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  1. jmanII

    Please participate

    Just what I need...more camo to go with my thousands that never get used. If I play a ship in randoms, it gets perm camo.
  2. jmanII

    What to spend Florins on?

    Seeing that you commented in an earlier supercontainer post about getting nothing but "useless flags".....I would let them sit in the Arsenal until they magically turn into credits.
  3. jmanII

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    Your concentration is all wrong in my opinion. I have had no problem completing all missions in Coop (pretty regular to do 100k damage in a match).....until the stage 4 requirements this morning - I knew about it 3-4 weeks ago however. The requirement for 7 awards is going to be a bear - especially if you are Coop mainline (there are no awards offered). At least if Operations were an available game mode there would be a chance. Have to decide if it is worth the blood, sweat, toil and tears of entering randoms to get awards - for a sub-par cruiser because I know she is not worth shelling out $35. Looks like Exeter will not be mine...until perhaps Christmas 2019.
  4. Yet another reason to hide your stats.
  5. jmanII

    Please participate

    Yea...no As said before have no chance of winning if you don't spend every waking moment on the game....sorry I have a life. Besides, I already have both of these ships...the DB would be nice, but no chance of that.
  6. Good post Agree with Huang He and Buffalo - did not think I would like them, but both surprised me. Also agree with Richelieu - scares me off of Jean Bart as they are sister ships, am at 300k coal with resisting buying her. Hopefully Yoshino will be a better buy. Don't have Tirpitz, but for Bismarck - I don't go with a full secondary build. Took Aim Sys 1 in third slot for the main battery accuracy boost, seems to help. Still can pull 9.9km for secondaries with flags - seems good enough when combined with manual secondaries on CO.
  7. jmanII

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    Too many light cruisers - rather stay with the Exeter standard of Heavies: For UK: County Class Heavy Cruiser London - at tier 8, refit after refit in Dec 1942 (with radar and Torps). Looks like Crown Colony class, but with 8' guns. County Class Heavy Cruiser Kent - at tier 8, Oct 1943 (even refitted late armor scheme may be too light for tier) For Commonwealth: County Class Heavy Cruiser Canberra - at tier 7, Aug 1942 as she was upon her sinking at Savo Island.
  8. Love: Vanguard - yes the guns are a little lackluster and somewhat squishy armor at tier VIII, but the rudder shift and turn rate are great....use HE for the majority of the match then AP with broadside targets - it works well enough + the shells go where you want to. Just don't go head to head with any equal or higher tier BB - she is not a brawler. Prefer her over Monarch any day. Wichita - pulling 35+ kt out of a US cruiser, bouncing 16" shells at the right angles and being rewarded for knowing when to use HE and when to use AP. It has made me a better player overall as it demands you to switch shells throughout a match. I prefer it over Baltimore. Pensacola - oh man the pen angles on the AP. Angle correctly and she is not so squishy (as long as you don't go against a BB). Tier VI monster in Randoms and Operations for me. Hate: Any Japanese DD with the current CV's - could really say any DD period, but Japanese especially. Moskva - great guns but the turn rate and rudder shift just are not for me.
  9. jmanII

    Million credit club: Cossack

    There is really only one answer for this: Missouri
  10. jmanII

    Which steel ship to get

    If you are not saving for Stalingrad, then it is a no-brainer: Flint. It is not just an Atlanta trading smoke for radar - but you also get 9.2km torps, compared to the ATL 4.5km. As the wiki puts it - Black Torpedoes are incredibly slow, slower than even Sims' infamous "sea mines". Black is also slower than Fletcher (1.5kt slower).
  11. There is no "team" in randoms. It is a grabastic free-for-all. That is why it is called randoms. Use your mini-map more, rely on it rather than chat. That is the best advice anyone can give to newer players! I have found that some miracle from the heavens must come down to have "friendly help". It just doesn't exist.
  12. jmanII


    Poisonous Lily is correct Get ready to break out your Japanese Cruisers/DD's on Friday - then 2 weeks of all British ships.
  13. jmanII

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    Not going to be salty about Exeter at V (or the smoke)....if there is a County class in the works for VI, VII or VIII. Would make sense seeing that Exeter was a scaled down version of the Counties. Would love to add at least Canberra to my collection of Commonwealth ships!
  14. When I did have chat on, 9.5 times out of 10 the problem is not me.....but I still have to see the other players arguing amongst themselves. I don't want that - so when I do play randoms now, chat is always off.
  15. Let me correct you - teammates do not exist in randoms. There are just individuals that are thrown into fallacies called "Teams". I have little problems with salt - I usually play with chat off when in randoms. I would rather not, but the toxicity in game amongst other player is intolerable. They can then throw all the salt they want.