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  1. Can't decide between Gneisenau and KGV - guess I will have to keep both of them. To say the least, Colorado and Nagato are history. Monarch would not be so bad if the vertical dispersion were tighter. Aiming for the waterline (or hull really) is useless as 1/2 to 3/4 of your shells are going into the drink. Once I open Lion, Monarch is history - I like Alabama, North Carolina, Bismarck and Amagi much better. Vanguard I fear is going to be a mix of Hood and Monarch. Not what I call a great combo. We shall see. Come on Lion!!!!
  2. I have only played the KGV and Monarch at this point - a couple things I have noticed (for my playstyle) 1. If I play them both like I have Atlanta's armament, they are fine. It requires HE primary at long range and when adversaries are angled. When broadside within 12km, only then is AP preferred. 2. You need at least 14 point captain for MON and it would not hurt for KGV. Concealment and IFHE for KGV, AFT for MON. That is until IFHE is nerfed. MON needs both the Aim Systems Mod 1 and AFT to compensate for dispersion at close range and AA. I ran with AA mod 2 for a while, but the dispersion is just too great - AFT can do the same thing. Of course if you really hate Aircraft, then go for both. 3. MON guns seem to have a very wide vertical dispersion at ranges closer than 10km. They get tighter between 10 and 18km. 4. Expert Loader and Expert Marksman is more crucial for these ships than most any other - it would be awesome if I could change Steven Seagal to British (turret traverse and exp loader perks). Overall - I can not wait to get to Lion. At this point I am keeping KGV (better that COL, perhaps on par with Gneis) and getting rid of MON (perhaps the worst VIII BB, but still playable). Argue or not, this is for me - hopefully it helps you out.
  3. This was my absolute worst nightmare when standing OOD/CONN on my Destroyers. I can't imagine how the watch personnel feel onboard McCain and Fitzgerald. Pretty much automatically 5-10 personnel are going to lose their jobs and probably go to Courts Martial on each ship - not to mention how the bluejackets families feel losing their son, father or spouse. Losing 3 personnel in a Helo accident was bad enough for our ships company. I have to believe that this is a combination of a couple of factors - Optempo, training and fatigue/lack of sleep. We were always put down when we complained we were tired, perhaps we are seeing the effects now.
  4. Get Freddy, Hipper, Amagi and Algerie fully upgraded. Grind the British BB line to Lion (starting at Monarch upon release), find a way to make KGV work for me. Build coin back to 60 mil Grind to Myoko via Operations.
  5. In Northwest Houston, this is absolutely CRAZY!!!!! - and It is not over. Within 1-2 miles of tornados yesterday, constant tornado and flash flood warnings today. Areas I go to every day under 10ft of water. Walked to watershed that is a 20ft deep hole most of the time, now almost at its banks. Wish I could help those on the East side of Houston, but no road is passable and no fuel/groceries available pretty much anywhere. Sounds selfish when I say it, but must take care of family first - its all I can do at this point!
  6. Totally agree - believe that WG did not have a problem with what he said, it was how he decided to say it. He even said in the video that he had to restart it multiple times because he was so upset about GZ. Should have restarted the recording at least one more time bud! I unsubscribed immediately from his channel.
  7. Did not have this problem in the higher tiers (8+).
  8. How about "RIP Nutty Professor"
  9. Wasn't "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" a Don Knotts movie?
  10. Ummm.... NO I have never taken FP, have never had any problem with it (US BB line). I will be considering it on the Kurfurst however in place of concealment. I almost always put out the fires when they get to 3. If they start a 4th, I was going to die anyway VERY soon from 3 as the consumables were on cool-down. To me, AFT and concealment are more valuable. I will take my chances with Premium DC consumable and heal to combat fires.
  11. Good to know this before the British BB line release. I was going to experiment with IFHE on the KGV. Now I don't have to worry about it - or re-specing my CO again.
  12. Considering that the first and third ship aren't even US - I think that this may be qualifications for being in a coaliton now!
  13. I realize it does not help you with the ships you have but: Missouri in CO-OP. It is harder in CO-OP being less ships, not so much the 2 kills, but the 100,000 damage was a pain. Consistently 90-98K damage. Took about 10 battles to finally get it. _________________________ Of course right after getting in in CO-OP, I went into a Random and got 120K and 3 kills.
  14. At your own risk.
  15. Please god no!!!!! I can't stand to see them in Operations any more....painful!!!!!