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  1. They are all great movies. My fav has to be "In Harms Way". Great actors (John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Burgess Meredith, Carol O'Conner...the list goes on and on). Wish you included another Douglas flick - "The Final Countdown". Japanese A6M-2 Zeros vs. F-14 Tomcats - classic!!!!
  2. The "vanilla" Texas actually has her 1944 camo - MS 31a. It has no disadvantage over the Stars and Stripes as far as I know. Will not be getting any further camo for her, "vanilla" is good enough. For $14.32, it is a hell of a bargain for that ship. Texas has her advantages, especially in Operations when you need AA support - unless you bring a Cleaver.
  3. Sorry I won't play with this canadian. - A Texan
  4. I am proud to say....NO
  5. Not to mention Bryan Adams To paraphrase South Park: "The Canadian government has apologized for Bryan Adams on many occasions."
  6. As much as it pains me, I can not see paying $60 for an Aircraft Carrier. I love ENTERPRISE but have never played, nor will I ever, play carriers. I had hope if the ENTERPRISE was going to be good, it would change my mind about Carriers. Oh Well... Saving the money for DB purchase. Converting to FXP sounds pretty good right now down the British BB line upon release.
  7. Now what's this all ABOUT again?
  8. I couldn't resist, I love Canada too, but reminded me of this scene.
  9. ENGLAND (DE-635) - sank 6 subs in 12 days BARB (SS-220) - 96,628 tons sunk, 17 ships including a carrier. Landing party blew up a train - only land operation on Jap home island. Fletcher class DD's Off the top of my head anyways
  10. 100% agree not to get one until you learn the game and know your playstyle - then judge if the ship will be to your liking. I will say that the Atlanta has been great in missions - when you need to set fires or score a number of citadels. She can dish it out at close range to anything less than a BB, but can't (I REPEAT CAN NOT) take damage.
  11. What causes the Kongo, Fuso and Amagi to spawn? I saw this for the first time last night and we got annihilated, it was a good team also. Very rarely have I been on a full potato team, but it has happened.
  12. Shoot me if you want, but I liked the staggered bundles. If someone was new coming into the game, it gave them a chance to drop $100 and get a tier 7 and eventually a 8 battleship plus a whole lot of loot that was worth well over $100. I saw many people purchasing the $100 - even those that were staunchly against the staggered bundles. The bundles were WELL worth the deal. Patience is a virtue I guess. I used a variety of ships and completed the missions well before time. Bought the $50 package - needed gold anyway and the 6pt CO will do well for the British BB line - and still had enough time to complete all the Hood specific missions (although life got in the way and I ultimately did not complete them). I can hear it now about 3-4 months from now (like the Arizona) "Damn, I wish I bought the Hood".
  13. Nurnberg - Loved the Konigsberg, thought the Nurnberg was going to be more of the same - nope, tier VI is too much for that design Konig - ugh...the 11" guns are HORRID, bounces and shatters galore. Thank god for the Bayern, could be the best brawler tier for tier in the game when upgraded! British Cruisers tier I-V - Line only saved by the Leander, great ship - even better with Fiji and Edinburgh. Nagato - I know most people love it, but after the Kongo and Fuso performance I am disappointed - so much I loathe to play it - a TRUE grind for me. Pensacola and Indianapolis - want to say glass cannons, but there is not much cannon there for most of the ships it will be facing. Sold the Pennancecola as soon as I got the New Orleans (which is MUCH better after the ROF buff). Still holding out hope for buffs to the Indy.
  14. Could it be possible to combined CA 30 and CL 81 into one Naval Legends? Both ships deserve to have something mentioned about them. I am not sure about the idea of having another premium treaty CA (Essentially Pensacola and Indianapolis) in the game.
  15. I love my Warspite, I have re-discovered her along with the turret speed buff. Good thing too, I don't have enough to make it past the Queen Elizabeth in the new RN BB line coming out. She has been a decent ship for training CO's, now I have 2 with Hood so as not to get bored as fast. Too bad I can not count Warspite XP towards the line unless I convert for gold.