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  1. So based oh history, the Russian Carries will be easy to spot due to them belching black smoke, be easy to set a blaze due to their easy burn capability and lack of firefighting and carry no more than 12 short range aircraft; correct? Seems WOW is heading down the same path WOT did, I haven't play it in over 2 years because of it. Guess I'll be looking for a new game to play real soon.
  2. RoundsDownRange

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    343 ships and counting. Trying to catch up to some of you.
  3. RoundsDownRange

    Submarine Testing

    This is the best reply to this whole thread so far. I wish WG would read and heed this information, it actually might make the game worth playing with subs in it. Great job Skyfaller, thank you for the information.
  4. RoundsDownRange

    European Destroyers: Branch Review

    And the ships just keep getting more modern with each release. I remember when this game first came out how it marketed itself as a World War II Naval Combat. That has gone by the wayside long ago, now it's any ship they can find to make a buck!
  5. Not sure, but I know how he feels.
  6. This whole event was a Joke
  7. RoundsDownRange

    Last Opportunity to Get Mainz at a Bargain Price!

    Hey World of Warships; The Mainz is a very nice looking ship, but in case you missed the news from around the world, there is a PANDEMIC going on. Most people around the world are sheltered in their homes and OUT OF WORK, so what little money they have is more than likely going towards FOOD, Medicine, Utilities, Rent/house payments, you know those sort of things. I don’t think most people who play this game are looking at dropping $89.99 for one of your overpriced/stuffed ship bundles. I find it rude you would come out at this time with something like this at this price knowing full well what’s going on in the world. Or maybe you do, but your greed just got the better of you or you just don’t care!! Either way, I think for now or the future your marketing team may want to rethink their marketing plans and cut the players some slack for a change and not try to empty their wallets during their time of need. Your actions here are no better than that of the US Congress Relief Bill that they stuffed with PORK and then turned around and told people they were looking out for them. You should be ashamed!!!
  8. Picked up 7 more containers by finishing the 4th Directive, ended up with only 180 Tokens, 30 will goto the TIER VI DD, the rest, who cares anymore since they set it up so you can't get all 4 ships. So much for "Early Access".
  9. I'm sorry but I think I am going to stay away from this. I see how toxic the forums can get, this will be even worse. Also I tend to speak my mind and WG does not see to like that. If you don't toe the "Party Line" and sing WG's praises and express how everything is wonderful and great or agree with their version of history, they tend to warn you with bans, delete posts or mess with your account. Besides on discord, if they did show up and you asked questions in a polite way about this, that or the other thing, they will not give you a straight answer, it will be the same old line of; "Working as intended"
  10. Yeah I am tired of getting burned by WG, So now I just play for fun. No more doing events, if my playing completes one, then fine. But i am no longer buying anything, I have cut back on the number of hours I play the game. I figure since they are tossing players under the bus on events, cutting back on PVE style missions and forcing player into PVP, my time is coming to an end with World of Warships. I will treat them the same way I treated WOT, have not logged into that one in over a year. They want to run their game into the ground, fine, it's there game. But I don't HAVE to play it. I have 64 other games on my PC that I can play, and most of them treat me better than WG does.
  11. Correct, picked up 18 containers, 15 from the 3 Directives and 3 from the Daily. I was able to get the TIER V and am sitting on 370 towards the TIer VI The amount of Tokens given with each container has been pathetic and as of this posting there is still 4 days before the next Directive of 7 Containers. So I don't see getting the 4 "Early Access" DDs becoming a reality without spending massive amounts of money, which because of this Virus going around has put a halt to spending and the fact these are Tech Tree Ships and not Premiums.
  12. RoundsDownRange

    Ramming Achievement? Random-Only?

    COOP get no awards at all
  13. RoundsDownRange

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Well so much for "Early Access" to the European DDs. I have completed the first 3 phases of the European Directives for a total of 15 Containers and picked up 3 Daily containers, for a total of 18. With that I have been able to get the TIER V DD only and am sitting on 370 Tokens towards the TIER VI. There is still 5 days before I can do Phase 4. So there is no way to get all 4 DDs for Early Access. I will be luck to get 2 of them. This has been just one major scam, I am getting sick and tired of these poorly managed events, then you guys wonder why you are losing players. It's because of the stuff like this you keep pulling. I am done asking friends to play this game, it's heading down the same path as WOT. You are pushing players away.
  14. Sounds like they are heading down the same path as WOT. Sad to see another game fall by the wayside because of piss poor management. But with 64 games in my Steam Account, I can fill the void when this one falls from grace.
  15. RoundsDownRange

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    Except I was not firing, it was popped to to avoid detection and move to a better location. A lot of folks here are reading more into this than need be. There was no Aircraft involved, there was no DDs involved. This was all taking place during first contact with the enemy at the start of the game between the Italian ship and enemy Cruisers and Battleships. So I think some have stated the Italian smoke is weaker and the ships bigger, so this may account for it, if so, than that stinks. If not then there is still the puzzle to be solved. Because I don't have this issue with any other nation that uses smoke.