easy to finish because of this.
  4. They can do it in both.
  5. jmanII

    Coupons v Price

    I got her for $21.57 in July of 2018. There were one day sales for certain ships....I couldn't pass it up. Guess "a long time" is a relative term.
  6. Dockyard Directive missions - spotting, secondary hits and the like. Everyone rushing to complete them.
  7. jmanII

    I got Enterprise today!

    The Trumpeters are great kits. I did the Hornet a few years ago - converted it to CV 6 ENTERPRISE. Goes well with my Indianapolis, San Francisco, Benson, North Carolina (converted to Washington) and Texas. I really want the Saratoga with her 8" guns.
  8. jmanII

    Acquiring Nevsky

    Three options to open Nevsky for purchase: 1. Purchase Donskoi again and grind out 240k XP (if you don't already have it on Donskoi). 2. Spend 240k FXP 3. Combination of the 2 above equaling 240k XP. It can be done now, Nevsky came out in 0.9.5 Remember that not only do you have to have 240k XP in some way, but also have the credits to purchase her.
  9. jmanII

    Old CV Gameplay

    Don't we all. Many have brought this up in the past, to no avail.
  10. jmanII

    How is Al Nevsky?

    I suppose you are correct, but then again I don't even make it to 10km in the Zao or Venezia without being blown out of the water, but yet I do with Nevsky on a consistent basis.
  11. jmanII

    How is Al Nevsky?

    I love it....having said that, it will most likely get hit with the nerf bat. When you: 1. Can start consistent fires from 19+km 2. Citadel Montanas with your AP 3. Have 12km radar 4. Have Torps Russian "balancing" at its best.
  12. 1. Do your research before you spend any money or start down a Ship line 2. Read what WG posts on at least 3 different sites: WOWs Homepage: https://worldofwarships.com/ WOWs Wiki: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships Developers Blog: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/ 3. Use the WOWs forums to ask questions - the search function is good here, the question you have is most likely already been answered. 4. Join a non-competitive clan ASAP - learn from them.
  13. jmanII

    Request good DD players

    Do you really expect anything else when there is Dockyard going on and 2 of the missions are: 1. Over any number of battles, earn 12 spotted ribbons. 8. EITHER a) In destroyers of Europe or Pan-Asia, earn 350,000 spotting damage OR b) In destroyers of the UK or France, get 1,600 main battery hit ribbons. On top of that, add in it is the weekend (more players) and everyone is trying to get the missions finished before the next drops on Monday.
  14. Enjoyed Hawkins, Devonshire, Drake and Goliath. Surrey is really handicapped by the short gun range and speed. Abemarle is just run of the mill - would rather play Baltimore or Charles Martel - don't have Tallinn yet, perhaps her too.
  15. jmanII

    US Army day tomorrow - WGNA anything?

    Not saying they don't - but it really does not make sense to give army stuff in a Navy based game....not saying I don't respect my fellow army vets - they are our helpers after all. If you mean the TFK star with crossed rifles, I don't recognize it - I speak USN