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  1. Im like wth, I get eviscerated from a stacked bomber group, 3 Issues I have with that 1) No warning that Bombers are approaching 2) Not 1 bomber shot down 3) Dead in 3 mins... Hats off to the Enterprise who smoked me, I still do not understand CV's in this game, I shoot a full salvo at 6K and am luck to get 4 or more hits, this CV hit me 16 times that is 2 stacks of 8 with each striking a blow.

    This is an EARNED ship as well so I disagree with you.

    Yes it does, can you explain why at 5k a DOY is unable to Citadel a broadside Atlanta with a full salvo? Seriously 2 full salvos with a total of 4K return?....

    After playing over 2,400 battles in BB's and over 7,000 in total, putting a 14 pt capt in her and choosing the right modules and signal flags, and playing a few Co-ops first, im my experience, after 4 battles you can tell what a ship is capable of.
  5. Ranked is Broken

    You are assuming way too much, yesterday 6 battles in a row I lost, I didn't loose a star in 4 of them. One NC was broadside to other BBS until he was sunk, one game at the very beginning our DD smoked and 3 ships sailed in the smoke, no shots where ever fired and 2 of our ships were sunk, because why, torps are always aimed at smoke and I am at tier 7 and those dudes dont know that by now. Sorry, your assumptions are wrong luck is a big factor. Sorry I am done with Ranked, If my team does well and wins we should be given the option to play together as a team in the next match.

    Ok ill play the DOY to do the missions after that, well it will be in dry dock. This is a sit in the back and wait meh-bote I just do not have the patience for it. With team work it can be effective, but in my opinion it is not a solo random battle ship.
  7. You cannot prove rigged matchmaking statistically unless you have access to all the outcomes and statistics, however even if you did all a programmer has to do is introduce an algorithm that salts the statistics, which IF rigged is most certainly in place. And if a salt is used it would take 100 years to analyze the data, realistically more time than that.
  8. Ok here we go again. MM is not rigged per se. These are the undeniable facts. 1) Using algorithms programmers can, if they choose to do so define any possible combination of factors in determining Match Making in an effort to determine outcomes. 2) There is a patent by wargaming that you can read in full by going to google patents and search on wargaming, inside the patent there is a phrase, ill take out of context to purposely reinforce the tinfoil types out there. "As a result, players are more likely to feel superior, and have a better chance of success in game using premium vehicles because....." There is more juicy stuff but go read it. Now other than those 2 facts everything else you read from players regarding MM is conjecture, only WG knows for sure and that is a trade secret like KFC and Coca Cola recipes, You are looking for undeniable proof, which unless you know the algorithms used it will be extremely difficult to prove without a super computer, think code breaking here, as in cryptography. So what is left to do? How do you feel? Is the game secretly causing you pain and forcing outcomes? Think Russian election meddling oh my Russians! I think you would be better off asking the community, hey what have you experienced in Warships that makes you think an algorithm exists for a certain scenario? For example: I always get tougher matches when I division. See how many people feel the same way then you have an observation by many and can then create you hypothesis.
  9. TOTAL WASTE OF CASH, 20 crates $16.99, 5X 10K free xp 3X 50 300% free xp signal flags 5X 50 20% extra credits 2X 300 gold 5X 5 Winter crap cammo feel like I just went to a casino.... at least there you get free drinks.
  10. 4K blues

    I would love 4K game play.
  11. i7 3770K 3.5ghz 32MB Ram 64bit W10 1080ti 60 inch plasma display
  12. See my post in player gatherings where I posted a picture showing issue.
  13. But how many people will KNOW to do it?
  14. I always wondered why the heck all these post about clans are going to the player gatherings thread, well they cant see the correct thread and there is no one moderating the thread to lead them to the correct area. So I logged onto a few computers at home that I don't use for gaming, and they cant see the thread when using edge or IE.
  15. Guys Gals seriously, this is not a clan recruitment thread, there is a thread for that, but guess what if you use Internet Explorer you cant see the TEAM PLAY where all this posting is suppose to go. WG Please Hire ME I need a job and can help you with this community stuff!!!!