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  1. 8088K with Titan xP nope...not the puter....
  2. Well all the complaining I have lodged against CV's, I started playing the British Line. I am not good at them, the aiming mechanic is much harder than the RTS at least 3 times as hard. The Lag on the server from commands, for me, makes playing a CV that much more difficult. With a BB or DD or CN you can shoot where you aim, but the CV only has a window of time and slight mouse adjustments swing widely your target approach. Only have 3 torpedos at tier 10 is just stupid. All of planes are typically shot down after 1 pass so its constantly sending off another squadron. The rewards to playing a CV is only against fodder or newbs. Most of the complaining I see manifest from having to alter their playstyle. Being a lone wolf DD which was the case for YEARS has suddenly changed. From playing a CV if you are DD near an AA Cruiser you will not be concerned, If you are a AA Cruiser you will not be concerned, If you are a BB torps and bombs or rockets from a Brit can only do 4-5K which is no big deal, flooding rarely happens with Brit torps, so when you see a Brit CV think Group and MEH.
  3. HooplaJones

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    Small? Announced at a recent event CV play makes up 1% of everyone. ONE FRICKING PERCENT....that small group you mention in post probably exceeds the 1%
  4. HooplaJones

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    No good deed goes unpunished.
  5. HooplaJones

    Missouri Credit NERF

    Communication Breakdown... it's always the same......The Community Contributor says Missouri is the strongest credit earning ship in the game. Most will agree, however!, what I believe the OP is trying to say is that the Mo was credit Nerfed. So Mr. OP you need to ask the question, Hey iKami was the Mo credit nerfed? Or are their other factors that come into play that may have affected total credit received since the Mo was originally released? If you get a reply you may have an official position on this, of course depending if the reply addresses the question. If you do not get a reply then you can come to whatever conclusion you want.
  6. Thanks for the info, interesting, wonder what constitutes a battle? Is it me playing a game or does a game count as 1 with all participants in the battle? And what went on in the EU in the 1st Quarter of 2018? and 2017? And look at that drop off of 20M games to the first Q of 2019 that is a 26% drop in play.
  7. HooplaJones

    Going to the USS TEXAS Event, yeeeehaaaa

    Here you go
  8. HooplaJones

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Ah, but MM has kicked in on the Conq, and RNG seems to have been adjusted too with the Conq. Maps the Conq typically appears on now and the placement on those maps do not favor the Conq at all.
  9. HooplaJones

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Thanks for the review. Anytime Adrenalin Rush is the preferred Captain Skill on a cruiser you better take a long hard look at her.
  10. You too can use dive brakes.... its called using the S key.
  11. HooplaJones

    Alaska, you will just have to wait.

    Thanks for the correction Saint Louis....
  12. I looked at 1.1 million free XP I had and just could not spend it on an Alaska, so I free XP's through the Orleans and got the Henri, so I got a tier 9 and 10 ships. I spent about 480K free XP used more free XP to get a decent amount of captain skills extra 4 skills to add to Capt. Henri on a Henri! Just could not go for 1M free XP on tier 9 seems like such a waste of free XP. Oh well to each his own I guess.
  13. HooplaJones

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    tier 8 vs 10 is by design... you will never escape it, why are there so many premium ships at tier 8? hahahahahaha. Cuz the offer is hey you get more credits and xp with tier 8, true but you dont realize a good return with premiums unless you win, the same with every ship. But WG is not going to make it super easy, nor should they but 8 v 10 is a joke for most people. Here is my suggestion on 8 v 10. Stay back...way back and only engage when its on your terms.