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  1. Carronade32

    Server problems?

    Can't log into the game also....
  2. Carronade32

    Captain skills for Roon/Hindenburg?

    At tier 8 with no Repair consumable it has allowed me to live longer and cause more damage! Do you gain the Repair consumable at Tier 9? If so I will definitely reconsider my skill selection.
  3. Carronade32

    Captain skills for Roon/Hindenburg?

    Good question. Currently I am working on the Hindenburg with a 17 point captain (with 2 unused points) and the following skills: 1. PT 2. EM, ER 3. SE, DE 4. CE When I get 1 more point I will get: 3. Superintendent And then for the final point: 1. PM Seems like a generally balanced cruiser build, but wonder what others think?
  4. Carronade32

    Forum Farewell

    "The Tao that is spoken is not the true Tao...." And "...the farewell that is broadcast on the forums is not the true farewell." Extra credit: guess who originated each quote.