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  1. Cool, Will take one
  2. wow,thats bad But how is he getting any damage if he just starts the battle and hits w?
  3. flags

    Got mine
  4. Thanks for a CV week!

    Atlanta time!!
  5. Run Admiral Run Co-op 5 torp hits . Just need the manners
  6. King of the party and close quarters expert at the same time
  7. just got the same thing. but able to log in now

    Yea, it is kinda cool
  9. We are not having fun with the new BB line. My Crusers cannot repel firepower of that magnitude.
  10. Atlanta needs some love...

    Radar would be nice though.
  11. Can you take aa better pic of your case, I have the same one and looking at your customization
  12. Plural First Strike

    Yea, if the 1st strike is within a few seconds it will award both
  13. Whats your "Comfort" Ship

    Got to love the Atlanta