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  1. Heard of 40%-50% off one year premium time in WOT. It carrys to warships.
  2. Already have Des Moines and Monty. Had run on many getting Mino in clan. Wanted to give another option in CW. Mino is next Tier X cruiser.
  3. Did basically same thing (plus extra 471k for Worcester). Not dissappointed. Fretted over Minotaur vs Hindy but happy with decision.
  4. Would be only too happy to grant that request. Although I was not in the Navy yet, it affected everyone even 10 years later when I got in. It still does today. Can't wait to visit Iowa in California to pay my respects. Heres to fallen shipmates. Never forget!
  5. Ships we'd like to see

    Although this thread has been brought up many times - it is good to remind WG about them. Perhaps have an in port option naming of ships - to all ships of the class (Colorado to West Virginia as example) CA 45 Wichita Tennessee class BB CB 1 Alaska Repulse/Renown Vanguard Hawkins, County, York class CA Porter and Somers class DD
  6. Premium ammo on the way?

    It was the reason I dropped WOT, it will be the reason I drop Warships if it ever happens!
  7. All US Cruisers in port, Repurchased Omaha and grinded 36,500 for Dallas, Bought Cleveland perm camo, 10x at least 10 point CO's waiting, 426,000 FXP (grinding to 471,000 for Worcester), 3,000 DB in bank for XP conversion in case I don't make 471,000 grinding, Budgeted $50 for DB conversion or for Boise, working on building Baltimore XP for Buffalo modules. Overkill? CHECK TO ALL!
  8. HOOD

    Not in my opinion. KGV maybe. Scharnhorst definitely. You can have the rest.
  9. HOOD

    Tier VII are the stinkers with the exception of the Scharnhorst. Agreed that the Hood is not worth the money - that is why I only take it into Operations or CO-OP. Really a port queen for the historic value for me. Never meant to be a Battleship - it is Battlecruiser. Have a feeling this is why we are not seeing Repulse, Renown, Alaska and the like.
  10. What Did Your Ancestor Do?

    One grandfather stationed on Nihau (northern Hawaiian Islands) with USCG. Worked on early nav system (prior to Loran). B-29's used it for guidance into Japan. Later in life worked on the Apollo missions bringing down the video feed from moon landings. Have direct proof that the moon landings were NOT government conspiracies done in some studio in California.
  11. Two Questions on DD Construction

    1. The brackets main purpose was to protect the propellers (if they protruded from the side of the ship) from quay wall damage while docking, things being dropped over the side (cargo and man overboard - to give him a chance to survive) and yes the additional purpose of limiting collision damage. If there is a collision, I suspect that there is going to be more damage than just your props, you are going to have more problems than just that! 2. The raised portion is to: 1. Shield the loader from muzzle blast of the upper gun 2. Break up large waves in heavy seas before they get to the pilot house and the additional more sensitive tophammer (radars and other sensors). You will only sea this on smaller vessels as larger vessels have more freeboard forward to accomplish this task and the sensitive areas are much higher. 3. It creates a gunnery cutout so you don't shoot into your bow. Mineship hulls are made of wood - and GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) to limit the ship signature over influence mines (see Avenger and Osprey class ships). They also have more powerful degaussing cables and non-ferrous metal engines for this purpose. Sweeping is an option for sea mines but in todays fleet, they would rather hunt the mines with ROV's as not to put the ship in danger. They use MH-53 helicopters towing sonar to locate a possible mines then deploy the ships and EOD to prosecute the contact. Standard practice is NOT to shoot the mines as they then become submerged mines (if they do not sink to the bottom) when they part way fill with water. Easier is to cut a moored mine cable, float it to the surface and deploy EOD to neutralize it. They do use booms and winches when sweeping - but it is rarely used anymore. The saying is "Hunt when you can, sweep if you must". Hunting being with the ROV submarine deploying a mission package with explosive and blow it next to the mine resulting in a sympathetic detonation.
  12. April Mission Briefing

    Yes we would appreciate more details also, but this is all we know: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/fools-rush-in/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/normandie-camo/
  13. April Mission Briefing

    The DB conversion event 13-17 April is substantial - one of only a couple of times during the year it will happen! Bet the camo discount will not be for perm camo. Any guess on the recruitable Commander?
  14. USN cruiser line split

    You want Dallas the new tier VI CL? Buy Omaha and grind out to about 36,500XP or open it with FXP.