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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 20th, 2018

    you really cant have a play style with weekly changes, both announced and unannounced, tonight I made a conscious decision to give the game a break. Running a BB with an AA rating of 99 and I cant fend off planes only to take 8 torps from 3 squadrons.... If you guys cannot see the forest for the trees in CV play then my only option is to not play. The play style that is evolving is hiding behind an island, shooting from smoke, it is so much like WoT now, except longer matches. We deserve better. I enjoyed the tier 8 French BB because your rounds would actually go where you aimed,
  2. The strangest thing I see is that the devs are saying that BB's will need to change from AP to HE for better destroyer destruction. Yet every other ship will be entirely HE against a BB with no switching, every fire is the same as a citadel, I really dont understand why every fire has to be a MAJOR FIRE CATASTROPHIC event. No such thing as a 5 second fire or 20 second fire, ask yourself why is that? Because the fire chance and fire events occur only in pre planned manners. There is a little rng there but not alot. Your chance to set 2 fires with one salvo is higher when your target has a repair consumable to use.
  3. Carrier fighters and strafing ships

    CV's do not belong in the game, my republic has AA rating of 99 and cant shoot down a single torpedo bomber, so RNG for me and Manual Strafe and Drops for CV's.. ya thats fair.....So broken is CV play it is not even laughable anymore just embarrassing.
  4. lol, a free ship what did you expect, I do feel sorry for the people that BOUGHT her. You really need a 10 pt captain and perform escort duties not cap duties.
  5. OK a couple of things to consider. Battleships do not "Tank" I know many people think there is a tank but BB's cannot hold aggro so there is no such thing as a Tank in World of Warships. People will always attack the weakest ship OR the one they can do the most damage to, and usually, that means the Beavis and Butthead special.....FIRE. Staying concealed and getting the nice timed shot off can be a strategic move. BB's stay in the back because they have too, the map, the enemy ship makeup and loser teammates pretty much dictate that, unless you want to get torped to death by invisible planes or and DD's, however, an aggressive BB with good Secondaries and a DD buddy and cruiser or another BB can wreak havoc, there are so many other things that could be said why people play the way they do, my thinking the reason for the erratic play stems from the game changing week to week, oh and WG really penalizes the long range shots with RNG.the game is like a box of chocolate you never know what your gonna get.
  6. I hope never. we do not need any more 1 person decides the match ships in the game.
  7. Graf Zeppelin finalized

    For the love of all things, STOP with the CV's already, destroy them all and get over it.
  8. CVs can't get a break

    Just eliminate CV's already.
  9. Designer: HooplaJones Title: Distant Relative Description: Cousin Davey always had a way with words, Made with MS Publisher and cut and paste Jolly Roger flag from WoW
  10. Aslain mods & malware

    Not sure that site has the funds to employ pro security but what he does do is put a hash on the file, if you run the SHA256 hash on the file you download it should be EXACTLY the same hash as he posts, 1 character off and the file is bogus, like others have posted only use the direct links. Hash utilities are available at legitimate sites like Microsoft.
  11. So, of course, stress testing is needed but should not be introduced to the community but rather behind closed doors. The reason for the concern is this: The community has NO IDEA where the game is going. And releases like this scare the hell out of us. A recent example is the game Paragon by Epic games almost 2 years in beta millions of users and it was modified to death, so much so the game is now dead. Look it up, the community there shouted out loud and clear what they wanted and the devs never listened kept on making (in the communities mind) bizzare changes, they left in droves. The game has been abandoned by EPIC. The world of warships is actually 2 games in one, ships vs ships and inside that there is a CV element. CV's are such a concern they are not even in Clan battles, their power is such that no more than 2 appear in a match, consider that to 5 tier 10 DD's in a battle. Yet the CV mechanic is again and again ignored, people compare it to artillery in WoT which is wrong. 1 player can lose the match and 1 player can win the match with a CV. EVERYONE knows this, so many people do not PLAY a CV because of the 1v1 nature of the battle, you against the other CV. You lose that battle too quick you lost the match for your side. They can put out a premium every week, but if they put in ridiculous gameplay that is one straw too much me. I spent a hell of a lot of cash on this game, embarrassing amount, but I have stopped. I am continuing to play as I have a vested interest in the game, but changes need to occur to make the game worth playing and living up to its initial promise.
  12. Ok, WG, ENOUGH

    RADAR should be changed so that the ship using it has Radar's full range ability, however, the allies of the ship using the radar can only benefit from that radar if they are 4K from and the allied ship that used it. Think Cyclone. Ta da! RDF should also be countered by a ship turning off it's communication, just as the ships did in the war. They went radio silent to counter the effect of RDF. When a ship goes communication silent they no longer have a mini map and can not benefit from others sighting of ships unless they are 2km away, again think cyclone. Oh and remove CV's from the game, not planes just CV's, create airstrips for each side, the ship that gets enough XP in that match can then launch planes that are available, there could also be modes where ships fight for territory which if they hold onto they get the benefit of launching planes. This will get the community learning plane mechanics and interesting dynamic battles.
  13. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    [edited], [edited], [edited]... OMG [edited]!!!!! 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% Disagree. "better at reading the minimap in real time and projecting how the battle is likely to unfold given ship positions, health pools, etc." AYFKM?? Look you need to carry harder is SO MUCH [edited]. Dude, you are playing the wrong ships. There are RNG/MAP assignments to every ship battle combination. Find what those are and you can work on your W/L ratio. If your near 50% your a good player, not average. You may not be the best but there are things you cannot control. Latency for one. Map and teammate matchups, How to improve your W/L 1) NEVER EVER Division up with players that are not as good as you. 2) NEVER EVER Division up with just 2 players, UNLESS you are using ships that are CURRENTLY OP. 3) Look up the most recent W/L ratios of ships on shipcomrade.com, play those ships 4) Forums, read read read read read. There are subtle things you can do and learn to slightly improve your game clearly worth 1% in W/L 5) Understand the rock/paper/sissors of ships. Some ships are just superior to others know it, learn it, use it. 6) Avoid odd tier ships unless high Win rate reported Use every signal flag you can, they do nothing sitting in the locker.