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  1. Potential damage is nothing more than fodder for DD's hahaha well in randoms anyway. Here is the best way to get a lot of PD. Div up with a shmikaze, make sure you keep nose in and use your hydro.... torps will be coming.
  2. Glad I looked at all the requirement for getting those tokens, the community tokens put a stopper on that chain. oh well. saving some free XP and credits now
  3. HooplaJones

    Brawl Slaughter ....again

    Let me know when you decide to play some battles those are my losses... hehehehahahahahah hooohohohoh
  4. Economic Bonuses only gather dust they do not get any interest so use those puppies! While co-ops are an option they bring the less returns so unless you are co-op focused best to avoid using those bonuses there. The Higher the Tier the higher the rewards. When to use If you believe you have a high probability of doing well in a match and winning, MAX out those bonuses. If you are doubtful about wins or the player base or MM is meh still use the bonus but use the lower tier ones. Credits - Random, Brawl, Ranked, Clan Battles Commander - Random, Brawl, Ranked, Clan Battles. with emphasis on 21 point commanders, that commander XP is converted to elite commander XP which can be used for any captain, retraining, respecs. Ship XP - Obvious you should run these only on ships that need XP to get an upgrade module or to advance to the next tier ship. Random, Brawl, Ranked, Clan Free XP- Random, Brawl, Ranked, Clan Battles In a few months I have amassed over 2.5M free XP, great for line resets and purchases or accelerating the grind. Cheers
  5. HooplaJones

    Brawl Slaughter ....again

    he keeps coming back .....oh dude dont be mad dude
  6. HooplaJones

    Brawl Slaughter ....again

    Your phraseology is too copious for my diminutive comprehension . He is still butt hurt for getting rick rolled.
  7. HooplaJones

    Brawl Slaughter ....again

    More bragging:
  8. HooplaJones

    A friend sent me this over win%

    Hey how did you get that photo of me and my friends?
  9. HooplaJones

    We have had enough!

    Putting NFL teams against high schools probably is not a good idea, even if it is only 2 weeks. You get good enough you move up, learn and move up. That system has been around for years especially in European Football, The OP has a point as do some other here, about playing maps and knowing the exploits. That is not skill that is just experience. OP has a point, my point is this, if the best option to win is to NOT play, then....find a different reason to play, personally I would go CV or Sub and pay retribution to the community for beating you down so badly. :)
  10. HooplaJones

    Preussen Total utter Garbage ship

    So what you are saying is if you play against noobs that sail in a straight line and you play while running away you will do good. Ok awesome thanks for the advice. The video still shows hits on the broadside that are NON PENS, OVERPENS the ship is garbage.
  11. What a garbage ship, every hit is an over pen, seriously? WG instead of making a million ways to miss or not connect how about having some variance in damage amounts, this is a joke, time to start modifying damage amount instead of releasing garbage after garbage. The graphic on this ship should be 55 gallon drums of Oil and Gasoline with kindling all over the deck. Next time I play this ship will be at Christmas time if I am still around.
  12. HooplaJones

    Brawl Slaughter ....again

    Here is a link to my stats.
  13. HooplaJones

    Brawl Slaughter ....again

    I am bragging of course. Ya baby look at me Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. The game still has great potential to last another 10 years easily. We do not know what is in store in the future, it would be great if we had a competitor in this space to drive innovation. Most multi-player games can only support a limited number of modes because the player base gets smaller and the match making times get longer. Instead of working on the art I wish they would work on some of the mechanics and scoring. Oh well.