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  1. In "The Right Stuff" ...yes. In this movie I'm guessing Halsey.
  2. In a somewhat related but more serious note, I wonder if WG will pair with the upcoming film "Midway" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6924650/ Good time to get content in the game. Can you imagine Chester Nimitz that looks like Woody Harrelson or Mark Rolston as Spruance? New sub commander William Brockman? Wonder who Dennis Quaid will be portraying?
  3. "I went to a Boxing Match the other night....and a hockey game broke out." - Rodney Dangerfield No matter what his name is or what sport he plays/played, I could use a decent CO for my Moskva. He should do the "trick".
  4. Always wanted to go there - as well as the Mikasa if my travels ever take me to Japan. Oh, well....one can dream!
  5. Isn't one of those representative of the Type 3 AA shell developed for the Yamato class?
  6. There are 2 that I can think of - YES there is armor plating underneath. 1. The wood acts as a barrier to the sun to keep the metal underneath as cool as possible which radiates heat to the men inside. 2. BB's carry a lot of ammunition (propellant powders and projectiles). - Help prevent slipping when men are onloading and offloading ammunition (before the days of non-skid applications) - Lessen the chance of sparking when handling ammo (spark + gunpowder = bad things on ships, if not controlled inside a barrel) - Lessen the chance of damaging/setting off of percussion primed ammo if dropped
  7. That is one thing I will never take for granted: Beginning on Midshipman cruise I stood external safety as the 76mm OTO MELARA shot on an FFG. Being less than 5ft, feeling the concussion and smelling burning cordite for the first time …..AWESOME. Until - I was Gunnery Officer on a Spruance DD. Having 2x 5"/54 gun mounts - the 100 round fire for effect really got me going plus getting to do this once a week....PRICELESS. Then you realize that the entire gun power of a Spruance is equal to only 1/10 of just the 5" gunpower on an Iowa, South Dakota or North Carolina. Now I have not had the privilege of being there when an Iowa was conducting gunnery exercises, but have been to just about every US Battleship still afloat (except Iowa herself) and still marvel at the size of 14" and 16" guns. An assignment to an Iowa class was the epitome of a career/wet dream of every SWO that had anything to do with the gun systems! I prayed that they would come back in service during my time, they never did and most likely never will again - but at least they are still floating.
  8. jmanII

    RN DD's

    Would love to find out …….. if the Jervis or Lightning would ever freaking drop from the crates!
  9. jmanII

    So this whole West Virginia thing

    This is the first thing I have heard that makes sense - not that I really gave a flying something or another before, but have been watching the comments. Maryland (above) looks pretty close to the current version of WV. Change the name and number on the hull and give it a new camo scheme. Save the name West Virginia for later in its 44 version! Would have liked to see Tennessee, but the work has already been done.
  10. 120k - Waiting on what they are going to do with Alaska. Salem does not intrest me as I have Des Moines. If Alaska is going to be only FXP, then Musashi it is. If Alaska is offered for coal then use the 750k FXP down one of the lines (most likely for Yammy).
  11. jmanII

    Hedgehog Anti Submarine Weapon

    Leave subs out of the game - heck, lets just get rid of DD's too. …..and have only one map - Ocean. I REALLY like these ideas!
  12. jmanII

    You Do You

    1. In your OP - you essentially said do not complain about your DD gameplay, yet you complained about everyone else's CV/BB gameplay. Take your own advise. 2. Don't care about he/she/it things. Players are players. Yes I use "he" universally. It may be wrong, but it is a habit of mine. 3. On the Yvonne name - are you asking about guys who consider themselves guys (I know 1 or 2) or consider themselves girls (I know a few)? You have to ask this day and age.
  13. jmanII

    You Do You

    Yep, the best correct is "technically" correct. Score one point for you - would you like a cookie?
  14. jmanII

    You Do You

    1. I don't care about who he is, how "good" he is nor how many games he has played. If you ask somebody not to do something and then turn around and do it yourself......there is something wrong. 2. My stats are hidden, I do not want to embarrass anyone and I refuse to take ridicule over them. DEAL WITH IT! I did not comment on anybodys gameplay nor how many games they have played - only that they should take their own advice.