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  1. jmanII

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    Still got it, used on every ship. The only other is the Alpha tester flag that gives bonuses. It is the reason I completed every mission offered to unlock 2 flags.
  2. It is also the reason why I have not played even one game in this mode.
  3. jmanII

    How many bundles did you open?

    Zero - not interested in Genova. Already have a premium Italian that I don't play (Duca D'Aosta). Just keeping it so I don't get it again in the Santa Crates. Now I did complete mission tasks - got Zara in second crate from those. Rest of my tokens went to perm camo for Zara and Amalfi.
  4. Had to think about this one for a while, came up with about 20 that I liked. 1. Thunderer - shells that actually go where you want them, AP and HE worth something, devstriking Yamatos. Not a brawler but hella fun anyways. 2. Bismarck - nothing better for me when you need to complete secondary hit missions. 3. Flint - have Atlanta but it with smoke and 10km torps (I will gladly give up radar and 2 barrels per side) - yes please! Love 200+ MB hits a match with multiple fires and citadels. 4. Cossack - Lightning with speed boost, less torps (but better reload) more guns and add that I got it for $1.00. Really the first DD that I could actually stand - since has expanded to Lightning, Fletcher, Gearing and Daring. 5. Yorck - Love to play operations and had a hard time choosing this slot between her and Pensacola. Have a feeling that these 2 may be kicked when British CAs come out.
  5. jmanII

    Thoughts on the Zara

    Well...looking at the Italian legendary commander he has 75% reduction for expert loader. Take him and a possible buff of 3-4 sec to gun reload we are in business!
  6. jmanII

    Thoughts on the Zara

    Totally agree. Finished the mission for her last night. Would add that SAP is actually pretty good with her and the 203s on DDs and BBs.
  7. jmanII

    Thoughts on the Zara

    Got the Zara mission a couple of nights ago (first line Italian for me). Thanks for the review, kind of know what to expect now. Really waiting on Brit CA line for these operations. Surrey may replace Yorck and Devonshire for Pensacola in my lineup. Bit concerned about Main battery range however on both.
  8. jmanII

    SAP characteristics...

    Thank god I got my first Italian cruiser last night - Zara. Can skip all the Bravo Sierra below Tier VII.
  9. jmanII

    Alabama still good?

    Thank you for mentioning this. I missed the announcement in devblog. Finally after about 3 years, a reason (other than snowflake style missions) to play these 9 ARP ships!
  10. jmanII

    Coal ship - which one?

    Yep, and they also stated that subs will not be in the game.
  11. jmanII

    Coal ship - which one?

    From what I have seen in battles, it is not good enough for me considering the gameplay type.
  12. jmanII

    Coal ship - which one?

    First of all, I am anti Smolensk. Not because of the stupid fast fire rate but because every other russian cruiser has horrid maneuverability (smelly is probably the same) and I dont have a CO above 10pt to put in it. I am also anti Yoshi. I have Zao and feel that Yoshi only has torp range to differentiate it. Not a good coal investment for me. Having said that, I own the Georgia and Thunderer. They are both great but play almost as polar opposites. GA with great secondaries, speed to match DDs and a pretty good heal. It can brawl. Thunderer with great accuracy, equally good HE and AP but not great armor without superheal. Premier BB sniper, cant brawl. Judging from your second post I would go Georgia to support your US line, unless you just want a Tier X.
  13. jmanII

    No scenerio for 8.9, come on WG

    It should not be, but that is why I put WAS.
  14. jmanII

    Line reset question.

    Yea, did not take the f out of fxp. Personally, grinding a line 2x is enough for me. More power to you if you want to do it 3+. Not me.
  15. jmanII

    Iowa.... please send help

    Duck is getting to the root of the shooting problem. Iowa and Montana shells have different flight characteristics than North Carolina and Colorado. I usually use 1:1 flight time to lead up to 30 kts if target is at max speed. Above and below that us going to take some practice.