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  1. Pick me, pick me - I want in!!!! Oh....wait a min
  2. jmanII

    New Ship 12/7?

    One can only hope so....would have made more sense to release West Virginia 41 tomorrow and perhaps Wichita earlier.
  3. Already one - today only - in WOT. It carries over to ships.
  4. jmanII

    Spoiler Alert! Coal

    Yep, you are correct. Apologies
  5. jmanII

    Spoiler Alert! Coal

    Dont you get clan coal for each crate opened, no matter what is in it?
  6. As a longer term solution for the game - I do believe that a way to integrate missiles into the game needs to be explored....not at the current tiers that are included in game, but in another game mode. The only way to support what would essentially be another game this is to have a global server pooling all players into one. This is far from perfect, but gives you the general idea: For instance - You would have an option of playing in one era (of 3, 4, 5 ...or how many ever they are broken into) when you launch the game. This is the reason for a global server - more players to fill each era depending on their preferences. Era 1 - The current iteration of the game lets call something like "The World Wars Era" (1918-1955). This era would be focused on guns/torps like it is now. Era 2 - The next iteration could be the missile era (1955-present). Focused on missile platforms, new lines - re-setting the baseline (something like the Baltimore Class Missile Cruiser conversions would be a low tier). This would open many more ships lines and premiums to explore while the "World Wars Era" ships would not be at a disadvantage having to face missile armed ships. When the playerbase is large enough, perhaps explore Colonial Era (sailing ships), Ironclad era (US Civil War timeframe) and Modern Surface Combat. Would it work...maybe or maybe not - it would require many more players to have player base to support even 2 separate modes such as this.....but a global server may be the gateway to something like this.
  7. jmanII

    Funny little addition to the game

    Game based in 1920's thru about 1950 - and Greenpeace did not start until 1971. Yet another reason for "Please God, NO!"
  8. jmanII

    Krohstadt or Alaska?

    I can't really answer this question until the currency and amount is announced for Alaska - however.... I am heavily leaning towards Alaska if I have to choose one. 1. Alaska will have better AA than Khron - with the Carrier rework in full swing, I see the proliferation of CV's in game to go way up. It is for this reason that I also am hesitant on getting Musashi. 2. Both can conceivably be played effectively with both BB and Cruiser captains. The US line is the only one capable of doing this (and I have many US 15+ pt CO). 3. From a historical perspective - Alaska did exist. 4. I am biased against Russian ships, although I do not shun them out entirely - I am almost at Moskva but can't stand the turning radius or rudder shifts. 5. Khron has not made a good impression on me in battles....bow tanked 2 of them with my Buffalo....sank them both. I would like to have both - I have switched to "Try your luck" containers in the vain hope of getting Khron. If by some miracle the Alaska is available via coal - I will have both as stores are now at 970K FXP (with another 7K DB waiting for conversion special) and 180K coal. In addition santa crates are coming up, they will be my present to myself, hopefully Khron will be eligible for them. Whichever way you choose - hope it works out for you.
  9. jmanII

    Flags with Bonuses

    Only three that I know of: Alpha Tester Military Month Contributor Higher ranking flags during Ranked Battles - but these are taken away after each Ranked season. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flags There was also one for King of the Sea - but only on EU server.
  10. Beginning to think along the same lines - especially after the latest changes to Alaska (covered by Zoup). Almost at mil FXP and at 180k coal - I can see 750k FXP, but upwards of mil for Alaska? No thanks, better spent down reg tech tree lines.
  11. jmanII

    North Cape Flag ?? Am I remembering this wrong?

  12. jmanII

    Decmber missions and Dreadnought

    Is the dread really that much better than Bellephron? Don't get me wrong, I want it because of historical significance, but are we really missing out on much if we dont get it?
  13. jmanII

    Most luxurious warship you have been on

    Was on the follow on hull DD 997 HAYLER. The frankenspruance - had parts from sprucans, OHP and prototypes for burke.
  14. jmanII

    Most luxurious warship you have been on

    They were transferred to Taiwan in the early 2000's. I can confirm they did have extended AC units for ops in the gulf.
  15. jmanII

    New Code

    1. Thanks for the notice 2. Any chance for Brit DD collection items in here? Only 4 away from completing.