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  1. Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Stay in the back, dont press just stay in the back.
  2. Black ships... No thanks!

    Wargaming has broken all the premium unwritten rules.
  3. Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Funny how they want you to change shell types with 30+ second reloads, but the DD just spam HE, basically they can citadel you with HE (DOT) but you cant citadel them nor detonate them, I don't see the need for any work here at all. I would like to see flooding by a shell that goes through a DD, Lower tier BB's will be utterly useless.
  4. Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    lol oh well free is free,
  5. I watched and listened to the two developers discuss the carrier modifications. I'm an old fart, I totally understand product development, the feel of ownership, acceptance of ideas, I understand the behind the scenes struggles, battles, differences, personalities so to hear about this upcoming change, I am very respectful of what you are doing and why you are doing it. This is no small task and I agree it can be super scary. But in all things being built, there are trade-offs. You want to go faster you need to lighten the armor..... Things don't happen overnight. Seriously I salute the person that said we are moving in this direction, it took some serious caliber size rounds to be critical of work by so many with so much passion into their work. I am signed up. Cheers!
  6. Wow, maybe if you had as many battles as posts you would understand casual players, hide more.
  7. Ship-Spotting Technology "In Update 0.7.9, we are advancing ship-spotting technology. The purpose of this change is to remove the time delay between the appearance of the ship icon on the minimap and in the game. This will make the game experience more intuitive, logical, and comfortable for all users." Congratulations, I actually wrote this game off after some of my peeps lost their Sharks/Eagles tokens to credits, it was the last straw over what some of the other issues I had, I always hoped for more. And I am excited to see this news. A friend told me to look at the updates coming. There are 3 things that will bring me back to the game, 4K video (check) Massive CV rework (check) Render Issue addressed (Ill check it out) everything else I can basically deal with, I still don't like the prospect of losing tokens you worked for. Thanks
  8. You are sure quick to judge, you think you know it all, but you do not, you are probably a shill for WG too. I got everything I needed but a lot of people didn't, and treating customers with a little bit more respect goes a long way. We can see our logon screens get taken over by Sharks vs Eagles but we cant get same type of flash page on the next logon after the event to spend what is earned? Its petty chicken doo doo.
  9. Plain and simple how you stopped the event without allowing people to spend the tokens they earned says alot. I really expect you guys to walk this back and allow people to spend the tokens, seriously, pretty cold. Could be the straw.....
  10. Good bye GTX 670 and hellooooo 1080

    congrats bro, 1080ti's can be had for $550 on Ebay, used by get a EVGA and the warranty transfers with the card. I got an overpriced Titan Xp
  11. Way too many clicks in the game already, making a shortcut to the .exe done.
  12. They refer to it as a rendering issue, but it is not an issue, it is a feature. Some people do not have it at all or claim that they do not, others have it, it is in fact in the game. I have a high end computer, 200MB internet connection 35-45 ping, etc etc, Titan Video card, 3 -4 seconds to render a ship, I used to be able to see the un-rendered ship's smoke before the actual screen render now I cannot even see that, so this is a FEATURE they have put into the game. We will see many more memes after this post I am sure. But as a developer of software, and a person that is intimately knowledgeable about the TCP stack, and server side interaction, I have concluded that this is no longer a "bug" but a feature. Don't ask me why, I didn't write the code. Code is not magic it does not have a mind of its own, it only does what you write. In World of Tanks there is a 3 second delay before you are advised that you have been spotted, similar in the timing but in WoW this is in reverse, 3 seconds before you can see! It really hampers the game play especially with islands, a DD can actually scoot through and opening before she is rendered. This has now been going on for a year. I really like the game, I am hoping for some changes, but after spending more money on this game than I dare to reveal, just not going to do it any more and I am now after 5+ years with WG actively looking for a new heroin fix. :) Let the memes begin!
  13. The new launcher is so bad I can't even give it the terribad name it is that bad. My boys share a computer and they are now logging on to each others accounts inadvertently. The game shows one users logon then logs on the person who launched the launcher. Seriously this is just a terrible interface.
  14. Pigeon's Weekly Thought July 26, 2018

    I picked Eagle because of Dasha no other reason. Shark reward seems a little nicer graphics, not much you can do with a bird though.
  15. Ugh First Thing I See Logging On

    Popcorn! I need Popcorn!