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  1. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    actually they are infinite because you can shoot down over 125 planes of a midway, but somehow it still has more planes. in real life the midway carried approximately 100 aircraft many of which were fighters.
  2. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    AA on or off does not [edited]matter. They still hunt dds and kill them. Next you say use your smoke. You only have 3-4. After they expire the carrier will still be alive. So there goes your future argument. Did I miss anything. Oh yeah, just dodge. Great you dodged the first batch, but the next 7 will kill you. And dodging does not do anything because it only lessens the damage by a little because the aircraft have multiple rockets. So that argument is also pointless. And I do not want to only play a Halland for my dd. Why the [edited] did they add all the other dds if I should only play a Halland. Also learn to spell maybe you will look a bit more intelligent.
  3. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    and yes i know they had them, but like you said not extensively. this is supposed to be a WW2 game not a Korean War game so goes your [edited]. and the reason i quit playing cvs is that it is not enjoyable to just sit in the back like a [edited] and just camp. i actually prefer to fight instead of just playing a clicker game.
  4. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    the fact that you say hvars were used extensively in the pacific AFTER most of the war had already ended makes you look even more silly, since the naval engagements had already come to a close. the hvars were not used against shipping they were used more against tanks and ground equipment. and most dds have to wait a long time for their torps to reload. my kitakaze takes 2.5 minutes to reload its torps. Also prerework was counterable with clumps of cruisers and bbs mixed together. also a carrier had to pay attention on how he was returning his aircraft to the carrier. now they just disappear and reappear near the carrier.
  5. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    you really have only played carriers so therefore you should not be talking about how balanced they are until you have played every other ship type at tier 8-10
  6. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    since i have played since closed beta, i have seen both sides of the rework. and from my experiences, the older style was far more balanced because: 1.) carriers did not have infinite aircraft of all types therefore eventually the carriers supply would be depleted 2.) carriers had to be extremely careful with how they sent their aircraft and had to guide them manually to and from the drop 3.) carrier aircraft rarely if ever had rockets. you never hear about the rocket attacks, but dive bomber and torp bombers you do 4.) while yes it was difficult if you were alone during the rts, if you were in a group a carrier would never get a drop off. 5.) different carriers had different roles and had direct control of their fighters while as now it is a consumable. when in real life and historically speaking, carriers relied heavily on their fighter groups to defend their own bombers from enemy fighters, and to defend the fleet from aerial attack 6.) double cross was easily countered because if you are in a group with a friendly ship that had the Def AA modification, the spread would be massive and therefore not do much. 7.) carriers hardly if ever went specifically looking for dds, because that was not their job. their job was to target the capital ships of the enemy. because of this carriers with the current rework are much more powerful and difficult to counter than carriers pre-rework
  7. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    while this is true the carriers at Midway never attacked dds. nor did they ever attack other ships besides carriers and cruisers. also none of the carriers ever had rocket planes. so yeah. good luck going down that road bud.
  8. Dr_Franz_Baker

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    coming from a guy that plays mostly carriers. and whose top ships are all carriers. i think there is no way in hell you should be talking until you have actually played the other ship types alot more.
  9. they need to make dds either completely invisible to aircraft or make their concealment very good against aircraft, because that is all carriers attack. gets really annoying being in a dd and getting nuke by a carrier because you do not have enough aa. historically speaking, carriers were designed to face larger capital ships and cruisers, not dds like in the current update of wows. this makes a dds life nearly impossible because they are generally needed farther in front to spot and generally out of the aa range of friendly cruisers. currently carriers are op against dds, and with ships like the FDR coming out i doubt this carrier "balance" will ever be solved. I firmly believe that while the old carrier system was difficult to fight, it was better because that method relied heavily on being close to friendly ships for aa support, but now the carrier will get at least one strike off no matter what. also the fact that carriers have infinite planes is [edited], no carrier ever had that. the old system also made it to where the player had to be very careful with how they flew their planes to and from the target zones so as not to get caught by enemy aa, now they have an altitude they can get to where they are safe, again unrealistic because many of the planes could not fly at 6km therefore aa would still work. also carriers have very good concealment which again is very unrealistic, carriers were some of the easiest ships to spot because of how large of a silhouette they were.