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  1. Hey Pegeon_of_War, I was at the Lexington Let's Battle Tour, the in game prizes people won have not been awarded, people have opened tickets but no responses, can you give someone a nudge for us?
  2. Ok so help me understand it then if you fire your guns the enemy does not see you immediately if you are in visible by firing range? I have played a heck of alot of game but only have experienced spotting issues recently, obviously I am missing something.
  3. I am in a BB I am spotted and I see ships invis a fire on me (NO SMOKE) 3 seconds later they light up. I am in a DD 5.6 detection vs a Trashcan, I am spotted and the Trashcan opens up on me before I can see him the only other DD is on the other side of the map. Just some really odd crapwith spotting going on.
  4. Attempting to stat sham? Seriously? The OP's comments in this regard have been echoed within the community.
  5. In a game where a low health target can inflict just as much damage as if it were at full health the strategic option is to eliminate that weak target. Your not doing your team any favors by ignoring them.
  6. I enjoyed this scenario, see at least 3 enemy BB's almost every match. Just don't YOLO it will happen. Wonder what class kills the most BB's? hmmm If I had to guess, I would say BB, DD, CV, CN in that order...interesting.
  7. I read all the posts here, with MM there is more to this than meets the eye, and the situations previous posters have mentioned do not include all the scenarios, But that is not the narrative intended by the OP. The OP clearly has an issue with 4 ship matchups, frankly so do I. Minimum should be 7 a side, if someone wants to wait in queue over and over that is their prerogative, MM gives the details of types of ships in the queue. When I was seal clubbing with my Umikaze I wonder if MM finally said FU Jones! and gave me a 2v2, and two 4v4's all in succession, I just assumed we were all seal clubbers and MM rounded us up. This was at a time of day of very high population I probably played the Umikaze 20 matches in a row. I have no idea how MM really works but I am sure it is complicated with so much many to many relationships.
  8. Never align with the suggested path, the alignment as far as I can tell is based on the heading and speed of the ship you have targeted. That can change in an instant, for example, it takes you a bit to get to full speed so that is why you see the mark moving, or if the ship is changing its course, here is a suggestion when you see the suggested path, align one set up torps in front of the suggested path and one set behind, if the enemy slows down you have a good chance if the enemy speeds up you still have a good chance and if they slightly change heading depending on your range you have still another opportunity,
  9. The Corgi Flag!! Wow already a few rare flags...
  10. Lets not change the Narrative, show off your flags! To answer you, the flag in question was purchased if you donated money to veteran's charity, I do not believe another flag like this will ever be introduced again because of the in game XP bonus. There have been many requests to have this flag be changed to a signal instead, to date there has been no response from the Devs in this regard.
  11. I have a few flags, but I know there are alot of you with different flags or more of them, show us your....flags.
  12. Any news as to when the ingame prizes will be placed in our accounts?
  13. Hey Niko I won a Type 59 Tank for WoT do you know when it will get to my account?
  14. Saw your post so I played two games in my MO, for comparison purposes, A win would have dramatically increased the coin.
  15. You guys and gals put on a great show loved every minute of it. Well worth the 9 hours of drive time 4.5 each way!